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  1. This is 2002 Marzo and Soulcalibur IV Zasalamel. Count Marzo's giant rat beasts will not be helping him.
  2. That girl had no skill, no style, and no direction. Never before had he seen such a harmless banishing spell. There were hardly any hostiles here, the air was breathable, the temperature was tolerable, this would be a fine place to live in. There was no attempt to remove his weapon, no change to his clothing, she had even kept him and his pets together! This all established, Marzo recognized that the power she wields is incredible. Never before had he be been disoriented by a banishing spell. It took him a few hours to even deduce the spell in question. To brush him away like that, to fly above the knockout gas while doing it, keeping the pressure exerted by her magic energies suppressed all the while. Clearly not the result of skill, the surroundings and his condition proved that much, just raw, untapped, untamed, untested power! She would have to suffer for setting him so far back of course, but perhaps Marzo was conflicted. As much as he wanted to torture the wench, it might be in his best interest to kill her as quickly as possible, before she actually gets good... He would work out how to return to that gorgeous ball of water soon enough, but the salivating thought of conquest made him thirsty. The monster had not hurt him but being knocked off a roof and through a window always made Marzo thirsty. Complicating matters, the one hostile he had encountered, that red eyed metallic monstrosity, seemed to have spooked his pets beyond his recall range. Clearly the intent was to send him into a world of rat creatures more fearsome than his own. But she had not done her research, he was clearly far from any macrofauna's extant dwelling and anything else passing through had also been spooked by his little scuffle. His pets would calm, catch his scent and return in due time. They were so much better at finding drinking water than he though...and as their fumes dissipated the sun began to oppressively beat down on him. Every building seemed abandoned very long ago, not a single one had modern plumbing in any working form he recognized. If only he knew a spell for that. Marzo could not so much as find a well. As the decayed architecture became more spread out in his search and gave way to open air it also brought an end to shade, but then a soothing roar came rushing to his ears. This had been a river town. Count Marzo rose his sword, thrust out his amulet and began a chant which ended in his mouth open wide and a torrent of water flowing through the air into it. Further down to broken cobblestone road's end, near rivers edge, a hooded figure sat on the branch of a towering oak tree that rustled in the wind as he surveyed what was below him. Fifty feet up and still thick enough to support his weight! Soon plants such as these would tear apart what was left of the settlement, but the shape shifters had done his work for him, sucking up the volatile toxins that brought this town's end like water. Already the actual water was drinkable and supporting life again. The returning humans may never recognize the area was developed to begin with, but they would be able to live here, all will proceed as it should, his glorious utopia will be upon the world in a mere millennia. Zasalameland will be a beacon for progress and prosperity! He began laughing out loud but then he noticed a geyser shoot out from the river. That can't be good. The spout curved in mid air and shot out into the ruins. Zasalamel slid off the branches, landing with a stone cracking thud, and broke into a sprint, following the aerial trail. Marzo had drenched himself and the surrounding area, which was now blanketed by steam as the excess water evaporated and gave some relief to the sun. He reminisced about blanketing populated municipalities with more suffocating vapors and kicked back against a wall to relax until he saw the outline of a man taking shape and approaching him while appearing to ready a disturbing large sickle. "Do you fancy yourself a reaper!" he called out. "I'm afraid you're in the wrong place, as everyone here is already dead or has long since fled besides myself, the immortal Count Marzo!" even as he said this Count Marzo stood straight, then readied his sword and amulet, just in case. No response. Was it a language barrier? He knew he was heard, the fool could not be ignoring his greatness. "The powers of Miro's elders and of Grayskull together looked down upon me and still I stand. Could they not kill me, or did they recognize my genius and spare my life? Either way I repeat to you that I am now immortal! But rejoice, If you truly are a reaper you could be of service to me!" Zasalamel had stopped running for a while now at the realization he was simply dealing with one man wielding an external source of magic. This was much less worrying than the interstellar visitors that preceded. Still, this idiot would have to be dealt with, just in case. Deciphering human language was so easy as to be subconscious at this point, but he must have mistranslated if there was anything but pompous ignorance in those words. "Your abuse of magic has altered the time stream and potentially disrupted the return of humanity's golden age!" Zasalamel finally responded. "Thankfully this is a common beginner's mistake that is easily fixed. Hand me that trinket and you will be at your previous in space-time point before you realize it!" he continued. Beginner, mistake? The words made Marzo's blood boil. "Stop speaking as if you know anything! I have been a practiced magician longer than you could possibly wrap your balding head around!" Marzo defiantly informed him. "No you have not." Zasalamel said, his patience starting to give way to annoyance. "I am giving you a chance to go back to where you were with your dignity!" he continued. "And I am giving you a chance to study under the best and keep your miserable life!" Marzo retorted. Marzo already had some murderous thoughts in the back of his mind and now they were pushing themselves to the forefront and being redirected towards this man. Marzo's words reinforced Zasalamel's first impression, an idiot was before him. Still, that artifact seemed to be imbued with great power, taking it may in fact take some effort...
