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  1. What particular water benders has Azula faced? To my recollection Katara is essentially the only one. They faced off in the crystal catacombs of old Ba Sing Se as well as in the Sozin's Comet finale. The finale of course ended with Katara winning but only by tricking Azula into a particular situation... And had not Zuko taken the lightning for Katara she would have likely been ended there.
  2. I disagree. Azula has more ways of taking the win. On her own Katara is going to have a hell of a time countering Azula's lightning. Of course this is considering Katara is in character otherwise there a lot of terrible things she could do to Azula.
  3. Hey it's gotta be a challenge or else where is the fun?
  4. Level 1. After reading Batman's files, training with your new equipment, and memorizing dozens of maps of Gotham your team decides it is ready to make their move. With every minute you delay more innocent citizens are killed, tortured, and abused. After eying up their profiles and doing some quick recon you decide to strike the Penguin first. Oswald Cobblepot carved out a nice little section of Gotham for himself after the fall of justice and order. His kingdom includes mostly wealthy suburbs and penthouses on the outer skirts of the city, as well as the spacious and exotic Gotham City Zoo. With his love of avian creatures and sick high-society tendencies it's no surprise he created a twisted Hunger Games type spectacle to entertain himself. Using his muscle, The Penguin rounded up his political enemies and housed them in empty cages at the Zoo, every once in a while bringing them out and forcing them to fight each other to the death in different animal habitats. The wild animals of the Zoo of course could be added for his diabolical entertainment. Your intel shows that the Penguin is holding one of these demented events tonight. Your task is to infiltrate the zoo, defeat the security forces, free the Penguin's prisoners, and capture the crime lord himself. Only after you have accomplished all these goals can you obtain his piece of the key and move forward in your quest to free Gotham. Defenses: Security is tight. Although he believes the Bat- Family is gone the Penguin is paranoid of attack by the other crime lords and their minions. He has surrounded himself with some formidable defenses. 20 Armed Sentry Guns (.50 Cal, Mini-Gun Style) - Rigged to an extensive motion detector and security camera network covering the entire outer perimeter of the Zoo. Electrified Fence - The outer fences surrounding the zoo have been modified to carry a current strong enough to kill an elephant. Land Mines - The outer perimeter of the zoo has been thoroughly mined. 200 Armed Thugs (Generic Thugs armed with automatic weapons) They work in squads of 20, and are responsible for a secondary security perimeter inside the the zoo. Catman ( Suit and Claws) After Gotham dissolved into chaos the Penguin approached Catman about being a bodyguard for him and keeping/training the jungle cats in the zoo. For a hefty sum the agreed. Wild Animals - Catman has trained a Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Lion, Black Panther, Jaguar, and Snow Leopard to fight with him. The Penguin has a number of trained avian species including owls, eagles, and Cassowaries. Killer Croc has befriended the Nile Crocodiles and America Alligators at the Zoo. Killer Croc - In the mass hysteria that has come over Gotham Killer Croc has found a comfortable home in the zoo from which to base his criminal enterprises. He offered Penguin his services in return for a place at the Zoo and a large sum of money. The Penguin - (Umbrella: Machine Gun, Blade, Poison Gas) Extra Bonus: The Penguin is holding a dead man's switch connected to implanted mini-bombs that have been surgically placed in a number of his prisoners. If his hand is removed from the switch the bombs will immediately explode killing a large number of innocent civilians. Setting: Black Line - Electrified Fence Purple Haze - Squads of Thugs Orange Haze - Prisoners in Cages Green X - Killer Croc Yellow X- Catman Red X- Penguin Unknowns - Cameras, Motion Sensors, Land Mines
  5. Well, I don't know if anyone is aware or/ever been to the Comics Ledger. It was a haven myself and a few friends created a few years ago when Comicvine started going downhill. These days it doesn't get a lot of traffic and can be slow, but there are some good knowledgeable guys there, so it's always another option for those looking to debate and discuss topics about comics and other fictional universes. Link http://www.thecomicsledger.proboards.com/
  6. I'll go ahead and make my own team Batman - Snake-Eyes Nightwing - Storm Shadow Robin - Suki (A:TLA) Batgirl - Agent Helix Oracle Scarlett Note: The Oracle character can't just make Deus Ex Machina tech to overcome the situation their team is in. They have to stick with basic Oracle duties like hacking computers, communications, providing blueprints, etc.
