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  1. While Dino is a dinosaur, he seemed like a large goofy puppy that was a thorn in Fred's side more often than not. Stealing steaks, locking him outside, etc Muttly is not much better but he seemed to assist Dasterdly in different operations. Maybe never to success but he tried
  2. I may have to go with Krypto it would be close As stated, Krypto is better trained and i think that is what would ultimately be the deciding factor in him being a fashion model Battle Cat though would be a giant green tiger with stripes and battle armor. I guess it would depend on what fashion model event they would be in but with how behaved Krypto may be, I think he'd do a better job
  3. Which version would this Mecha be then? The first or second one?
  4. I mean even at 11, she was one of the brightest students and definitely had impressive skill level with her magical abilities. Being 11 or however old she would be; being about to physically construct it is another thing though
  5. I agree in the sense if it was ocean, then definitely Storm. But if the terrain was anywhere on land, then I just don't see him being able to pull off a win. I'm leaning towards Momo if it is anywhere besides water or the sea.
  6. I think with Hermione's alone, she should be able to create something that would be effective and superior I would agree that a power cap would need to be in place and see if she can actually build it with her hands. I think there is a different between having it planned out step by step, and then putting it together.
  7. While I think Sam would present a challenge, I believe it would be a change that the team could overcome. Jack is a serial killer with an intellect that they have never really encountered before and a certain element of surprise that would present a challenge that even Rick would not be prepared for. With intellect and surprise cunning, I do see Jack being able to defeat the team more than the embodiment of Halloween
  8. This is one of the closest ones that I've seen so far just because both are so incredibly intelligent I may have to wait and see what others say. Right now I am leaning more towards Lex because he relies almost solely on intellect, but dang this one would be tough
  9. With Space Godzilla having practically the same feats as Godzilla and being a version of the Godzilla. I don't see what Mecha could do. With that said, i would need to read up on Mecha and find out his feats.
  10. This one is tough. Mainly in the sense as I could see Dexter having a better chance of killing the team or doing is faster as he would be unassuming. At the same time, I don't see why he would target them. It could go either way in my opinion
  11. I think Gamera should take this one with relative ease. I don't think we've seen much of Nessy's feats and certainly don't think Nessy had what it takes to take on Gamera
  12. While I believe Sam has extraordinary power, so did the Mummy which they were defeated in the end by the Mummy team after they made them mortal or whatever other means of defeat Jack is not some supernatural force. There is a lot of mystery behind him and intellect that I don't think the Mummy team has necessarily faced. With that intellect and stealth, he sbould manage to defeat them one by one
  13. I think with the dumb luck that Vash has, the skills his power level, and weaponsI believe that he will manage to win this one. I mean he managed to defeat his brother who had the same power has him
  14. Not what I was expecting on this one
  15. I may have to look into Discord then. I have some friends where I live that have talked about getting into it but nothing has happened yet.
  16. Outstanding and pretty fun set up! It was very entertaining and different Im not too familiar with DnD. It is something that I have been wanting to get into for some time, just don't know anyone around me. As far as the match, I'd have to look into it some more.
  17. Sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors This is a straight up battle between Darth Malgus and Palpatine. They are battling for control over Palpatine's forces and to see who will be the ruler of the Sith
  18. MANDALORE WATCHES AS BO KATAN AND PRE VIZSLA FIGHT FOR LEADERSHIP OF THEIR PEOPLE!!! Mandalore Piercing through the skies, Bo Katan and Pre Vizsla used their jet packs to fly at one another with all their might. While both unleashed a series of blasts upon the other, both dodged the other's attacks. They eventually collided within the skies and traded blows. Pre Vizsla was strong and definitely had dangerous moves, but Bo Katan was able to counter each of his attacks. Bo Katan was able to knock Pre Vizsla down upon the grounds of Mandalore. In a fit of rage, Pre Vizsla shot off a rocket directed at Bo Katan. Quickly, Bo Katan took out her blasters and destroyed the rocket before it could get close to her. Smoke filled the air and Pre Vizsla took out his blasters to shoot at his former comrade. Flying high above her former leader, Bo Katan dodged the multitude of blasts. Bo Katan unleashed her flame thrower which caused Pre Vizsla to jump for cover. The female Mandalorian flew toward her former leader and kicked him in the chest. With the speed of the jet back, Bo Katan's kick caused Pre Vizsla to fly back onto the rocky ground beneath him. He quickly got to his feet and charged at his former friend with all of his fury. He tried different attacks, but Bo Katan was able to block every single one of