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  1. One thing that dissapoints me about the comments is that everyone pretty much assumes that all three of them are human. The match is written in a way that makes it ambigous wether either of them are the Thing in disguise, so this match is supposed to make you wonder if any of them is the Thing in disguise. Assuming that all three of them are human is the wrong way to go. Remember, The Thing is out there, and is preying on the characters, so I really hope to see more comments that wonder if any of them is infected by the Thing.
  2. In the original short story "Who Goes There?", the one that "The Thing" is heavily based on, The Thing tries to use an axe on the scientists as soon as it infects one of the people there. And in the Dark Horse Comics continuation of the movie (called "The Thing From Another World"), as soon as the Thing infects one of the Navy SEALS, it uses an assault rifle against both the SEALS and MacReady (and blows up an helicopter with said assault rifle). So yes, the Thing does use weapons.
  3. So, according to the OP, I'm still in time for the challenge, so here's my submission: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28963 And here is the pic that is related to the match: So, as you can guess, it's a match centered around John Carpenter's "The Thing", so if you liked that movie, you'll probably like the match.
  4. (So, here's my submission to the October Challenge. I know it's late, and I know it's shorter than I wanted it to be, but it's still my best effort. First of all, this takes place in the Scarlet Knightverse, a splinter universe from Universe Beta and Touhou Reviews. So, it's best if you look back at my other Universe Beta fights in the archives. Second, I want this match judged fairly. No pretty, vindictive stuff like "you want bad grades, you got them" or "one F, coming up". Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I want good grades.) --------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdcvBSRVkUU REDEMPTION'S X A SCARLET KNIGHTSVERSE STORY --------------------------------------------- OCTOBER 13TH, 2011 The Vulture lands in the frozen depths of the Antartica. Out of the highly-advanced jet come David Rice, Charlie McGee, Carrie White, Violet Parr, Jeremy Reed, Allie Keys and Yun Sook. They are Changers, the next stage in human evolution. Together, they are known as the Alpha Team, protecting the world in secret. "So, remind me why am I freezing my ass in this deslotate tundra, when I could be sunning myself in the Bahamas?" says David Rice "A distress signal has been sent from this location, Outpost 42, a research station for astronomers, biologists and zoologists. The group of researchers, a team of Swedish people and an American scientist, Dr. Kaylyn Dickinson, were never heard from again after the distress signal was sent. The Venturers are busy dealing with a Dalek attack in Minesotta, so it's up to us to get to the bottom of this." says Violet Parr "Oh, I guess that's a good enough reason. Man, this superhero stuff really takes it out of you!" says David "Allie, do you have any telepathic readings about this place?" says Carrie White "Something happened in this place...something terrible..." says Allie Keys Suddenly, a Huskie dog comes running at them. "Oh, what a cute little dog!" says Yun Sook as she starts petting the dog and scratching its back. However, Allie reacts with horror at the sight of the dog. "NO! NO! Get away from the dog! GET AWAY FROM THE DOG!" says Allie, horrified. The dog suddenly starts snarling and looking fierce, and moves to bite Allie. Instinctively, Allie vaporizes the dog with just a thought. "Allie, what the hell was that?" says Charlie McGee "Let's just get inside, OK?" says Violet Parr However, what they find inside shocks and disgusts them. The Swedish scientists are all horribly butchered. They eyeballs are cut out, their legs have been chopped off, they tongues are missing from their bodies. Doctor Kaylyn Dickinson's spleen, intestine, lungs and stomach are all over the place. The floors and walls are tinged red with blood. Violet, not used to see such gruesome sights, starts vomiting. "So, have we found Doctor Dickinson yet?" says Jeremy Reed, who is the last to enter "Yeah, she's over there...and there...and there...and there...and there..." says David "Who...who could be mean enough to do this to these poor scientists? Such brutality..." says Violet "Guys, you better come here, you are NOT gonna believe this!" calls out Yun Sook from another room The rest of the Alpha Team follow her, and none of them are prepared for what they find: "What...what is that...thing?" says Carrie "Whatever it is...it's not human..." says Charlie "Do you think that's a Changer?" says Jeremy "That is no Changer." says Yun Sook "It's