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  1. I was hesitant about adding new characters as the site may come to an end soon, but I could not resist. From MCU's What If? On Disney+ Guardians of the Multiverse
  2. I figured if this is the last one or Fox's last draft, might throw in a team for the fun of it!
  3. Fun set up and awesome job! I agree with Rakai up above. I think both Joe's and Heroes Taisen would be able to take those zombies, but I just don't see the Joe's being about to do too much against the Taisen universe
  4. Thanks Russ, Yeah I definitely thought they would have had some kind of match up
  5. The mysteries of the universe are vast and magnificent. From the smallest grain of sand to the brightest star in the cosmos. There is no denying the majestic beauty that the universe has to offer. Worlds beyond imagination itself and life of all kinds. It is a fascinating idea that the minds of ordinary beings could never truly grasp the full extent of their own universe. All these ideas from just one single universe, and then there is the idea of the multiverse. Many great minds have been shattered to the unimaginable extent of what the multiverse could hold. From the simplest of choices to the most life altering events, the multiverse itself is a doorway to an unlimited array of realities. With some of these realities shrouded with beauty and abundant life to others being engulfed in darkness. There is a sense of caution that must be taken when deciphering the mysteries of the multiverse. The power that some universes possess is not always meant for another. There is a universe in the grand infinite number of worlds that has beings shrouded with unimaginable power. In a time, long thought lost, there was a being of unspeakable evil. A being that existed solely to slaughter and destroy. This being was called Majin Buu. He was resurrected by the warlock known as Bibidi. Together they went from planet to planet for the purpose of destruction. In their destructions of planets, the Supreme Kais banded together to stop this darkness from sweeping across their universe. Two of them were absorbed by the powerful Buu while the others found a way to defeat the powerful duo. Bibidi was killed in the final stand of the Supreme Kais while the others were able to lock away the powerful Majin Buu and sealed him in a prison between the vast infinite realities of the multiverse. They believed Buu’s reign of terror would be stopped and that being trapped between universes would keep him contained for all of eternity. They believed that Buu would never escape this void. They were wrong… Earth… It seemed as if it were only yesterday since the Ancient One brought in that outsider into the Sanctorum. All those years that he poured out blood and sweat in his goal to become the Master of the Mystic Arts was wiped away once he arrived. His plot to overthrow his former teacher was ruined by the outsider. The Ancient One exiled Mordo and took the outsider as his apprentice. In his exile, Mordo continued to strive for the power that he so rightfully deserved. He traveled the farthest reaches of the world in search of powers that could overthrow the Sorcerer Supreme. His search in the physical realm proved to be worthless as he started to search the astral plane for anything that could lead him to his goal. In his quest, he felt the presence of Doctor Strange and feared that his journey would prove futile. As he grew restless in his search, he discovered a vast array of secrets that were long thought lost in the passage of time. Karl Mordo stood surrounded in a thick forest. As he made his way out of the forest he stood before the lost Library of Cagliostro. A crooked smile formed across Mordo’s face as he made his way inside this ancient location. Time would be the only enemy that Mordo would face as he did not have a mastery over time and space. He searched through scrolls that had not been touched in a millennium. As the dark sorcerer peered through the scrolls and the texts, he came across something that should not have been discovered. There was a text that spoke of the many powers that dwell through the endless multiverse. He started to learn more of the different secrets of the multiverse, but worst of all there was a forbidden knowledge that he came across. A prison between universes that existed outside of the existence of time and space. Even the most powerful of beings did not have knowledge of this realm, this void in between universes. The dark sorcerer became relieved as he felt that he finally found the answer to defeating his nemesis once and for all. He could trap Strange in this void and take his place as the Supreme Sorcerer of the Sanctum Santorum. As Mordo continued his studies, he found that he would need help in acquiring what he needed for