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  1. If I remember the film correctly, Azazel was able to possess people fairly easily. Couldn't he just possess Van Helsing and then off himself in a matter of moments? Where Van Helsing might be able to put up some fight against the Mummy. With the secret sect of Vatican workers, one of them may have some knowledge on Imhotep and the Book of the Dead. But then again, I would hope the Vatican would have knowledge on defeating or excorcising a demon, even though it was not seen in the movie
  2. Got to agree with this here If I remember correctly (its been a minute since I've seen Van Helsin), he served a secret order of the Vatican. Hunted down monsters of all kinds; were saw him take on Mr Hyde in the beginning. He was certainly knowledgeable and adaptable. I think he could certainly find a way to defeat Imhotep. While power level is not being disputed, i believe in this particular instance; Azazel would keep coming back or possessing someone else until Helsing would be defeated
  3. I think Sam and Dean shouldn't have a problem with this. They have definitely faced much worse. As far as set up goes, the characterization was great. I do feel like a little more context and detail would make it much more intriguing.
  4. This was very great and I certainly liked the mood of the set up once Wanda was in the dream world While it does take place in dream world, i feel like Wanda should be able to win this one. She will have to watch herself as Freddy is in the dream world. He does have an advantage but I feel like Wanda is on a other level of power that she can take them to another plane and destroy him there
  5. DC Comics Professor Pyg - a relatively recent Batman villain, appears as a side quest in Arkham Knight and a pretty twisted character Wrong Turn Three Finger - main antagonist in the movies. He is a deformed cannibal. A nasty character but thought he'd make a great addition to horror characters You're Next Erin Harson - main protagonist in the movie. If I remember correctly, she grew up in a survival compound which helps in the movie when she fights back against the attackers The Invisible Man (reboot) Cecilia Kass - main protagonist of the rebooted The Invisible Man. Up Carl Fredricksen - the main character in the Pixar/Disney Up. He is a widower who attaches millions of balloons to his house and sets out for a long promised adventure Charles F. Muntz - the main antagonist- explorer that sets out to capture a rare species if bird Public Domain Walt Disney - usually i try to refrain from adding real life people unless there are fictionalized version of themselves. I made the exception here as Walt Disney is famous for starting one of the most famous companies of all time and some of the most well known characters. So with Stan Lee and P.T. Barnum in the database, I thought it'd be appropriate to have Walt Disney here as well
  6. I dont know anything about Invincible. I read that he is invincible but what other powers does he have other than super strength and flight. Can he survive in the vacuum of space? Reason I ask, if the Death Star completely wipes out Endor and Invincible is just floating in space, would he still be alive to fly through the Death Star?
  7. Does Starkiller even have an attack like that of King Piccolo? Its been a while since I've played Force Unleashed, but did he have a power such as that?
  8. Its been a hot minute since I've watched Dexter's lab. I'd have to go back and see if there is a yt clip or something out there I do feel that Dexter has more intelligence and should be able to win this one.
  9. I dont know. I think Danny would be able to run from Santa to an extent but I dont see him outrunning a hellhound. Either way, I don't like Danny's chances
  10. I think I am going with Lip on this one. I feel like Jack Jack is too much of a toddler at this point to truly understand what would be going on. I mean I see him unleashing a full assortment of power once he gets hit with a snowball but I dont really see him throwing a snowball at Lip
  11. I think Abu would make for a much better commercial or advertising, especially for younger kids
  12. This is a close one. While the battleground doesn't necessarily work in Magnus' favor, his powers go far beyond then just bending a paper clip with his mind. I mean he can make magnetic force shields if I am remembering correctly. As stated, he is incredibly intelligent and I feel like he should be able to find a way to take out Medamatcha
  13. I honestly don't know. I think it would be close as to who would be better entertainment for Jabba. I think MJ is one of the most famous entertainers of all time so maybe he would have a better chance
  14. I dont see any battle taking place in all honesty. I say that in the sense that I can't see Starkiller doing anything to hurt Pourgunga or even defeat him. As said Porungsa grants wishes. I guess power level wise, Porunga may have more power
  15. For some reason, I feel like Sue can win this. I mean she has invisibility and power. I think Carol may have more power, but Sue also has genius level intellect that i think could be a deciding factor in something like this
  16. That's why I see Nadai taking this. I think Palpatine may have an understanding of building a droid and maybe even an advanced one at that, but Nadai is probably capable of making another Ultron or something even worse than Ultron. I just don't see Palps being able to create something to that extent
  17. I think Hedorah would be able to defeat WT. As the others have said, it is just hard to put down with all the forms that it has
  18. With Ruby being a demon and demons in Supernatural having a wide range of weaknesses in Supernatural, i feel like the Ghostbusters could stop her before even touching Lestat
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