  3. I see I can log in again, I see user submitted match ups running, I see Callisto is still counting the votes and calling the official results, I see new characters in the data base, I even see new images being uploaded. Listed right there on the home page. I see the the five stars in the upper left hand corner, and that they light up when I click on them. I assume that's replacing the F-E-D-C-B-A grades, but is it really? Clicking on CBUB Control Panel just seems to send me to the forums. I don't seem to be able to make a match people can vote on, I don't seem to be able to upload new images for the contenders in the database, though I do see the option to upload one to my profile. That's something I guess. I stumbled upon this website's sudden functionality by chance, I hadn't actually planned to upload any pictures or post any matches, but something about not even knowing how to after finding my login still works after all these years frustrates me.
  4. It will probably have to be a knockout. Shrek's got a powerful motivation and Bowser's a persistent bastard. And unless this is one of the Galaxy Bowsers, which it clearly is not, neither one is really powerful enough to make the other fear for their life, based on past encounters. Bowser's clearly got the physical tools for winning a war of attrition. Horns, spikes, his claws actually seem to be more for utility than offense, given he still makes use of rather human like knuckles despite them, but a bear's claws aren't designed to rend flesh either and no one likes getting hit by those. What I would give Shrek is dexterity and mobility, on account of his familiarity with both wrestling and the ring, Bowser is more of a fortress and battlefield type guy...Paper Bowser has some combat sport experience but again, this clearly isn't Paper Bowser. Anyway, physically I have to say Bowser's advantages are greater than Shrek's, but I suppose Shrek could beat Bowser the same way Mario does. I suppose Shrek might be able to find a pattern and exploit mistakes. His biggest problem is that it's going to have to be knockout rather than ring out, but I suppose depending on how much cheating he can get away with he might be able to choke Bowser on the ropes, or with the ropes if undoes one, which he should be strong enough to do. I guess the possibility of cheating means Bowser could bite, but that's still out of character for him unless it's Super Smash Bros Melee Bowser(and again, this Bowser isn't a model placed on a table top by a glove...there are a LOT of Bowsers aren't there? It's been so long since I was on CBUB I haven't thought about characters in this manner for a while)
  5. Given this was/is 1980s WWF, I decided to go with Hulk Hogan. He wasn't unbeatable, but he had that whole "power of the Hulkamaniacs" thing and this was his most popular. If we can accept that the cheers of fans make him more powerful, or at least allow him to "Hulk Up", then I don't see Drago overcoming, as he clearly doesn't have anything similar. Drago is not a cheater, besides his use of steroids, which the 1990s would reveal Hogan was also on, so sorry, I just don't see him taking it unless he takes on someone like Bobby Heenan or Mr. Fuji as his manager.
  6. I wrote some of my setups on CBUBs with the assumption it WAS a wrestling organization. (Divatox vs Teyla, Aquaman vs Scorpion King, actually pretty much every character played by the Dwayne Johnson ever, like Beck). I had Thanos vs C'thun planned before the Fox Fingers announced his retirement and the site closure.
