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  1. I'm going to do a comparison for some units for this. First off, lets look at GDI vs Empire: Infantry: Rifleman Squad vs Stormtrooper Platoon -Both cost 300 resource points, but the rifleman squad only comes with 6 soldiers and the stormtroopers platoon comes with 18 stormtroopers(2 sqds of 9 each). Assuming that they are roughly equal soldier for soldier once the rifleman squad has been upgraded, this still leaves GDI at a disadvantage in numbers. Missile Squad vs DTP II -While the Empire unit isnt available at the start like the missile squad, the DTP IIs are the closest to filling the same role, being anti-vehicle units that can hit both ground and air targets. Also, like the missile squad, the DTP IIs have two members per squad. However, they arent an official squad like the missile squad and thus you can order each DTP II to attack different targets or move to different locations are whatever. Early game is obviously in favor of the missile squads and I'll admit thats a decent edge, but once their available, the DTP IIs have jumppacks(which unlike those on the ZTs can cross a map in one go) and superior firepower and armor to the missile squads. Grenadier Squad vs Dark Troopers Phase I -Both are anti-infantry specialists and both seem to be available at roughly the same stage of play(around mid game or a little earlier). However, the grenadiers have longer range, an area of effect and can clear garrisons. The DTP I on the other hand, is faster, but has to get into melee range, and whether or not it can clear a garrison is debatable(I'd say yes, since the Imperial Warriors in RA3---not TibWars, but still a CNC series game---can clear garrisons with an anti-inf melee attack). Regardless, the grenadiers seem to have the advantage here. Zone Troopers vs Dark Trooper Phase III -Both are late stage, really powefull infantry. The zone troopers come 4 per squad while the DTP III comes one at a time. However, the DTP III is incredibly powerfull, especially once deployed with its rocket barrage launcher. It also has a wrist mounted automatic blaster that is very good against infantry. They also have jumppacks, like those of the DTP IIs. All in all, I'd say a squad of zone troopers and a DTP III is probably about a 50/50 matchup, except that I'm pretty sure the DTP III can hit aircraft. Sniper Team vs Scout Troopers -I know, this isnt as natural of a matchup, but the Scout Troopers, while mount on speeder bikes, dont count as infantry in EaW, and both of these units(snipers and scouts) can fill the role of an infantry recon unit. While they are different enough to be hard to compare, I'd probably give the edge to the sniper team simply because the Scout Troopers job can be fulfilled by vehicles, unlike the sniper's. Commando vs Palpatine, Vader, Boba Fett and/or Mara Jade -Going by the rules of the OP, each of the three Imp factions will only have at most 2 of these at a time. Still, while the commando is has the bombs and a powerful attack against infantry, they really dont seem to be anywhere near the kind of combat monster that Vader and Palpatine are. Also, both Palpatine and Mara can turn enemy troops through force corrupt. Boba Fett has the flamethrower which should be effective, even against the commando, but the commando has better range than the flamethrower(not Fett's only weapon). All in all, I'd say the commando wins against Fett and Jade(assuming he defeats Jade before she just force corrupts him) and loses against Palpatine and Vader. Vehicles: Pitbull vs AT-ST -The recon vehicles. The pitbull is good against aircraft and vehicles, while the AT-ST is good against infantry, light vehicles and turrets. The pitbull has the advantage of being able to detect stealth, but the AT-ST is more powerfull thanks to its barrage area ability. Also the AT-ST is cheaper being four for 900, compared to the pitbull being one for 700. APC vs Juggernaut -The armored transports. The APC has several advantages: its gun can hit ground targets and air targets, the infantry stationed in it can shoot from it, and it can lay mines. The juggernaut on the other hand can shoot down missiles as well as attacking ground targets. But more importantly it is bigger and can carry more infantry squads. The APC is cheaper at one for 700 opposed to the juggernaut transport at one for 1350. Slingshot vs AT-AA -The dedicated anti-air vehicles. Both are pretty powerfull versus aircraft and the slingshot is faster and more maneuverable. However, the AT-AA has a missile jamming feature that helps protect itself and nearby units from missiles. I dont remember how much the slingshot costs but it comes one at a time as opposed to the AT-AA which comes three for 675. Rig vs MDU -The mobile defense units. The rig has the clear advantage being able to defend against ground and air when deployed and able to redeploy to keep advancing. The MDU cannot be undeployed once deployed and can only have one defense option. The MDU is cheaper though, being two for 1100 as opposed to the rig which is one for 2000. Shatterer vs TIE Mauler -The two special tech vehicles. The shatterer fires a sonic blast that can defeat multiple targets, including ones behind others, and is especially usefull against vehicles. The TIE Mauler is a self destruct vehicle, but its also extremely fast and very lethal against