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  1. "Yes that fellow is--" Mr. Oh was cut off by Crez's swift kick, and "oof," he said, as the air was knocked out of him. But Mr. Outstanding rolled out of the blow like a rolling pin, and then sprung up. He raised one leg in the air and hopped forward with the other leg. "Saaa!" he said, springing up and snapping out at Crez in a kick with his already raised leg. With his curled hands, Mr. O would simultaneously rake at Crez's face.
  2. Recovering his consciousness, Thrall would leap out of the building he had fallen into and simultaneously throw his sword forward. But he would keep his grasp on the haft of the weapon, causing his body to fly forward with it. "Tooth of my soul, breaker of my foe," he would speak as he went, using his power to propel the sword forward, "take me to the heart of mine enemy!" Gripping the sword with all of his might, Thrall would speed forward behind it. He could see, as he came closer to the gargantuan monstrosity, that there was a crack in the chest armor of the being. "There!" he cried to his sword, Teeth Breaker. "We will go there!" On Thrall sped towards the crack, the wind whipping around him as he flew. Strike straight at the heart of the fiend, Thrall. Strike, and don’t hold back. OOC: Soundtrack playing in Thrall's mind as he flies forward: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr_WXZ0Rkog
  3. Barney is a HUGE factor in this match. Let us not forget that his abilities are god-like--he can practically imagine any scenario and it will come true. Barney could simply "use his imagination" and change Oscar's mech into a swarm of rats with rabies.
  4. The droid Rune returned with what appeared to be the registration papers. "I had to forge them, Captain, "he whispered, a little too loudly for Ulycas's tastes. Captain Ulycas nodded. "Just make sure we can get some real ones together as soon as possible," he muttered, almost to himself. "I don't want our reputation to be damaged for something as silly as fake registration papers." "I will get on it, Captain." Captain Ulycas turned and addressed Larkin's question: "I think that it is an excellent idea, my new colleague."
  5. It looks like the that's one of the more popular ones so far. We could consider making that even broader: Mushroom Kingdom vs Halloween Killers, Psychopaths, and Monsters. Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Patrick Bateman, Hannibal Lecter, the Cennobites, zombies, Edward, etc. might be allowed. Too broad and too much for Mario and folks? I don't know . . . there may end up being "special" power ups (think "Mario Chainsaw Hat," "Shotgun," the "Acid Flower" and the super rare "Nuclear Boots"). Although I am, of course, interested in getting the full use of the standard Mario powerups as well. Just some ideas. Also to even the score, I'm thinking the Mushroom Kingdom might just try to make an alliance with Bowser and his forces (!). There would have to be sufficient motivation for Bowser to go along with it . . . .
  6. The Darthk's kick to Mr. O's midsection lifted the self-styled superhero into the air. Blood flowed from his mouth, slashing in an arc of crimson that followed him as he fell. His body collided with the hard turf of the floating island, eliciting a sickening crunching noise, and then rolled to the side. In the midst of blinding pain, Mr. O levitated himself upright using yet more gathered telekinesis. His shoulder was dislocated, but he used his telekinesis to pop it back in place. "Geearrf!" he screamed as it crunched itself back in its grooves. Mr. O flew in the air towards the Darthk that had kicked him. Once within striking distance, he punched, left, right left, then attempted a spinning backhand, then more punches, then finished his combo with a spinning tornado kick. "Kona doko do ashi!" Mr. O said, sputtering pseudo-Japanese.
  7. Alright, ye "anti-mario trolls" and those few Mario sympathizers, there's this idea that has been tossed around (by some very important people) involving a Mario RP. This thread is for planning, sure, but first let us get an idea of whether anyone would actually be interested in such an RP and who the enemy of the mushroom kingdom would be. I would probably end up handing over the GM to someone else (as I won't have a whole lot of time). Here are some ideas so far: Mushroom Kingdom vs Hell Mushroom Kingdom vs Resident Evil Mushroom Kingdom vs Skynet Mushroom Kingdom vs Dawn of the Dead Mushroom Kingdom vs Halloween Killers (Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, etc.) Mushroom Kingdom vs Aliens Mushroom Kingdom vs Middle Earth Mushroom Kingdom vs Cenobites (Clive Barker's) Mushroom Kingdom vs Ivalice (Final Fantasy Tactics) Mushroom Kingdom vs (Insert idea here).
  8. No takers? Oh well . . . your loss. Anti-bump.
  9. Karate Kid is shot in the head before the battle even begins.
  10. Thrall, in the middle of introducing himself, is hit by the prodigious-sized axe. Luckily, it would seem to be a glancing blow that does not directly cut into him. Such an attack would have easily cloven the Tsukiogami in half. Even so, Thrall's body is borne into the air by the force of the axe, and his armor rattles against him so fiercely that he begins to bleed. He saves himself from smashing into the side of a nearby building by opening holes in the matter before him with his power. It takes all of his mental ability to do this so quickly, however, and by the time his body has finished sliding and bumping across the room of the eighteenth floor of the building he has flown into, Thrall is unconscious.
  11. A new powerup is developed for this particular Mario game--hulkbuster boots. Tony Stark is paid money. Mario equips himself with the hulkbuster boots and jumps onto Hulk Peter's head, smashing the green skull down into the jaw and neck, and compressing the body into a mound of broken meat, bone, and muscle, squeezing insides out. In a word, Mario wins in a stomp.
  12. As the ashen air began to settle, Thrall stood up from where he had been crouching. Then he cheered, raising his sword high. The Goren had done it. Against the odds, they had beaten back the dark.
  13. Thrall and his shadow would exchange many dolorous strokes with their swords, but always Shadow Thrall seemed to get the better of Thrall. Finally, Thrall lowered his own weapon. "I surrender to you, my shadow," he said. "No more fighting. I accept you." Shadow Thrall laughed, a veritable cacophony. Then, he plunged Shadow Teeth Breaker into Thrall's body. "Gark!" Thrall said as the blade sank in. Shadow Thrall laughed even more, pushed the sword until the blade erupted from the other side of Thrall's body. But then, Thrall flashed a smile. "Truly, both of us are wrong," said he. "There are three Thralls on this battlefield." With that, the lifeless matter wearing Thrall's armor collapsed and whirled out like a dust storm, enveloping Shadow Thrall. "When," Shadow Thrall snarled, "when did you replace yourself?" The matter would solidify around Shadow Thrall, and condense until it was as hard as a statue. Thrall's armor and sword would float over to the living, sentient thrall, and clothe him once again in steel. "And now we are reduced to one," Thrall would say, stepping out from a broken cart. He had gone into that cart earlier, after being knocked down at some point, and a golem of his fashioning had emerged wearing his armor.
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