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  1. This was very entertaining and fresh! I liked it a lot! Im going with Goku Black on this one. With his power level and the magic involved, I think he will take this. Not with ease, I do believe Bizarro will give him a run for his money
  2. The Accountant Christian Wolff - an accountant with a certain set of skills The Bad Seed Rhoda Penmark - evil little girl Silent Night, Deadly Night Billy Chapman - killer that dresses up like Old Saint Nick The Gallows Charlie Grimmille- evil spirit that haunts a bunch of kids trapped inside of a high school Overlord Captain Wafner- the main antagonist. Nazi SS officer who takes some zombie like super soldier serum Corporal Lewis Ford - battle worn soldier for the USA, who also takes the zombie super soldier serum thing Godzilla/King Kong/Monsterverse MUTO - the main monsters in the Legendary Godzilla movie Skullcrawler - the monster's that Kong battles in Skull Island. I've never said that name out loud before, it sounds stupid now that I say it Star Wars Bendu - the Force entity in Star Wars Rebels Rukh - Thrawn's assassin that causes trouble for the Rebels
  3. I think I agree and I feel like both Anakin and Vader were distinct enough to be their own. I do not think Ben and Kylo were that distinct. I would like to see them develop his character, perhaps through his early years and training. While I do not care for the sequels (that is putting it nicely), Kylo/Ben had the only arc that I thought was decent in my opinion
  4. I have a question. I think ive added duplicate characters over the years and regret that. What about when it comes to a character such as Ben Solo/Kylo Ren from Star Wars? I know that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader are both in the database. So mostly just curious if Ben and Kylo are considered one in the same or different like Anakin and Vader
  5. Thanks Merc! I have a plan for that artifact and what it will do!
  6. This was a great set up and very fun to read! Honest don't know much about either one so I would have do a bit of research
  7. When I put songs by Harley, I did not think about her actually singing in BTAS. I was just trying to think of the most random characters Thanks the feedback! If I do something like this again, I'll try to tone it back a bit on the ads and sports updates; was trying something a little out of the ordinary
  8. Thank you, I don't know Doctor Sleep too well. I haven't read the book, but the movie was entertaining Im a fan of Supernatutal so I know I've added a lot of Superatural characters to the database over the years. Some that are very obscure that I even regret just because they are so obscure. With that said, Ellen was an interesting character so I thought she'd be fun to use in a match
  9. This is a follow up to my other match Cad Bane vs. The Wampa. Still in the Clone Wars time line, but also trying to expand on a story that I have planned out. while also attempting to use some of these unused characters. I know these 2 were just recently added, but there are several Star Wars that haven't seen a match yet, so hopefully I can incorporate them some how.
  10. DEVASTATION After the infamous Bounty Hunters, Cad Bane was hired by Separatist Sith Leader, Count Dooku to infiltrate an ancient Force temple on Hoth, a battle broke out between Bane and a squad of clones! The battle did not last long as Bane retreated within the ancient temple hidden in ice. The remaining troops followed the dangerous bounty hunter into the darkness only to be overcome by one of Hoth's most terrifying creatures. With the clone troop defeated, only Cad Bane and the monstrous Wampa remained! The two deadly opponents engaged in a brutal battle that swept through the frozen cave. Blast after blast, Cad fired upon the brutal beast. The Savage Wampa continued to charge at the skilled Bounty Hunter and knocked him back multiple times. As the battle continued to escalate, both opponents grew tired. Finally, the battle had reached its conclusion as Bane had fired one last fatal shot into the heart of the brutal beast. The Bounty Hunter staggered over the lifeless body of the Wampa. His side was throbbing in pain and he gazed over the defeated creature. A small smile formed across his face as he had single handedly defeated the Wampa. He heard a faint noise from behind and he immediately spun around with his blaster trained on what was approaching him. "Please don't shoot, sir!" Todo yelled as he stopped