frozen, so we won't have anything to worry about. The temperature here is too low for it to thaw out, so we better..." says Violet Suddenly, another unexpected turn of events: Doctor Dickinson enters the room, alive and well. "OK, now this is definitevely a 100 in my weird shit-o-meter!" says David "How...how is this possible? What is going on?" says Jeremy "This...this isn't right...this isn't right at all..." says Allie Doctor Dickinson stands there, not saying a word, not doing much of anything, with a blank expression on her face. "Doctor...Doctor Dickinson? Doctor D?" says Violet as she reaches out towards her, but Allie pulls her back. "VIOLET, NO! GET AWAY FROM HER!" says Allie in fear Suddenly, "Doctor Dickinson" starts sprouting tentacles, claws and fangs. Allie screams at the top her lungs of her lungs and then passes out. The creature that was posing as Doctor Dickinson attacks the Alpha Team. Charlie uses her powers to set the creature on fire, burning it horribly. The creature wails and moans as it burns to death. "Allie! Allie, are you ok?" says Jeremy as he grabs her. "I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready to get the hell out of here!" says David "Sounds like a good idea to me!" says Carrie. They run outside...only to find the Vulture completely destroyed. Ripped apart in a million pieces, their jet is now a burning piece of wreckage, completely useless. "I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed in the morning..." says David ----------------------------------- "How is Allie?" says Jeremy "Well, I'm no doctor, but I'm sure that she's just fine. Something caused her to blank out. According to my estimations, she'll wake up in about a week." says Violet "Great, we are stuck here, in the middle of nowhere, few people know that we are here, and we are sitting among a hundred bloody corpses! What else could go wrong?" says David, frustrated "I...I know what happened to Allie. I know what caused this." says Charlie Everyone gathers around her, listening closely "You forget that I'm not just a pyrokinetic. I'm also a telepath. My telepathy isn't as powerful as Allie's, but I still got the gist of it." says Charlie "So? Tell us!" says Yun Sook "This creature, this...Thing...it's an extraterrestrial lifeform, an alien organism from outer space bent on world domination. Once it comes in contact with its intended host, it can absorb the DNA of that host and mimic the form of the host to perfection. This Thing is what killed the scientists." says Charlie "Is, is that true?" says Violet "Violet, we saw Doctor Dickinson turn into the Thing in front of our very eyes! We have no reason not to believe this!" says Carrie Everyone else nods in agreement "So, let me get this straight: we are trapped here in this research station, all alone, with a creature that can mimic humans to near perfection, to the point that we won't be able to tell its presence until it's too late. Which means..." says David "...that any one of us could be the Thing in disguise." says Yun Sook As this realization dawn on them, everyone exchanges mistrusting looks. "Look, I'm not an alien creature, I can prove it! My name is Carrieta N. White, I was born in September 21 of-" says Carrie "It's no use. The Thing is telepathic as well. That's why Allie is knocked out; The Thing resisted her with its own telepathy. It can easily gather information on any of us to better mimic us." says Charlie "That's *vulgarity*ing GREAT!" says David as he kicks a neaby monitor in frustation "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm watching my *vulgarity*ing back! No alien shapeshifter is gonna sneak up on me, not if I can help it!" says David "Look, we are all very tense after everything that happens, so let's just sit down and chill out until we figure a way out of here! And that's an order!" says Violet ---------------------------------------- The following night, Jeremy is playing with his Nintendo D/S, when he feels someone creeping behind him. "Who...who's there?" says Jeremy Jeremy turns around, and he's relieved to see a familiar face. "Oh, it's you. Violet says that the radio here is still working, so she'll try to contact someone from help. Hopefully, we'll be rescued in no time! Too bad the computers here don't have internet access, right?" saus Jeremy However, the figure moves closer and closer to Jeremy, its expression downright sinister. "Wait, no! Stop! No, no, noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!" says Jeremy --------------------------------- The following night... "Jeremy, where the hell have you been? We haven't seen you all day! Look We really need to keep tabs on each other if-" says Yun Sook, entering Jeremy's room. However, Yun Sook finds Jeremy lying in a pool of blood, his head severed. "AAAAAAAAAAH! *vulgarity*!" says Yun Sook Suddenly, someone