  7. ...has that always been the case? I thought specifically you had to have ''low'' user ratings for a scratch and figured having none would just put it through without changing my over all grade. If a match got no scores from the rest of the userbase should I post it again or would that be bad form?
  8. I put up an FPL character and have two CBUB submissions awaiting images on the off chance FoxFingers decides to sell the site rather than close it down. Not counting on it to happen but, you know, just in case. This is hardly the first CBUB/Ferret retirement. True, I could start an El Santo vs Living Laser topic anywhere, add an elaborate explanation as to how they met with lots of refrences to the ridiculousness of the whole thing, without putting up three links, the owner's website and then manipulating an image in word to fit 200X200p but it just would not be the same elsewhere. No ranking, no database to tellpeople it happened years down the line, no internal arguments over whether its worth spending the points on over Hulk Hogan vs Godzilla, no internally debating on wether Living Laser is worth uploading before other things in the database like the planet of Eternia have been used yet and no user based conditioned to appreciate the whole thing. The new site is full of electric ferret goers but new users will not know why we are nostologic for anything Electric Ferret, with the possible exception of the back issues, when the site proper most likely goes for good.
  9. I will be honest and admit I do not know how much time I will be spending on the new site. I see CBUB as a game, what with its point spending, database, judging and time limits. Votes and comments are desirable too but it's the totality of CBUB that appeals to me. Not sure I will be posting many setups or doing much debating without the whole system to play with. I will use that account but don't expect another 71 matches.
  10. The thing that CBUB had over other sites was a database full of done votes, built in references and (until recently I guess) an encouragement for descriptive scenarios. There was even a novelty in looking at a character's records. (A one off Power Puff Girl robot vs ]Metroid Space Pirates?) Personally, I liked the CBUB better when there 25-70 votes on a topic and the userbase was bigger overall. Now there are less people out to manipulate the system so that "their" choices win, fewer people typing up uninspired to non existant scenarios, fewer recurrences of the topics that always seem to recurr (you really think you can do a better Goku vs Superman than Serge? Get better arguments than those that broke the site?) but for all those benefits we lost a lot in feed back and variety. Warcry's stuff had a strange energy to it, Caesar Speaks was a professional writer and pretty funny to boot, there was an English teacher who occassionally stopped by, it was just fun times. Some users had a thing for characters I did not ever think to much indepth about, like RakaiThwei's and some other's thing for predators. I got suggestions on pacing, suggestions on new things to try, critcism for misuse of character and setting, I hoped this place would eventually build up that kind of userbase again but oh well. Anyway, I am going to sign up, Peypeypeypey, so if the FPL ever gets back up and running let me know, on the off chance I may see what I was missing there.
  11. Horray, Puck finally gets a win...or do these ungraded matches not get recorded?
  12. See the castles, see the graves, the waves, the streams, see spectacle you could not see in your wildest dreams-the postcards read. “Enjoy one of kind dining and the best bedding in the world†said the commercials. Cardiff, a city of attractions, sport, culture and entertainment. Within the few square miles of the city-centre alone, you'll find a wealth of things to do, whatever your tastes, and in the surrounding areas, you'll find everything from abseiling to whisky tasting-Or so the website would have you believe. “Worst… vacation… ever.†An utterance that was a waste of energy, and breath, but even face down on the cobblestone gagging on rat breath Monet could not help herself. About every five minutes the air would clear enough for her to properly breathe and she would begin to get up. Then the ROUS all would expel their gasses again until the thick cloud of their putrid breath became unbearable, causing her and every other person strong enough to even stay conscious, to collapse again. She had read somewhere that New England’s infamous rat problems had originated from around here but attacks from bull sized, red eyed, knockout gas spewing rodents seems like something that would be hard not to have heard about before. Suddenly she found strength anew and propelled herself to her feet, then into the air. Perhaps it yet untapped adrenalin was still in the well or maybe it was a benefit from those weird ‘inner science’ exercises Karima suggested but Monet had committed herself to not passing out in a street full of oversized rodents and was determined to fly beyond the gas which was still accumulating but her one fresh breath above the cloud cover was lost in a gasp at the sight, lack of sight. None of Cardiff was visible, all was not obscured by purple fumes, and the clouds still grew, their rising over taking the mutant’s ascent. “Puny Earthlings! Who will save you now?