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  1. Umm... I don't think you are supposed to talk about that.
  2. My team was going to be badass too!
  3. So right before the news hit about the coming apocalypse, I was talking with Dskillz about putting together a fund raiser as a way to thank Fox for all his hard work he had put in over the years but in the last few months particularly. After hearing that that the site was closing down I thought we were to late but after thinking about it I made a small donation anyway. Just because he is closing the Electicferret down doesn't change that fact that Fox has worked his ass off for us. I only sent $10 because I am a poor bastard but I encourage everyone to do the same as a real way of saying thank you. Maybe if we all chip in, he can get that typewriter he has always wanted.
  4. Loki didn't do very good vs Hulk. I Dont think he would do any better vs zod.
  5. I added the Dothraki from Game of Thrones. I hope I did it right.
  6. Well done Movie-Brat. I was hoping someone would add some Pacific Rim soon. The other robots will be a nice addition too. On my next day off I'm going to add some Game of Thrones characters. (If I can pull myself away from the Xbox.)
  7. badpierce


    Which studio has the rights? You could turn mass effect into a huge franchise if done right. The overall story of the first game is the same. I'm sure he won't kill rex at the beach. Lol.
  8. badpierce


    An instant classic. Can a sharknado be in the database?
  9. It would be cool to see them vs the shield. I'm sure it will happen soon.
  10. Good ppv. I didn't see ether of those guys winning the ladder match. I hope Randy Orton turns heel.
  11. I am a sucker for a good tournament. I Dont know who Alucald is though so I will wait to vote until I do some research.
  12. badpierce


    Wow, I thought Pacific Rim was amazing. I Dont see how you could make a giant robot movie any better. Great casting. Some of my favorite cable TV actors. Charlie day stole the show. Ending could haven been better. It was about as generic of an ending as you could have. Best movie of the summer so far.
  13. Defiance from the TV show Defiance. Built on the ruins of old st. Louis. 7 other alien races living with humans after a war. Its a cool show.
  14. If you had a choice, would you rather live in the City of Defiance or Terra Nova? And why?
  15. Anyone playing NCAA football 14 yet? I am going to start a dynasty Xbox next week if anyone is down.
  16. badpierce


    USA today said it did 38 million. Unless you are talking world wide
  17. badpierce


    I watched it and die hard 5 back to back the other day and liked last stand much more. Kinda a throw back to simpler action movies. Die hard 5 sucked! Im excited to see Pacific Rim this week. I think that movie will be good for the Database too!
  18. I agree, I think this will be the end for Ultimate. I will be interesting to see if they bring anyone to the 616 after this is done. Myles maybe? Spiderman 2099?
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