else enters the room. "Thank the gods you are here! Look at what happened to Jeremy! We have to find a way to get out of here, and fast, or else-" says Yun Sook Suddenly, Yun Sook notices something strange about the one next to her... "What...what are you doing with that knife?" says Yun Sook The figure moves closer towards her... "Stop! Stop it! I'll...I'll use my power! I'll grow to giant size,I swear! Don't come any closer!" says Yun Sook However, the figure stabs Yun Sook and rips open her stomach, disemboweling her... -------------- The following night, Violet is using he radio to try and contact anyone for help. "Mayday, mayday! This is Violet Parr of the Alpha Team! I'm in Outpost 42, this is an emergency, we need help! Do you read me, over?" says Violet No response. "I'm in Outpost 42, does anyone read me, over?" says Violet No response. As Violet turns off the radio in frustation, she turns around to see that someone else has entered the room. "About damn time you showed up! Where the hell were you all day? Look, the radio is a no go, so I'm gonna try to go outside and-" says Violet The figures moves closer to Violet. "Wait, what are you doing with that axe?" says Violet The figure moves closer.... "Put down that axe! That's an order! Put down that axe right now!" says Violet But it's of no use. The figure axes Violet in the chest, killing her. -------------------------------------------- And thus, the next day, only Carrie, David and Charlie and left. "So, this is it..." says Carrie "Yes..." says Charlie "We are the only ones left..." says Carrie "Even our leader is gone..." says Charlie "Oh yeah? Well, I think it's obvious what's going on! You have been picking off the team one by one...alien bitch!" says David, pointing at Charlie "What the *vulgarity* are you talking about, David?" says Charlie "Don't think you can fool me! You have been posing as Charlie since day one! Why else would you tell us your plan? It's because you knew that we were doomed, you knew that we were gonna start dropping off like flies! Well, you are not getting me, not without a fight!" says David "David, that's insane! I'm not an alien!" says Charlie "Maybe. Maybe you are. All I know is that most of our team is dead, and someone is responsable! I know all about you. That drug the Shop used to give you, the one who thought was the source of your powers before you found that you are a Changer? It's a psycho serum, an hallucinogen that turns people into raving lunatics! And after your mother died...how do I know that THAT didn't affect you? After what the Shop did to you, you were just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off! Well, I think you just went off!" says David in anger "David, shut the *vulgarity* up!" says Carrie "Oh, you are defending me now? Like you are so pure and noble? You are always bottling up all of your anger, all of your pent-up rage, and you have superpowers. That's just waiting for a murderous rampage to happen! You never went to therapy, never let anyone analyze you, because you thought it just send you down the path to Hell. Well, Hell is already here! You brought Hell to us! All that abuse at the hand of your mother...how could you NOT turn out to be a psychopath?" says Charlie, furious "You *vulgarity*ing bitch! I'm gonna make you pay for saying that!" says Carrie, her anger starting to flow "Not if I kill you both first!" says David "Oh, don't get me started on you! You never did anything decent or moral with your power until the Professor found you! You just used it to rob banks and support your hedonistic lifestyle! You are selish, sarcastic and mean! You are not a hero, you are not noble, you are just a criminal! You always wanted to go back to a life of crime, but you couldn't do that as part of this team! Well, I think this place gave you the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of us! But you are not getting rid of me! I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you both!" says Charlie And thus, the three of them, completely overcome by rage and paranoia, go at each others' throats... ------------- So, it's: -Carrie White (from both the book and the movie) -Charlie McGee (from both the book and the movie) -David Rice (from the movie, and the movie ONLY) Keep in mind that, according to the setup, either of them could be the Thing in disguise. Who wins?
  5. There's no short word for "I'm convinced that I'm smarter than this guy so I'm gonna humiliate, belittle and bully him at every turn because I think he's beneath me". Hate is a word that, to me, sums it up. Also, for someone who talks about real life and its importance, you seem to give enornous importance on the things I say on an internet forum. Whatever reasons you have for thinking I'm an idiot, I'm pretty sure they are really petty in the grand scale of things.