the spell to open the doorway. His thoughts went onto Doctor Strange as he remembered that the Sorceror Supreme had allied himself with a great number of beings that included the Avengers and the Midnight Sons. Mordo needed allies in this perilous plot. Karl Mordo traveled back to Earth and searched for allies that would be able to assist him in his plans. He grew restless with each passing day, but eventually he came before a group that had become a thorn in the side of the Avengers. A group that the world had labeled as the Masters of Evil. Mordo came before the Red Skull himself, Johann Schmidt. As the dark sorcerer was surrounded by soldiers of HYDRA and several other adversaries of the Mighty Avengers, he was not worried. Despite being surrounded by so many different factions, Mordo did not give off a signal of fear. He gazed at the Red Skull and a sinister smile formed across his face as he raised his hands as he if were surrendering to the Masters of Evil. “Who are you?” Red Skull growled as he glared upon the dark sorcerer. “A friend…” Mordo responded as his hands started to glow in many different colors. “An ally here to request your services.” “You’re a sorcerer?” Red Skull asked as he simply gazed upon Mordo. “Yes, and like you; I seek power to make this world into a better place.” Mordo responded. “Is that so?” Red Skull asked as he started to circle around the dark sorcerer. “Time and time again, I have been humiliated by Doctor Strange. I understand the dear old Doctor has allied himself with your greatest enemies…” Mordo said as he put his hands by his side. “And as the old saying goes, an enemy of your enemy is your friend.” “What is it that you are requesting of us?” Red Skull asked as he stopped in front of the sorcerer. “There is a spell that i am attempting to unleash, and it has ingredients that I require assistance on. I fear that once the spell is in progress, those Avengers will come.” Mordo said as he closed his eyes and shook his head. “What kind of spell?” Red Skull asked. “A spell that will grant us power beyond this universe, and a way to lock away our enemies in an unescapable void.” Mordo said as his eyes opened and he glared upon the Red Skull. Sanctum Santorum... Deep within the Sanctum Santorum, the Master of Mystic Arts was meditating in the air. His eyes closed tightly as his mind and spirit wandered throughout the mystical plane. Being the Sorceror Supreme had its advantages but they came with a responsibility to protect this world from powers beyond the natural order. In his time as the Sorceror Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange faced off monsters that were the embodiments of the worst of nightmares. He had fought alongside the Mightiest of Avengers and against dangers from across the stars. The world was constantly changing with each passing battle. In his meditation, he thought about what was in his former life as a surgeon was like and what would never be as his life forever after that car accident. His path was far different than he had ever dreamed of, but the path brought along the vast knowledge of the mystic arts. As he meditated, there was something that he was being drawn to as if a presence was making itself known. A presence from his early days in the Santorum. A presence that had proved to be a constant thorn in his side since he became the Master of the Mystic Arts. He saw the presence of Baron Mordo. Karl Mordo was corrupted with greed and dark magic. Strange tried to find what Mordo was plotting, but shadows had overwhelmed him as Mordo disappeared into the darkness. Powerful bright fire filled the world around as the Sorceror Supreme tried to search for his old enemy. The darkness started to dwindle but something came from the shadows. Strange's Astral form was knocked down by a shadowy creature with tentacles that were almost the size of mountains. There were burning red eyes in each tentacle, and sharp edges along the sides of the creature. Strange knew that Mordo summoned this nightmarish monster to distract him from pursuing his nemesis. Doctor Strange raised his hands and summoned energy that filled the world with a powerful beam of light. As the creature attempted to attack his Astral form, Strange was able to block the attacks with relative ease. Sharp horns pierced out of the creatures flesh as it towered over Strange. As this hideous creature moved across the Astral realm, there were different worlds that Strange witnessed from all around. The towering creature lunged at Strange with all its might. After a short bout, he was able to destroy this nightmare and wipe it from existence. The Master of the Mystic Arts knew that Karl Mordo had something planned for him that would be catastrophic to the world if he did not stop it. He had to find Mordo and stop him. As Strange