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  1. Also as far as equipment goes, Dutch - Has a long knife blade, a couple crate fulls of pulse rifles, and grenades. He is also completely covered in mud after his battle with the mercenary team. He is also waited for nightfall, mainly because he is setting up traps and preparing for battle. Falconer - is armed with wrist blades on both of his arms and a spear.
  2. As always sorry for any gramatical and spelling errors. I hope you all enjoy. As for a summary, I have recently played the game Aliens Colonial Marines and while it may not be the greatest game, it gave me inspiration for this and maybe even others. As for this story, this takes place in the 90's before Predator 2. Dutch escape from the asylum but is capture by a private mercenary team that is owned by the Yutani Corporation. Ms. Yutani learns that Dutch is suffering from radiation poisoning and puts him in one of the early cryogenic sleep machines so maybe one day they can cure him and he could be of use. Well eventually with time and mergers and all that, he is forgotten until the war between the Colonial Marines the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is declared. Michael Weyland finds Dutch asleep, cures him, and wakes him up in hopes that he will provide information that may help him become victorious in this war. Dutch doesn't exactly want to help him and after another escape attempt, the ship he is only carrying him across planets is forced to land on a very small Earth like planet used by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation for research and drilling. After taking out the rest of Weyland's mercenaries, Dutch discovers that a dishonorable Predator is on the planet killing researchers. So he decides it's time to face his past.
  3. Every day after the incident in Val Verde was just a nightmare. The memories continued to haunt the very skilled and very dangerous Major but it was not the memories of the Hunter that stayed with him. It was the memories of seeing his men; his friends die by the hands of the Beast. For so long, it seemed like he was asked time and time again about these Hunters but it never made anything better. His friends were still gone and he was the only one left from his team. After several breakdowns, Alan Schaefer has found his way into a hospital. It seemed like he was constantly being questioned by several different people from people in the government to private contractors. In his mind, none of these people mattered, they were just trying to find answers to something they would never be able to control. After a couple of years of being locked away in this asylum, the skilled warrior could not take it any longer. He could not rot away and be questioned by these idiots any longer. The former special-ops Major broke free of this place and escaped out into the world that he had left behind years ago. He heard the sirens echoing in the air but he did not pay too much attention to them. He was free but he was not going to pursue some apple pie life. Dutch was going to pursue something far more dangerous than anything he could ever imagine; he was going to hunt down more of these Hunters. He was going to find answers in his own way. His journey for answers did not lead far, as he was surrounded by a team. After successfully taking out several members of this unknown team, Dutch was shot with a tranquilizer and taken by this team. He heard the same he had so many times before but this time, these people tortured him in ways that would be excruciating to a normal man, but Dutch was something else entirely. During his time in Vietnam, he learned to ignore pain; after the interrogators were done with their pointless torture, a woman into the room to confront the former Major. This woman, Ms. Yutani stood before Dutch. She glanced over him as she tried to find some kind of weakness on the highly trained soldier. Finally, she circled around him and she started to laugh. “Major Alan Schaefer, you are truly a gifted soldier but there are always unfortunate events in life.†Ms. Yutani said as she continued to give off a sadistic laugh. “What do you mean, you sadistic bitch?†Dutch asked as he tried to find a way out. “My doctors have found that you are suffering from radiation poisoning and you don’t have much longer to live. Well as you know we don’t have any treatments for you and you definitely aren’t giving us any answers.†Ms. Yutani replied. “What are you trying say?†Dutch asked as he struggled to break loose. “The Yutani Corporation is constantly searching for answers, whether it is extraterrestrial or something as simple as cryogenically freezing someone in order to preserve them. You should honored, Major… Huh, you will be our first test subject. At least until we find a way to treat radiation poisoning and maybe then you will be ready to give us some answers as to what it was that took out your precious team.†Ms. Yutani said as she started walking out of the room. “Go to hell!