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  1. Depends on what version of Palpatine we're talking about I suppose. WankPalpatine from the Dark Empire series could teleport across the galaxy and swallow entire fleets in a gigantic force storm.
  2. So in other words, an honest debate?
  3. Most people couldn't be assed to distinguish Dragon Ball from any number of nearly identical anime where spikey haired people do big energy beam things. In 30 years nobody is going to remember that it ever existed By contrast, Starwars is a cultural icon that's at least recognized throughout pretty much the entire developed world. Despite being first released 40 years ago, our pop culture is utterly saturated with symbols and themes from the movies. Everybody knows the Death Star, or the Millennium Flacon or Darth Vader. Such a comparison isn't even fair.
  4. If they get their hands on Wolverine, X-force is very, very *vulgarity*ed.
  5. Yet it's my understanding that he's been recently stripped of his powers has he not? Also, what is it with you guys and aversion to feats? If somebody told me the Imperium had a trillion worlds, or could pop planets with their point defence guns, I'd damn well ask for some evidence or feats. Comics are no different.
  6. The solution here seems relatively simple: What's Mr. M's single greatest feat? Did it take him much (if any) effort? Was he under any limitations? Just ask these questions of any of these 'omnipotent' characters in question and we should have our answer.
  7. Actually the amount of energy Thor would be receiving from any supernova would be less then what he would from a fully charged superlaser by several orders of magnitude due to his size alone.
  8. B-....billions....do know what a 5 petawatt laser is capable of right? What it's effects are? I don't remember the last time Iron Man fired off a 230+PETATON explosion with any of his weapons. Not doubting you, but I've never heard of something like that happening. And yet their weapons failed to demonstrate anything that so much as approaches nuclear level, let alone anything required to so much as tickle an escort. It's no exaggeration to say that a single frigate could slaughter the bulk of the annihilation wave without significantly damaging it's outer void shields.
  9. Most other sites call this 'evidence'. Uh huh. Still not seeing any feats or links, or really anything other then claims about 'reality warping' as if it's some kind of be-all-end-all. All psykers are reality warping, so by your logic I could say that every astropath in the fleet could toss earth into the warp and call it a day (actually that could be an option of last resort if one ship decides to overload it's warp reactor). But then you'd ask for feats wouldn't you? Isn't Franklin Richards still a little kid or something? Somehow I doubt the effective reaction time of a 10 year old, especially when his parents and everybody around him is screaming at him to try accomplish something he likely wouldn't understand. What's the worst X-Man has ever taken down? Not so sure about the rest. You are aware of what kind of strength blowing up and bashing around Imperial warships calls for right? Neither Ironman, nor Thor have ever demonstrated abilities that hint at low level nuclear releases of energy, let alone the scale required to actually make a shipmaster regard their efforts with anything more then mild concern. The Annihilation wave was rather pathetic, and had the weapons to show for it. Even mass bombardment did little more then bust up buildings and cities. 40k bombardments regularly melt the crusts of planets in a matter of hours at most, and that's not even getting into their strategic weapons. And that's just the Imperium. You literally have no idea of how scary Necrons are do you?
  10. Based on what? You haven't given any feats for any of these people beyond the fact that 'they're reality warpers' as if it's some kind of automatic no-limits power. I highly doubt that these people will be able to stop each and every single ship in the fleet before they start pounding earth with continent flattening ordinance.
  11. Err...the only time Scarlet Witch has ever attempted something on that scale (to my recollection) was when she has her little nervous freakout and spazed away most of the mutant population. As for the rest I don't really know their feats.
  12. Maybe not. Or at least not for long. In any case, I'd think that the impact of 200 Nova Cannons suddenly slamming into North America would throw off their concentration at least temporarily. Also, your zombie-rapey face is going to give me nightmares.
  13. Actually Gellar fields are in place to mitigate just that sort of thing in the Warp (which is where 1+1=face eating gribbly monster). Whether they'd keep out some of the high level people is questionable, but it would certainly make things much more difficult then making them all go poof.
  14. I'm still not sure how any of this is supposed to help him, or anybody else when it would take the fleet all of seconds to remove North America, and the crust it sits on from the face of the planet.
  15. Uh huh.....so they're clearly much much stronger then we saw them to be in every observable instance......because? Or are you trying to suggest that the Heralds were holding back for some reason?
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