came out of his meditation, he was greeted by Wong. Wong had stood before him with a warm cup of tea. The Sorceror Supreme told him of what he had discovered and his fear that Mordo would be plotting something soon. Wong tried to press what it could be, but Strange was unaware of what he had planned. Strange took a sip from the warm cup of tea as he sat back in a chair. His mind raced as he reflected on battles with Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath. There were multiple occasions that Strange had to face a powerful force as a result of what Mordo would ally himself with. He knew it would be easy to be overconfident as he had defeated Mordo and foiled his plans on multiple occasions. He could not allow himself to be overly confident. Strange had to be prepared for what was to come. The only problem was he did not know what Mordo had planned. While Doctor Strange was telling Wong about his experience in the Astral realm, he was reciting all the details that he came across. There was one detail that Wong was drawn to. It was not the hideous creature that was one of many that they both experienced on a constant basis, but something that was in the background. It was a small image of an ancient ruin. As Doctor Strange went over the imagery of this ancient ruin, Wong remembered something that he heard during his time with the Ancient One. Strange watched as Wong wandered off as he set alone with his cup of warm tea. It was not long until Wong returned with a book that he had kept in his room. It was a book that Strange did not recognize, but gazed over it with much curiosity. Wong told him about a library that was lost in time, but contained secrets to knowledge that the Ancient One thought should stay forgotten. Wong flipped through the old pages and moved his hands ever so slightly. A blue light shined out of his hands and created a path through dimensions. Stephen let out a sigh as he realized that being the Sorceror Supreme meant never getting to experience a dull moment. Strange moved his hands as a portal opened on the other end of the blue line that Wong had created. They both glanced at each other as they sauntered through the portal. Surrounded by ancients scrolls and texts, the two sorcerors stood in the Lost Library of Cagliostro. Both could feel that there was a power in this place that neither had ever experienced. As they walked they did not feel Mordo's presence, but sensed that he had been there. They searched through this ancient library that had been lost in time. While searching, they discovered that Mordo had put a spell that blocked them from what he had studied. Knowing that there was nothing else they could find, they were preparing to leave the library behind. There was something that caught Strange's attention. He found a scroll that was missed by Mordo's power. After taking the scroll, he and Wong left to return the Santorum. Strange began to study the scroll and discovered that it was not a spell, but a warning against the dangers of the multiverse. He saw that some beings had a power to travel through these multiverses and some even had the power to trap dangers threats in the voids in between universes. Doctor Strange believed he may have found the key to what Mordo was planning. He had Wong summon the different allies he had made over the years. The allies that he had gathered were Tony Stark of the Avengers, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Black Bolt of the Inhuman Royal Family, Professor Charles Xavier of the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngters, King T'Challa of Wakanda, and Namor of Atlantis. As they gathered together, Wong prepared tea for the different leaders. There was a sense of urgency as Strange did not know when Mordo would be unleashing his plan, and he still did not fully realize the extent of his plan. "So why have you gathered us here?" Reed asked as he gazed upon the Master of the Mystic arts. "An old enemy of mine, Karl Mordo has something planned. I am still trying to find out what it is, but I feel it could have universal consqlequences." Strange replied as he looked hesitantly upon the room. "Huh.." Tony chuckled as glanced down at his tea. Deep down in his chest, he wished that there was something a little stronger in it rather than just warm tea. "It always does." Tony said as he looked up at the room. "We always have some sort of universal ramification, but we always seem to come out ahead." "What is different now?" T'Challa asked as he glanced at Tony and then at Strange. "The unknown..." Strange replied as he started walking around the room. "I've seen dangers of many kinds. We all have. Some from dimensions far, far away... But this... there is something about this that I can't seem to push out of the pit of my stomach." "What is it?" Xavier asked