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  1. People, don't you realize that signatures are supposed to be composed of TEXT?!?
  2. Notice the choice of words. Strongest. The answer is obviously Hulk, who has no limit to his strength.
  3. If the Celtics can keep healthy after the All-Star break, they will win the championship. Orlando was a fluke team, just like Miami in '06. They lucked out against the Celtics in Game 7, and must have sold their souls to the devil to beat the Cavaliers. The finals was proof of this. Cleaveland vs. Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals, the winner (hopefully the Celtics) will face either (god-forbid) the Lakers or the Nuggets. And I believe it is not a new roster that Cleveland needs the most, but rather a good coach.
  4. It will win for the same reason that Return of the King or Titanic won.
  5. I was under the impression that Grey Knight's power armour was different from regular Space Marine armour, being reinforced with some of the Grey Knight's own power. However, after reading your description on how Power Armour works, I suppose that a swift stroke at the joints would still sever limbs if the Sith Lord got close enough. Also, will Force Weapons deflect, disable, or otherwise impeed a saber stroke? I'm inclined to think so, although you haven't given a description on its effects against energy weapons. I think you mean Pre-Rule of Two, since there were actually MORE Sith during the Rule of One, aka Darth Krayt's Sith Regime. In that case, there should still be powerful practitioners of Sith Sorcerry around. Darth Zannah already demonstrated the power of some of the arcane Sith techniques, which can cause skin to decay upon contact (which she used to defeat Darth Bane quite handily). And, even if the subtle manipulations of Palpatine wouldn't work, a powerful thrust into the mind of a Grey Knight COULD allow the Sith access, meaning they can now use some of the tricks in their arsenal, aka forced insanity. But this is all theory, since Grey Knights are psykers in their own right, and the Brother-Captain could probably hold-off any Sith attempting to enter his mind. Well, if we're going Pre-Rule of Two, that means Ancient Sith, like Marka Ragnos, Freedon Nadd, Naga Sadow, and of course, Darth Revan. They didn't use Lightsabers only. They would use swords, or other weapons forged from cortosis or another alloy, than infused with Force Energy. Those could probably match a Force Weapon.
  6. Ooops, my bad. Completely slipped my mind he was german. Anyway, here's a new topic. There are the nominees for the Academy Awards (I've bolded who I think are going to win, and italicized those I want to win) : Best Picture Avatar The Blind Side District 9 An Education The Hurt Locker Inglourous Basterds Precious A Serious Man Up Up In The Air Best Actor In A Leading Role Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart George Clooney - Up In The Air Colin Firth - Single Man Morgan Freeman - Invictus Jeremy Renner -“ The Hurt Locker Best Actress In A Leading Role Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side Helen Mirren -“ The Last Station Carey Mulligan -An Education Gabourey Sibide - Precious Meryl Streep - Julie and Julia Best Actor In A Supporting Role Matt Damon - Invictus Woody Harrelson -“ The Messenger Christopher Plummer - The Last Station Stanley Tucci - Lovely Bones Christoph Waltz - Inglorious Basterds Best Actress In A Supporting Role Penelope Cruz - Nine Vera Farminga -Up In Air Maggie Gyllenhaal- Crazy Heart Anna Kendrick -“ Up In Air Monique - Precious Best Director James Cameron - Avatar Kathyn Bigelow -The Hurt Locker Quentin Tarantino - Inglorious Basterds Lee Daniels -Precious Jason Reitman - Up In The Air
  7. Here Shockwave, I have compiled a list of reasons to dislike Naruto (courtesy of Yahoo! Answers): More than Half the Story is just Training, Missions, Fight, Training, Missions, Fight, Training, Missions, Fight. Just random Characters popping out of nowhere to come and fight (Hey, kinda like this other anime I've seen before. Starts with a D and ends with a Z...!) There are those random Flashbacks in the Middle of every Fight! Some that make no sense to the story at all, just there to add to the story. I don't know what the Author was thinking... I hate how in each and EVERY Fight, every Character is fighting and right when they are about to Lose they Have to Freaking Pull out "That" Jutsu! ALWAYS have to have some random Stronger Jutsu that they randomly had and decided to use until now. Everyone's Past is the same, really... You know how in the beginning Naruto wants to become Hokage, he has a Dream!? What happened to that? Everything is Focusing TOO much on getting Sasuke Back, it's all About Sasuke and the Uchiha Clan...It's just kinda stupid now... But, of course, we have the crowning glory... 100 reasons why Naruto sucks, courtesy of 4chan Anyway, Death Note is 1, then Yu Yu Hakusho, and that's it. I don't read manga that much anyway.
  8. Nietzsche used proper english in his statement. That was a line from "Broken, Beat, and Scarred."
  9. I knew that the Warp was Chaos, but I didn't know that it was composed of all emotions. It is called CHAOS, after all. I won't debate further on Chaos vs. Force, since thst isn't the topic. Like I said, it all depends on which Sith. Any run of the mill Sith Lord wouldn't stand a chance against a Grey Knight, especially if it was one of the more powerful ones in history. Somebody like Traya or Sidious wouldn't work, since they are powerful in manipulation rather than using the Force as a weapon, and I doubt the Force can corrupt a Brother-Captain, when no Grey Knight had ever succumbed to Chaos. It would have to be somebody with raw power at his disposal, pure and simple power. Perhaps Bane, or Starkiller, or maybe Caedus. Perhaps if Anakin had never been injured, he would win, seeing as how he has the largest Force Potential in history. But, then it would come down to luck. Whoever attacks first would win, and the Sith NEED to attack first. We don't even know if Lightsabers will cut through the power armor, since sabers have failed to cut through things before (mandalorian iron, cortosis, energy shields). Than again, will Force Weapons cut through Orbalisk armor? Not even Bane could find a way to cut through them, and they were only removed because they had fried to death in Sith Lightning, which was there weakness. They also greatly enhanced the abilitites of their wearer. The deciding factor is probably the setting. With all the Dark Side energy that Exar Kun left in Yavin IV, any Sith Lord could tap into it, giving them an edge. I'd say Sith under certain conditions, Grey Knight any other time.
