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  1. The Sith Academy on Korriban was full of Masters and students. And the first cutscene on Korriban showed a student killing three people with Force Lightning instantly. Now, if a student is capable of Force Lightning at such levels, how about the rest of the Masters at that academy? And it's not like we see Palpatine single-handedly exterminating all the Jedi at the Jedi Temple.
  2. Wait, I got it! 90210 and Gossip Girl!
  3. You can only get banned for trolling, to my knowledge. What you did was definitely not trolling.
  4. Yet that same article says the Mandalorians were still a fighting force in the Sith-Imperial War
  5. This is the internet. I've been flamed on Gamespot for a technical glitch. Everything can lead to flame wars.
  6. Anakin had the highest Force Potential of all time. The reason he did not become more powerful than everybody was because he was a cyborg. The Force could not flow through him completely. Lumiya hints at it. And I doubt Obi-Wan would be thinking of Revan at a time when they were stuck on Tatooine. Don't belittle Revan's tactical ability, either. The "idiot" Mandalorians survived for thousands of years with an intact culture, and managed to outlast the Old Republic, the Galactic Empire, the New Republic, the Galactic Alliance, and the Yuuzhan Vong, while participating in every major war in Galactic history. Remember, Jango and his clone were Mandalorians, and they could kill Jedi. Excuse me, none of the game suggests he is powerful? What about the part where he defeats a Dark Jedi with a Vibroblade and no Force Powers? Or how he fought his way through all the Sith on Korriban? Or how he defeated the Force Ghost of Ajunta Pull? Or how he defeated Darth Malak, while the latter was draining Force energy from the Starforge? And, after analyzing the quote you posted, I realized that it only stated Palpatine was the most powerful of the Sith AFTER the implementation of the Rule of Two. The Sith older than the Rule of Two are not included in the scope of the quote.
  7. God, I remember this. So awesome. But I got one. I don't have scans with me, but I think you know it. The final scene from "Superman: Red Son" Lex Luthor defeats Superman with a sentence. "Why don't you just put the whole world in a bottle, Superman?"
  8. Actually, He Who Fights Monsters has a point. Contemporary Force users never demonstrated feats comparable to the things that Old Republic Sith did...
  9. Vader will DIE if his armor is destroyed. He used the Force to change its direction and slow it down so it wouldn't fall on him. If he hadn't, he probably would have died. He does. When Palpatine was reborn and tried to take over Anakin Solo's body, Han shot him in the back. Dead. See, basically, this states that Palpatine managed to gain control of the galaxy in an underhanded and deceitful way; not through using massive Force power to freak everyone into obeying him. And you can interpret that text as Palpatine being the strongest of the TWO Sith, not of all Sith in history. If you will notice, Starkiller is hanging right over Palpatine, who is unarmed, while Vader is far, far away. Palpatine is BEATEN, and Starkiller is about to kill him, but Kota convinces him not to. Palpatine would have let himself be killed, to turn Starkiller to the Dark Side. Unless Palpatine now knows a Force Technique that lets him deflect a Lightsaber with his hands. They are SITH. SITH! They gain strength from pain, from injury, from anger. Every Sith from Revan to Krayt has shown something similar, where they are injured, yet will ignore the pain completely because of something more important. In this case, that they had started a rebellion and now their relationship was strained to breaking point. Case in point, the entire Legacy of the Force series. Caedus is injured again and again, yet will either keep on fighting or rush somewhere because they are in a Space Battle, and his neck injuries are not so important.
  10. Wow, the person who posted this list probably thinks that those Supermen are actually the most powerful beings in existence. The Celestials solo. The Ultimate Nullifier solos. The Illuminati could solo if they used the Infinity Gems. The Living Tribunal solos. Eternity solos. Death solos. Galactus could solo if full. The list goes on and on...
