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  1. Too many to list... One I was planning was a mini-arc of Burqa Avenger teaming up with Dust or Black Widow, The Titans from Attack on Titan vs the Frost Giants from Thor Cinematic verse, A Tournament based arc to plan for the game J Stars Victory Vs. Lastly, other than finish up the current arc and I was going to celebrate the release of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle with an all-out JoJo verse arc.
  2. It shouldn't end... I've seen plenty of things come and go. Bleach is ending Kiruko-san ended with a short 3 volume run The resting of the Ferret... I was hoping this day never came but... I'm afraid it did. I arrived long ago; I think in 2000. No account, just found a site talking about who'd win between Naruto and the New Teen Titans. I didn't think I'd ever join a site where votes determined the winner but hell, I like talking. Picking my name from a couple I liked (and I really wish I can change it but hey, it grew on me), making enemies, studying and learning new characters, and e
  3. Tony IN the armor? Or out? That would make it easier to figure out since I doubt Ken could match Iron Man's speed and superior range.
  4. PART VIII -England- Clare leaned against her sword, watching her new comrades enjoy a meal. Considering she didn’t have to eat as much as humans, it was just a view to watch them eat in her eyes. The woman closed her eyes; trying to comprehend what happened. There was never a belief in magic in her world, it was considered superstition compared to the science of the Organization and the religion of the Twin Goddess’: Teresa and Clare. As she began to nod off; Clare sensed a strange energy and her eyes shot open; the iris’ glowing amber with a cat-like slit instead of their usual
  5. Thats what I did was try a different picture in case it was too smashed in. New characters Daiya Higashikata Funny Valentine Johnny Joestar Obito Uchiha Queen Myrrah Images added for Narancia Ghirga Funny Valentine Johnny Joestar Obito Uchiha Sasuke Uchiha
  6. Venom's laughing like this by now is he? (no offense Venom)
  7. Jazinda vs F.F... Hmm...

  8. In terms of DBZ scaling? I'd have no clue where to put it, especially when characters like Ichigo can break mountains while Ed has defeated someone who could survive such an attack and doesn't contain that amount of power. Of course, the lists below are going by Marvel stats (I have NO idea how DC does it if they ever do) so going by memory I'd try to make them somewhat accurent. Inuyasha - I'd say Inuyasha's stats are more like this: Intelligence - 2 Strength - 3 Speed - 3 Durability - 4 Energy Projection - 6 Fighting skills - 4 Sesshomaru Intelligence - 2 Strength - 3 Speed - 3 Durabili
  9. 1 - No. 2 - Lex Luthor so Batman can back up Superman. Maybe Bane or Poison Ivy for the Batman villain to keep a potetional threat for both. 3 - No idea 4 - Either Wonder Woman, the Titans, or the Spectre. Flash is supposed to be out after this if I heard correctly.
  10. Anyone saw the news for the Man of Steel sequal and Avengers 2? Not looking forward to the Caped Crusader marching in on Supes' turf.
  11. Seeing some gameplay instantly allowed me to make my vote. Mika can dish some damage (especially with her infamous flying rear attack) and is strong enough to impress the protector of Russian skies, but Angel is quicker than Mika (seeing certain moves make her flash step), moves inspired by The Rock mixed with muay thai, is stated to have enough stamina that she can't get fatigue for hours, and superhuman strength makes her better than Mika. Also, Angel apperently has an infinte combo.
  12. This looks like a fun matchup. Both are trained assassins with different styles and complexity. However, Mai would likely win for a few reasons. 1. Tira's mental stance makes her both; unpredictable and unbalanced. While her moves don't change by much; Tira's insanity could possibly be exploited. 2. Tira can take damage from her OWN attacks (as seen with headbutting her ring to change stances) 3. Mai has the range, speed, and power advantage thanks to an infinate amount of fans and pyrokinesis. Tira may be my favorite Soul Calibur character (alongside Talim) but I'm afraid shes not winning
  13. You added my favorite warriors (next to Ninjas, Samurai, and Mongols), and one of my favorite movie chracters in the last 10 years. Re-uploaded Yoshikage Kira (JoJo's Bizarre Adventures) Added Titans (Attack on Titan) The Pillermen (JoJo's Bizarre Adventures) Jazinda (Marvel Comics) The Shinsengumi (Gintama)
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