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  1. Time: ??? Location: ??? Deadpool is in his house, screwin' around with his teleporter, when Bob walks up to him, noticing Wade messing with his trusty teleporter. "Um... Deadpool, you COULD be able to transport yourself to other universes using that, right?" Bob asked, curious to see if Deadpool knew what he was doing. "Absolutely freaking not. I'm trying to teleport items to me. I want to steal the most chimichangas EVER." Deadpool replied, in his insane way. "Well, let me see it." Bob says, taking the teleporter, tweaking with it, "Okay, yeah... done!" Bob shows Deadpool the teleporter, with a new feature to take him to universes other than his own. "Sweet! Well, I'm going to another universe now. See ya, sucker." Deadpool pressed the switch, and he was on his way. Time: 12:00 Midnight Location: ??? The Spider was mercilessly beating his latest victim, enjoying every second of it. "Now this is the life! HAHAH!" The Spider laughed, as he finished off the poor soul who messed with him, as Deadpool shows up. "...Spider-Man? Wow, this is weird. You look... eh... more insane. And bloody, definitely bloody." Deadpool joked, not really caring about the consequences. "Oh, Spider-Man? Who the hell's that? I'm the Spider, plain and simple. And you... you're my next dead fool... tell me your name." "Deadpool, not Deadfool, [email protected]$$. Now, put them up! You're in for a boss battle, sucker!" Deadpool responded, throwing his hands up. "...Andbuymygameformorebossbattles." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spider's arsenal -- His fists. Deadpool's arsenal -- Pistols, knives, katanas, and grenades.
  2. Time: 10:12 PM Location: Brazil "Crap, crap, crap, crap! I HATE my luck right now!" It was another horrible, life-threatening day of searching for treasure for Nathan Drake, descendant of 16th century explorer Sir Francis Drake, who right now, would probably be doing better if he wasn't getting shot at. "Why the hell does this happen to me...?" Drake has asked himself, as he shot a modern-day pirate in the head, who happened to be the last one he needed to take out. "Phew, might as well take my prize... what's this little triangle thing? Ah, crap. I got beat to the artifact." A dissapointed Nate says as he sees what he thinks are just 3 connected gold triangles, but when he picks it up... "Oh, boy. I'm glowing. Not good." Nathan, and the triangles, start to glow, and soon, they all disappear. Time: 8:27 AM Location: Hyrule Castle A pondering and thinking Link sat as he wondered what has happened to the Triforce, which disappeared quite a while ago. They had attacked, and actually killed Ganondorf, but he didn't have the Triforce. *BANG* "Well, thank you for using Seizure Airlines... where am I, anyway?" Drake says as he and the Triforce reappear right in Hyrule Castle. Link notices the Triforce in Drake's hands, and takes out his sword and shield, and prepares to fight. "HAAH!" ... "You're freaking kidding me." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nathan Drake's arsenal -- AK-47, MM9, 4 grenades, an M79, and the powers given to him from Polygon Man in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. (Including that barrel we all hate.) Link's arsenal -- All the equipment from Super Smash Bros, including the final smash.
  3. XD Same here... I really need to stop posting pictures. I'm getting out of hand. :C
  4. Darn you, for dissing this genius set-up. It's PERFECT. It makes everyone on this forum's set-ups look pathetic. D:<
  5. You mean a stomp match for Dora, right? I hope you are, because this is the face I'll make if you actually think Danny could beat DORA THE FREAK. :3
  6. Again, Deadpool is a sucker for women, so he let Harley get away with the chump change. Proof he's a sucker for women:
  7. All that info, and I didn't know any of it. We learned about the Greek Gods in Social Studies last year, and it's already gone? MY BRAIN LET ME FORGET THAT!?
  8. I main Wright. You just killed my soul, you sadistic monster. D:
  9. This is the funniest set-up I have ever read. The fact that Slenderman wants to molest Chris and Zach and they just yell "noooooo" is hilarious. I love these kinds of rumbles that don't even give a f*** about being serious.
  10. Dora would destroy him. :3 Dora has the Final Kamehameha, and can destroy galaxies with her pinkies.
  11. You're telling me it's okay to make a match that has no real story or anything? That makes no sense... *hides my horribly made Z Fighters vs Arkham City match*
  13. These are the UMVC3 versions of the characters, meaning Wright can take a LOT of hits. Also, he has Turnabout Mode, which is basically the God of UMVC3.
  14. ...Oh yes. The evil magical dragon. Oh noes, what shall we do? He's like a homosexual Shenron.
  15. Tough match. Jason is basically immortal. (Do you know how many times he comes back?) I think Batman and Blade have it, though. Blade has experience killing vampires, so no more Morlun. Batman and Blade combined may be able to take out Jason.
  16. Then this is a stomp match for the DBZ fighters. Nice profile image by the way. Seems familiar though.
  17. (Note: This match takes place during the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 game, the characters have all their abilities from those games.) Location: Daily Bugle Parade, New York Time: 12:56 AM The worlds of Marvel and Capcom are being destroyed by Galactus, but the misunderstanding by the two worlds is causing a war, and two of the best (most hated by the community) characters are about to meet. "Ah, bloody hell. I get stuck in this world-destroying mess, and I'm fighting these crazy martial artist, demonic, and sexy dogs.... *ahem* and now, I'm lost in New York! I knew I should've brought the other Guardians of the Galaxy along..." Rocket said with anger in his voice. Meanwhile, Phoenix Wright and Maya were walking along in the parade, with Phoenix still wondering where he got the new powers he's been using. "I'm serious, Maya. I've never had these powers before, I think this world-merging thing has done something weird to my body." Phoenix wondered, questioning about the new powers he had gotten.* "Nick, you always worry too much. I'd just enjoy the fact that you've become the strongest fighter out of all of these superheroes!" Maya replied, showing her carefree attitude. But that's when she saw Rocket Raccoon, and insulted him in the worst way... "Hey Nick! It's a raccoon in a halloween costume! Why does he have a toy gun?" Maya questioned, obviously confused with the appearance of the raccoon. "Halloween? The hell's a halloween? Is that something they celebrate on this planet? And don't you insult this gun, you damn wanker!" Rocket roared, angered at Maya's obnoxious behavior. "Nick, why is the raccoon talking? Oh, I know! It's a toy itself! But it's not a very nice toy..." Maya went on, upsetting Rocket to his fullest anger. "WHY YOU BLOODY, OBNOXIOUS, WANKER! I AM NOT A TOY! I'm gonna show you the power of the Guardians of the Galaxy!" Rocket screamed, loading his gun, ready to battle. "Maya, look out!" Phoenix warns, getting ready to battle Rocket, and the fight begins. *Phoenix Wright's new UMVC3 powers can be seen in this Youtube video:
  18. Alright. Why the hell is Reed so stupid that he doesn't know the effects of his OWN EXPERIMENT? One of the most brilliant men alive... doesn't know about the effects of poisonous gas. Okay. I'm fine with that. Yeh, YEH, OKAY.
  19. Alright... Now... I need help making a battle for Goku vs. Dr. Manhattan... Don't know much about Watchmen... >.>
  20. Well, Harley's not really rich, and Deadpool has the hots for Harley, so he took the job for 100K. XD
  21. Odin, you blame us for this horrible, lazy writing? Well, when you make Cyclops and Invisible Woman pr0nz, we find that worse, yet you keep making lazy stories. I mean, in this one, there is NO reason why they're fighting. Please, make good matches, and we'll start supporting you.
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