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  1. That would be a fun set up! I'm surprised a lot of these Harry Potter characters were not already in the site I also added Professor Flitwick Professor Quirrel Mountain Troll Hungarian Horntail Dragon
  2. Surprised that Steve Trevor was not already in here but he is a good addition Im glad that Dug and the Skinwalker were added. I'm curious to see how they are used
  3. With the recent trailer of Godzilla vs. Kong I thought this would be a fun match up I couldn't come up with a story idea so I thought a rumble would work just as well
  4. The Legendary King against the Powerful Fire Demon Who would win?
  5. Hope you all enjoy Still trying to make it a goal to use these unused characters so hopefully this is entertaining enough
  6. TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP Rain crashed down against the roof. It was frigid outside and there was no light in sight. A group of travelers had lost there way and found what appeared to be an abandoned settlement. With the chill in the air and the downpour from the storm, they were desperate to find somewhere to stay. The rain showed no signs of letting up as it continued to pound against the land. They found this place in a glimer of hope. From what little they saw this place seemed as if everyone had left in an instant. There were no signs of life but there were still belongings that were left behind. This group of travelers made there way through different buildings. With a faint light coming from a lantern, they could see plates and dishes laying upon tables. There were rooms that had beds that were made up and children's dolls that were on the floor. Everything seemed as if were abandoned as dust had covered almost every surface. The floors screeched as they ventured throughout. TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP The rain continued to pound against the roof and there was no sign of the storm letting up. A decision was made that the travelers would stay here for the night. They would start fresh in the morning and hopefully find their way back to the main road. This particular group of travelers consisted of three men and two women. The men were brothers and the women were married to two of the brothers. The youngest brother was the only one not married, but he hoped that the city that they were traveling too would be a new chapter for him. The older brother made a fire in the fire place and they all sat around it, and reflected on their day. It was refreshing as the warmth of the fire had filled the room, and they were able to laugh amongst themselves. TAP TAP TAP The storm continued to press on as it grew later into the night, but it seemed to have weakened some. The older brother's wife excused herself as she needed to find a place to relieve herself; while the middle brother and his wife went to search for a place to sleep. With the screeching floor, the middle brother and his wife disappeared into the night. Shortly after the middle brother and his wife had left for bed, the older brother's wife had returned. She said that there were strange markings in one of the rooms, as if someone had carved something into the floor. The older brother and the youngest followed her back to the room that she was talking about. They held a lantern next to the markings and were dumbfounded. It appeared to be scratch marks and what also appeared to be stains in the wood. They could not make out what it was at first, but eventually came to the conclusion that it was blood stains. It seemed to be in there for some time. TAP TAP With the storm weakened and their recent discovery, the eldest brother decided to check on the other brother and his sister-in-law. He said that he would be back shortly and traveled out to one of the darkened houses. With a screech in the floor and the faint light of the lantern disappearing into the night, the youngest brother and his older brother's wife were left by the fire place. There was a sense of awkwardness between the two as they were not normally around each other alone very often. They spoke of what they hoped for when they finally reached London. The older brother's wife hope for children and the start of a family. The younger brother hoped for opportunities that he did not have back in their old town. It seemed as ages passed since the older brother had left. Both were growing curious as to what was happening. Finally, the younger brother had decided that he would go out and see what was happening. His sister-in-law wanted to come with him, but he said that it would probably be best for her to stay by the fireplace. He would return shortly. He took a lantern and left the house with a screech of the floor. TAP The storm had all but gone away now. More time had passed by and the older brother's wife was all alone. She grew worried as she has not heard from her husband or the youngest brother. Growing dim with each passing moment, the fire was slowly dying. With storm as weak as it was, she decided it was time that she went to take a look for herself. Perhaps they were trying to play a cruel joke on her. She stood to her feet and from behind, she heard the screeching floor. Quickly, she spun around with a smile that went from ear to ear. Her smile faded in an instant as the fading light of the fire revealed something horrific. She let out a terrifying scream that quickly disappeared into the night. The fire faded as darkness completely overtook the room