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  1. My wife says no to Leia and I agree. Foxy brown gets this.
  2. I think with teamwork, the comic book group could pull it off but these three won't listen to each other at all. the Mosters win this.
  3. You missunderstand. I think Deadshot could get a shot or two off (thus the advantage) but Zealot will dodge block whatever and cover that little distance and kill him.
  4. Easy win for Captain Planet. He can control (or at least communicate; influence) animals.
  5. What DSkillz said. Although it would be fun to see Mary Poppins work her way through this.
  6. Seems like Deadshot has the advantage but ten yards isn't that much for Zealot...
  7. Indy will remind her or Kirk which may be interesting but I think Johnny will sweep her off her feet. My wife and I are fighting right now about this cause she says Indy. My vote I say Johnny.
  8. I've never seen or read Harry Potter but I figure Westley would be more a ladies man than Ethan.
  9. I think Chris might be better here than Sinon. The maze will do more to take away from distance and they'll have to get pretty close to be able to hit each other.
  10. Jessica. If it wasn't Fonzy, Jackie Brown might be more interesting but I see more potential with him and Jessica.
  11. I say Sarah. He would be impressed with her. And then be killed by a Terminator.
  12. Foxy Brown. And then I kill Picard and take her for myself.
  13. Yeah, Fox is right. Leia doesn't need protecting but it would be a fun movie to watch them argue and evade a terminator. If she has blaster that might be the end of the 'droid'. Lois' strong personality, would be interesting but the romance could still work out. Kyle is no Han but I can still see it.
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