†Dutch yelled as she disappeared out of the room. After that he could only remember fragments of what happened next. He was led into a large dark room by several of these armed guards. He remembered breaking free and knocking out several of these people but it was just a moment of time until they overtook the great soldier. Finally, the last thing he could remember was lying inside a large machine. He felt a chilling force go down spine as darkness came over him. Major Alan “Dutch†Schaefer now fell into a deep sleep that no one in his time would ever experience; only time would tell when the great soldier saw the light of day once again. ***** Since that day, many things happened that changed the world. While the heroic soldier would never see these events, one day he would awake and see how these events changed everything. As he slept in this cryogenic sleep, the Earth saw the battle between Hunters and Serpents. While the world was kept in the dark about these horrific events, there were some that tried to harness the power of these two deadly species. As years became decades and the decades turned to a century, the world changed in ways that Dutch could never have foreseen. The nightmares that the world faced in the past will become plague in the future. The very corporation that put the Major in this sleep will become part of something much bigger and much worse. In this future, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation will seek out this plague and try to harness its power for a future much darker than anyone could ever imagine. The Earth saw something happen throughout the planet and even the stars. The world saw the United States Colonial Marines declare war on the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Another ghost of the past came back to fight alongside his fellow Colonial Marines in this war that would sweep all throughout the stars. As the Earth stayed in the dark what happened to cause this war, it would soon witness another ghost of the past. A skilled soldier long forgotten in time, who has seen the many tragedies of war. ***** After making their way through old Yutani facility, Michael Weyland stood behind his private mercenaries as they raided the facility. He could feel the cold mountain air as he sauntered through the facility. Usually, he didn’t about search through the Company’s history but ever since the U.S.C.M. declared war on them, he needed whatever resources he could find. The only things he could really think about were the creatures and what he could do to harness that power. He thought about those final moments of Ellen Ripley and how he had lost such a valuable asset when she destroyed the Queen within her. He then thought about Corporal Dwayne Hicks and regretted not killing him when he had the chance. Now there was a war had his doorstep and he had to find a way to win at all costs. As his men finished up searching through the facility, something long forgotten was discovered in what appeared to be early designs of a cryogenic chamber. Michael Weyland walked slowly through the door as he saw a couple different machines. There was only one that seemed to be in use and it contained a man who had not been awake for nearly two centuries. Michael looked over documents that were as old as this man. As he finished reading through these files, he looked up with a smile on his face. “It looks like we have a way to win this war.†Weyland said as he started to prepare to awaken the forgotten soldier. Days Later… Major Alan Schaefer looked all across the room as he tried to find out where he was. He felt his hands handcuffed behind and felt a cold breeze in the air. Finally, he saw a door open across the room but this was no door he had ever seen before. These were some kind of advanced mechanical doors. He then saw man walk into the room and stand before him. This man had a smile on his face that Dutch had seen a hundred times before. This man was full of darkness and corruption. Finally, Dutch was able to break the silence within the room. “Where the hell am I?†Dutch asked as he leaned back in the chair. “You, Major Alan Schaefer or Dutch if you prefer, are traveling in my ship.†The man replied. “Ship?†Dutch asked as he looked around the room. “Yes… I guess you were not awake through the whole process but you have been asleep for nearly 184 years.†The man replied as he circled around the room. “What?†Dutch said in complete disbelief. “I’m sorry; you are going to have to forgive my Company the Yutani Corporation for putting you under and completely forgetting about you. You were just a memory of the past but now you may be an answer to our future.†The man replied. “What the hell are you talking about?†Dutch asked as he tried to wrap his head around this idea. “You experienced something long ago and right now, that is something that we need to understand. Think of it this way, it can be a way of repaying your debt to us; not only from waking you up from your precious little nap but also curing you of that poisoning you received.†The man replied with a sickening smile. “I have nothing to say.†Dutch said as he leaned back in his chair, knowing that this man wanted the weapons of the Hunter that took out his team all those years ago. “Well then I guess I will have to strongly encourage you to answer my questions.†The man said with a smile as he started to head out of the room. Several days had passed since that meeting and since that meeting, Dutch had encountered sadistic mercenaries. They tortured him in ways that he never experienced but Dutch learned something these people could never truly understand. When he fought in Vietnam, he learned how to ignore pain and he learned how to embrace it. The days seemed slower but Alan Schaefer studied these mercenaries. After a few days of being on this ship, the former Special Forces Major heard the mercenaries talk about their benefactor preparing leave the ship. He heard a noise echo throughout the entire craft as a smaller ship dispatched from the larger crafter. After many days of trapped on this ship, Major Alan Schaefer found his opportunity to break free. After killing three of these soldiers with his hands, Dutch found a way into the main hallway. He heard sirens sounding off in all directions and heard the faint sound of people coming his way. Dutch reached down to pick a rifle off the floor; while it may not have been of his time, he knew how to use. He knew how to kill with this weapon. He turned around and took out as many men as he could until running for a safer location. It’s been since he had been in a fight but it was nothing he that could not do. He fought his way through several of these Weyland-Yutani Corporation mercenaries but during his battle with them, something was damaged. He heard several sirens going off and he saw several lights flashing. He heard a voice over the intercom saying, “Engine damaged. Emergency landing on nearest safe planet.