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  1. The new format for selection is pretty boss. GJ and looking forward to it.
  2. Ah no I got it now. Still Mythed as to how that happened seeing that the other team didn't even put up an argument.
  3. I'm not sure if I remember this correctly or not, but I believe at some point in time KK kicked a meteor or something like that.
  4. Is there no score for this match or am I just glitched or something?
  5. I dunno I'm gonna go with the guy that beat Superboy
  6. You mean the gun that kills him? I don't think that's really happening.
  7. Well I reckon he still needs arms and kneecaps.
  8. The thing is "Eb Enog" wouldn't kill her she just won't be there, thus causing instant TKO.
  9. But he still had to shoot them with a bow,and it also wasn't like he was the only thing fighting at the time. Vash does the same thing on a larger scale while completely alone as well as being on a larger scale, as well as having everyone else also armed with guns.
  10. I believe you will find that Serge stated that Wonder Woman is only going to be Lynda Carter level; he stated this during during the Booker DeWitt Vs. Alucard match.
  11. But just being very strong wouldn't counter Zatanna speaking. You also have to keep in mind Korra's personality into question too, it's not like she's just going to ice someone the moment she sees them, she's both an athlete and the Avatar; she wouldn't do something as dirty kill some half dressed unarmed woman the moment she sees her.
  12. Yes, that is exactly the case.EXACTLY
  13. Big Thumbs up for the new Terrain's addition to this helps a lot.
  14. Is there really a power in Corvo's arsenal that could really give him a win though; from what I understand though the only thing he has that would allow him him any major advantage would be the timestop ability.
  15. I'm not sure if Sakuyamon should be allowed to fight in this since the fight would end up being rather imbalanced. I think the fight could be still rather even at the Ultimate form.
  16. It does like literally nothing. That's even assuming that the bolt would travel fast enough to hit him, DMC characters are very over the top and ridiculous when it comes to physical prowess and powers. Corvo is kind of effed'
  17. I don't think Splinter really has the experience advantage here; while he did train the TMNT his prior experiences doesn't really give him that much in the the terms of combat experience. Also taking in mind of the environment the bystanders would also be on Cammy's side since she's a human and he's some giant rat monster.
  18. Well since the terrain is completely open it really ends up being a matter of whoever shoots first, and how many hits they can take, which Vash has a distinct advantage in.
  19. From what I understand being stabbed doesn't stop him from shapeshifting.
  20. Elegantly yet simply said well done........ So yeah Vash any arguments?
  21. True, but I never planned on using the Archangel arm in my arguments regardless so it doesn't matter.
  22. But it's not like he ever uses the Archangel arm, let alone be able to use it on his own.
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