once again. LONDON 1892 While sitting in his study, Mr. Browning had received word from an associate of his in Northern Europe. His daughter was traveling with her husband and his two younger brothers to London. His daughter's husband was to start work for the printing press and assist the Order of the Dragon in their dealings. He had not heard from his daughter in ages and grew worried. Mr. Browning knew that it was a while since they were supposed to arrive in London but there were no signs of them. In recent times, he had heard reports of people going missing in the country side but dismissed it quickly. Now this involved an associate who provided strong financial backing for the Order. He knew this could not just be dismissed and answers had to be found. Several thoughts raced through his head as he try to find a solution. With reports of people gone missing throughout the country sides north of London, Mr. Browning had fears that perhaps something unnatural had been responsible for these disappearances. He had a carriage prepared and set his sights for one of the Order's greatest assets when it came to these unnatural occurrences. The carriage had stopped outside the Victorian home of Lady Wetherby. The Leader of the Order of the Dragon waited until his assistant opened the carriage door and crept up the steps to the home. His assistant had already knocked on the door for him but he still wait for a few moments before the door had opened. Standing before him was the fashionable master huntress for the Order. She had light blonde hair and her lips were red with the finest lipstick as a smile formed across her soft cheeks. "Hmm was not expecting you, Mr. Browning." Lady Jayne said with a cold voice. "Sorry to arrive without notice, but your assistance is required." Mr. Browning replied as he made his way inside the foyer of Lady Jayne's home. "My assistance? What is it this time?" Lady Jayne asked as she circled around the Leader of the Order. "An associate of the Order had a daughter go missing north of here. She was accompanied by her husband and his family." Mr. Browning replied as his eyes followed the huntress. "Missing?" Lady Jayne said with a smirk. "That falls more along the expertise of Scotland Yard. Not mine." Lady Jayne responded as she stopped in front of Mr. Browning. "Quite possibly but there have been reports throughout the country side. Missing people and attacks on live stock." Mr. Browning replied with a cold stare. "You don't think..." Lady Jayne replied. "It is too soon to be sure. It has been a while since London itself has had a vampire but this area is not exactly London." Mr. Browning responded as he glared into Jayne's eyes. "There is miles of countryside, it would be near impossible to even locate such an unnatural beast." Jayne replied as she looked off for a moment. "I'm sure that would not be an issue for the Order's head huntswoman." Mr. Browning responded. "And if it does come as nothing, than it would simply be a waste of your valuable time." "I'm not too fond of the country sides. I will leave first thing in the morning." Jayne responded with a look of disgust. "Very well." Mr. Browning said as he turned and sauntered back to his carriage. He stopped and turned back at the huntress. "The Order does expect answers. Find out what happened. If it is something unnatural, make sure word of it does not reach London." Jayne nodded her head as Mr. Browning left in his carriage. With a disgusted a sigh, she created back into her home. She walked over and poured herself a glass of wine and took a sip as her thoughts went onto her latest assignment. After drinking down the glass of wine, she headed down to her lair. The sunlight beamed through the windows as she looked over all the tools that she used during hunts. With multiple individuals now missing, she did not know if this was the work of one or several vampires. She picked up a couple of her blades and started swinging them through the air with the upmost precision. An hour became two as she trained with each of her weapons. Sweat dripped off of her forehead as she picked up a handkerchief to wipe herself down. With nightfall approaching, Jayne had gathered her weapons for a hunt. She strolled through the streets of London as she waited for dawn to approach. She knew that she would need as much rest as possible as she did not know what she would be facing. She walked home and went to her bed. With her eyes closed, she remembered all the unholy beasts that she had faced in her life and knew that this would just be another hunt. A storm approached as she drifted off to sleep. TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP Rain hit against the roof and Jayne's eyes slowly opened. Dawn came, she loaded up her carriage and was off to the country side. The feeling of disgust overwhelmed her as she did not care for the country side but she did feel a sort of thrill to be on a hunt. The storm had engulfed the land from all around as her carriage made itself through the European countryside. There were no signs of life on the road and most individuals stayed in their homes during this rainfall. She glanced out the carriage and saw many passing houses. She honestly did not know where to start her search or if she would even come up with any results given the vast landscape. TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP The rain continued to hit against the top of the carriage. Almost a full day had past in her travels and she