†having the opportunity to say it filled Marzo joy and his cackling from the roof echoed across the obscured skyline. But the Count soon regained his composure as he felt the fur of one of his rats brushing against him. “You got up here? I know you are hungry but it is still too early feed on them. The time for their king, Mr. Jones, to meet my demands has not yet run out. Whatever the outcome your feast will be such you will not even remember the hunger you have now!†Marzo assured it. Nodding, it seemed to turn away, perhaps to go back the way it came, which Marzo was interested in. He had some trouble himself navigating this strange tower and he had never once seen one of his rats nod with such understanding. Beastman called them stupid, unreliable, Hordak called them a waste of magic but not only were his rats useful, they were getting smarter! Soon he would be… and his thoughts were stopped by sudden surprise as the rat turned back around and lunged at Marzo with enough for to send them both over the roof’s edge and crashing through the wall of an adjacent building. Such an impact would not be enough to keep a sorcerer as strong as Marzo down long normally but he continued to lie on his back amidst the broken glass, starring at the ceiling, trying to figure out what just happened. What he had just been rammed by, it felt familiar but at the same time completely alien, much too hard for the pet he new, much too heavy for its size and oddly cold for a creature exerting so much energy, he could not put it together. “Being a spy aint nearly as glamorous as it is in the novels, let me tell you.†At that Marzo sat up. The rat, which had rolled over him when they landed, had arisen more quickly, was talking…and transforming into another creature entirely. “You can spend nine years in the dumps, trying to make your boss’s vision a reality and then some know-nothing doing an Emperor Zerg impression ruins it all in less than five minutes.†Rattrap griped. “What are you?†Marzo stammered. “Wells I guess I’m the galaxy police now, or would this be citizen’s arrest? Technically not my jurisdiction but I’m still arresting you, I’ll look up what law you broke and properly charge you later.â€
  13. The deal with assassins is getting people when they do not expect it, so I am going against Ubu, he may be a guard but guards guard usually instead of chasing and most of Chance's opponents will not be traditional combatants or pursuers.
  14. Well, the doctor beats Daleks, his presence alone will probably unnerve them and even if it did not them with the dominion cannot be a stable relationship outside of some direwraith influence and maybe not even then. So I am going to say Dr. and Deep space nine.
  15. Well it was definitely alien to Pandora but this could not be the fearsome starfish whose mere mention that caused the hearts of the Na’vi to fall, Sully though as he held up his impromptu fishing pole, the little prince Starfy dangling from its line. Long as three pa’li, yet still able to fly like a lonataya? Immune to all weapons forged from steel, wood and fire with breath that lights up the sky even when as dim as it is now and reduces what is breathed on to ash? Hatred for all that moves? It was only now that their Toruk Makto had promised to look into it that this generation had found itself able to overcome the extreme aversion they had not only for the lake this so called starfish resides in but for the entire mountain chain the lake is in. Even then they would not scale a peak with him, content to camp by the mountain’s base and wait for his triumphant return. Unfortunately for the Na’vi the current Toruk Makto, Jake Sully, was not a leader with much cunning beyond battle and settlement of tribal disputes nor was his education rounded or his imagination very powerful. Most logical hypothesis one could make, that this creature may just be a juvenile starfish, some natural phenomena occurring here that could be mistaken for the wrath of a hostile beast, the possibility of more than one alien taking residence in the lake (Jake himself was technically an alien which meant that was already true), had not yet been made by him but he did suspect the Na’vi might be able to identify what he had caught and explain how he erred. He was convinced Toruk Makto had a reputation to uphold however and was not quite ready to swallow his pride and risk the potential ridicule the sight of his catch may bring. One more