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  1. With this being a Medievel reenactment, I am leaning more toward the French Musketeers.
  2. ⁸After seeing the arguments from the previous Overlook match, I could see a lot of those coming into play here. The Hotel does not need to wait in order to stalk its prey as seen in Doctor Sleep. It has been hinted that Din has a tragic past and is possibly haunted by it as seen in some flashbacks. Also with his distaste for Droids and his relationship with Grogu, the Hotel could definitely play to those emotions With that Din is better equipped than Ripley (who was used in the previous round against the Hotel) and highly skilled. I could see his armor and tech being an ultimate factor in helping him survive. He only has to make it a day in the Hotel.
  3. An argument that I could make for Scar is if he plays a victim,and gathers other animals to be "victims" of the beast. Whether that is abuse or through some other form of violence from the Beast. He trick Belle into thinking he and other animals being targeted by the Beast, and scare her away from him.
  4. I'm leaning more towards Venom on this one Goliath could try to glide off on of the sand dunes but he would need to get up there first. While this is the movie version of Venom, he still proved to be somewhat fast. I could see it being hard to move through the sand. The big factor I could see for Goliath would be his years of experience with combat and battles. With that said, I don't know what could be a weakness for Venom in this type of environment
  5. As a previous match up with Rainbow Archer, I think he could use his assortment of different colored arrows to keep the infant Jack Jack occupied while he kidnaps him. I feel like Calender Man would be extremely creepy and freak out the young child.
  6. I feel like I've seen a show like this before
  7. Unless Alexa takes the red pill, and she has an army of agents gunning for her, I don't see too much that would he a threat to her. She may go about her day like normal and plan a mountain climbing trip, notice something off about a mountain peak, but shrug it off as some weird occurrence
  8. Looking at the arguments and see the characters, I do think the mysteries of Mirage would lure the Mystery Inc Gang into wanting to investigate her more. Gaston was able to manipulate different individuals in his town, and I know there are some that either say that the town were uncivilized idiots or whatever point was trying to he made, but I disagree. While not a modern society, they were still people that he was able to manipulate and use for his own gain. I'm leaning more towards Gaston on this one
  9. I feel like with his recent appearance in the Suicide Squad and Batmans popularity, Calender Man should be able to win this one as he would be more recognizable to the Comic con crowd
  10. I could see this going either way. On one hand, I'd argue that the Torrence family were there for a while before everything started going down hill and the hotel went insane. On the other, Ripley is someone that is haunted. While she is a survivor, she has tangled with more tangible beings that can bleed. The Hotel is something else entirely, and as pointed out above, could definitely go after those nightmares that she is plagued with
  11. I am leaning more toward Aloce as she had super human abilities and was able to survive in different climates. She faced a wide variety of threats, and while they may not be exactly like the Battle droids, Geonoshians, or the worms; i could see Alice managing to survive for 24 hours
  12. Well even without the Infinity Gaunlet; Thanos is a capable titan. He has defeated cosmic forces without the use of the gauntlet and defeated other heroes without it. I don't see Shazam being much different than those opponents, so my vote would be for the Mad Titan on this one
  13. I mean yeah there was a tribe and 2 pilots, but on the other end of that one; there was a whole unit of troops from the Vietnam Era that almost got wiped out after a day or so on the island.
  14. I would argue that while Skull Island does contain dinosaurs which Dr Grant would have knowledge of, some of these dinosaurs are not always the same as the ones that he has face. Whethered they have evolved or they are just completely different in nature. The Peter Jackson Skull Island did not only present the creatures as dangerous, but there were Island natives that proved hostile and giant insects that Grant may not possess a knowledge of. The crew members that were armed had struggled in these challenges. The legendary Skull Island, had titans of different kinds that I still feel would not be common knowledge for Grant. So I feel Skull Island would prove to be more dangerous than either of the Jurassic Park Island or lost world, and probably too much for Grant
  15. That is pretty funny about the sunglasses! The Casey Anthony part is interesting. Don't know whether funny or ironic... not really sure
  16. They are not on Tatooine... it's on a Planet in the Unknown regions. The Empire created an aquarium of sorts that is big enough for a large Rancor creature. A swamp like mountainous aquarium. It is large but Sabine could not just fly away because it is an enclosed area
  17. I definitely want to go to Universal, and take a look at the Harry Potter stuff. I know I'd be interested in the thrill rides, my wife isn't the biggest fan of them but she did enjoy some of them that weren't as bad. I did some of the thrill ones solo.
  18. Rick has faced supernatural threats but that is not of any use on this challenge. With that said,, he has escaped booby traps, pyramids, and environments created by those same supernatural threats. I feel like he would have a shot here
  19. Got back from Disney, Fox! Thank you for the tips! We had a blast. It was funny, I initially said it was going to be a once in a lifetime trip and now we want to go back.
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