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  1. I'd be willing to bet that Onslaught could pierce it.
  2. Duncan MacLeod wins this easily. Post-Endgame, he is the single most powerful immortal to ever exist, ever! Period.
  3. After searching around the web, it seems that when Hulk cracked Onslaught's armor, Jean Grey had went into his mind and basically shut everything down but the rage, and boosted the rage as much as she could, thus he had just enough strength to crack the armor. (Reminds me of one of the set ups that was on here a month or so ago) But I have heard that Onlslaughts psionic form is completely 100% invulnerable to any and all forms of physical attack.
  4. 1) I keep reading on here that Iceman is this ultra badass Omega-level mutant. Since he's such a powerful badass mofo, how do you guys think he'd do against the Silver Surfer? Against Juggernaut? 2) What do you guys think is tougher between Surfer's "cosmic glazed" silvery skin and Onslaughts psionic ultra-armor? (And then, Surfer's silvery skin suit vs Onslaught's pure psionic form) 3) And again, why is Iceman an Omega-level while the Human Torch (aka Fireman) is not? They're kinda the same, only one is fire and one is ice. It's kinda silly that the ice guy gets to be Omega class, but the fire guy doesnt.
  5. An interesting team would have to be: Iceman Human Torch Sandman Hydro Man Electro Clayface
  6. Just think about an origin story of Juggernaut! That would be bad-fking-ass to watch Marko start out as a simple petty brute, then find the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, then go on to become the unstoppable Juggernaut and his quest for kicking as much ass and causing as much havoc as possible. Mister Sinister would be another good one. Same with Dr. Doom. But above all else, the two most awesome Villain-based films that come to mind would be Thanos and Apocalypse! Holy crap, each with their own movie would be beyond epic! There is just too much potential for awesome storytelling and awesome film making to ignore making a film about the villains from their point of view. After all, it's getting old seeing everything from the Goodguy's POV. Thoughts?
  7. From the match creator: Ok, wow! So basically Cosmic Superman w/ Cap's Shield & Mjolnir + Ion w/ Cosmic Cube vs Onslaught w/ full powrs of Nate Grey & Franklin Richards combined?!?!?!?! I don't even know where to begin. An excellent fight this makes, but hard to call a winner. Very tough.
  8. Any idea what Stark's current most powerful/durable suit is? I'd say it's close between the Destroyer Armor (Thorbuster), Hulkbuster MK II, and the SKIN suit. Between those, Im not sure. But speaking of which, the SKIN suit is only as durable as low-grade Adamantium (ie Secondary). I'm really suprised that with all the tests Stark has done on Captain America's shield, he hasn't been able to figure out how to reproduce it. I wonder if Reed Richards could figure it out?
  9. Well, the only time I can think of where Primary Adamantium was affected was either from Thanos w/I.G. or "Odinforce" Thor. All other times where Primary has been affected has been revealed to either actually be Secondary, or have defects. True, but I'm sure he could find someone to make it for him. Maybe Magneto. But like all other metals, I'm sure he could make it with joints so it'd be able to move. I'm sure that's what he did with his Titanium suit. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to bend his knees/elbows/etc. Well, he could put his absolute most advanced technology into it, and make it with the most up-to-the-mintue/state of the art gadgets. Obviously he wouldn't be able to manipulate it after a certain point, but it'd certainly be his most durable suit. He could continue to build new suits, but the Adamantium suit could be his "go to" suit for special occasions. Ah, well, I see your point here. Unless he could build some new anti-gravity system into it, it'd be far too cumbersome.
  10. What is Juggernaut's suit of armor made out of (ie what type of metal?) If it can be dented, it must not be invunerable. He should get a helmet made out of Primary Adamantium. Speaking of which, Tony Stark is a multi-BILLIONAIRE. Why in the hell hasn't he made himself a suit of 100% Primary Adamantium?! He'd certainly be able to afford it, and he'd more than likely be able to assemble scientists who knew how to create it for him. Seriously, if he made himself a suit of Adamantium, he'd never need another suit again. So far, what is his current most durable (non-mystic) suit? The Hulk Buster? A suit made entirely of Primary Adamantium would so pwn his current most durable suit. From within the story, I don't understand why Stark hasn't done this. But from the real world POV (from the comic book writer's POV) I understand why.
  11. Ymir should win this rather easily. I mean, come on. A being who can go toe to toe with Odin and actually slap him around with true potential of beating him means he'd be quite a handful for Godzilla. And if Surtur has trouble melting Ymir, Godzilla would too. Even more so.
  12. Really? The Bands must not be that strong then. (I'm sure they're ultra-strong, but it just amazes me that regular brutes with no mystic abilies can bust out of them).
  13. The Crimson Gem was no help here? Really? Odinforce Thor is not one to be fooled around with though. I was certain such a mammoth blow would at least make Cyttorak say "Hey.........ouch........don't do that again." I mean, if you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty, we're talking about a blow which should have no problem eradicating an entire planet just from the blunt force alone (if that's what Odinforce Thor was going for).
  14. So that second picture there where Hulk is slapping Juggy (or whatever) and mangles his helmet, what happened there? I thought Juggy couldn't really be hurt? He's certainly looking pretty hurt there. How exactly did the powers the War Hulk had manage to actually stop Juggernaut? Did the celestial tech cancel out the Crimson Gem or what? Did he just abruptly stop in his place? Here is one for Jaeger (or whoever wants to answer).... Trion Juggy vs Ordinforce empowered Thor? You think ol' Trion could withstand a blow of that magnitude?
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