them. In all of her years with him in Death Watch, Bo Katan knew his attacks all too well. A smile formed across Bo Katan's face from within her helmet as she realized that Pre Vizsla did not know all of her moves. After countering several attacks, Bo Katan eventually went on the offense. She knocked him around several times before knocking him down onto the ground. "Yield!" Bo Katan roared as she stood over Pre Vizsla. "Never!" Pre Vizsla responded as he got up and charged at Bo Katan once again. With a swift move, Bo Katan unleashed a series of punches and kicks that put Pre Vizsla on his knees. Vizsla reached for a blade and tried one last attempt to overcome his opponent. Bo Katan knocked the blade out of his hand. She wrapped her legs around his arm. With a swift movement, the female Mandalorian fractured the arm of the former Death Watch leader. Vizsla fell back onto the ground in pain as his helmet slipped off of him. The former Death Watch leader's helmet fell upon the rocky ground and rolled away from him. Bo Katan stood over her former leader and smiled over him in her victory. "It is finished!" Bo Katan declared as she staggered back. "NO!" Vizsla roared as he tried to reach for his blaster with his other arm. Bo Katan quickly leaped forward and disarmed him of his blaster. She unleashed several brutal punches upon his face. She then slowly started backing away. With blood dripping from his all over his head, Pre Vizlsa glared at Bo Katan. "Only the strong will rule Mandalore! Kill me!" Vizsla demanded as he spit blood onto the grounds of Mandalore. For a brief moment, Bo Katan thought about finishing off the former leader of Death Watch. She glared down at the defeated Vizsla and then glanced at the crowd of Mandalorians that had watched their battle. "No... You are done here. I am the leader of our people now!" Bo Katan declared as she started walking into the crowd. With what little strength he had left, Pre Vizsla pushed himself off the ground with the arm that was not fractured. Several Mandalorians took a hold of him as he screamed. "YOU ARE NO RULER! YOU DO NOT EVEN POSSESS THE DARK SABER! YOU WILL FAIL MANDALORE JUST AS YOUR SISTER DID!" "Then I will find the Dark Saber..." Bo Katan said under her breath as the multitude of Mandalorians surrounded her. Malachor V From the times of the Old Republic to the fall of the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, many Sith have rose to power. During the time of the great Republic, the Sith had almost gone extinct. After the Great Jedi Purge; during the dark times and the times of the Empire, the Sith became a prominent force in the Galaxy. With a new hope in the young Luke Skywalker, light sparked hope in a galaxy shrouded in darkness. After Rey seemingly defeated Palpatine once and for all on Exegol, the Sith appeared to be extinct once again. The Galaxy was at peace, until something that should have been lost in the past; found itself in the galaxy. With the activation of the Convergence; light, dark, and balance spread across the farthest reaches of the stars. War was all but certain as the Galaxy was thrown in a multi-universal disarray. From all reaches of the galaxy; from the New Republic fighting a war against Palpatine's forces, to Mandalore trying to find a leader, galactic conflicts had erupted. The criminal syndicates went to War as they tried to find who would be in control of the underworld and many fought for order. The darkness that had plagued the galaxy in the past had also rained down throughout the planets. Palpatine and Darth Vader were not the only Sith to have returned to this new universe. Power and control was what the Sith desired, and they were going to fight for that power by any means necessary. As Palpatine sat in meditation, he could feel the Dark Side of the Force guiding him. Through the guidance of the vast powers of the Dark Side, he could sense forces that he knew all too well. He could also sense forces from times that were a long, long time ago. The powerful Emperor knew that war would be coming from all sides. His vast Empire would not only face the Republic forces and the Jedi, but he would have to face Sith of age's past. Through his dark meditation, Palpatine could sense many Sith scattered through this vast new galaxy. His yellow grueling eyes opened wide as a sinister smile formed across his face. The Force showed him a planet that was unlike any he had seen before. With the mysteries of the Convergence that was unleashed in the galaxy, there were different powers within the galaxy other than the Force. Magic and worlds from other universes merged into this galaxy, opening a pathway to different forms of unlimited power. The Emperor set his sights on trying to obtain this unlimited power as he wanted to seek out the mysteries of this unknown universe. Palpatine had much knowledge and power, but even this magic was blind to him. That ignorance only fueled his desire to unlock the mysteries of the Convergence. Darth Sidious made his way to his ship. Several leaders in his Empire tried to warn him not to leave as he would be in danger. Palpatine ignored their pleas as he had confidence in his power. He knew that many Sith had returned in the Convergence and all of them would attempt to overthrow him. He did not fear the power of the Sith themselves or power of the Jedi. As he boarded his ship, he put coordinates to a location that he was able to sense through his meditation in the Force. The Dark Side would guide him to achieve a power