in his tracks. "Todo..." Bane said as he shook his head and holstered his blaster. "Todo, get the explosives placed... oh and cut off the head of this Wampa." Bane said while pointing at the lifeless Wampa. "Sir, I... oh never mind... You will just make me do it anyway..." Todo said shaking his head. "Sir, why do we need the Wampa head anyway? Are you sentimental?" "I have a feeling a certain dealer on Batuu would pay a good price for the head of this thing!" Bane replied as he started heading into the temple. The Bounty Hunter traveled deeper into the ancient temple as he searched for the relic that Dooku had sent him to retrieve. The deeper he went, the more he had to avoid traps set by those that had come before so many years ago. It was strange; the further that he went, the warmer the temple had become. There was a life within this temple, a power that had flowed through it. Cad Bane had reached his target in the center of a large room. In the center of the room, the ancient powerful relic sat on what appeared to be a stand. Multiple large sculptures surrounded the relic. Bane steadily approached the ancient relic as the room started shifting from all around. After dodging traps in all directions, Bane finally reached the ancient relic known as the Convergence. He reached down and picked the relic off of the stand. The ground started to crack from underneath as Bane used the rockets that were around his ankles to escape the collapsing room. The skilled assassin escaped the temple as deadly traps launched in every direction. He made his way out of the ancient ruins. Standing inside the cave and at the temple's entrance, Bane heard grunting from a voice nearby. He glanced over and saw the Clone Commander that the Wampa had knocked out earlier. The hunter slowly walked over to the Clone's side and knelt next to him. "Garbage? Hmmm that is what you called me, wasn't it?" Bane said with a smile. "Wha... what do you want?" Commander Frost asked as there was still a large amount of pain surging through his body. "Nothing from you." Bane said as he stood up and pointed his blaster down at the Commander. The hunter smiled as he holstered his blaster and started to leave the frozen cave. "Keep your head up, Commander." Walking out of the cave, Bane waved his hand through the air. Todo watched as his master walked out of the cave. With the signal from the movement of his hand, Todo set off the explosives that he had set throughout the cave and at the entrance of the temple. Bane stopped short of his ship and turned back to watch as the ancient cave had completely collapsed upon itself. While inside the cave; with all the destruction that was occurring from all around, Frost ripped off his helmet watching as the flames and ice had engulfed him. Cad Bane had successfully retrieved the ancient force relic as well as the head of a Wampa. He sent a transmission to the Seperartist Leader, Count Dooku of his success. Bane sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. He was set to meet with Dooku on Serreno. Before his arrival to Serreno, Bane set his sights on the Black Spires once again on Batuu. He was going to bring the head of the Wampa to Dok-Ondar and see if Dok-Ondar was willing to pay for the monster's head. "One is never afraid of the known, one is afraid of the unknown coming to an end..." Batuu - Black Spire's Outpost Cad Bane made his way through the crowds. The different smells of ronto wraps and foods had filled the air from all around. Walking past Republic troopers, Bane hid his head from underneath his infamous hat as he stepped foot into Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities. The deadly Bounty hunter stood before the Ithorian. He placed the crate with the Wampa head on a table before the famous collector. Dok-Ondar looked down upon the Wampa and then over at his wall. The Ithorian collector nodded his head and offered a fair amount of credits. Cad Bane smiled as he accepted Dok-Ondar's proposal. As the credits were transferred to the infamous Bounty Hunter, he gave one final glance back at the head of the Wampa. The Bounty Hunter disappeared into the crowd as he started heading back to his ship. His priority now was to deliver the relic to Dooku and collect on for that job. The thought did cross his mind as to what this relic was and why Dooku desired it, but that is not his code. He does not ask questions; he just does his job by any means necessary. Serreno "Excellent work, Cad Bane! The credits are being transferred