  6. Passive-agressive hate is still hate. You don't exactly call the people you love idiots and losers. And again, I have to ask: why the people who feel free to call me "mentally retarded" keep giving me good grades and praising me for my writing? If I was truly as stupid as you think I am, don't you think it would have reflected on my matches? Barring Hit Girl VS Big Daddy, I've never seen sirmethos talk trash to me in any of my actual, non-Rumbles matches.
  7. I also hate how two-faced and hypocritical people are, in that they say things like that, but then they turn right around and call me an idiot and a loser. Look, if you are gonna hate me, hate me. If you are gonna love me, love me. Don't sweet talk me in a fight and then talk trash in another thread. If you think I'm so stupid, why do you keep supporting my fights and giving me good grades? Look at all I wrote there, would an idiot really put that much effort into a setup? If I truly was an idiot, the setup would be nothing more than "Fight location: New York City. Nobody has any prep time. FIGHT!". Even in the June Challenge, everyone's only issue with the match was about Hit Girl writing out of character. Nobody appreciated the fact that I put more effort into my setup than people who write stuff like "Lobo and The Hulk meet in an alley, they are both really angry, and they fight.". Bottom line: if you truly appreciate my matches, don't turn around and call me an idiot.
  8. The real dichotomy of this site is that the people here quite obviously hate me (and I hate them back), yet they make no effort to ban me. Every time I made a new account on the TGWTG forum, it eventually got to the point when they ended up banning me, to the point that they banned me so many times that I can't possibly use that forum anymore. Here...they keep calling me stupid, they keep saying that I'm an idiot and I'm not funny and that they hate me. Yet, they don't ban me. I just don't get it. By the way, legato could intellectually kick sirmetho's ass. lergato may be a pretentious douche, but he doesn't feel the need to flaunt his intelligence, not even when he's belittling others. Also, legato is a fan of arthouse/indepedent movies, which earns far more points in the intellectual scale than being a *vulgarity*ing comic book fanboy. I bet sirmethos hasn't seen a single arthouse/indie movie in his life, or even a movie by a director who's not American or Japanese. Hell, it comes to a point when even people like Darkling or Gurning Chimp could out-smart everyone in this site. I bet a CBUBer's response to Darkling's criticisms of the "Fright Night" remake would be "you are stupid and unfunny and I'm smarter than you", without once making an argument in favor of the "Frigfht Night" remake. Oh, but I forgot, you have no idea what the TGWTG forum is because you are locked up in your little site and have no idea of other internet sites beyond your own. Is it any wonder that Movie Brat is no longer around and run back to the TGWTG forum? At least there, she can get an argument that is not "you are stupid and I'm a genius and I'm gonna brag about my supposed intelligence instead of making an actual argument". Oh, and notice that this all started because I made the unforgivable crime of suggesting than sirmethos lightens up. Hell forbid the site that had Callisto and Harley Quinn discussing fashion tips from the entirety of a fight (Sephiroth VS Magus), and that used to house the catchphrase "it ends in sex", has any sort of humor.
  9. If there is one person who would win an award for Most Time Taking This Site Far More Seriously Than It Deserves, it would be sirmethos. I wonder if the dude lightens up, if he ever makes a joke or says something like "this character wins because he kicks ass!" or "this characters loses because he's really lame!" or "Chuck Norris could beat both!" or "this fight needs more strippers and booze".