†As Dutch heard these words, he gripped the rifle even tighter and went down to take a knife from one of the fallen soldiers. He ran into one of the nearest rooms and prepared himself for what was going to come next…. After an hour and a half of waiting, the ship had landed on the nearest planet. Dutch found his way to outside and glanced in all directions. This planet was a jungle like planet but as he looked in the sky, it looked as if he saw planets in the sunny sky. The experienced warrior ran into the forest as he heard the sound of remaining mercenaries behind him. As he hid within the trees, he watched as the survivors of the Weyland-Yutani ship came out and secured the area. He counted only six more of these mercenaries left and he saw what appeared to be there leader. He was bigger and more muscled up than the others. His face was covered with tattoos and scars. His heard was completely bad and he answered to the name of Trett. Dutch heard the men saying that there was a research and drilling station not too far from the ship. Dutch knew he had to pick all of these men off before they could get to that facility. He waited for them to saunter into the jungle. He waited for them to enter into his territory. One by one they fell until it was just Dutch and Trett. He knew there was something different about this mercenary; he had experience and skills that the others could never truly understand. After the two warriors hunted each throughout the forest, it finally came to pass. The two men came face to face alongside the top of a waterfall. A smile formed over Trett’s scarred face as he pulled out a large blade and Dutch quickly pulled out the blade he took from that fallen soldier while he was on board the ship. Both men circled around each other as they prepared to fight. “So you’re the soldier of the past. The great warrior that is the answer to all our *vulgarity*ing problems.†Trett said with that same sick smile. “If you turn around and leave, I will let you live.†Dutch replied as his grip on the knife tightened. “Huh… What makes you think that a damn dinosaur like you will kill something like me?†Trett asked. “Let me show you.†Dutch replied. The two men charged towards each other with all their fury. After several attacks and dodging the end of the blades, both men fell off the top of the waterfall and fell into the river below. Dutch crawled up to the swamp mudding bank to the side of the river. He pulled himself out of the water and fell the cold mud covering his body. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him and quickly spun around as he saw Trett climbing out of the water with his blade in his hand. Dutch quickly reached for whatever he could find and stood up. He and Trett fought once again but this time Dutch found his opportunity. He snapped Trett’s arm and kicked in the back of his leg. Trett fell to his knees as Dutch stood over him. Dutch knocked him back to the ground and reach down to pick up his knife. The Mercenary Leader tried to attack once again but it was no use. Dutch impaled Trett through the chest. The Mercenary Leader fell back onto the ground mudding ground below. He could taste the blood in his mouth and fell his body growing weaker. “You did it...†Trett said as he coughed up some blood. “You killed me.†Dutch watched as Trett passed away and lowered his head as he thought about all the men he killed during his escaped. He fell to his knees and lay down in the mud. After hearing crying sound through the trees, Dutch rolled over and took the blade out of Trett’s chest. He looked through the trees and saw the very thing that haunted his mind for so many years. While this creature was different in many ways, he had no doubt it was of the same species but this one was different. Major Schaefer knew he if he ran out, he would be killed fairly quickly. He watched as this monster stood over some helpless woman. He watched as this wretched creature dishonorably murdered this innocent woman. Dutch closed his eyes and felt an anger rush throughout his entire body. He watched as the Predator disappeared into the trees and that is when Dutch made his move. He stealthily walked over toward this facility and saw the Weyland-Yutani symbol on the side of it. He felt something bigger was going on but he didn’t really care. He wanted to kill this Nightmare. He slowly walked inside the facility and saw metal crates that were wide open. He walked over toward them and saw stock piles of weapons inside each one of them. He glanced in all directions and saw splatters of blood all over the place. He saw body parts all over ground and saw what looked like a high tech drilling device in the center of the facility. The mud covered soldier started thinking about what he had to do in order to defeat the Beast. He gripped Trett’s blade tightly and started looking through each of the weapons. He was going to create a painful hell for this Demon that had come from the stars. He was going to face off against this Predator as soon as night fell over this planet.
  4. The recent characters I have added: Bishop (Aliens) Michael Bishop Weyland Empress Alien Red Xenomorphs ****** I may be coming back and doing a couple matches centered around the AVP Universe
  5. I guess from a historical perpective, D-Day happened on June 6th. Maybe there could be an apocalyptic like battle or something that goes along with major battles or wars
  6. I do like the idea of a space battle or the alien vs. alien match. To spice things up, there could be unused alien characters going up against each other.