to you as we speak... You may go." Count Dooku said as he looked down upon the ancient relic of the force. Cad Bane smiled as he turned around to leave. The Sith turned and watched as the Bounty Hunter was heading to his ship. The Force poured from the relic as the Sith Lord turned his attention to the ancient markings. The relic appeared to be a multi shaped puzzle. The language was old, but Dooku was patient enough to find a way to have it transcribed. He waved his hand over the relic and he watched as the relic started shifting. A sharp pain sliced open Dooku's hand as blood dripped upon the relic. Dooku stood back as the relic continued to shift and a cloud of blackness rose from the Convergence. Dooku stood in awe as to what had just happened but then everything went calm. The relic went motionless and Dooku glanced down at his hand. The cut on his hand was gone. It was as if nothing had happened. Silence filled the entire room as Dooku looked over the relic once again. The silence broke as a protocol droid approached the Sith Lord. "Lord Dooku, a transmission is incoming." Dooku sauntered into the next room and saw the hologram of his Master before him. Dooku dropped to his knee and bowed before the Sith Master. "What is thy bidding, my Master?" Dooku asked. "There has been an attack on Hoth... what is the meaning of this?" Darth Sidious asked as he glared at his apprentice from underneath his cloak. "I thought there was an opportunity on Hoth but I was mistaken, my master." Dooku responded as he glanced up at Sidious. Suddenly, Dooku felt pressure on his throat as he started choking. "It would be unwise to keep things from your Master." Sidious said with a sinister voice as he watched Dooku fall to his hands in pain. "I am not keeping anything from you, Master Sidious!" Dooku pleaded as the pressure stopped. "Hoth would have been an excellent strategic position but it is simply a frozen wasteland." "Good... I need you to come to Coruscant again. The final preparations for this war need to be taken." Sidious ordered. "As you wish, Master." Dooku replied as the transmission cut out. He ordered for his personal droids to hide the relic in his most secure safe. While preparing to leave Serreno, an excitement grew within Dooku as he wanted to see what secrets this ancient relic of the Force held. He wanted to take control of the power that it contained. Before he departed, he knew that the incident on Hoth would lead to the Jedi wanting answers. A plan formed in his mind as he got into his ship. "The Jedi need a distraction. They need to believe that this was not my actions but some random gang or pirate." The Sith lord thought as he commanded his droid to send a transmission to a pirate captain named Yutoph Jelik near the planet of Twon Ketee. After several attempts the pirate captain finally answered the transmission. "Count Dooku? What is so urgent that you would want to speak with someone like me?" The Pirate Captain asked he bit down on something that the Sith lord could not make out. "I am in need of your services." Dooku replied as he looked over the pirate in disgust. "My services? Hmmm… Don't ya have an army of droids at your disposal? Besides I don't do anything for the Republic or the Separatist!" The pirate responded as he shook his head. "I will make it well worth your while." Dooku said as he glared at the pirate captain. "What kind of job?" Jelik asked as he reconsidered the offer. "There is an asteroid belt close to the planet Hoth. On one of the asteroids contains a Republic outpost. Outpost E3 - The Republic uses it for transport and storage. I am aware of your business with live animal transport. I need you to simply drop off one of your special live cargo shipments on that outpost." Dooku responded. "Hmmm that's not going to be cheap... not cheap at all, considering what cargo that i mainly deal with... most of my other clients pay good money for these nasties." Jelik said with a crooked smile. "As I mentioned, I will make it well worth your while." Dooku replied. Jelik looked down for a moment as a million thoughts crossed his mind. That same crooked smile formed back across his face as he looked back up at the Sith lord. "I'll get it done, but 50 million credits up front and then 50 million when it is done." "Good. I will have that transferred to you shortly. Make no mistake; if you should fail, there is not a rock that you could crawl behind that will keep me from finding you." Dooku warned as the transmission cut out. Soon