  10. (This was the match I originally wanted to make for the June Challenge. Unfortunately, the restrictive rules of that challenge, the whole "it must be a fight between two CANON friends!", prevented me from making this match. After two months, I'm finally getting around to making this match. Also, be warned: this is an Universe Beta match. It's a prequel to my "End of Universe Beta" match. I suggest you look up my Universe Beta matches in the archive. I don't want anyone complaning about me "making stuff up" in the comments.) ---------------------------------------- Allie Keys advanced towards the cybernetic monstrosity in front of her. Her powers tell her that there's someone beneath all the metal, someone hurt and confused. "Look, my powers tell me that you are in great pain due to a tragedy hapenning in your past. If you come with us..." says Allie Keys "STAY AWAY FROM ME." bellows the cyborg in a menacing voice. The cyborg showers Allie with bullets. Allie falls down in a pool of her own blood as her Alpha Team teammates scream in pain and anguish. Carrie White advances towards the cyborg menacingly. All the restrains that Professor Wozzeck put on her, all her newfound morals, her formerly peaceful demeanor that took so long to build, all seems lost as she charges up her telekinetic powers, ready to crush the cyborg into paste. "Who the fack are you?" says Carrie "I AM THE IRON MAN!" responds the sinister cyborg... At that moment, Allie bolts upright in her bed, awaking from her dream. Any other girl would just dismiss these dreams as just bad nightmares. But Allie isn't like other girls. She knows that there is something behind these dreams. Something bigger than all of them... As she walks towards the kitchen and opens the fridge, she finds David Rice sitting there, eating a pack of Oreos. "How...how did you get here so fast?" says Allie "Ummm...teleporter, remember? It's my Changer power. Why do you think my codename is 'Jumper'? I can jump from place to place without moving an inch." says David Allie pours the milk in a glass. "Can't sleep, huh?" says David "I guess..." says Allie "You know, I'm quite restless myself. Before I met the Professor, I used to be quite active. Doing extreme sports, nailing a new hot chick every week, going from continent to continent..." says David "You lived an hedonistic lifestyle funded from money you stole from innocents." says Allie "Yeah, yeah. Don't worry, sugar, I'm done with that. I'm a good guy now, remember? I'm part of this, as much as you are. Besides, Violet keeps me on a leash, so there's not much naughty stuff I can do now. All I'm saying is, I was used to be more active, to be always moving. Ever since I got here, time kind of slows for me." says David "You know, with my Changer powers, I actually CAN make time slow down." says Allie "I know, sweetie." says David as he finishes the last Oreo cookie. "What if I told you that all of this is all leading up to something? That we are controlled by a force beyond our own, a being that is unconfortable with our very existence and is waiting for the right opportunity to erase our universe out of existance? What if I told you our world is coming to an end?" says Allie "Damn, Allie, you've been watching too much 'Lost'!" says David "You keep telling yourself that..." says Allie as she drinks the last bit of milk from her glass and leaves. ----------------- The deadly cyborg, the Destroyer, shoots a plasma bolt from one of his hands. Battle Girl explodes in a fountain of gore, her guts raining all over the shocked Hit Girl. Battle Girl was like a sister to her. She was one of the few superheroines that Hit Girl could trust, one that didn't question her methods, one that supported her and cared for her and always helped her when things got thought. She was more than a partner, she was her best friend. Something snaps inside Hit Girl's brain. Ever since she saved the life of Dani California, she tried to live by her own self-imposed code of honor. She didn't use guns anymore. She used her knives to wound and injure, never to kill. But now, that was over. With her sanity slipping, her code of honor is gone. Her mind regresses back to when she first started, before she moved to Citiesville, back when she was operating in New York with Big Daddy. She is once again a remorseless killer. "You have crossed the line, and now you will pay the price. No more restraints. No more morals. No more honor code. I will not pretend to be a righteous, upstanding superheroine any more. I'M GOING TO FACKING KILL YOU!" says Hit Girl Hit Girl pulls out her spear, ready to gut the Destroyer like a fish, her eyes betraying an intensity never before seen by any superhero of this time. However, before she can do much of anything, the Destroyer uses his Grav-Mag gun to take control of Hit Girl's spear. As the spear flies out of her hand, Hit Girl is impaled in the chest by her own spear. Hit Girl lies in a pool of her blood, as the Destroyer laughs manically over her corpse... Allie bolts right upright in her bed, once more awaken from her dream. She goes to the bathroom and washes her face. An intense look crosses her face as she looks at herself in the mirror. She knows what