  7. Right now I am currently working on two different set-ups. They will not be a follow-up to this one but they will be something. I don't know when I will do a follow-up for this and I may expand it to other Marvel characters; S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man, Captain America, and maybe even Thor. I do want to continue this but I am having trouble coming up with the right follow-up
  8. I have added some characters Mia from Evil Dead Mama from Mama Roger Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapon series.
  9. Another great story in an awesome arc. This is the toughest one yet. 47 is pretty good but Croc is a nasty giant beast. I think if 47 wants to defeat Croc, he'll really have to plan it out and really just use strategy.
  10. It's nowhere near one of my best stories but it is Part II in my X-Men vs. Demons arc. I am sorry for any gramatical or spelling errors that may be found within the set-up. This happens shortly after the events of Wolverine vs. Kroenen... It is a mind battle between Crowley and Professor X. Crowley has possessed Professor X and is on his way to kill a certain student, but Professor X will do whatever he can to overcome his possession and get Crowley out of his body.
  11. Part II – A Dangerous Mind The speed of this thing was almost too much for the deadly Wolverine but he managed to block several blows. He remembered his time in Japan and his battles with the Silver Samurai but this hellish beast was something else entirely. Wolverine blocked several attacks and made several attempts at defeating his opponent but he had armor. Every time he did cut into this guy’s body, it didn’t faze him. He just would not stop; finally the creature of Hell put Wolverine on his knees. Wolverine looked up and watched as the demonic assassin swung his blade. Wolverine glared at him for a second and then saw an opening in his legs. He quickly sliced his legs open, to the point that Kroenen fell back onto the ground without either of his two legs but that did not stop him. He tried to finish what he started but Wolverine quickly sliced off his head and watched as his body fell lifeless onto the ground. He took a moment to breath and leaned back against the wall. He didn’t notice at first but several students swarmed the area and eventually Charles Xavier himself came onto the scene. “Don’t ask.†Logan mumbled as he pushed himself off of the floor. Charles looked over the remains of the intruder and glanced up at Logan. Logan threw the intruder’s blades on the floor and told him that it was adamantium. Charles looked for a moment, trying to figure out who could have sent such a creature here with weapons such as those. At first, he thought about all those anti-mutant groups that were always out to destroy any mutant but this thing was not a part of any of those groups. This thing was part of something else entirely and it sent a certain kind of fear down Charles’ spine. He finally turned his attention to the door in which the intruder headed for. He silently opened the door and saw one of his students asleep in his bed. He quietly went to his bedside and saw the young child struggling in his sleep. The Professor took a glance inside his mind but what he saw was horrific. He saw pure chaos and torment inside this young boy’s nightmare. Finally, he had to get out of his mind. He leaned back in his wheelchair and struggled for air. He saw the young boy being tortured by his own dreams. The Professor glanced back at the door and saw some of his X-Men standing at the doorway. Scott asked if everything was okay but Charles could only say, “It’s not over.†As the early rays of morning arrived, the young boy awoke to a room with Scott Summers and Jean Grey. They did their best to greet him normally but they told him that the Professor wanted to meet with him personally. The young boy walked the hallways with the two X-Men and felt as if the whole world watched him as he stepped into the Professor’s office. Both Scott and Jean left as he walked inside. As he entered he saw both the Professor and Kurt waiting for him. There was a warm and friendly smile on both of their faces as they watched the young man enter the room. “Welcome James… How are you?†The Professor asked with that same warm and friendly smile. James glanced at Kurt and then glanced back at the door. He could not help but feel something strange was happening. Finally, he looked back at the Professor and said, “Everything is fine, Professor.†The Professor put out his hand for the young boy to take a seat. James Coffey just looked at both the Professor and Kurt. The Professor looked at him for several moments and tried to figure out why that demonic being wanted him dead. “James, I remember the day you came through the front doors for the first time and you were so happy.†The Professor said as he leaned back in his wheelchair. “Why am I here, Professor Xavier?†James asked. “What do you remember about last night?†The Professor asked. “I studied for my math test on Friday and then went to sleep.†James replied. “Did you have any dreams or nightmares?†The Professor asked. “No, sir… Not that I can remember.†James replied. The Professor looked at him for a moment and then said, “You may go, James. Good luck on your test.†Both of them watched as James left the room and both looked at each other. Professor Xavier did not know what was happening. Several students were awaken and even frightened by the fight the previous night, but James did wake up from it; instead, he had hellish nightmares. James could not even remember those nightmares and it left him speechless. Finally, Kurt started to break this silence. “What’s wrong, Professor?