after the transmission cut, Jelik was approached by one of his crew. The alien creature stood before Jelik with a drink in hand. The crew member took a drink and looked at both Jelik and where the transmission from Dooku had been. "So bosssss? What'ddddd we going to doooooo?" The creature asked as he let out a sliver. "Exactly what the ol' Count wanted!" Jelik replied as he started walking with his crew mate through the ship's hall. "But bosssss, the cargooooooo is precioussss. It took monthssssss to acquire the assetsssssss!" The crew mate replied. "And you're right, Drilissk. These things... these Rathtars are not an easy business. You and me... we've done this for a long while now and it is about time the rest of the galaxy sees…" Jelik said as he approached one of cargo holds. "Seesssssss what bossssssss?" Drilissk asked as he glanced into the cargo hold. Both the captain and his crew mate watched the tentacles of a Rathtar slam against the barrier. A smile formed across the face of the captain. "Just how dangerous these nasties are. Once they see, I am sure our price in capturing these things will grow! Even those Hutts would pay a high price for these things!" Jelik said as he turned to his crew mate. "Set the coordinates! That republic outpost is about to have a nasty surprise!" The pirate ship jumped into light speed as it headed for Outpost E3 near the Hoth system. Drilissk prepared for the Rathtar to be dropped on the unsuspecting Republic Outpost. Jelik ignored all the calls from the Republic as they were questioning his reasons for being in the area. The enormous cargo container with the dangerous beast fell upon the Outpost. Jelik made sure that the cargo container made it safely onto the asteroid as he set his ship for lightspeed. A crooked smile formed across his face, after leaving the system without being tracked by the Republic. Courscant Jedi High Temple... The High Council sat around facing each as they discussed the recent developments in the Clone Wars. Many Masters were not present as they were either in battles or preparing for a battle with the Separatist army. In the High Council Chamber; Grand Master Yoda sat before Mace Windu, Ki Adi Mundi, Master Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tinn. As they discussed the recent developments and strategies for the coming times; Windu came forth with news about a recent attack on Hoth. The Jedi Masters listened to Windu. It did not appear to be a major attack, but a squad of clones were killed. There was a massive explosion but no trace as to what had occurred. "Could it have been an attack from the Separatist?" Ki Adi Mundi asked as he looked over the map of the area that was destroyed. "I am not sure." Mace responded as he changed the schematics to a Republic Outpost in a surrounded asteroid belt. "Shortly after what occurred on Hoth, we received a distress signal from Outpost E3, but we have lost all communication with them since then." "Clouded is the dark side... Answers we must find." Yoda said as he gazed upon the Jedi Masters. "There are no Jedi in that system, but it is important to answer the distress call." Plo Koon said as he leaned forward. "There is a squad that just finished a mission that is not far from there." "What is the squad, Master Koon?" Agen Kolar asked as he looked over at Plo Koon. "Clone Force 99!" Plo Koon responded. "Clone Force 99? The Bad Batch? Surely, you cannot be serious?" Ki Adi Mundi asked as confusion swept over his face. "Granted they produce results, but they are more a special operation for extreme situations." "This possibly is an extreme assignment. That Outpost has sent a distress signal. They may need help." Plo Koon responded. "They are the closest squad to that Outlost." Kit Fisto said looking over at Master Mundi. "That settles it... Send word to Clone Force 99. They will check it out and report back to us with their findings." Mace said as he leaned back in his seat. A sigh came out of Grand Master Yoda as he felt there was something more happening, but dark side of this war clouded everything.... On a now deserted moon... Smoke and flames filled the air, as a small squad of clones watched the burning of what was supposed to be the construction of a new Separatist droid factory. The pieces of fallen battle droids and super battle droids covered the grounds from all around. Clone Force 99 watched as the factory had burned to the ground. Wrecker reached onto the ground and picked up the head of one of the battle droids. He