  11. First of, Starkiller BEAT Vader. And Palpatine. If you read the FU Novel, or actually played Force Unleashed, you would know this. If he hadn't, why exactly was Vader's armor ripped apart, why didn't Vader help his master when Starkiller was fighting him, and why did Palpatine wait until Starkiller turned his back to him before attacking? Moving a Star Destroyer sized vessel is something I haven't seen Vader do, or Palpatine, so how exactly is this not an impressive feat? And Palpatine never manifested the kind of Force Potential Luke or Vader had, and if he was so powerful, how did Han Solo manage to kill him? Galen Marek was never Sith, though. He defeated the two Sith Lords when he became a Jedi, so he isn't actually supposed to be a contender. If Starkiller isn't a contender, it would have to be Darth Caedus. He is probably the most knowledgeable of all the Sith, and the one with the greatest knowledge of Force Techniques. I'll remember this if Starkiller is indeed still alive in Force Unleashed 2.
  12. I guess if this was pre-Odin Force Thor, the Empire could bombard the planet until it was slag, but after that... Yeah, Tony hacks the Star Destroyers, and the Decepticons, and solos.
  13. Sorry, I meant Faster Than Light movement. The thing about the Speed Force is, The Guardians and the Monitors still beat it out. So, in DC, I would say Willpower (the thing the Guardians work on) is the strongest. For Marvel, the answer is probably Power Cosmic. And the Force is less of a power and more of a religious deity. Of course, none of the above are actually powers, but more like Forces.
  14. First off, I doubt that the Geass will affect a being who has stood against COSMICS! GR has no will to speak of, because he is an abstract entity, the representation of vengeance. It would be like asking the Wind to drink a Coke. Anyway, the most powerful hero abilities are either FTL travel, or time-travel.
  15. The word is strength. Strength Not who is more powerful, but who is stronger.
  16. Here is the list of Supermen: Superman Prime (with the Monitor/Cosmic Armor) Superman-Prime (DC One Million) Kal Kent (5th Dimensional Queen Powered Superman) Superman-Prime Sun-Dipped Modern Superman The first one is faster than the Saiyans (alot faster), so could probably blitz them all. This is the guy who defeated Ion (a weak version, and through a plot device, albeit) and killed Anti-Monitor (a weakened one, but he still made the killing blow). Superman-Prime from DC1Million could presumably solo all DBZ characters at once. Kal Kent is above Superman-Prime, so he wins. And didn't Superman-Prime like, beat the crap out of Mr. Myx? He got Guardian powers, so he could win if this was that version. And Sun-Dipped Superman defeated Imperiex, didn't he?
  17. If Vader had never been horribly disfigured, it would be him. If Starkiller is still uber-god force user in FU2, him. Palpatine is over-rated, in my oppinion.
  18. What? No, second highest grossing movie of all time is Titanic, followed by Return of the King, then Dead Man's Chest. Two of the above won. No, they won out of the effort it took to make the movies. Titanic basically rebuilt the ship, so they won for that. All LOTR movies were shot at the same time, so they won for that. And Avatar revolutionized the effects industry, so it will most likely win for that. And Heath Ledger won the Oscar because he was dead. I don't like it when people think he was actually the best supporting actor of that year.
  19. Both the Stranger and Beyonder said that Hulk had no limit to his strength. Also, please note that Gladiator, although capable of defeating Hulk, does not do so on the merits of his strength, but rather his speed. In a pure test of strength, Gladiator's confidence WILL waver, while Hulk's anger will only grow. Sorry if I did not notice, but I can't go looking for debates amidst topics that look like RP's. And Hulk has pwned Thor as well, so that's not really and argument. The flying through the sun thing? Yeah, Hulk has stood against Human Torch's Nova Flame, which burns HOTTER than the sun, without a scratch. Gladiator is NOT Surfer's equal, the fight against Tyrant is proof of that. I cannot even see the scans you posted of that. Wonder Man isn't all that strong. That scan means nothing. Gladiator WILL defeat Hulk, but he is NOT stronger.
  20. The first four Supermen are more powerful than all the Gokus combined.
  21. American Idol should do a crossover with Dancing with the Stars...
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