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  1. Dude hasnt

    been seen in over a year.

  2. I didn't know I was older than you!

    Respect your elders boy!

    Oh... and Happy birthday and that other stuff.

  3. If powers were the determining factor in an FPL match, then I doubt any of you would still be here after all these years.
  4. Fanfiction is horrible. It cheapens the characters and plot lines, and when it's not being unfaithful to the original premise of something, it's completely overhauling the work. It's also an excuse to make random sex scenes between characters that have no background or relation. And that's terrible. Nothing worse than seeing beloved characters cheapened in such a fashion (unless it's Japanese, but that's completely different...)
  5. Rest of World>>>>North North America. Spain won. Thank you. That is all.
  6. Right, because a team with 3 big players and a bunch of minimum salary guys could NEVER win the championship... Wait a minute...
  7. For once, I feel no inclination to root for either team. Now that Germany is gone, there isn't anyone to root against either. Ahhhh... I'll cheer for the Netherlands, even though I'm pretty sure Spain has this.
  8. I always root against Brazil. No exceptions. So you can imagine my happiness that they lost. Right now, I'm rooting for any team that isn't Germany. I hate how they think they can waltz all over my Three Lions and get away with it.
  9. If you'd like to read something that DOESN'T contain violence, try Kino's Journey. It was the first manga I ever read, and it's stuck with me all the way till now. Info can be found here.
  10. Who is this "next" Michael Jordan you speak of? Oh, it must be that sad guy on the bench. Finals series tied 1-1. Bet the Lakers wished they had Rajon Rondo right now.
  11. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! :P Celtics win 4-2!!!!! LeBron and the Cavs can SUCK IT!!!! Hahahahaha, go Celtics! Show those Cavs who rules the East!!!! Heheheheheheeee!!! Celtics win!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! :lol:
  12. Mass Effect, Fallout, and their ilk (the WRPG genre) cannot be made into movies because there is too much left to the player in the actual game to generate a universal canon. That being said, movies based on games are a bad idea. Video games are better than movies anyway, so why spend 2 hours watching a fast-forwarded plot when you could be looking for treasure, or leveling up, or something.
  13. I feel like i should reply to this is some form... Ah, here we go. Dura lex, sed lex.
  14. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! All right, finally, a REAL Gaiman movie! Still wish it was American Gods though...
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