mocked and laughed while throwing the clanker's head into the fire. Tech tried to salvage what information he could from the Separatist systems, but there was not much left to get any information from. As the Bad Batch wondered around in their most recent victory, their sergeant Hunter was receiving an incoming transmission. The hologram of Master Windu appeared before him. "Clone Force 99, we have a new assignment for you. There is a Republic Outpost not far from you that has gone dark. Outpost E3 is location. We received a distress call and then everything went dark. We haven’t received communication since and are attempts at contacting them are unsuccessful. There was an attack on Hoth recently. We are unsure if it is connected, but this needs to be investigated!" Mace commanded. "We are on it, sir." Hunter said as the transmission cut out. "Saving a bunch of Regs, who probably had a malfunction of some kind." Crosshair said under his breath. "We have our orders. Worst case scenario is that there is nothing there." Hunter said as he put in his helmet. "AW! I HOPE THERE ARE CLANKERS ALL AROUND THAT POST! I WANT TO TEAR 'EM UP!" Wrecker roared with a hysterical laugh. "The readings on that outpost show that it is just a simple supply outpost. There is really nothing there that the Separatist should be targeting." Tech said while looking over the schematics of Outpost E3. "Get the ship loaded up! We got a job to do!" Hunter ordered as he signaled for the Bad Batch to follow behind him. Outpost E3 The Bad Batch flew around the asteroid outpost. Tech had his eyes glued to the screens as he was trying to see what could possibly be in there. The Outpost seemed quiet. If only they knew what horrors had occurred there. "The readings are not picking up any Clankers." Tech said as he continued to look over the screens. "AW! DARN IT! I WAS WANTING TO DESTROY ME SOME CLANKERS!" Wrecker said with a look of disappointment. "Quiet Wrecker!" Hunter said as he looked over at Tech. "Any Regs down there?" "The scan of the Outpost does not show anything. It shows one form of life though... it is not clone, but I just.... I cannot make out what it is..." Tech responded. Crosshair stood quietly as he leaned against the wall. Hunter walked over to pick up his helmet. He looked back at his men, "Get ready! Watch each other’s back!" Hunter ordered as he put on his helmet. The rest of the Bad Batch followed suit and got their equipment ready. The ship landed on the Outpost. The ship's door opened, and the Bad Batch scattered out onto the flight deck. It was quiet... From all around, there were pieces of armor that were scattered throughout. Blood covered helmets and the pieces of Republic equipment all over the area. "Something slaughtered these Regs." Crosshair said softly as the Bad Batch were making their way closer to the main station. As they moved closer, they heard a terrifying roar from within the Outpost... The Bad Batch proceeded forward as they were about to face the unknown... ********** The Bad Batch had the weapons that they had in the show This is one fully grown Rathtar The battleground is a supply outpost on an asteroid in which the Rathtar took out all the clones that were stationed there.
  11. For Phantasm's story in this one, I definitely took a lot of inspiration from the movie. That one is either one of my favorite DCAU or close second to Sub Zero. I did the same for Harley, but I took some elements from other sources for her as well.
  12. While it is my current goal to use unused or underused characters that we have in the database; i thought this would be a fun idea and so I decided to run with it Hope yall enjoy
  13. "Welcome to Multi-Galactic Entertainment Sports Programing Network or MGESPN where we bring you sports from all planets, all the time! Stay tuned later for our main event in a karate competition like none other. On one corner, a legend in the karate community! Medal of Honor recipient, hero, sensei, and friend. Let's put our hands to get for Kesuke Miyagi as some of you know him, Mr. Miyagi. Now on the other corner, a legend that needs no introduction... the Texas Ranger, the man that has a fist under his beard, and that death is too afraid of coming near... put your hands together for Chuck Norris! Now tune in later as this fight unfolds for a match of the century. And now a word from our sponsor...." ******* Ever get bored with the same old burgers and fries. Ever wonder if there is anything more than tacos out there. Ever get tired