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  1. I can probably understand Corban and maybe Barty Crouch since they don't see like super mainstream heavy hitters; but yeah I'm surprised Dobby, Buckbeak, Dementors and Molly Weasley were not in there
  2. Might not have been the best wording. I agree the Rugrats have done some dangerous things but for an infant to try and race someone who may have a more developed mind in snow tubing. I'd gave to go with Molly
  3. This one seems like a tough one but as one out by SSJRuss, Mister Mind may have an advantage with being a worm.
  4. Thanks DSkillz, i thought she'd make for an interesting match up. Thanks Merc
  5. Reed is not an average Joe. I don't see Light being able to manipulate him. While it may not be Reed's greatest area, i think he would be able to manipulate Light before Light could manipulate him. Reed has had experiences with so many different foes in the past and also allies, that I think he's probably picked up some tricks to use mind games on opponents
  6. I see the Doctor taking this one. From what I remember from Doctor Horrible,I remember he made a lot of weapons but never saw much of a machine or anything like that
  7. With the scenario, I could see Dark Willow taking this. I believe that Pinhead is definitely more powerful and even ruthless, but I don't see why he would be going after the Warren's. Dark Willow on the other hand, I could see her having a reason and wanting kill them
  8. I can see Doom having some knowledge with botany or some magical knowledge that could manipulate botany and plants
  9. I voted Vulcan as I believe he has superior power but I do think it should be fairly close. Starkiller was trained by Darth Vader and had some pretty impressive feats. He was truly a "force" to be reckoned with
  10. I dont know if Peter would know what a coloring book was or if he would even play with one. Molly might not be a typical child but neither is Peter. I mean Peter embraces being young forever but he seems like the type that gets into moschief rather than playing with coloring books
  11. As much as I love Rugrats and grew up watching their show, Tommy is too young for this particular match. Molly wins this one
  12. With King Ghidorah being one of Godzilla's greatest enemies, his sheer power and strength; he should be able to take this one
  13. I feel like Damien has seen some stuff from all throughout his childhood and been through some extreme situations. Not that Jade hasn't but, i think the son of Batman would have the spookiest stories to tell
  14. I think with the experience Mister Fantastic has, his genius level intellect, and other skills that he has developed over the years, i think he can do some pretty impressive damage with psychology
  15. I do think Macho Man could at least but some heart and soul into this one, and be a very entertaining performer for Soul Train
  16. Follow up of some sorts to my recent set up; Tracy Atwood vs. The Ice Cream Man Not really doing an arc but just continuing to try and use these unused or underused characters. Thought this would be a neat idea to have different detectives or whoever else take on different genres of characters, specifically horror.
  17. All across the nation, the news stations reported on an unusual incident that occurred in a small American town. As the reports continued on with this particular story, many did not know what to make of it. A deranged Ice Cream Man had gone into hiding after a police detective had figured out that he was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of several individuals. The detective, Tracy Atwood had just trasnfered to this small town and was given a missing person's case. This case led to the investigation of the local Ice Cream Prince, Gregory Tudor. After learning that a child had just been kidnapped, Ms. Atwood tracked Tudor to his creamery. Reporters have noted that after Detective Atwood learned that Tudor had abducted another child, she had pursued him on her own in fear that the Ice Cream Man would claim yet another victim. While Detective Atwood called in for backup, it was reported that she had went ahead into going the creamery to confront Gregory Tudor on her own. At this time, it is unknown what exactly had taken place or what all was found in Tudor's creamery. It is believed that there are reports of several mutilated bodies and remains. At this time, the exact details are still unknown. The new coverage has concluded that a standoff occurred between Detective Atwood and Gregory Tudor, which resulted in Detective Atwood sustaining multiple lacerations throughout her body. It is reported that she was taken to the emergency room and is in stable condition. There are reports that the child that was reportedly abducted by Mr. Tudor was rescued and safely returned to his family. Gregory Tudor is still at large and is believed to be extremely dangerous. If there anyone has any information in the whereabouts of Gregory Tudor, please contact your local law enforcement or the Federal Bureau of Investigations. What makes this incident odd is that it is believed that Mr. Tudor was using human remains in his ice cream ingredients. As the news continued to report on this story; the Special Victims Unit of the New York Police Department of the 16th Precinct watched the reports in disgust. While they found some comfort that the biggest news in the country was not some political scandal or riot, the gruesome story of what appeared to be a serial killer certainly shocked the detectives that had watched the news report. After the report had ended, Detective Fin Tutuola shook his head in disgust as he started walking toward his desk. "What kind of sick individual would cut up a bunch people, put their remains in ice cream and serve