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  1. I also think that there's an edit button underneath the setup on the bottom right hand corner of it
  2. oh, i see. and i also looked at past match-ups, and saw a reason to F rate this one, this match is beyond overkilled. so i would have probably rated it low if i could rate, but my opinion still stands. not trying to start arguments with anyone though. im just saying that it aint his fault. I am however guilty of thread necromancy because i have been trying to see all of the fights that i missed in my absence from cbub. and normally theres still some people posting, so ill post as well. meh, whatever i guess.
  3. no im not saying that. im sying that it just simply shouldnt have been rated at all. Already checked the inbox. its about thread necromancy.
  4. Now why is that? All that I said was that it's bull that because his friend either hacked his account or got onto it without his knowing that you guys are all gonna screw up his FPA i mean, think about it, my computer automatically types in my name and password, so who's to say that his doesn't.
  5. who was rating Fs? seriously it aint his fault that his friend was a deuche and messed with his account
  6. yes but if kratos couldnt be restrained in a magic grip or encased in stone by medusa and euryale so theres no way that vader could hold him in a force lift not only that but theres no way that vader could catch kratos off guard i mean did you EVER see kratos take his eyes off of his enemies in the games? i thought not hahaha nuff said
  7. he uses both in all of the games but he uses get over here more than come here in all of them
  8. rat

    writing a comic book.

    sweet, you're a lefty too? I play right-handed because my guitar is a 2-in-1 acoustic-electric spectrum. but i do everything else left handed. i also just kinda think its a bit easier to play right handed. do you write songs? i do. it sort of helps me release bottled up emotion, y'know?
  9. thanx for the info. man, it really sucks that i was gone for so long
  10. actually, scorpion's signature phrase is '' get over here!''
  11. rat

    writing a comic book.

    Although, I'm a little bit more focused on writing comics. hahaha
  12. rat

    writing a comic book.

    sweet. yeah the guitar is so much fun to play, right? have you started playing songs yet?
  13. oh, i see, thanx for telling me. haha, i feel stupid now though.
  14. however, if they punch/throw him into space, he could still "swim" through space, right back to earth, and come back with a vengeance.
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