basic foot long sub sandwich. WELL COME TO BURRITO-DOME!!!! THE NEW NAME IN A FOOD EATING EXPERIENCE! OUR MENU HAS EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!!! TRY OUR INFINITE BURRITO! BURGER, PIZZA, FRIES, JALEPANOS, RICE, STEAK, CHICKEN, QUESO, GUACAMOLE, SHRIMP, BACON, EGGS, BEANS, TOMATOES, CARNE ASADA, CHORIZO, DORITOS, MEATBALLS, RAMEN NOODLES AND LAYERED WITH CHEESE!!!! THIS BURRITO HAS EVERYTHING! AND WE MEAN EVERYTHING! DON'T BE AFRAID TO FINISH THIS BEAST OFF WITH OUR 52 OUNCE MEGA SMASHER SODAS! YOU WILL DEFINITELY NEED AN UPPER DECK WITH THIS COMBO! SO STOP BY TODAY! ******* "Wow an Infinity Burrito at Burrito-Dome... As they are a sponsor, I am obligated to share that is a great deal, but as a human being.... Well that sounds like instant death waiting to happen. Later on, we are going to interview both Mr. Miyagi and Chuck Norris before this legendary bout but before we get to that. Let's look at a race that will sure excite many who are waiting to see it! In this race; we have The Flash, Quicksilver, Dash, Zoom, A Train, and the Road Runner! Oh what an exciting time to tune in as we watch these contestants compete for speed. Let's hope none of them alter time! We are all looking at you, Barry! And they're o.... well as quickly as it started, it has already ended! It looks like our time line is still intact... mostly... Using our slow motion cameras brought to us by Stark Industries; it does appear that Flash has won this race! While he may have won this race; I would say that we were all entertained! I have not seen a race quite like this since Speed Racer, Ricky Bobby, Dominic Torreto, those Duke boys from Hazard, Herbie, Christine, Cole Trickle, and KITT competed at the Titan Speedway! I think they are still cleaning up motor oil from that one, maybe some parts too! And now we will be back in a few moments with Mr. Miyagi and Chuck Norris... In the meantime, we will have a short commercial break... ******* "It is that time of year again and Christmas is fast approaching. How about instead of getting your loved one's a brand new car or even the newest gaming system; you get them something they will cherish for the rest of their lives?! From Skywalker Pods, here is the Pod Racer 9000! Oh Vegeta would be so proud as this has a power level of over 9000! RACE YOUR FRIENDS! RACE YOUR FAMILY! RACE TO THE SUPER MARKET TO GET THE LAST HOLIDAY FRUIT CAKE! WITH THE POD RACER 9000, YOU WILL MAKE SLOW LIFE, FAST LIFE! Limited time offer so call the number on the screen below! ****note Skywalker Pods is not responsible or liable for any crashes, unsafe maneuvers, or accidents that lead to death, disfigurement, decapitation, injury, disembodiment, or any other serious conditions while using this Pod. The Pod Racer 9000 cannot be ingested and should not be challenged to do so.**** ******** "And we're back! Standing with me is Mr. Miyagi himself, Kesuke Miyagi. Mr. Miyagi, I have to ask; what are your thoughts on tonight's big fight?" "No thoughts. Fighting is fighting. No honor in fighting." Miyagi said with a stern look on his face. "That is an interesting point as we have recently learned that you are fighting for the prize money. Money that, well is our understanding, you want to use towards treatment for a Daniel Larusso's mother! Isn't that right?" "Yes, money will help Daniel-San’s mother." Mr. Miyagi responded with the same stern look on his face. "Interesting! Well audience, if you remember; Daniel Larusso is Mr. Miyagi's first student that fought in the All Valley Karate tournament and won it back to back! The first time with a crane kick to former All Valley Karate Champion, Johnny Lawrence's face! A kick that I may add is still debated to this day!" "No debate. Daniel-San won." Mr. Miyagi said with yet again the same stern look. "Okay! Okay, Mr. Miyagi! You heard it from the legend himself. Tonight he fights for the health of his student's mother! What an honorable cause and an honorable legend!" "No honor in fight. Only fight when needed. Daniel-San's mother need me to fight." Mr. Miyagi said. "Wow! Truly inspiring! Momentarily we will be meeting up with Chuck Norris but before we get to that. Let's take a look at something that has not happened in over a decade. We have a sudden death round in the Dodgeball competition that has not been seen since Average Joe's and Global Gym in Las Vegas! We sure have come a long way since then! Tonight, is a match up like none other between the Pun's Nuns and the Lightning Strikes! I will