  10. Depends entirely on which Sith Lord we are talking about. Ancient Sith, for instance, could kill whole planets (and no, not just Nihilus) And the Warp is NO WAY dealier than the Force. First of all, the Warp is just a parallel dimension; its energy is Chaos, which is spiritual and emotinal energy. The Force is the energy generated by EVERYTHING, and can be tapped into through emotions or feelings. So, Chaos is energy generated by emotions, the Force is tapped into by emotions. However, the Force is composed of more than mere hate and anger, like Chaos, but rather, everything. Let's compare users, shall we? There are users, like Jacen Solo, whose Force Potential is in no way the greatest, who can stop Turbolasers with his hands. And there is somebody like Kyp Duron, who used the Force to pull a ship out of the gravity well of a black hole. Granted, this was a one-time deal, but Kyp was a CHILD when he did that, and I've yet to see a regular psyker pull that off. The thing is, the Force has equal destructive capabilities as Chaos (Warp) energy, and thousands more uses to boot. So, this match will be determined not by the power differential between the Force and Chaos, but WHO The Grey Knight is facing.
  11. I didn't root for the Saints. I don't "root" for anyone other than Arizona and New England. I DID however, root against the hated Colts, and laughed at the foolish Colt fans for thinking they could steal another Super Bowl.
  12. Hulk can defeat Superman, maybe. Doomsday CAN defeat Wonder Woman. Speed-steal does nothing, and eventually, Flash will run out of steam, unlike Superman. Even if he slows the monster to a stop, and Superman and WW blitz him, Hulk managed to come back from dust, and Doomsday will always come back.
  13. The turtles are to distracted by Ozymandias they don't notice Comedian shooting them.
  14. No, the worst match ever IMHO was between Dark Phoenix and Yuna from FF X-2. It was about who could masturbate faster. It does make for an interesting question, though. What WAS the worst match CBUB match ever written?
  15. I am currently in the process of writing my last CBUB match, which involves the two characters. It should be done... eventually. My vision for it was, because the Endless are as they are perceived, what happens to them in a world ruled by the Great Old Ones? How will they react to a world where humanity all belong to a great Cult of Cthulhu?
  16. NOBODY can pick up Mjolnir naturally. Unless they are more powerful than Odin, of course. Obviously, the answer is Beta Ray Bill.
  17. OK, I'll take this slowly... First up, Juggernaut. Juggernaut is protected by the Crimson gem of Cytorrak. Anything that could possibly harm him is negated. He cannot suffocate, burn, be crushed, or be killed. His only vulnerability is mental attacks, which his helmet protects against (ALL mental attacks). And, so you know, that helmet is bolted on, so you cannot just remove it. Nothing in Naruto can even touch Juggernaut, who has slugged off attacks from Hulk, Thor, Thing, Human Torch, Cyclops, etc. Quicksilver can run at AT LEAST Mach 4, so you know. He blitzes the slower ones. Jean Grey is one of the most powerful psionics who ever lived. That is the reason she could bond with the Phoenix force. *insensitivity*, however the term started, will kill all the team. Some stupid demonic fox means jack shit to somebody who mentally battled Onslaught, Cable, X-Man etc. Cyclops can level mountains with his optic blasts. He COULD take off his visor and everything in front of him goes away. And, I just noticed Bishop. Bishop could probably absorb all the chakra that the Naruto people throw at him, considering he survived an assault by Onslaught. Rogue, of course, can kill people by touching them. Considering how she can FLY, she hovers over the battle and swoops in on somebody distracted for the kill. Here is how the fight will probably go down: All the Naruto team attacks Juggernaut, who laughs, until one of them decides to use of or other of their tricks. Within four seconds, everybody has been *insensitivity* But, hey, let's do this your way. Naruto is not, because somehow the Kyuubi is stronger than everyone else than Jean has mentally battled. So, that leaves the entire X-Men vs. Naruto. Yeah, Juggernaut or Cyclops kills Naruto. Jean, Cyclops, Juggernaut solo, or with help, whatever way you want it.
  18. Because somehow they can resist the mind-attacks of at LEAST an Alpha-level mutant? Well, forget Jean. Quicksilver probably runs faster than anybody in Naruto and could probably blitz one or two before being taken out. And NOBODY on the Naruto team, or in the Naruto universe, can do anything that will even remotely harm Juggernaut.
  19. Jean Grey solos them all in four seconds. Even without the Phoenix, Jean in her own right is still powerful, and capable of mind-raping all the Nartuo cast.
  20. You guys know we have TWO RP boards on the forums right? Why are you RPing on the battle boards, or here on rumbles, for that matter?
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