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  1. Season 4 DLC from Tekken 7 re-introdices Tekken Ball Mode from Tekken 3 into the franchise. It's me playing as Josie and my Wife playing as Panda. Which character wins in a 1-v-1 game of sand volleyball? (Match created because their Finishing Moves are both Volleyball /spikes.) Confession FPT Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  2. This was my best round yet! I will always find a way to draft Courage the Cowardly Dog, he’s been my MVP in all these things. Shout out to the Gremlins and Indiana Jones as well for also putting in work.
  3. I uploaded Aslan’s Army 😻 good to see em put to use.
  4. Manmin never thought he’d encounter a nickname that he detested as much as “Hutch”. But the Leonin’s insistence on calling him “Mini” was equally, if not MORE infuriating. But he didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to jeopardize his way off of this cursed vessel. They didn’t seem interested in towing the enemy ship either, so he didn’t push that. Tho not ideal, he was jus grateful for passage out of his former prison. He understood that they did have a set destination, was willing to go along for the ride, and was open to assisting them as well as a thank you for their help. If asked if they should go to Fossilals, he would advise against it. He spent his time trying to familiarize himself with the Adventuring Guild. The Tortleman seemed to be experimenting great loss recently, so Manmin tried to keep him company while he fished. When around the Leonin, he would try to subtly try to insinuate that he was not a fan of the nickname. But it persisted. There seemed to be romance blossoming between the swordsman and the cooking girl, he didn’t get in the way of that. The bard was good company, and also seemed to be a recent addition to the group. And then there was their pledge. As irrational as she was, Manmin couldn’t help but find her endearing, in a kid sister type way. And he wasn’t scared of the magic bot because he was a wizard and he understood magic stuff.
  5. Dr. Cortex takes Ozy, puts him in the Cortex-Vortex, fuses him to his pre-historic cat and makes him the general of his army of mutants. Yes. I am biased.
  6. I deff have an idea in mind, I jus haven’t done it yet.
  7. Hutch was examining the Healer’s badge and trying figure out why they were talking about monkeys, when he was asked the question. He recounted to his liberators how he was investigating some shady characters who were potentially responsible for smuggling items in and out of the city, illegally. While spying on them from behind an adjacent warehouse, the pirate wizard got the drop on him, smacking him upside the head with the magic draining chains. And that he woke up here, and tortured for who knows how many days. “This entire ship is a floating crime scene, as far as I’m concerned,” he relayed to them, “I don’t know if your ship would be capable of towing this contraband transport, but-“ he interrupted himself mid-thought- “OH SHIT!” The stopped the conversation dead in its tracks and started looking around the deck for something. ”My spellbook! They took my spellbook! Where did they put it? It’s, uh, it’s red leather, and, uh.” He felt naked without it. (OOC: Rolls investigation, gets a 22.) He very quickly found his backpack, he looked through it and all of his belongings were accounted for. Embarrassed at his previous outburst, he silently slipped the straps over his shoulders. “I apologize, where were we?”
  8. So far, the new group that had found him seemed like friendlies. He questioned whether they were interested in freeing him or jus interested in the properties of his bindings. Either way he’d be grateful to get out. He tried to communicate where the key was, but was unable to die the chain on his mouth. But one of them, without any aid, was able to find it and reach it with her feather duster. The chain, after days and days of constricting around his limbs finally fell. He took his first gasp of air that wasn’t filled with the taste of iron. And shot up to standing, in order stretch his poor legs. “Thank, thank you,” while he had been released, he was still leery of their intentions, but didn’t want to play his hand too soon. They had noticed his badge already, so they did see his name, so he decided to introduce himself. “I am Inquisitor Manmin Hutchinson of Windclast City Watch, I thank you for releasing me. I must ask, how is it that we came to have similar enemies?”