infantry. I dont remember how much the shatterer is, though it comes one at a time, but the TIE Mauler is five for 1000. Juggernaut vs SPMA-T -The artillery vehicles. Both are powerfull and have good range, but the juggernaut is significantly tougher. It also has the advantage of snipers being able to target it for enough range to cover over half a map. However the SPMA-T is cheaper at three for 1100 opposed to the juggernaut at one for 2200. Predator Tank vs 2-M Repulsor Tank -The main battle tanks. The predator is armed with a 150mm cannon that can be upgraded to a rail cannon; the repulsor is armed with a blaster cannon and 2 automatic blasters. The predator's gun is probably more powerfull than the repulsor's heavier weapon, especially when upgraded. But the repulsor can hit aircraft as well as ground vehicles, making it effective against infantry and aircraft, as well as vehicles. It is also faster and more maneuverable, being a hover tank. Also, the repulsor is cheaper at four for 1200 as opposed to the predator at one for 1100. Mammoth Tank vs AT-AT -The superheavy vehicles. Both are incredibly tough and pack a lot of firepower and have upgrades to make them even more awesome. However, the mammoth tank has air defense with its missiles and is faster and more maneuverable. Plus its turreted. The AT-AT however, has a longer range, faster rate of fire and can deploy troops. The AT-AT is cheaper at 1600, as opposed to the mammoth at 2500(both for one), but the mammoth builds quicker. All in all, these two are probably pretty close to equal. MARV vs Colonel Veers -The epic vehicles. MARV is a gigantic landship in the form of a tank equipped with railguns, able to garrison troops, and able to process tiberium. It is bigger and tougher than anything that the Empire has and anything else that GDI has. Colonel Veers is commanding a sooped up AT-AT, that seems to be somewhat tougher than normal ones. But the big deal is, maximum firepower, which can dang near destroy anything, buildings included, in single attacks or little more. It is the most powerfull weapon on a mobile unit of anything involved in this tourney, easily. Like normal AT-ATs, it also has incredible range, dang near equal to that of artillery, and can deploy stormtroopers from within it. Aircraft: Firehawk vs n/a -The firehawk is GDI's fighter/bomber. Unfortunately, the Empire has no dedicated fighters, nor bombers outside of support powers. Orca vs Lancet -The ground attack aircraft. The lancet seems tougher and more powerfull and doesnt have to reloard. However, the orca is faster and more maneuverable. Thunderhawk vs n/a -The light air transport. Again, GDI has no equivalent
  2. He'll probably just flash the psychic paper to show that he is, in fact, already registered with them, and has full clearance too.
  3. I just watched the entire 2002 series and was impressed by how much fun the series got about mid-way through Season 1 and how great Season 2 was. He-Man might actually be stronger than Diana, or at least have better strength feats than her, given in his first appearance he basically lifts a small mountain as a shield for him and his allies, and in Season 2 he threw something that had to weight hundreds if not thousands of tons from Eternia to the Sun. The combat skills would make for an entertaining fight. He-Man might make a good fight for JLU Superman.
  4. He-Man as he was at the end of his series (ie, Snake Armor) versus Wonder Woman from the Justice League/Unlimited series. Who takes it?
  5. I give the set-up "It's Good". I vote for Dachande.
  6. Chalk this up as a win for everyone, by virtue of the win by the preds.
  7. Yeah, sadly Edward is likely just as strong and tough as RoboCop, if not moreso, while being faster and more agile. I don't see how this fight ends well for Robocop.
  8. This. Creepy, but in a cool way.
  9. I'd say Alex. The Prototype seemed more versatile in what kind of attacks he could pull out, was stronger, at least as fast, and could take a lot more damage from what I know of Warblade.
  10. Submitted and waiting list: Richard (Looking For Group) Dex-Starr Kir Kanos Youko Nakajima Cutter Skywise Nathan Never Zagor Gabriel Angelos Eri Kasamoto
  11. Yeah, end of the series Avatar, but neither one of those will really come into play. Katara can only bloodbend on a full moon, and energy bending requires a completely helpless opponent to work.
  12. One of Father's alchemy experiments cause a dimensional breach that brings the Avatar heroes to the FMA world. Team Avatar escapes into Central, causing unintentional chaos as they make a break for it, and the following Alchemists are ordered to contain them. The Alchemists: Ed Elric Al Elric Roy Mustang Alex Armstrong VS Team Avatar: Aang Katara Saka Zuko Toph Does Team Avatar win and escape, or do the Alchemists bring them in?
  13. Skeletor's latest plan to defeat He-Man involves the planet Quasar, where there exists a fighting force that might be able to defeat him. Skeletor teleports He-Man the planet, and then uses sublte mind magic to make Zandor think that He-Man is a the latest threat of the week that needs to be overcome. As such, Zandor will not stop fighting He-Man until either he or the entire Herculoids are taken down. So can He-Man and Battlecat defeat Zandor, Zok, Igoo, Tundro, Gloop and Gleep?
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