knowledgeable about the various forms of like in the space-time continuum than these Na’vi would recognize Sully’s folly even if they were not the most competent biologist or fisherman. Eywa herself did not know much pertaining to Starfy’s morphological makeup or origin but there were plenty of aquatic creatures well-known to most veteran space travelers that could easily be the subject of the tales Jake was told. In fact, USOA congress is currently facing lobbies to make the study of magikarp 101 material for any would be world colonizers and discovery of the species the direct inspiration for KAALS (Kill All Alien Life Society) of which Colonel Quaritch was a member. The seemingly fragile and flighty fish that is magikarp belies not only its ability to survive in virtually any kind of water, but gives few hints that magikarp is a larval form of one of the most dangerous creatures in the cosmos. Jake was considering releasing Starfy once he was completely 100% sure it was harmless, and being mildly nonaggressive it kind of is, but most with the knowledge of the terror that is magikarp would shoot it his catch on sight, feeling that it is alien to the environment anyway and it might not be worth seeing later developments in its life cycle. Occasionally Jake would hear the noise of instruments, songs and shouts of joy, for Toruk Makto would surely put an end to the Starfish, just as he did to the skypeople before, but it was still a little early in the morning for the eastern tribes to be up and about and the current uproar did not sound so jubilant to him. Mixed with it was a roar he was unfamiliar with, that ended and picked back up three syllable intervals. Without context, here provided by Na’vi screams, the sound is almost soothing but in areas with a strong Magikarp population it provokes instant annoyance at best with if not instant terror. With an inquisitive spirit and somewhat concerned Jake started to descent the mountain with his machine gun firmly gripped. That it could barely deter a palulukan and that he was emphatically told steel was not ideal for dealing with this threat did not stop Jake from feeling brave with carried it, and he kept that confidence even as the commotion sounded to rise along with trails of smoke he could now see rising along with it. Bright, blue, red eyed and seemingly furious it reminded Jake of the dragons he would see drawn on takeout boxes and it was surreal to see what he still associated with a good meal in such a terrible light. Thankfully for the Na’vi, Pandora’s warm biosphere and atmospheric makeup will ensure it will never have large Gyarados population, unfortunately for them the planet’s low gravity has given this one great mobility and stamina. Mount Mardat Lake was just one of several nesting sight and they had been caught off guard at its decision to revisit it. A Gyarados’s presence literally suppresses core parts of the nervous system so that even the warriors brave enough to fight it could hardly string their bows but for reasons he would be too dumb to comprehend Jake Sully was unfazed by it, though a little dumbfounded at how it managed to defy gravity, and opened fire on the dragon as soon as it was in range. It is not very effective to empty a puddle by shooting it, even if you do have a semiautomatic and the effect was even less in this case as the dragon erratic movements escaped his aim and put him in the path of the blinding flash of red destruction spewing from its gaping mouth (Aka Hyperbeam). The rampage was of little consequence to Eywa, it had no way of leaving the planet and was composed of useful elements, it would not be long before the Gyarados’s body was hers and everything it destroyed was replaced. That the eastern Na’vi tribes had born witness to a fish that descended from the stars and paid it no mind still irked Eywa to an extent, a little trademark Gyarados rampage such as those that routinely plague sky people the Sinnoh region seemed like it would teach her silly children a good lesson. Still, it would be a shame to see a perfectly good Turok Makto go to waste. He was an idiot in the goddess’s sight, but he was the only one worthy of the position, a position that has a reputation to uphold and so Jake was saved from his deserved hyper beaming by the miraculous arrival of an indigenous dragon, the famed Great Leonopteryx, Turok the last shadown, which is the source of its title, those who are capable of commanding it, Makto. Snatching Jake of the ground its talons, Turok continued to avoid the Gyarados’s ray until it was winded and needed to recharge and during the recharge the Leonopteryx landed so that Jake could properly mount and initiate the bond with it. Well, that was all the help Eywa was giving Jake for now, at least this way if he falls he will do so in honorable fashion that the Na’vi will never forget.
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