it to a bunch of kids?" Fin said to himself as he was about to sit down at his desk. "Some people are just too far gone that they don't know the different between reality and whatever they come up with in there heads." ADA Dominick Carisi said as he stood in the office of the Special Victims Unit. While the Special Victims Unit scrambled around the office with different tasks, NYPD Captain Olivia Benson leaned back in her chair. She tried to fathom how someone could be capable of such horror. As she pondered through this, she reflected on her career and the sheer number of criminals she had encountered over the years. Her thoughts quickly went to the victims and how many of their voices are not being heard due to the actions of the serial killer being called the Ice Cream Man. Some of the news reports started to criticize Tracy Atwood for not waiting for backup in her confrontation of the monster, but Benson ignored that as she saw the images of the confirmed victims of the killer on the screen. Then the image of the boy that was rescued and returned to his parents also appeared on the screen, and Benson could not help but think that Detective Atwood did what she had to do. Deep in a basement of a New York apartment complex On a tiny screen, the news continued to speak about the Ice Cream man incident, much to the annoyance of Paul Sheldon. The famed novelist had been missing for what seemed like ages and yet there were no news reports about his disappearance. He tried screaming for help, but the only one that ever came was his "number one fan". A hefty lady that described herself as a nurse. She said that she had rescued Paul after he had a car accident. It was all a blur to him as he remembered driving out in snowy country side and then everything went black. This nurse told him that she rescued him. She said that his legs were broken and that he was in her cabin. Everything seemed off as this place appeared to be a basement of some sort. He continued to request a phone or computer of some kind in order to alert his family, but the nurse would deny his requests. She would often say that there was no service where they were or some other excuses that did not make much sense to Mr. Sheldon. With the passing days, the nurse called herself Annie force Paul to write a novel for her. A novel that would bring back her favorite literary character, Misery Chastain. Initially, Paul was against the idea of writing a novel for this deranged person but she became more aggressive with each passing day. With the growing aggression, she started abusing him. It even seemed as if he would wake up and forget moments of the day. He felt that Annie was drugging him and doing unspeakable things to him. He feared trying to bring up to her as he was on all accounts, completely helpless. The only solace he had was that little television in his room. He hoped that someone was out there searching for him. Despite his hesitancy, he decided to write this novel to appease this woman for now. While it seemed as if an eternity had passed in this basement, Paul did regain some strength. The pain seemed to be unbearable, but he had to overcome that. When Annie was gone, he trained himself to move. He crawled along the cold damp floor. He crawled with the strength of his fingertips, until he could reach the bottom of the stairs. The days seemed long and slowly his strength was coming back. He reached the bottom of the stairs and did what he could to work his way up, one step at a time. This was not easy and it certainly took time. Tears of pain rolled down his face as he continued to work each day. He had to make it up those steps, he had to escape. Each day was a trial and tribulation as he would work on the novel while Annie was around and then work on escape when she was elsewhere. Eventually, Paul Sheldon had reached the top of the stairs. He managed to push a door open and revealed what appeared to be a run down apartment complex. The stench of feces and bodily fluids filled the air. Paul crawled down the hallway until he reached an exterior door. With all of his strength, he pushed the door open and saw the outside world of New York City. He cried at passing strangers for help. Crying at the top of his lungs, he moaned for help. Several people came to his side as Paul Sheldon felt that rescue had finally come. 16th Precinct, Special Victims Unit of the New York Police Department Some time had passed since those breaking news reports of the Ice Cream Man. The search for the killer was still ongoing and recents reports regarding the case had stated that it had moved to the jurisdiction of the FBI. For the detectives of the Special Victioms Unit, that report had all but become a vague memory as they had cases of their own to work. Captain Olivia Benson was looking over case files when she heard a news report on the television. The report said that famed author Paul Sheldon had been found and is currently at New York General Hospital. Captain Benson had initially heard of Paul when he went missing, and was astonished that he was alive after all of this time. As she watched the news report, Fin also looked at the screen in curiosity over what was being said. The news reporter said that not much information was known at this time. As they watched the screen, ADA Dominick Carisi walked into the room. He glanced over at the screen and a small smile formed over his face. "Good, I'm glad you are making yourselves aware of Mr. Paul Sheldon." Carisi said as he looked at the two detectives. "Let me guess! You want us to speak with Mr. Sheldon." Fin said as he looked over at Carisi. "Mayor is interested as this is not a typical case. Mr. Sheldon said that he was kidnapped and well experienced abuse from a nurse of some kind." Carisi replied. "Who did he say this