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  1. I saw the teaser poster, and I think it's pretty great. They keep it dark, and mysterious in a way. I like it for that reason. The clip was amazing. I guess I'll give these BSPs a chance. It'd be kind of cool if RR would let them be used to fight xenomorphs, because that'd be awesome; esp to see those dogs like hound creatures being torn to shreds, and out of know where the BSP comes face to face with the xeno. RR wants to go in his own direction, and from the clip I guess it wasn't that bad. Still the only problems I have are not in the BSPs, but really just the cast. Adam Brody doesn't seem like a bad ass(pardon my language). Topher Grace does not seem like some FBI most wanted serial killer nor a bad ass. Lawrence Fishburne, on the other hand, is a great actor, and I like the casting choice. But I guess it's how RR said it, you can't find anybody like Arnold, so you have to find a way to adapt. That clip was good, and I am eager to see the movie, but I do have a question. Are there four predators in the film? I haven't read the script, but I know there will be a normal predator, and I guess what 3 BSPs.
  2. Boratz


    With the new season out, and the confirmation of a feature film. I'd like to ask you what you think of the new season? What do you think of the characters? And what do you think of the plots? Also, what do you want to be the story of the feature film?
  3. They don't look that bad, but I still wished they didn't make some new "super" predator.
  4. That sounds better, but I hope they don't make those so called "Super" Predators better than Yautjas. I also hope they don't ruin the franchise.
  5. Thank you so much Rakai. I'd like to do another Bloodlust match, and I have found an opponent, but I am still in the coming up with a story proccess.
  6. I hope you all enjoy it. I am sorry for an misspellings or gramatical errors. Please leave feedback, and again I hope you enjoy it.
  7. I saw those a few monthes ago. They don't look too super to me. I guess I prefer the Wolf.
  8. Hopefully, but I am highly considering passing on this movie. I really don't care to watch a movie make a mockery of what was orginally an amazing franchise. They may have changed for the better, and I will wait to see what the trailer is like, but right now I am justs ticking with what has already been made.
  9. I agree with Rakai, they should have gone with Bad Bloods. I think it would have been awesome to see Predator vs. Predator violence(and not some BSP movie screw ups). I wish they could have found a better group of actors like the first Predator. To me the first one was good because it seemed like the Dutch's special ops team had a chemistry. This just sounds like they got random actors who don't look like warriors at all, and expect them to kill Predaotrs. Put the special ops team in the center of the Bad Blood vs. the honorable Predator. I think that would be much better than PREDATORS Lets hope that Alien Prequel is not ruined. I hope that will explore the Space Jockey seen in the first film.
  10. I still have not read the script, mainly because I don't want to download it. I did read the endings for it, and I just don't like any of the endings they have. The first one I read was Royse and the BSP are fighting and Royse kills it. Then that girl some how turns "strange" and kills the serial killer Edwin (Eric Foreman). Then the two meet and look at each other. Screen goes dark. - Stupid - Why? Well some guy like Adrain Brody killing a Predator or BSP the way it is called, just sounds idiotic. The second one was pretty much the same except after the two meet a group of predators come in. Than an Elder approaches them and takes off his helmet. It is revealed to be Dutch. - This one is even worse, and they should not even attempt to use this as an alternate ending for the film. Personally, I wish they would just scrap this movie. I know it's probably done filming, but it just sounds like some idiotic movie. I probably would rather watch glaciers move than see what Rodiguez made. He said everything after Predator sucked, but this already sounds like some load of crap. He should have just used all the facts from Predator movies, novels, and comics before possibly ruining the franchise. I guess I have not read the entire script, but from what I have read from others, it sounds like a waste of time. It sounds like it will be worse than Dragon Ball Evolution.
  11. I just heard they are planning on making the Alien prequel in 3-D. I guess it's no surprise, every movie is getting 3-D written on it so it will attract some kind of viewer.
  12. Does anybody have the script or a link to the script for Predators? I remember reading somewhere what the endings were, but I guess I would like to know what all of it is, because I am not impressed with some of the endings they had in mind, and I want to see if that is what the film is; not impressive.
  13. Some of the stuff I had from AVP-R was from my original arc. I am using some elements from it, but I am also making it a little different. I also like the idea of having the started of Weyland-Yutani merging together, and what stories could come from that.
  14. To be honest with you I have not. I want to read it.
  15. I hope you all enjoy this. I am sorry for any gramatical or spelling errors. Bloodlust is armed with wristblades, combi stick, a glaive, shuriken, and a plasma pistol. The Alien King is at it's full size. The fight is in an old Yautja ceremonial site.
  16. Thank you Rakai. I want to get the game, but I don't want to get a game I don't like. I would also like to say I am currently working on a Bloodlust match in my Yautja arc. It's been awhile since I last posted one. It was hard to find the right opponent, but I think I found one that will bring on a couple of matches.
  17. Hey, Rakai I have a question. Have you had the chance to play the new AVP game. I was wanting to know what it is like. It looks good, but I haven't really heard any feedback from anybody. Also I read a few of the ending they had for the new Predators movies coming out, and I am considering passing on the movie.
  18. This is sort of an update about the future of the series. I heard that the director, Eric Kripke (I think that's his name), is leaving the show. From the started he stated he only wanted five seasons, and now they are on the fifth season and it has been renewed for a sixth season. Also Jared Padelicki(Sam Winchester), stated that he would stay only if the story is good. So I hope the writers make an awesome story worth seeing.
  19. Yeah I'm still wondering what those five things are that the Colt can't kill. My opinion is 1. God 2. Michael 3. Death 4. Don't know. Five has already been said to be Lucy. I would love to see the other Horsemen in the final episodes since I heard they wrapping up the main storyline after this season, but they never stated what the next season will be like. I, myself, am not much for surprises, I look up spoilers, and I have found some things about the final episodes. I hope for some great scenes from these, and am ready to see the season finale.
  20. I hear you about Famine and Death. I did not expect Famine to be that.... that... that beastly. Now we need to see Death, as well as the other Horsemen, which I heard is Conquest or Pestililence. It would be epic if all the Horsemen appeared in one episode. I did hear Supernatural has been re-newed for another season. I am excited about it, and am ready to see where it goes, since they're ending this storyline
  21. I hope you all enjoy it. I'm sorry for any gramatical errors or spelling errors. This is part of my angels vs. demons arc. I hope you enjoy it.
  22. It was announced today that a sixth season of Supernatural will come around by the CW. The fifth season is not yet completed, but the director himself stated that he plans to wrap up the story after this season. He also went on to say that it will be like the end of a chapter, and a chapter will begin. I know most may not care, but I am glad there will be a new season. I know I asked this question once, but I'll ask it again; what are your thoughts or wishes on the next season? My source of information: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/tvnews.php?id=63387
  23. I also agree with you about not wanting to see him and Luci fight. I wouldl ove to see a scene where they confront each other, but not the fight itself. I want to see the emotion between them. I would also like to see a Sam and Michael moment. We've seen Dean and Luci, but what about Michie and Sam
  24. Yeah, Michael has to be one of my newest favorite characters. Even though he is still a "dick" as Dean would say, but he seemed nicer than some of the other archangels or angels for that matter we've seen on the show. I didn't even expect to see him in the episode. I leaned in close when Anna turned around and said "Michael". Then Michael put his hand on Anna, and turned her into ash.
  25. Thank you as always, Warcry. I hope CBUB will open up character adding panels soon. I'd really like to add Michael on there. I have already brought in this current story, and I hope to continue the sotry with him and other major characters.
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