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  1. Well, if you mean actual gifs and clips like that other user did for Bowser...no, I don't have any of those ready. But in "New Super Mario Bros." Bowers Junior can jump just as high, if not higher than Mario, and is indeed capable of perfectly mimicking all of Mario's feats of athleticism in his "Super Mario Sunshine" debut. Bowser Jr is not as physically powerful as his father, nor are his flames as potent, but I think we decided that flame breath wouldn't be winning Bowser the Shrek fight anyway. Where they do vary a little bit are tactics. Bowser Jr is more prone to using his shell for defe
  2. Honestly I would be leaning towards Bowser Jr, but given this is an on going story, Shrek should probably win anyway, for consistency's sake. We'll just say Jr. is prone to making the same mistakes as his father.
  3. King Gidorah can travel at trillions of times the speed of light, but that doesn't translate to his combat speed, only to the form he takes while searching out new biospheres to extinguish. It still takes him at least a day to life wipe a seemingly defenseless Mars. Amaterasu isn't the softest nut to crack, but most of her higher end abilities, altering the orbits of multiple celestial bodies galaxies apart, do not directly translate into combat. Still still fast, capable of some forms of teleportation, able to directly manipulate and indirectly produce exited particles for fire or elect
  4. I will admit that while I am a Dragon Ball fan, I am a bigger fan of Kirby's games. I tried to make their verses equal but if any bias shows, you at least know why. If were to redo this I'd keep that critique in mind, maybe add a fourth round with Buu more on the attack, vary up his offense a bit. Since I have no plans to I'll just try to do better if I revisit the idea with someone else in the database. Also, if the transitions don't actually matchup with the music as you try to read or even recite the words, that's okay too. I just listened to a Source battle just to make sure I was ge
  5. I was just going to vote for Shocker, I am a Spider-man fan it extends to him. But reading the setup makes me think Kuma has a chance, especially after Shocker gave away what he can do. Then again it might be a tie. All Shocker seems to really want to do is get away, Kuma is carrying a meal, and he does have a job to do...
  6. My initial reaction is to just vote for Geese, because I like his character more, or maybe I just find his quotes more memorable, but I really don't have any idea how the characters match up with one another. I know Mishimas have some very impressive feats for people with no apparent super powers, but I don't know how to scale Geese against Heihachi...storyline wise. Gameplay wise Geese is a cheap boss type of the SNK line while Heihachi is balanced, so of course Geese would win, but as far as I remember Geese is beatable and Heihachi wins more than he loses...
  7. A good matchup and a good setup. I'm leaning towards Jason based purely on what was written here, however I just probably research Ra's some more before I vote...I know he's a Batman villain and all but I'm more familiar with his scheming than his fighting skills.
  8. I'm going with Annabelle for three reasons. It seems that she isn't alone and the others cannot even see what else is going on besides her. Those are two reasons, but I am counting them as one. The second is that the group is only suspicious, they do not KNOW they are in danger. Third, it's a group survival scenario, so I take it Annabelle only has to get two people and it's not longer a group, just a couple.
  9. The Infinite Source saw fit to announce a fan fueled rap battle involving Kirby and not notify me? I wasn't about to let that go unanswered obviously. No I may no longer by on youtube, but I'd email him it all for free. But I wasn't about to do anything damaging, just going to get my own version online first. But make sure your lines are ravaging, or don't type anything I want rhymes uncoerced. B.O.B. Infinite Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDIuJUb0qt0
  10. The camera focuses on rectangular black cassette player on an empty sidewalk underneath a partly cloudy sky at dusk. A light suddenly flashes on, revealing a digital clock reading 10:59 before changing to read the word "source" the instrumental to "B.O.B. " by Outkast plays. The camera zooms out past the unoccupied train tracks and empty warehouses, past the cloud and upper atmosphere, showing the Earth spinning on its axis as the music continues to play. The voice of a man soon accompanies the beat. "Residents of Kazan, it's time for a Source Rap Battle, fan fueled edition.
  11. This is 2002 Marzo and Soulcalibur IV Zasalamel. Count Marzo's giant rat beasts will not be helping him.
  12. That girl had no skill, no style, and no direction. Never before had he seen such a harmless banishing spell. There were hardly any hostiles here, the air was breathable, the temperature was tolerable, this would be a fine place to live in. There was no attempt to remove his weapon, no change to his clothing, she had even kept him and his pets together! This all established, Marzo recognized that the power she wields is incredible. Never before had he be been disoriented by a banishing spell. It took him a few hours to even deduce the spell in question. To brush him away like that, to fly abov
  13. I see I can log in again, I see user submitted match ups running, I see Callisto is still counting the votes and calling the official results, I see new characters in the data base, I even see new images being uploaded. Listed right there on the home page. I see the the five stars in the upper left hand corner, and that they light up when I click on them. I assume that's replacing the F-E-D-C-B-A grades, but is it really? Clicking on CBUB Control Panel just seems to send me to the forums. I don't seem to be able to make a match people can vote on, I don't seem to be able to upload new ima
  14. It will probably have to be a knockout. Shrek's got a powerful motivation and Bowser's a persistent bastard. And unless this is one of the Galaxy Bowsers, which it clearly is not, neither one is really powerful enough to make the other fear for their life, based on past encounters. Bowser's clearly got the physical tools for winning a war of attrition. Horns, spikes, his claws actually seem to be more for utility than offense, given he still makes use of rather human like knuckles despite them, but a bear's claws aren't designed to rend flesh either and no one likes getting hit by those.
  15. Given this was/is 1980s WWF, I decided to go with Hulk Hogan. He wasn't unbeatable, but he had that whole "power of the Hulkamaniacs" thing and this was his most popular. If we can accept that the cheers of fans make him more powerful, or at least allow him to "Hulk Up", then I don't see Drago overcoming, as he clearly doesn't have anything similar. Drago is not a cheater, besides his use of steroids, which the 1990s would reveal Hogan was also on, so sorry, I just don't see him taking it unless he takes on someone like Bobby Heenan or Mr. Fuji as his manager.
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