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  1. Who do you think would win each of these matches i have set up? Also vote for which match you would like me to write on the CBUB. 1.) Shazam vs Odin 2.) Winter Solider and Red Hood vs Baron Zemo and Prometheus 3.) Black Adam vs Icon 4.) Shadow Cabinet vs Shadow Pact 5.) Mephisto vs Neron 6.) Batman(Bruce) vs Ultimate Nick fury 7.) Firestorm and Fire vs Ultimate Spider Man and Ultimate Human Torch 8.) Super Boy Prime vs Every Avenger team, every Justice league team, and Teen Titans 9.) Ghost Rider(blaze) vs Blue Devil
  2. Every match on here that you post really has no story. If you want to post something like this on the site go to the rumbles page at the Forums.
  3. Who do you think would win these fights? 1. Son Goku vs Megatron 2. Acdc vs Papa Roach 3. Powergirl vs Wonder Girl 4. Blue Beetle vs Ultron 5. Magneto vs Brother Blood 6. Beast Boy vs Toad 7. Han Solo vs Idiana Jones vs Rick Deckard 8. Yoda vs Starkiller 9. Black Flash vs Quicksilver 10. Super Boy Prime vs Optimus Prime with a green lantern ring, and Bumbleebee 11. World War Hulk vs The Dc Universe 12. Soap(mw3) vs Chris Redfield 13. Batman Beyond vs Nightwing
  4. I have set up some pretty interesting matches between super-heroes, super-villians,etc...... vote for who you think would win each of these fights. Cosmic Spider-Man vs Silver Surfer Deadshot vs Punisher Bane vs Moon Knight Daredevil vs Nightwing Venom(Flash) vs Venom(Eddie) Lobo vs Iron Man Ghost Rider(Blaze) vs Bizarro Captain Comet vs Captain Atom Waverider vs Booster Gold Green Arrow vs Hawkeye(Bullseye) Red Son Superman vs Superman Superboy-Prime(yellow lantern ring) vs Green Lantern Corps, Blue Lantern Corps, Pre-Crisis Super-Man The Destroyer vs Hawkman(White Power Ring) Catwoman vs Black Widow Jason Todd vs Winter Solider Red Hulk vs Hulkpool
  5. Sounds interesting. I'v actually have had a idea similar to this.
  6. Amazing set up man!!! I have read all your matches about Flipeside and i'm going to say this is the best one yet!! As for who wins Spawn and Ghost Rider kick Thor's and Supe's asses.
  7. first off i am excited someone has used Hellboy, he hasn't been used in a long time on here. Second you have to add more to the story, not make the readers make something up. You should know this by now since it's your 7th match.
  8. i have set up mostly random fights between people in the marvel universe. For each fight i would like you to vote for who you would think wins each fight. 1. 3-D Man vs All- American 2. Albert vs Rhino 3. Bastion vs Scarlet Witch 4. Agent X vs Agent Zero 5. Ape-Man vs Beast 6. Apocalypse vs Hulkpool, Hulk, Colossus, Nova 7.Scarlet Spider vs Spider-Man 2099 8. A-bomb vs Ambomination 9. Silver Surfer vs Stardust 10. Black Panther vs Winter Solider 11. Vulture vs Batwing 12. Lockheed vs Dogpool
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