  7. Scenario: The Joker has utilized alien technology of an unknown origin to project an impenetrable force field around the city of Gotham. No known force has yet been able to penetrate the sphere. Inside Gotham all hell has broken loose. Mass panic has already killed tens of thousands. There was rioting in the streets, until the inmates of Arkham Asylum divvied up the neighborhoods of Gotham implementing their own brand of maniacal rule. Society has broken down, services like water and electricity come and go, the police have been broken and scattered, and the Bat Family has been completely overwhelmed by the violence and chaos. Each "Boss" of "New Gotham" as they have come to call it, has part of the key required to shut down the shield projector, which itself is protected by an impenetrable force field. Only with ALL of the pieces to the key can the device be powered down and relief be granted to the citizens of Gotham. Knowing this Batman and his colleagues had been actively working to gather the pieces of the key and power down the shields. Tragically Batman was caught in a situation where he had to choose between killing or being killed. Staying true to his convictions Bruce Wayne died that day. Without a leader to unify them in this time of crisis the rest of the Bat family were slowly picked off one by one. Gotham is on it's own... Your Job: It is your job to hand select a Team of Operatives to be transported inside the dome and take up the mantle of the Bat Family. They will have the standard equipment and resources of Batman's crime fighting empire to assist them along the way. They will all get modified "Bat" versions of their standard uniforms and gear. This will include all the great perks of the Bat suit (ex. bulletproof, electricity resistant, gas mask, etc.) They will be based in the Batcave with a number of safe houses scattered throughout the city. Remember, this challenge requires absolute teamwork. If your team doesn't have good chemistry you WILL fail. Your team is Gotham's only hope. The force field will automatically re-calibrate itself after you are beamed in, so it's a one-time shot. Rules: - Any fictional character is fair game so long as they fit within all other rules. - Keep it street level. - There is a physical attribute limit of Captain America. - No superpowers are allowed. (With the exception of super senses) - Standard Gear is allowed, but no insanely powerful items (I will be the judge) - No one who has ever been a member of the Bat Family is allowed. - No one who is based primarily in Gotham is allowed. - You may use characters that break the rules, minus whatever attribute breaks the rules. For example you can have Wolverine, but his healing factor and physical attributes are nerfed to Captain America level. Roles to be filled: Batman - Must be a strong leader. Nightwing - Must have a tragic backstory. Robin - Must be a teenager. Batgirl - Must be a female. Oracle - Cannot work in the Field, just tech support. Can the Bat Family Rise from Ashes? After teams are created I will post each Level one by one. Each stage will have different challenges and require different skill sets to accomplish. Can you defeat each opponent as they grow greater in power and danger?
  8. I wouldn't say Mako has an advantage in skill per se, more like an advantage in Pro-Bending applicable technique. I honestly don't think that Zuko has that big of an ego at all. Towards the beginning of the series he did, but you could see it going away as he grew throughout the series. Actually Toph can communicate very well with her teammates. She may not be able to read their body language, but she can detect tonal inflections, heart rate, etc. I wouldn't downplay Team Avatar's teamwork. They worked pretty well together in the second half of Season 3.
  9. True but he'd have to toss the stuff or something...any of the guys here could probably reassemble these weapons with their eyes closed. Also the swords and knives, and basically all the melee weapons cannot be destroyed.
  10. So...back on topic guys. Lets stick to the facts of the battle. No need for personal attacks.
  11. I have the scans at home if you want them. Snake-eyes takes on stars cream completely by himself and temporarily defeats him by ascertaining his weakest point, slicing open his optical sensors and shoving a grenade in.
  12. Not to point out the obvious, but isn't that more of a feat demonstrating his intimate knowledge of Wolverine than pure intelligence? Also, whoever said creed would destroy the weapons....most of them are made of adamantium
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