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  1. Were they? Never really checked.
  2. See, it's very simple. Galactic Empire uses the vast manufacturing of the Imperium to mass produce Sun Crushers and Galaxy Guns. After which, they destroy every planet with Flood presence, as well as the Eldar and Tau. Everybody else is a non-factor except the Necrons, who upon realizing that there is so much life in the universe, proceed to eradicate it all.
  3. If you want a PC RPG, go no further than this. Fallout New Vegas Bethsheda will most likely once again turn out a masterpiece in gaming.
  4. I always feel that whatever I write is either rushed or unoriginal.
  5. Artemis, do me a HUGE favor and submit your match first, please. Once I see what you've written, I'll know how to make a better match. @Tarvius. So, we can ALL vote? Even the competitors? Wouldn't the "Bias" category help swing the vote so we face whom we want in the next round? Then again, if it's a public voting, then that works both ways...
  6. First things first, I'd like to correct you all. My name is spelled in lowercase letters only. But I digress. I won't be surprised if I lose to: treacherous Dark Ranger X Shockwave They are the only people with more experience than me. I expect close-matches with: Technomancer Marvel Man Skirmisher Nova Force Nova I_KNOW_ALL Hugo Fowl Beast93Boy I haven't read the material of the rest of the competitors, so I cannot judge. I leave it to them. @Marvel Man. The reason I haven't been writing CBUB matches was because of school, personal problems, and the FPL. But hey, I'm coming back, am I not? @Tarvius Please don't face me up against treacherous in the first round. I'd hate to be out right away
  7. I'll like manga as much as other comics when Alan Moore decides to write a satire for Shounen Jump. Or when Naruto finishes. Whichever comes first.
  8. Toss-up between Bullseye and Deadshot. Deadshot has points for range on which to carry the assassination out, but Bullseye could do it with anything anywhere within his arm's throwing range.
  9. Manhattan is neither omnipotent nor omniscient. And Thanos and Darkseid pull crap right under the nose of their respective Gods.
  10. Fact: I can think of only ten other people I have ever met who like Rush. Those ten are such rabid fanboys and so loyal in their devotion they make me want to cry (tears of joy) Rush is like a cult, man. How can you hate cults? Edit: I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Alanis Morrisette!
  11. Why do Canadians bother with ANYBODY except Rush?
  12. Read the topic. It says who is more brilliant in their "plots." Scarlett Witch did not plot to do all the House of M stuff. It was all Pietro's fault. He should be on the list.
  13. This was the first time I realized his name WASN'T ricery.
  14. FFXIII should be on the top of ANY must get list.
  15. What if Darkseid hadn't jobbed all those years? Man, he would have ben so awesome. What if Suprman learned that his morals are his greatest weakness? What if Batman actually got old?
  16. RBB seems to subscribe to my philosophy that reality is based on the perception of the majority. Thus, the person that affects more minds affects the universe more. And since nobody remembers The End...
  17. People STATE that X-Man is as strong as Phoenix. STATE it. He has never demonstrated it. Thus, he is not. If we took what people stated, then Doomsday is faster than Flash, and Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns.
  18. What RBB does not understand is that "impact" does not solely revolve around what you see in main story lines. Thanos caused the entire "Infinity" line of series (Crusade, Abyss, Gauntlet, and War) which impacted EVERYONE.
  19. Dark Phoenix IS the Phoenix Force. The manifestation of all psionic energy in the multiverse... Yeah, she wins.
  20. You're asking for difference? Marvel: The End. He used the HoTU to recreate the Universe, which was on the brink of self-annihilation.
  21. Gah, I hate elaborating! Why don't people just take my word for everything? Well, anyway, the two polls ask: A.) Who is more brilliant in their plots and B.) Who has caused more lasting damage in their universe. Well, Thanos obviously takes A, because the only person who ever foils his plans is himself, meaning they are so brilliant they cannot fail without his intervention. And he obviously takes B, because guys like Doom, Luthor, Joker, they think too small to do lasting damage. Darkseid, maybe, if he actually got out more and started doing things. Thanos, meanwhile, has achieved omnipotence four times, killing how many people every time.
  22. Steve Rogers will be revived sooner or later, so the question is pointless.
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