while crossing his fingers. "I believe Mordo is trying to gather powers from other universes... Universes far different than ours... I believe he is going to gain a power over the voids in between realities." Strange replied. "What power lies within these voids?" Namor asked. "Honestly...." Strange said as he looked away for a moment. "I don't know." "So... it could be a whole lot of nothing." Tony said with a smirk. "Or it could be something far worse than any of us have ever faced." Strange said as he glared at Tony. "What have you found of these other universes or on these voids for that matter?" Reed asked. "Very little... some of the texts that I have found suggests that powerful dangers have been imprisoned in some of these voids... All of it is speculation really as many sorcerors of the past did not dear meddle with the multiverse." Strange said. "What are you asking of us?" Xavier asked. "If Mordo obtains some unnatural power beyond our universe or unleashes some chaotic being..." Strange said as he looked off for a moment. He still tried to understand what dangers there could be waiting beyond this universe. "We would need all hands on deck to keep our world, our universe safe." "It's always something!" Tony said shaking his head. As the group dispersed, Strange stayed behind with Wong. In his study, he continued to study the texts that he gathered from the Library of Cagliostro. There was a name that he kept running across. "Buu?" Strange said to himself as he read through the words that were written in a time long thought lost. After what seemed to be ages, Wong had confronted the Sorceror Supreme and showed him footage that Stark Industries were able to gather. Strange glanced over the footage and saw images of the Hydra leader known as Red Skull and several other enemies of the Avengers. The one thing that stood out was the image of Karl Mordo. "Looks like Mordo found some friends." Strange said sarcastically. "If he is aligning with these criminals, there is no telling what he has planned!" Wong said with a stern look. "It can't be good. For Mordo, they are just a means to an end." Strange said as he stood up. "Learn anything more from the texts?" Wong asked as he pointed down at the ancient texts. "Not much... There is a name that keeps popping up in relation to one of the countless voids between universes." Strange said as he rubbed the back of his head. "What name?" Wong asked. "Buu." Strange replied as he glanced down at the texts. "Boo? Like Honey Boo Boo or Bibidi Babidi Boo?" Wong asked with a look of confusion. "No... Not boo, b-o-o... It is Buu, B-U-U." Strange replied with a half smile while shaking his head. "Hmmmm.... If it was Honey Boo-Boo that might very well be a threat that you have never faced before." Wong replied as he tried to hold in his laughter. "Well I will leave you to dwell on that thought." Strange said as he started walking out of the study. "Where are you going?" Wong asked with a contained childish smile. "I am going to see if I can at least perform a tracking spell on one of those other guys that Mordo is with. If I can't track Mordo, I can probably track down Red Skull or whoever else is in this footage." Strange replied. Nagoya, Aichi, Japan… Red Skull and his Masters of Evil accompanied the dark sorcerer, Baron Mordo to Nagoya. Mordo promised the dangerous group a way to defeat their enemies and obtain a power that would allow them to change this world. The Masters of Evil knew that they would face opposition from the Avengers, and Mordo knew that Strange would come to attempt to thwart his plan. The dark sorcerer counted on the presence of the Sorcerer Supreme. The thought of destroying his rival or trapping him in an endless void brought a smile to his face. There was a spell that he found that could open the doorway to the void in between universes. This void was said to contain unimaginable power, and the spell led him to this place. The dark sorcerer had seen unimaginable power before in the forms of Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath, but the power of the multiverse had a certain level of unknowns that fascinated him. While preparing the spell, he glanced at Red Skull and his team. He knew their overall intentions would be far different than his, but their goal now was to defeat their enemies once and for all. They gathered upon a sacred ground to perform the ritual. Most of the members in the Masters of Evil, did not care much for taking part in this ritual but they were under orders from the Red Skull himself. There was the fear that the Avengers would arrive and disrupt their plans. With the ritual and spell going as planned, Mordo’s eyes turned as white as snow. He was almost in a trance as he performed this powerful ritual. Red Skull could feel that the air was changing all