nurse was? Does Mr. Sheldon think that he raped him?" Benson asked as she crossed her arms. "She... Right now Mr. Sheldon said that it was a woman named Annie. He doesn't have much more than that right now. He has been in and out. The mayor wants our Special Victims Unit looking into this one." Carisi responded as he did a quick glance at Benson. "I'll head over the New York General and ask Paul what he knows." Benson said as she started walking to the door. The Apartment Complex that Paul was held captive Shortly after Paul escaped, Annie sauntered down into the basement only to discovered that Paul was gone. She let out a horrifying scream as she looked all over the room. She snatched the paper that was in the type writer that he was using to write his novel for her. All over the page, Paul had written, "SCREW YOU, ANNIE!" In rage, Annie Wilkes ripped the page as she storm out of the basement. She opened the door to her apartment and went to collect her belongings. She knew she had to get away from there as soon as possible. As she walked to the doorway of her apartment, she heard a noise coming from the hallway. She quietly glanced and saw two uniformed police officers in the hallway looking over at the basement door. One of the officers walked down into the basement while the other stood around in the hallway. She knew more would be coming, and she knew she had to escape. While the officer in the hallway had his back turned, Annie quickly snuck behind him and slit his throat with a knife. The officer quickly fell down on the floor as she made her way to the outside world. As she walked through the streets, she disappeared into the alleys. She heard sirens in the distance as other officers were heading to the apartment complex. Annie Wilkes had spent years evading the police and she felt as if the end was near. Walking through the streets, the uncontrollable rage that she now had towards Paul Sheldon engulfed her soul. First, Paul killed off her favorite literary character and now he did this. After everything that she had done for that ungrateful excuse for a human being, he dearest escape from her grasp. Annie knew Paul Sheldon and she knew that he had an ex-wife and child that lived not far from there. He was going to know the pain that he had put her through. He was going to lose everything. New York General Hospital Olivia Benson stood before the author, Paul Sheldon. She could see that his face was badly bruised from his abuse in his confinement. Olivia asked him about his experiences and what had taken place. From the best of his recollection, he walked her through what he could remember. He was driving through a snowing country side and must have skid off the road. He could not remember much after that, it all seemed dark. He remembered waking up in what appeared to be a basement and the hefty nurse that called herself Annie. Choking on his words, Paul tried to go into detail on all that Annie had done to him. The pain caused tears to roll down his face as he spoke of his experiences. She forced him to write her a story. On top of the physical torment that she unleashed upon him, he believes that she also drugged him and did unspeakable things to him while he was drugged up. As Paul concluded to his harrowing escape, Benson saw Fin standing at the door. She walked over to Fin had just gotten back from the apartment complex that they discovered Paul. "There was an office that was attacked shortly after Mr. Sheldon escaped. The officer is in critical condition. I think it might be this Annie person." Fin told Benson as he stood outside Paul's hospital room. "Did they catch her?" Benson asked. "Nah... The officer that was attacked was one of the first ones on the scene. His partner was in the basement that Paul was in. This was all before CSI and other officers got there." Fin replied. "Any evidence found in her apartment?" Benson asked. "Not really. One of those cheap ass apartments that are run down. The landlord is one piece of work. He doesn't do any sort of background checks and doesn't check on his tenants unless they are behind on rent. The basement was disgusting. This guy must have gone through all sorts of hell with this woman!" Fin responded. With a gut feeling, Benson walked back into the room and stood before the famed author. "Mr. Sheldon; going back to your statement, you said this Annie knew almost everything about you. Is that correct?" Benson asked as she gazed at Paul. "Yeah, seemed that way." Paul replied. "Don't you have an ex-wife and child in the city?" Olivia asked. "Yeah, don't see them much but they are in the city." Paul responded. "Thank you, Mr. Sheldon! We will do everything in our power to find this Annie." Olivia said as she turned around and started walking to the door. Fin looked at her and asked, "You think she would be that crazy to go after his ex-wife and kid?" "I don't know but I have feeling. I am going to head over there just in case. Stay here in case you can think of anything to ask Mr. Sheldon. See of there are any registered nurses by the name of Annie." Olivia said as she started walking to the exit. The residence of Paul's ex-wife Olivia Benson had pulled in front of the house of Paul's ex-wife and his child. The other officers had not yet arrived, but Olivia wanted to at least go up and speak with the former Mrs. Sheldon. She knocked on the door and waited for an answer. From the other side of the block, the murderous Annie Wilkes made her way to the residence. Her intent was to get her revenge for what Paul had done to her and she was going to kill whoever got in her way.
  18. Outstanding set up and match! 5 stars! I may go with Crypt Keeper on this one. If he has knowledge of his weakness and a means to defeat him
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