switch it over to Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks as they spectate this round!" ********* "Thanks! And as it was said, we have not seen a sudden-death round since Peter Lafleur of the Average Joe's eliminated White Goodman of Globo Gym in a stunning upset! What a night that was?" Cotton said as he looked upon the two contestants. "YEAH COTTON! That night had a sudden death round." Pepper responded as he also looked upon the two contestants. Cotton glanced over at Pepper with a confused look. "And here we go, the captain for the Pun's Nun's... a Miss Valek has gone back to throw the ball but.... OH SHE MISS COMPLETELY! LIGHTNING STRIKE'S CAPTAIN, WALLY HAS THROWN THE BALL! OH MY GOODNESS! RIGHT IN VALEK'S FACE!" Cotton exclaimed as he watched the Dodgeball Championship end with the Sudden Death elimination of the Pun's Nuns "Yeah Cotton, it looks like the Nuns lost this round!" Pepper said as he glanced over at Cotton. "And with that, it appears Lightning has struck twice. The Nuns may need to do a little more dodging and a little less praying." Cotton said sarcastically. "She did not dodge that one, Cotton." Pepper said. "Back to you at MGESPN!" Cotton said as he looked blankly at Pepper. ********** "Thanks Cotton! And that is the end of the Dodgeball Champion! What an event?! Lightning Strikes is the Galactic Dodgeball Champion! Now, here I am with Chuck Norris. Mr. Norris, how do believe this match will go?" "I do not believe in underestimating an opponent. I believe Mr. Miyagi is a great fighter and I have the upmost respect for him. I do believe that I will overcome and defeat him tonight." Chuck said with a smile. "Wow! Do those Chuck Norris facts ever get to your head?" "Those facts are fun and all, but they do not truly describe me!" Chuck Norris humbly said. "What do you plan on doing if you win tonight?" "I am going to donate half to the children's hospital and the other half to the Texas Rangers!" Chuck Norris replied. "There you have it! Both of these great legends are great men in life! Now stay tuned as the fight is about to begin! We will be back with you after our commercial break! ********* Next summer! From the studio that brought You FROZEN WRECK IT RALPH MOANA AND SO MANY MORE... Comes a new Disney Masterpiece! Watch as a young Yautja breaks away from tradition and culture to become the galaxy's greatest country singer, as he journeys across the galaxy! Along the way, the young Yautja forms an unlikely friendship with a xenomorph and together they learn what it means to make their own destiny! Featuring new original songs by: HARLEY QUINN ROBOCOP BROLY AND PETER B. PARKER Disney's Predator RATED: G ************ "Now the moment that you all have been waiting for; and here with me is former Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager of Scranton, MICHAEL SCOTT!" "SETTLE DOWN! SETTLE DOWN, LADIES AND GERMS!" Michael yelled as he sat down. "I think there are literal crickets in the audience tonight, Mr. Scott. No applause was given! I kid! kid! Well it looks like the Judge, for tonight, Dwight Schrute, is going over the rules with the contestants now." "Funny! We never had rules where I grew up. We didn't have rules on those street; except no kicks to the groins and be home by dinner!" Michael said smiling. "How do you think you'd fare against Mr. Miyagi or Chuck Norris, Mr. Scott?" "Oh I'd beat them! Easily! I've beaten a lot of black belts and I beat Dwight down there in a fight. I kicked his ass in fact!" Michael said with an even larger smile. "Woah woah woah, Mr. Scott! Watch your language! Kids watch this channel! But funny that you mention your fight with Dwight. We also have a clip of you getting slapped in the face by your receptionist and crying like a baby afterwards!" "I WASN'T CRYING! I have really bad allergies and the sun was in my eyes! She wasn’t even the receptionist; she was a salesperson! And..... I actually liked it by the way!" Michael responded with a now stern look. "Okay! Whatever you say, Mr. Scott! Let's go down to Dwight now!" ******* "LISTEN! I am very tough and I am very fair! One wrong move and I will personally get you off of this mat! No identity theft, no cheating, no cheap shots, no office equipment in jello! None of that!" Dwight declared as her looked at both Mr. Miyagi and Chuck Norris. Both opponents nodded at Dwight and bowed to him. Both Mr. Miyagi and Chuck Norris bowed to one another! "FIGHT!" Dwight roared
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