around him, and the world seemed off. For Schmidt, he had seen and experienced the worst of dark sciences to achieve his goals, but this here was something else entirely. This was not of science, but something beyond his understand. There were fiery lights that flowed out of the sorcerer. The skies above started to turn into reddish color as the fiery green lights from Mordo pierced into the sky above as if the skies had become a vacuum. The former leader of Hydra and leader of the Masters of Evil, knew that this disturbance would alert the world around as he started roaring at his men to be on alert. He glared at the sorcerer who was levitating above the ground. Mordo’s body shook and distorted itself in ways that seemed unnatural. Soon the shaking stopped, and Mordo’s eyes became normal as he went back to the ground below. He gazed up at the sky as it started to change colors. The sky blackened overhead as the grounds shook underneath. There was a dreadful silence that overcame the world around as the skies themselves began to crack open. The Masters of Evil watched a large egg like object fall out of the void. A pink smoke filled the air around as the egg started to open, and there was a sense of fear among the Masters of Evil as they did not know what they were about to encounter. As the black sies above started to clear and rays of the bright sun started to break through, Mordo and Red Skull could see clearly what they had brought through into this world. Mordo was shocked as he looked over the being that had been locked in this void for so many lifetimes. He glanced over at Red Skull, who had a look of frustration suddenly fall over him as he looked upon the same being. The rest of the team just watched as the creature came into full view. There was almost a chuckle at the sight as they gazed upon the large pink creature that was Majin Buu. One of the members of the Masters of Evil, Tiger Shark let out a laugh as he started walking toward the large pink life form. “All of this…” Tiger Shark said mockingly as he stood face to face with the creature. “And for what? A fat pink clown!” Tiger Shark pushed his hand against Buu’s chest. A childish smile formed across Buu’s face as he glared at the being that stood before him. “You make Buu mad. Buu hungry. Buu’s going to eat you!” Buu said with a high-pitched childlike voice that caused all those around to almost let out a chuckle. Mordo could feel that there was a power within this being that should not be underestimated. He glanced over at Schmidt and saw the frustration in his eyes. Before Mordo could let out a word, Tiger Shark struck the large pink being with a powerful punch. Tiger Shark’s fist almost bounced off the being’s face as the being just stood there. Buu’s smile did not change as Tiger Shark stood in amazement. There was not even a flinch on this fat creature. Tiger Shark growled as he started to unleash a series of attacks upon Buu. His frustration only grew worse as he heard Buu laughing hysterically. As he sliced and attacked his flesh, the fat pink being just regenerated without an issue. There was not a flinch or a slight indication of pain. The realization started to set in as Tiger Shark knew that there was something more to this creature. His hissing rage started to grow into a grunting fear as he fell back on the ground below. Buu let out some noises as the top of his head started to glow bright. Tiger Shark was struck by this beam of light and a surge of pain started to run through his body. The rest of the team watched in horror as their comrade’s body started to form into what appeared to be a large cookie. Buu let out another childlike laugh as he grabbed the cookie that was once Tiger Shark and stuffed it into his oversized mouth. A sinister smile formed across Mordo’s face as he realized that this was but a small indication of what he had unleashed. Mordo glanced over at Schmidt and threw out his hands. “This is our champion!” Red Skull stood in silent disbelief as he tried to comprehend what this creature was. Mordo walked toward the creature and greeted himself as the one that freed him from his imprisonment. Buu did not acknowledge the dark sorceror as he just started dancing around in circles. As the Master of Evil watched the being that they freed from the void of the multiverse, they heard a noise in the distance. Schmidt was informed that the Avengers were heading their way. Mordo let out a wicked laugh as he told them that he would be leaving with his champion. The dark sorcerer moved his hands through the air, and a portal opened up behind Buu. Buu let out a fascinated noise as he jumped through the portal. Mordo followed closely behind him and Schmidt watched as the two disappeared. Red Skull let out a hiss as he ordered his team to retreat. At a nearby city, Mordo and