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  1. Here are some reasons on why Rap Sucks!# 1. Anyone can make up a rap song and scratch a record. It takes skill to know how to play a guitar or drums, and it takes a lot of practice. And to prove that anyone can make a song, here is mine...Rap SucksAnd it is only listened to by schmucksEveryone thinks its coolBut they are only a fool# 2. Rap songs are all about violence, drugs, and other bad stuff in the world and how to do it. While on the other hand, rock sings about violence, drugs, and other bad stuff, but they tell you how to deal with them.# 3. Everyone that listens to rap are posers. They do not make their own trends, they only follow them. While rock fans make their own trends. Rock fans are not ashamed to dress like freaks. It makes them individuals. Everyone that listens to rap dresses alike (FuBu cloths, yankees cap, etc.), and talks alike (wazzup dawg, jigga, etc.). Rock fans just dress in black. That's it. Nothing else! Anything else, and they have done it individually!# 4. All rap songs sound alike. Enough said.# 5. Rap videos are degrading to women (alright, I am a guy, and I am not really complaning, but it is true). They insult all people of different races and sexes different from them. Just look at a DMX rap video...ever see a white person (or anyother race in them)?# 6. Ever been to a rap concert? Hundreds of police around, and your getting frisked worse then a White House Intern!!!# 7. What is one of the best things at a rock concert? A MOSH PIT!!! If you even attempt to start a mosh pit at a rap concert, you have a better chance surviving a Mexican Firing Squad then you do surviving a shot from the person next to you.# 8. Who cares how much ice you got or who your dogs are? rap lyrics are just people talkin s**t through ebonics. 1st of all speak english, 2nd people who talk a lot of s**t suck!!!# 9. Rap Sucks becuase rappers sing about how they represent the east side and how he should "bust a cap" on all the west side niggaz....in rock nobody cares where you are from they only care about good music.If you have any good reasons on why rap sucks, we are interested in hearing them. Please e-mail us at [email protected] If it is good enough, it could end up here!

  2. Note: I want to thank the three people who've checked out my blog (Altough, that could just be me. I check on it a lot....)
    I don't think your views count, because you're the author.And, in my opinion, Marvel needs to remake all movies made before Iron Man, to fit with the movieverse.
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