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  1. Well, according to the story of the game, Combo beat Riptor in the first tournament and Tusk in the second. An intellignet velociraptor and Conan wannbe (sword included). That's pretty impressive. Combo will have to hit Balrog a lot because Balrog is tough, but a 53 hit combo should do the trick.
  2. Very much agreed. A gun to my head, I'd have to say Shang Chi. Just because he's less likely to make the first mistake.
  3. Poor Balrog just can't get a win here. Combo is a bit enhanced and he's faster than Balrog. I will say that Balrog probably has more skill (which is why TJ Combo got enhanced) but skill won't be enough to defeat him.
  4. We're all grouchy because doomsday is coming. I hate everything and everybody. Story is decent, I guess. A lot more detail needed in explaining the plot, but it can go places. I'll say Jago. But I bet I don't know much about Kenshi. So he probably has something to outmatch Jago.
  5. I'd agree with all but the first one. I think Batroc could beat him.
  6. I won't be doing any matches here. Figure I'll see how the new site comes along and continue with the megastory there. Or maybe some miricle will happen and we'll be able to save the ferret (still asking around at my local comic stores for computer literate guys and guys with money to buy the site).
  7. Being an Iron Fist enemy, I think Warhawk can handle these two. Are you going to continue your story on the electricferretfreeforums site?
  8. I'm thinking Mysterio will win the fight but then Owen will come in an deck him so that it doesn't wreck whatever plans you have in your story. I'm betting you already have this fight written out anyway. By the way, are you going to continue this story on peypey's site?
  9. Keeping it going until you can't do anymore huh? Good! I'll vote for Morbius. I figure a vampire-ish dude can take care of Scarface and his goons. Especially with some help.
  10. I'll play. A little over two years ago, I found this site while looking for places to write and maybe win a prize. The monthly challenge was a long long ways away at that time. I saw all these matches and signed up pretty much right away. My first match was Akuma vs. Fulgore and it got the Dskillz welcome. I got made and did another match and another and another. the count ends at 204. I made rank 1 and match judge in 20 matches (very proud of that). I remember patrickthekid's fighting game story arc which just captivated me. Hugo Fowl did this outstanding TMNT/ Batman universe crossover arc that also grabbed. Then I started adding characters. That was the tail end of the submit and wait three months for them to get accepted. Spinal was my first one and it must be around 200 characters added. The denial used to make me furious. I never got many comments but I remember Dskillz would always give critics and I would get so mad. I know many of you others gave comments too and I always appreciated them. My favorite debate I had was the Ra, Zeus and Odin vs. Michael, Lucifer and Jesus. It was so much fun going back and forth on something like that without people being all religious and stuff. I have church friends who would have damed us all to hell for making a match like that. So I guess that it. My worst moment was reading Foxfingers retierment announcement. But I ain't giving up hope! We've got's to save this site. Peace and blessings on everybody and sorry if I didn't mention you by name.
  11. Shredder. He clearly and definitively beat the crap out of Krang and took his tech. The Kraang as far as I've seen don't have any fighting skills so Shredder should be able to handle them as long as they are not in a big open space.
  12. Thanks for the response Betterman. I'm going to miss this place so much you all have no idea (well I guess you do actually).
  13. Maybe just maybe Foxfingers is changing his mind and will announce Electric Ferrets revival. PLEASE GOD! Do I have to sarifice some pigs or what?
  14. A thought like that had occured to me too. I'll send him a little something.
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