  9. Name: Inquirer Manmin "Hutch" Hutchison - Age: 152 Race: Deep Gnome // Class: Wizard // Background: Criminal Backstory: Don't call him "Hutch". Inquisitor Manmin Hutchinson is not like most Svirfneblin (Deep Gnomes). He was not raised in the Underdark, his parents migrated to the above ground choosing to take refuge in a metropolitan area. As a kid, he doesn't fit neatly anywhere in above world society. Even his Gnomen brethren don't view him kindly do to his World Below origin. He kept his head down and studied, put his Gnomish Intelligence to good use and graduated from schooling with flying colors. In a move that shocked his family, he joined the City Watch. His parents didn't envision their studious son joining law enforcement. He quickly rose above the lowly uniformed station and became their equivalent of a detective. Due to jealously and prejudice from the Watchmen he was promoted past, he gained the Nickname "Hutch" which he hates. Some of his associates are sketchy, he associates with flea-ridden criminals so he can be abreast of what the criminal underworld is talking about. Fellow city watch try to use these bonds to frame him as a dirty cop, but he ain't. Due to his not great life, Hutch had every opportunity to become an edgelord asshole. But he decided to take his smarts and use it to help people instead. Though his social circle is nearly non-existent, its not like he's opposed to the idea of friends. He is jus too engrossed in his work. He uses the vast majority of his free time still working cases. Like the case he was working down by the docks, investigating smuggled goods. It was late at night and he was kidnapped by pirates. And no one in the city has seen him since. AC: 13 // HP: 6 // INT: +3 // SPE: 25 // DV: 120 Strength: 5 Durability: 5 Agility: 9 Intelligence: 10 Luck: 8 Charisma: 8 Abilities: Arcane Recovery, Gnome Cunning, Stone Camouflage Proficient: Quarterstaff, Dragon Chess Set, Deception, Insight, Investigation, Stealth Languages: Common, Gnomish, Undercommon Spells: +7 to Hit, DC 15 to Save Cantrips: Dancing Light's Gust, Shocking Grasp Items: Scholar's Pack, Crowbar, Orb, Quarterstaff, Dragon Chess Set
  10. What the group of adventures did not know, was that in one of corners of the lower decks, cast in shadow, was a small figure chained to a chair. The small humanoid had obsidian black skin and, in stark contrast, white-pupil-less eyes. He was bound in a thick, iron wrought chains that had been enchanted to suppress magic. The chain wrapped each of his legs to a different front leg on the chair, it was brought around his torso several times, and was even occupying in the space in between his upper and lower jaw, rendering him to one communicate in jumbled gargles. The taste of the metal was the only taste that had graced his taste buds during his entire captivity. The pirate's prisoner was wearing a trench-coat that proudly displayed a badge. The badge read, "Inquisitor of City Watch, Manmin Hutch". The pirates took him while he was investing their illegal imports. They got the jump on him and took his unconscious body with them. He had lost count of how many days he had been abducted from their previous port and bound here. They didn't seem to want any information out of him, only coming down to beat him up occasionally. But now the scenario had changed. He could tell this was the quiet after the storm. It was quite likely there was a change in management. He heard the whole commotion above deck. The jaw jacking, the explosions, and the whole brouhaha. And now it was quiet. The shuffling above was different then the noises the pirates made before, indicating that the invaders had won. His initial captors had been really tough, and now Hutch wondered what new kind of warriors he'd be dealing with. If they ever found him. Were these saviors or simply a much more sinister evil? Well, if they searched the ship hard enough he was gonna find out. And he was literally defenseless to get out of his predicament on his own (he had tried everything and was weak from hunger) and hoped that whatever entity encountered him would be benevolent enough to let him out.
  11. As the intruding vessel approached, Muggy’s first inclination was to get Erine the FORK out of there. He turned, grabbed her hand, and started trying to lead her below deck, “Come on frann, lessgetchu safe.” He was attempting to lead her the only room he was aware of on the ship that had a lock, the Captain’s Quarters. (OOC: He would attempt to do this in an efficient and swift manner, also potentially some sort of Persuasion check to convince her it was the right thing to do.)
  12. Muggy had previously been preparing to spare with Clara. But she was sucked into the sky. He initially blamed the Magic Boat and began attacking, “What did you do with my friend, Magic Boat!?” He took out his dagger and started jabbing at the nearest sand bag. He was so into that, that he didn’t even notice the new arrival until they had started strumming on the lute. “Wait, Drondos did what now?” he spoke as a bit of sand shifted out of the napping hole he jabbed into it. He whistled as he put his knife back non-chalantry. Then Farley poses his question about their employer, “He’s got to be some kind of Wizard, the more I learn about this magic stuff, the more I-“ Then Corvo whistled and drew their attention to the side of the ship. Muggy rushed to the side to look toward the disturbance, re-drawing his dagger. OOC: (Perhaps I can roll some Nature or Perception check to see if I know anything in the water. I am from the water so I may have advantage or proficiency?)
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