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  1. Fishman stretched his fins out over his head, letting out a big yawn. “Muggy tired,” he said laying down, “Muggy sleep.” He waddled over to a nearby mud puddle. He proceeded to take off his leather tunic and folded it. He took his backpack and other loose equipment in a neat pile by the water source (didn’t want to damage his landlubber supplies in the water) and submerged himself in the cool collection of H2O. “Night franns, wake me if I need to be the next watcH.”
  2. Pocketing the remaining two pebbles, the fishman replied, “Yeh, I’ll help out, seems like the right thing to do. We should be quick tho.”
  3. Muggy looks over to Farley, “Would you like a shiny rock, sir?”
  4. “It’s ok, there, there. Death is hard, but it happens in this line of work, I’m told. Was it avoidable? Maybe. But when you antagonize a man with a sword, you have to deal with the consequences. Which one of these are you leaning toward? I really like the blue one, but you can have it if you really want it.”
  5. Muggy goes over to Clara, offers her one of the three pebbles he collected, “Would you like a colored rock, young friend? Would that bring you comfort? You can have one.”
  6. OOC: I'll take the yarn, the pebbles, the Guild Badge, and...thats it.
  7. “I don’t think that’ll be necessary. We’re all friends here.” He goes to his fallen party member’s body, and starts rooting through the pockets. “We’ll need to return this stuff to their family.” (do I find anything nice?)
  8. Muggy is unsure of which horse back here. He does draw a dagger and is ready to defend himself if needed. He regrets not staying back with the Messy Lady at the Messy Lady.
  9. “I solemnly swear that I will resist the urge to put the moves on the bandits.”
  10. “My orders are to sneak-sneak, be alert for danger, and cause a possible distraction with property damage as a last resort, if needed. Understood.”
  11. “On a scale from 1-20, I’m about a 7. I know that sounds low, on that same scale, you’re a 10...wait, so you may be sneakier than me...”
  12. “We do need to decide. Everyone has adequately represented their sides. I think it’s time to vote.”
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