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  1. Watched almost all the parts of a playthrough of Gravity Rush and loved it. Kat is quite formidable. Can an experienced Elastigirl get around Kat's gravity powers?
  2. Looks like Miss America will these added powers on top of her own may be too much for Ruby. Seems like it would be a good fight though. That's my vote.
  3. Hm I had a lot of the Mirage stuff but not this one. I was going off of how small and unmenacing Nakoruru looks. Simply being a female means nothing.
  4. As a group they should be fine but individually, yeah only Karma and Dani might make it. The others would be killed. But I guess that's still a vote for the New Mutants.
  5. Nakoruru was never one of my go to people but she's popular for a reason. She can take Raph. Other people in Samurai Showdown are just as vicious as he is so that's not really a factor. Plus, Raphael may underestimate her since she's a girl and get taken out before he gets mad enough to overpower her. That's who I see him losing.
  6. I was never into Tanya. Aisha was my love. But I will say she aged well saw some conference videos a few years ago... Anyway- I'm actually going to go against Tanya here. I just don't see her doing this alone.
  7. Pretty much the first Alien movie. Nice. I believe in the Space Power Rangers. So unless some horror movie writers get ahold of them they should be able to find the Alien and kill it. Especially since they suited up. Let's Rocket!
  8. Both men are after the same thing, some artifact or something. No prior knowledge of each other.
  9. None of these people have 30 hit combos. If he can daze them we can get that ULTRA COMBOOOOOO!
  10. I'd have to agree after you said that. On another not there are a lot of Yellow Rangers that need love. I'll have to do something about that.
  11. I don't know why Necalli is a hated character (from what I here). He seems cool to me. I think Ash has enough distance attacks that he'll keep Necalli off of him.
  12. Everybody at their height (not super stuff but you know, pinacol of their training and skill), Ryu overshadows Jin and Liu Kang. Jago is too fast for these guys.
  13. I don't think Eyedole is the right guy to take on Hulk. He has no distance attacks to fend Hulk off. Blanka is almost non-factor here.
  14. Ryu and Jago are the superior team 3 of 5. Maybe even 4 of 5.
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