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  1. I just can't stop thinking about all of the genuine hours I've invested writing in the CBUB and then the FPL. I don't even write outside of here and school. If anybody knows any other writing sites where I can continue to just write in a community setting that would be great.

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    2. Darkender
    3. sirmethos


      There's also YoungWritersSociety, that has a pretty large and, iirc, active community.

    4. KevinDWolf93


      Convesely, once we all decide to poll what our successor site will be out of what people are working to do.....

  2. I guess I won't finish The Conspiracist :,(

  3. This is the longest it has ever taken me to write one character. Ugh.

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    2. deojusto


      "Because The Auld has a long memory, Conspiracist. We have been waiting for you; we have been waiting for a long time, and we do not forget, and we do not forgive...


      *ominous silence

    3. Nihlium


      Can't wait to see the new Conspiracist. Hopefully you'll finish him before I finish my fic.

    4. Darkender


      haha well I hope all this anticipation wont lead to a big let down when I actually post him. :P

  4. Ah! The FPL is back! Now I can go back to not being able to write anything at all. -___-

  5. I'm so terrible at dialouge, it's laughable.

  6. Coming Soon... The Death of Sollus: A Catatonia Excerpt

  7. Check out my new match.

    1. Bergy_Berg
    2. Darkender


      In the FPL matches... Skylar vs Algorithm

  8. Exal is giving us a taste of that bitterly honest old FPL. I love it.

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    2. Nihlium


      Why so serious ThreeDark?

    3. ThreeDark
    4. Sir Exal

      Sir Exal

      Deletion does not wait for you to be ready! Deletion is not considerate or fair and make no mistake about it, here, you face deletion!

  9. The first needs to make us want to read more in the future! I plan to get to this though. I love the Creed stuff you guys came up with.
  10. I have a couple matches and mini fics in my Word that I simply haven't gotten to posting yet. #LazyLife

  11. I'm determined to get this character in, I'm simply running on CP time is all.

  12. OMFG! That was the best game I've ever seen in my life... I *vulgarity*ing hate Ray Allen though.

  13. Eh, this idea started off good but now...

  14. Can there be a better feeling than finishing with exactly 200 words?

    1. deojusto


      Sex? You should try Sex? Sex is almost certainly better. If you think this feels good, sex will blow your mind.

    2. Darkender


      True! But this feeling lasts longer.

  15. I want to read more on Sollus. I want moar!

    1. Nihlium


      We probably wont get more on Sollus until the tourny starts. Or if Ivan decides to make a comeback.

  16. Damn. I swear I used to be creative.

    1. Mercenaryblade
    2. treacherous


      Nope. You're more creative now. I was there before, I know.

    3. Darkender


      True, but at least I had ideas. :(

  17. Late is better than never, but never late is better.
  18. All these characters I have't read yet. Ugh.

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    2. Bergy_Berg


      I think it's been two months since the last one I did.

    3. Nihlium


      I have one more to submit for the Creed and then I'm taking a break to write some fics.


    4. Fox


      Less character writing, more match writing!

  19. These new FPL guys write faster than I can read, SHEESH.

    1. treacherous


      That's why I vote by who has the coolest screen name. So far Kate Awesome is Awesome is winning.

    2. Kate Awesome Is Awesome
  20. Could someone do me the favor of adding Dr. Destiny from the JLA animated series to the database?
  21. She's brought down a nation with some berries before does that count? haha
  22. There's a couple FPL fics I need to get to.

  23. A quick little thing I thought up when I was done reading the last book. Tell me what ya' think.
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