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  1. He was the first character I added to the database here, I love him.
  2. Huh. A Kuma match that I didn’t make. Bizarre.
  3. This is the first time since the reboot that I’ve been competitive. Shout out to Ben Wade and Moon Knight.
  4. Fat Buu is my spirit animal. When I’m clean shaven, I look jus like him.
  5. Whoever chose Jabberjawz and the Neptunes, you win the entire tournament based on this pick alone.
  6. Previous Match: CFPT Enter your Set-Up for the match here: Kuma, the Blithering Bear Bodyguard for Heihachi Mishima, was making quick work of some henchmen in the lobby of this swanky Japanese hotel. He clawed, hugged, and bit numerous low level thugs under the Kingpin’s employ into submission with ease. While he was doing this, his master was up in the penthouse absolutely desolating Wilson Fisk in hand-to-hand combat. Kuma was of course unaware of how the fight was faring several stories above him, his mind was focused on guarding the elevator, as instructed. Once all the goons were down, Kuma heard a shattering coming from outside. He looked out the big window in time to see shards of glass come showering down from above. Something (or someone) had jus gotten thrown out a window, Kuma inferred. While he thought it unlikely that his master had lost, he did decided to go and investigate and see what was plummeting down to their doom. About 50 stories above the falling glass, was the Shocker, who had in fact, been punched out of the window by Heihachi. The building was so high, that he was able to formulate a full plan about how not to die. With the broken bits of window descending with him, he straightened up, making sure his feet were falling first. He then took his Shocker Gauntlets and pointed them at the street below. He let out his concussive blasts to try and slow his decent downward, steering him away from terminal velocity. The gambit worked, and the energy he expended did slow his free fall. The energy beams did viable damage to the streets below, and this is what Kuma saw as he left the lobby. Shocker landed on his feet, thankful that he did not become more intimately acquainted with the pavement. He let out a sigh of relief, and in the next second noticed a grizzly bear towering next to him. “JESUS CHRIST!” Shocker jumped back at the sight. Kuma growled, and if you were able to see the subtitles to this, it would have said something along the lines of, “Hey, I’ve heard of you, you’re one of those D-list American Super villains...uh Quilt Man, right?” “Easy there Cubby,” Shocker tried talking sense to the bandana-ed bear, “No need for anyone to eat anybody today.” He then took that opportunity to shoot a hurried shocking blast at the animal. The beam missed and the bear’s eyes narrowed and snarled, “[I wasn’t planning on eating anyone today, but now that you mention it...I’m quite hungry.” “Help, um, HELP!” he called out for assistance, but the street was empty. He was on his own vs Raging Salmon Master. Speaking of which, Kuma passed a fish stand while stalking his prey and grabbed a massive salmon by its tail, now armed with his own weapon, he was ready to rumble.
  7. X-23 every night of the week and twice on Sundays.
  8. I would rather lose with the people I like, then win with someone I don’t care about.
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