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  1. I was actually about to look into adding Fenn Rau myself. I think he is an excellent addition! Im surprised Major Chip Hazard was not already on here
  2. Karate Kid/Cobra Kak Eli Moskowitz "Hawk" - one of the most compelling characters on Cobra Kai. He went from being bullied to becoming the bully Marvel Yon-Rogg - enemy of Captain Mar-Vell. He was also main antagonist in Captain Marvel movie Star Wars Supreme Leader Snoke - leader of the First Order... while the sequel trilogy is just horrible in my honesty opinion, I thought Snoke would be a great addition Captain Phasma - the chrome suited storm trooper Commander Pyre - he is a gold plated armored stormtroopers in resistance. Haven't seen the show myself but felt he would be a fun addition Captain Cardinal - red suit stormtrooper that has appeared in a Phasma novel and I think some comics as well
  3. Fantastic Beast/Harry Potter Gellert Grindelwald - dark wizard and main baddie of the Fantastic Beast franchise Extraction Tyler Rake
  4. I look forward to seeing what you have planned! If it is anything like this one, it'll definitely be an interesting and fun arc! I thought about trying to do Star Wars arc for my last set up but I am going to try use just unused or underused characters for the time being
  5. Here are some clips of the characters using their powers. Now the last clip was a remake episode from the Twilight Zone movie, but felt that it was in the same spirit
  6. Supernatural The Empty - a character that is as old as god and the Darkness on the show.. maybe even just as powerful as those two Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Indoraptor - the raptor hybrid at the end of Fallen Kingdom Karate Kid/Cobra Kai Franchise Johnny Lawrence - the main bully from the first movie who becomes the redeemed protagonist type character in the Cobra Kai series Miguel Diaz - Johnny's first student and best student in his dojo Terry Silver - main antagonist of Karate Kid III and Kreese's old war buddy Chozen - the main antagonist of Karate Kid II that Daniel has to face Mike Barnes - the main person that Daniel has to face in Karate Kid III.
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