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  1. Joining, I'll edit stuff into this post later.
  2. Jailer411

    1428 Elm Street

    Actually, a simple "Please leave" would have been more appropriate. Kids these days, linking to youtube for everything. *Makes his exit*
  3. Jailer411

    1428 Elm Street

    Just dropping by again... Let's hope that isn't your old man.
  4. Even the music has something behind it.
  5. Jailer411

    1428 Elm Street

    OHSHI- Nah, I got over that sometime ago..
  6. That is incorrect. If anything reaches 0K, then nothing can cancel it out. All the thermal energy in the universe has gone. Which is why it's impossible to achieve.. But he can go 0K in the comic. I don't know the exact guidelines of this power, and if it has the true effects of absolute zero. Science never mixes with comics correctly.. To sum things up, I need scans of IM using absolute zero.
  7. Again, it's impossible to go absolute zero. It's been tried on earth, and there's always a source of heat somewhere that ruins it. He can get extremely close to it, but to do it, he'll have to take the heat out of everything. Including the sun. Although, it's still probably enough to take out HT. How long does it take HT to go super nova, compared the how long it takes IM to go near absolute zero? I don't read comics, so somebody has to supply me with that information.
  8. Heh, are you kidding me? It's called the critical point of water, which is 373.946 degrees Celsius, which is 705.1028 degree Fahrenheit. 1,000,000 degrees>>>>705.1028 degrees http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_temp...cted_substances That's the source of information, plus the fact that I learned this in school. So, if he goes super nova, iceman wouldn't be able to pick himself back together.
  9. Alright, I couldn't resist posting here. If Johnny's super nova is indeed that hot, water's hydrogen bonds break apart. It wouldn't even be a form of water anymore. Does iceman have the power to piece himself back together at an atomic level? No, he can only go down as far as water molecules. Science proves that HT wins if he goes super nova.
  10. *Re-rolls cunning* No risk here, its current value is a 1. 4
  11. WT- I'm actually okay with this..
  12. Er.....what do those differences exactly have to do with there powers? None. You just proved that they're different people, but none of your reasoning has anything to say of the ability to manipulate the dreams of victims. Which are the same. Until you come up with proof the their powers differ, and not back-story/personality, then you'll have something going. And with that, I'm also done here.
  13. Aren't Freddy's powers based on finding your fear...? I mean, in Freddy VS Jason, Freddy couldn't harm Jason in the 'Dream World' until he found out Jason was scared of water.
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