†“I really don’t know… The things that boy was plagued in his dreams are things I could never fathom… I need to know more about him… I need to know everything about him.†Charles replied. **** After hearing about Kroenen’s failed attempt at killing the young boy, Crowley sauntered through the bowels of Hell for his next demonic soldier. In the back of his mind, he knew that he was going to war with these mutants, these X-Men, and now he needed his army. He walked passed tormented souls but he always walked passed monstrous beings. A small smile formed over the face of the King of Hell as he thought about all these different creatures that he walked past; the Springwood Slasher, the Camp Crystal Lake Killer, the Haddonfield Boogeyman, and so many more. Crowley smiled at all these potential soldiers but he remembered something very important, the X-Men’s leader. While these were all dangerous beasts, they would not stand a chance against a team of powerful mutants, especially with if they were led by Charles Xavier. He knew if he wanted to take a step further in this war, he would have to take out Professor Xavier or at least weaken him to the point where the X-Men were without leadership. As he thought about potential warriors, he knew that many were not strong enough in the mind to take on someone such as Xavier. Finally, he thought of an idea that could give him an early victory. “Well if you want something done… Hmm I forget the rest…†Crowley said as he left the Pit. After stepping foot on Earth, Crowley was followed by a group of his most loyal demons. He turned to see one of them holding a book in their hands. The demon had wicked smile across his face as he said, “We found it, Mr. Crowley. It was one some cabin in the woods but we found it.†The demon handed Crowley the book and he simply looked over it. A small grin formed over his face as he thought about all the history this book has been through. “The Naturon Demonto or Necronomicon Ex-Mortis… Ahhh the Book of the Dead… Oh what this has been through. A smart-ass chain-saw handed store’s clerk and some druggie… Oh what fun it will have at a mansion.†Crowley said with that same grin on his face. **** Charles sat in his study, reading through several books about demons. He tried to get as much information he could about demons but he didn’t have much to go on. Even Kurt didn’t have too much information on the subject. He couldn’t stop but wonder why they wanted young James. James had the gift of telekinesis but it wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as Jean’s ability. He tried to learn more about this young student but all he could find was just his basic information. After several hours of coming up with nothing, Charles gently dropped his face onto the palm of his hand and closed his eyes. He tried to think of something but he only came up with nothing. Suddenly, he felt something very dark entering the school. He opened his eyes and looked all around. That when he saw it coming from up above. A red cloud of hellish smoke came toward him with a powerful force. At that moment, Charles felt a certain very dwelling within him as this smoke came into his body. After several seconds, Charles stood up from his wheelchair and sauntered over toward a mirror. He gazed over himself and a smirk formed across his face. “A penny for your thoughts, Professor…†Crowley said as he looked over the Professor’s reflection. “How?! How did you get inside of me?!†The Professor asked in anger. “Oh, I’ve heard that so many times.†Crowley said with a crooked smile. “Stop playing games and tell me what you’re doing.†The Professor roared. “Funny… I’m not some Bond bad guy… I’m not going to tell you my super-secret plan but I will tell you that possession is so much fun.†Crowley said as he glanced over at the door. “I will stop you.†The Professor replied as he started to fight Crowley in his own mind. “Okay then… Let’s see if your Jedi mind tricks do the trick.†Crowley said as he started walking toward the door.
  12. Boratz


    Yeah I thought all the characters were boring, except for Mia and David... Even though I don't think any of them really got that iconic... I guess like Ash did in Evil Dead 2, which maybe good because they may not be aiming for that type of horror movie.
  13. Boratz


    It is true that Campbell is getting old but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from using the other old guys like Bruce Willis, Stallone, and even Harrison Ford. Even though it doesn't hurt they remain in shape and Campbell's not exactly Mr. 6 pack
  14. Boratz


    Personally, I don't any of them could compare to Ash but that just me... I always thought Evil Dead 2 was a sort of reboot. I enjoyed the recent Evil Dead and I thought it was good on its own. I mean yeah it took a lot from the originals but it was also its own film. I would like to see what would happen if they did make a sequel to it and if they did connect it to the originals. Like I said before, I have read that there are plans for a sequel to this, an Army of Darkness 2, and a seventh film that will connect both Ash and the main character of the new film. I think that would be pretty interesting to see
  15. Boratz


    I enjoyed Evil Dead... I hope the rumors about a sequal to both this Evil Dead and Army of Darkness is true, as well as a rumor that a seventh film will connect both films together.
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