knew that the coachman would be drenched with water and shivering from head to toe. She knocked on a compartment door and the coachman slid open. She told him that on her map there was a settlement that appeared close by and that they would rest there for the night. Almost an hour past before they reach the settlement. The day fleeing and night was approaching, while the rain continued to cover the world around. The coachman said that he would get Lady Jayne a room and return shortly, only he never returned to the carriage. TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP The rain continued to pound against the top of the carriage and the horses were dripping with water. Lady Jayne had grown restless with the passing time. The coachman had not returned and she suspicious. She opened her crates that contained her weapons and walked out into the storm. Rain dripped onto of her as she trudged toward the nearest building through mud. She slowly opened the door and crept over a screeching floor. While it appeared almost abandoned with a dust filled room, she could see that fire place had been used sometime in the past few weeks. Slowly, she walked to the center of the room in front of the fire place and saw what appeared to be a blood stained into the wood floors. "Damn." She said under breath as she quickly look in all directions. She walked across the screeching floor once again and stood underneath the porch. Daylight had most completely vanished into the stormy night as she made out what appeared to be a barn up ahead. She rushed to the barn and sprung the barn door open. The Huntress sauntered into the barn and immediately she could smell the carnage of what was inside. The floors were covered in body parts and she could see the body of her coachman in the center of the room. His neck appeared to be completely ripped open with blood surrounding his remains. The Huntress crept forward with her weapons drawn. She stood over the lifeless body of her coachman and raised a blade over her head. With a swift movement, she sliced off the head of her coachman in fear that he would turn soon. Once again, she gazed in every direction. TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP The storm pressed and night had completely overtaken the land. Lady Jayne heard a screeching noise in the barn and spun around as fast as she could. Standing before was the unholy ancient beast that had caused the death of everyone in this small settlement. It was a pale beast with blood covering its mouth. Its head was almost bald with the exception of a couple wrangly hairs upon its scalp. The creature wore tatered clothing and had long sharp fingernails. It crept toward the Huntress, hoping to claim its next victim. Lady Jayne twirled her blades around and stood ready for a battle with this fein.
  7. Boratz


    I think that would be pretty spot on. By the movies end, both Kong and Godzilla will team up to take on either Mecha Godzilla or Mecha Ghidorah. Or both
  8. Palpatine was also able to summon Force Storms in legends, if i remember correctly. Emperor had some vast power himself that went far beyond lightning and had all forms of lightsaver combat mastered Although Malgus also was from a time perior of pure combat while Palpatine didn't really have that as much combat. I mean he took on 4 Jedi masters at once, took on Master Yoda, and Maul and Savage Opress; but they were also in a time period that was not ravaged with war like Malgus was.
  9. While Dino is a dinosaur, he seemed like a large goofy puppy that was a thorn in Fred's side more often than not. Stealing steaks, locking him outside, etc Muttly is not much better but he seemed to assist Dasterdly in different operations. Maybe never to success but he tried
  10. I may have to go with Krypto it would be close As stated, Krypto is better trained and i think that is what would ultimately be the deciding factor in him being a fashion model Battle Cat though would be a giant green tiger with stripes and battle armor. I guess it would depend on what fashion model event they would be in but with how behaved Krypto may be, I think he'd do a better job
  11. Which version would this Mecha be then? The first or second one?
  12. I mean even at 11, she was one of the brightest students and definitely had impressive skill level with her magical abilities. Being 11 or however old she would be; being about to physically construct it is another thing though
  13. I agree in the sense if it was ocean, then definitely Storm. But if the terrain was anywhere on land, then I just don't see him being able to pull off a win. I'm leaning towards Momo if it is anywhere besides water or the sea.
  14. I think with Hermione's alone, she should be able to create something that would be effective and superior I would agree that a power cap would need to be in place and see if she can actually build it with her hands. I think there is a different between having it planned out step by step, and then putting it together.
  15. While I think Sam would present a challenge, I believe it would be a change that the team could overcome. Jack is a serial killer with an intellect that they have never really encountered before and a certain element of surprise that would present a challenge that even Rick would not be prepared for. With intellect and surprise cunning, I do see Jack being able to defeat the team more than the embodiment of Halloween
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