beyond the natural order of the Force itself. The galaxy was different than what Palpatine had remembered. Planets and stars that were destroyed over time were now very much alive. Worlds and moons that this galaxy had never seen appeared in systems that none in this universe had ever experienced. Through the Dark Side of the Force, Palpatine was being led to a new world. While new systems and stars appeared in the galaxy, Palpatine did not care much for the new life in the galaxy. His desire and lust dwelt somewhere else entirely. An Undiscovered Planet Waking up in a field, life started to flow through Darth Malgus once again. He looked in every direction as he could feel strength returning to his body. He felt the Force within him moving in all directions as he could sense this was not the Galaxy that he had remembered. The memories of his death flashed through his head as he fell to his knees. The ground cracked beneath him as Dark Force Power was unleashed. After taking control of his mind, he went into meditation. He took control of his power and the Dark Side of the Force started to guide him. Malgus rose to his feet and gazed at the world around him. Upon this land, there was a power that this galaxy had yet to begin to understand. A fiery red essence rose from the cracks of the world as Malgus sauntered across the landscape. There was a dark forrest that stood before the Sith Lord. As Malgus approached this cruel forrest, he heard what appeared to painful groans from within the thorns and thickets. As Darth Malgus walked into this forbidden forrest, he could see trees moving and could hear the sounds of creatures that he had never encountered before. While walking through the dark forrest, a towering behemoth of a beast stood before him. This creature held what about to be a tree trunk in his hand and wield as if it were a club. The creature made a noise as it glanced back at the Sith Lord. Darth Malgus had his eyes trained on the creature as they both glared into each other's eyes. Suddenly, the creature let out a powerful roar as it started to charge at Darth Malgus. Malgus lifted his hand and lightning spewed from his hand and was unleashed onto the creature. The fell to its knees in pain as it let out a groan. Despite the grueling pain, the creature pushed itself off of the ground and slowly crept closer to the Sith Lord. "Impressive..." Darth Malgus said under his breath. The Sith Lord ignited his lightsaber and leaped toward the towering creature. With a swift movement of his blade, the Sith Lord sliced through the creature's head. Darth Malgus watched as the body of the creature fell against the ground and its head started to roll away. Standing over the defeated beast, Malgus heard voices coming from the trees. He looked in all directions, but could not see where the voices were coming from. Once again, he started walking through this mysterious forrest. As he walked, the voices became louder. These voices ranged from laughter to what appeared to be chants. Eventually, the Sith Lord stopped in his tracks. He closed his eyes and fell to his knees in meditation. There was a power that not only dwelt within this forrest but within this world. He needed to Force to guide him to unlock to the mysteries of this world. It was only a short time before a powerful noise ripped through the skies. The yellow eyes of the Sith Lord opened as wide as they could and he glanced at the skies above. He saw a star ship breaking through the atmosphere and making its way to the surface of this world. Malgus sensed the presence of something or extreme power. The Sith Lord ran in the direction of the ship and saw a clearing up ahead. The Sith Lord watched as the ship landed upon the surface. The doors opened as a cloaked figure crept out of the ship. Malgus ignited his lightsaber as he sensed what the Force had led him to. He circled around the cloaked figure. From underneath the hood of the cloaked figure, a hideous smile formed across the face of the wrinkled face. "You... You are what the Force has led me to." Darth Sidious said as he crept forward. The chanting and the voices of the forrest grew loud as the two Sith Lord stood before one another. Palpatine glanced backed into the forrest, but he too did not see where the voices were coming from. He could sense a power unlike any other dwell upon this world and seeing a Sith from ages past, he knew what he had to do to unlock the mysteries of this new power. "The Force has spoken... It told me that you would be coming... I am the Emperor of the Sith. You will bow to me or die!" Malgus ordered as he pointed his blood red lightsaber at Palpatine. "You are nothing more than a false emperor... I am the Emperor... I AM THE SITH!" Palpatine roared as he lifted up his hands and powerful lightning started to erupt out of him.
  19. Star Wars Doctor Aphra - a new character. she is a criminal archeologist from comics. Like the anti Indiana Jones of the Star Wars universe Triple Zero - or 0-0-0 a protocol droid that is very much the anti C 3PO. Part of Doctor Aphra's crew BT-1 - The anti R2D2 and another part of Aphra's crew Harry Potter Fluffy - Hagrid's 3 headed dog from Sorcerors Stone or Philosophers Stonr The Blacklist Raymond "Red" Reddington - one of the main protagonists or antagonist depending on how you look at it. One of the FBI's most wanted criminals who assists them in capturing criminals Elizabeth Keen - the main protagonist. An FBI profiler
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