Buu walked throughout the streets. The dark sorcerer gazed upon the large pink creature and tried to talk to him several times. He quickly grew annoyed and impatient as Buu continued his childlike motions through the streets. His annoyance faded as he watched the powerful force get confronted by angry bystanders and blaring car horns. That sinister smile that Mordo had when Buu turned Tiger Shark into a large cookie formed across his face once again as he witnessed Buu causing chaos and destruction all throughout. Mordo watched as Buu almost destroyed an entire city in a matter of moments. He was excited to see when the Earth's Mightiest Heroes would arrive, so he could witness their defeat at the hands of this powerful force of destruction. As Buu danced through the flames and debris, Mordo ordered him to follow him. Buu laughed and hummed as he danced back and forth. Mordo roared at Buu for him to follow the one that free him from his imprisonment. Buu gazed up at Mordo as his happiness started to fade. He started growing frustrated at this man that was yelling him. Mordo moved his hands as a portal opened up in front of him. Buu reluctantly went through the portal and the dark sorcerer was not too far behind. Sanctum Santorum... They went through another portal, and into another city. The dark sorcerer gazed up at a building that he had recognized from his past. "You will destroy this place and lay all who are inside to waste!" Mordo roared as he pointed at the Santorum. Buu glared at the dark sorcerer and then at the Sanctum Santorum. Millions of years within that dark void, there was something that started to burn within Buu. He started to grow frustrated and annoyed with this man that was giving him orders. Buu then felt a presence behind him, and he turned to face another man that was levitating above the world. The Sorcerer Supreme landed upon the ground before both Buu and Karl Mordo. "Kill him, Buu! KILL HIM NOW!" Mordo roared as he pointed at his old rival. Buu gazed upon the Sorcerer Supreme and let out a wooing noise as he gazed upon Strange. "Are you really going to let him boss you around like that?" Strange asked as he gazed upon Buu. Buu looked down for a moment and stood in silence. The dark sorcerer stood in front of the being and screamed at him once again. "I AM THE ONE WHO FREED YOU! I AM YOUR MASTER NOW! KILL HIM NOW!" Strange watched as it appeared that steam started to shoot out of Buu's head. He could feel the anger and frustration burning within the large pink creature. In his anger and his lust to defeat his rival, Mordo became lost in his hate. He continued to berate the large creature as Buu stood there pondering what Strange had just said. Finally, Buu interrupted the dark sorcerer. "Buu, has an idea!" Buu said in his high-pitched voice. Mordo was taken aback as he just looked at the pink creature. "What idea could you possibly have?" "Buu, has an idea!" Buu said as his look of frustration changed from a wicked smile that went from ear to ear. "Buu, not like you anymore! Buu, not take orders from you anymore!" "What?!" Mordo growled as he glanced at Buu. Buu grabbed Mordo's head and a blood red light started to emit from Buu's palms. Mordo let out a painful scream as his head was blown completely apart. The large pink creature let out a chuckle as Mordo's lifeless body fell back onto the street below. Strange mouth dropped as he started to realize that this being had a devastating power within him. Buu chuckled and danced on the street as he started to unleash attacks upon the buildings around him, not knowing what destruction that he was truly causing. The Sorcerer Supreme confronted Majin Buu and said, "I cannot allow you to keep hurting people. I have to stop you. I will stop you!" Majin Buu gazed upon the Master of the Mystic Arts and smiled as he started turning his attention upon him. "You make Buu mad!" Buu yelled as he started turning his destructive forward toward Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme threw up his hands and conjured up all the power that he could to face off against this enemy.
  6. Awesome set up! I'm not the most knowledgeable with Power Rangers but if the armor is acid resistant, then I could see Megazord pulling off a win. Definitely want to see others thoughts on it
  7. Another great set up Rakai! I really enjoyed the recap! Oh wow, I feel like Mickie could pull off a win but dang it'll be a close one in my opinion
  8. We will see if they win in my next one off set up
  9. Another great one! Honestly I think it could go either way. I've seen both arguments, and I'm kinda split. I may be leaning more towards Leo just because the Mirage is an extremely capable fighter and warrior. I think he could definitely put up a great bout.
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