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  1. Great job, Rakai! Sure hope this is not the end of the arc! Sorry haven't been able to comment on the last several ones, but I have tried reading through them as well as rating/voting If this is the final one, I'd definitely want to see what you do next My vote is with Raph... not only is he incredibly skilled and strong,i feel like he will be carrying a lot of rage from seeing his brothers lose. Kind of all on the line type of battle for him
  2. Awesome set up, Rakai! Definitely love the recap and the emotion! You definitely seem to know the characters and have a massive respect for them! The fight recaps are extraordinary! I know that I probably am one of the ones that only know these characters from the cartoons and movies, but I feel like I truly get a sense of what the Mirage versions are like through your epic set ups!
  3. Awesome set up and definitely an interesting idea!it was very fun read and I enjoyed the use of the characters
  4. It could go either way. In leading people, I feel Rick has the advantage here as he has shown that he is a capable leader. He has had to lead survivors for however many years in a zombie apocalypse, and has had to lead survivors in wars against other groups of survivors. While I would say Graboids have more intelligence than hordes of brain eating zombies, Rick definitely has an advantage when it comes to be a leader of random people With facing a large inhuman threat, i will give that edge to Ripley. In the first movie, she survived basically because of luck as pey pointed out. She survi
  5. I believe Laurie should have an advantage here. I know the Halloween franchise is all over the place, but even before she became the bad ass character that she was in the latest movie, she relied on silence to survive Michael. Cindy always seemed kind of goofy, but that is also do to the movies that she was in. I feel like Cindy would do something goofy and make a lot of noise by accident. Then get herself killed by the dark angels.
  6. I know this would not apply in a life raft, but Claire was able to outrun a t-rex in high heels! Just kidding I dont know. I feel it could go either way, but with Claire in the Fallen Kingdom movie, she does seem to at least have more experience with animals and creatures than Sydney
  7. It'd be interesting to see. Maul definitely has skills when it comes to lightsaber combat, and he has shown to be a very capable adversary without his ligthsaber as shown in the last few episodes of Clone Wars. With that said; as stated,Guts is faster and stronger so that could also play a factor in this. Maul has shown to get cocky and overconfident which could prove to be a disadvantage in this and allow Guts an opportunity to defeat the Sith assassin
  8. Oh cool! I like these movies and I think I added both these characters! I feel like Spartan would eventually see how corrupt Cohagen is and team up with Quaid to take him down. Almost like in Demolition Man when he found out that Edgar Friendly was not a bad guy, just a guy trying to get something to eat But if this was a fight, I don't know. I feel like in feats; Quaid took on a lot of beaucratic thugs. Its been a while since I've seen it. It seemed like the only real opponents that he faced were Richter and Lori. At the same time, he also seemed almost unstoppable Spartan face
  9. Thanks Pizzaguy! I'd probably agree as far as Wendigos being a little more well known and shown throughout different forms of media. I listen to different YouTubers that tell scary stories and stuff. Some of them have stories on the skinwalkers, so I thought they would make for an interesting match up. I may get around to writing it one day
  10. Yeah hopefully I'll get the motivation to write set ups. I have ideas for some of these rare characters and even rare characters with well knowns Right now, I'm more burnt out and don't have the drive to make these ideas into set ups
  11. Actually, in the set up that I had envisioned; the protagonist would have been of Native American descent. It would have started with a massive storm in the mid west and he goes outside while his family is taking shelter. Outside he comes face to face with the skinwalker but is rescued by his grandparents who manage to ward it off. He would have been traumatized by the experience ever since
  12. I'd have to donsome research. I know TMNT but don't know much of Mirage comics versions of them and know next to nothing of the King of Fighters With what I know, I'd lean towards Mickey because of his natural abilities and the skills that he's developed
  13. Outstanding set up! Glad to see you back, Rakai!
  14. I was going to do a rated match but I am kind of burnt out and don't have much motivation right now to write a story What the set up would have involved would be a young man, young freshmen in college. He had an encounter with a skinwalker when he was a child. The experience haunted him ever since, and when he went to college. He went with some friends to a cabin in the mountains. The skinwalker would have resurfaced, but at the same time there is a wendigo that is stalking the college kids So it would have centered on a battle between the nightmarish creatures
  15. There was the Terminator Salvation John Connor played by Christian Bale. He was more of a soldier in that one. Its been a while since I have seen it and it wasn't exactly a good film but he did come across as a decent soldier and leader. With that said, I'll probably agree that Mike seems to be a better choice in this match. They have made so many different Terminator movies and all have inconsistent versions of John Connor, Mike was able to take on a young Yautja and earned the clans respect
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