she has to do... --------------------------------------- The next morning, Allie is talking with Carrie, Violet Parr and Charlie McGee in the main room. "So, that's it? That's what this is all about? Some dreams?" says Charlie "They aren't just dreams, Charlie." says Allie "What do you mean?" says Carrie "Look, the rest of you only have one set of Changer powers. Violet, ou can form force fields and turn invisible. Charlie, you can create and control fire. Carrie, you are a telekinetic. David can teleport, and Jeremy can control electricity. And that's it. But I'm different." says Allie "That's not true. Charlie has telepathy and telekinesis, and Jeremy is a telepath. It's just that those are secondary powers, and they take more effort to use than our primary powers." says Violet "True. I CAN read minds and move objects with my mind, I just never focused on it and chose to develop my pyrokinetic powers more. After all, moving objects with your mind is nothing compared with the power of creating a nuclear explosion!" says Charlie "My point is that I'm more powerful than the rest of you. I have telepathy and telekinesis, and I can warp reality at will. And those ARE my primary powers. I don't know the full extent of my powers." says Allie "Allie, what are you trying to say?" says Violet "These are not just dreams. They are visions, premonitions. I think part of my Changer powers is the ability to see in the future." says Allie "I would call it ridiculous, but I've seen far too much in my lifetime to dismiss it outright." says Carrie "I agree with Carrie, we are Changers, so nothing is beyond the realm of possibilities." says Charlie "But in your dreams, this cyborg, this...'Destroyer'...he ends up killing all of us. Is that really our future? Is that really supposed to happen?" says Violet "I'm afraid so." says Allie "If you ask me, it doesn't add. Why aren't Giantess Cassie and Megasis with the rest of the Venturers?" says Charlie "They will be killed by a reality-hopping group of evil giantesses known as the Travellers." says Allie "And this other giantess, the one you call Xegito..." says Charlie "She's human, but she isn't from Earth. She comes from a planet called Calutous. She was brought to Earth by an astronaut when she was 5 years old, and taken to an orphanage on Earth when she spent most of her life with. She can grow to giant size, imitate other superpowers, read minds by kissing people, and her emotions can control the weather. She will join the Venturers after Giantess Cassie and Megasis get kicked out." says Allie "And why doesn't Sara Pezzini have her Witchblade glove in your dream?" says Charlie "She will give it to Danielle Baptiste after the Venturers disband following the deaths of Giantess Cassie and Megasis." says Allie "Well, if the Venturers will disband in the future, who will be there to protect the Earth?" says Carrie "The Guardians." says Allie "The who?" says Carrie "The Guardians will be a new team, formed and controlled by P.R.O.C.E.S.S. It will consist of Sky Captain, the goddess Calypso, Blue Beetle, the Nemesis, and two P.R.O.C.E.S.S. agents, Agent Kim Possible and Agent Mia Dearden." says Allie "Sky Captain? Wasn't he killed in World War 2?" says Charlie "He wasn't killed, his plane was merely shot down. He was frozen in the ices of the North Pole, and he will be thawed in the future to lead the Guardians." says Allie "And who is this 'Nemesis' you mention?" says Carrie "Her name is Katherine Allogagan. Her family used to call her 'Katie Ka-Boom'. When she gets mad, she turns into a rampaging monstrous beast." says Allie "What, you mean like the Hulk?" says Violet "Anger issues...we know a lot about it, don't we, Carrie?" says Charlie "I try to keep my anger under control, and so you do, Charlie." says Carrie "I'm sorry, but this is just too much for me to swallow..." says Violet "If what you are saying is true, surely there's a way we can prevent it..." says Charlie "Val Amorr". says Allie "What?" says Charlie "The secret of the Destroyer lies in someone called Val Amorr." says Allie "And who the hell is Val Amorr?" says Carrie "I don't know. But I know that he's the key behind all of this, behind the Destroyer. He's the reason for the Destroyer's existance. I must find him, and then..." says Allie "And then what?" says Charlie "If Val Amorr is removed from the equation, so is the Destroyer. I must do what is necessary for our world to survive." says Allie Violet, Charlie and Carrie all gasp in shock "Allie, no!" says Violet "You can't talk like that!" says Charlie "What about our mission? Our code of honor? All the things the Professor taught us?" says Carrie "There are larger forces at stake here that our mission, I have to look at the big picture." says Allie "I'm sorry, Allie, but I'm not gonna let your jeporadize our mission and throw away everything the Professor taught you because of some dreams you have! As your leader, I forbid you from coming anywhere close to Val Amorr!" says Violet Allie just sits there, staring at Violet intensely. -------------------------------------- "Goodbye, sensei Hyuga!" says Val Amorr "Val, we've known each other for quite some time now. You can call me Hinata." says Hinata Hyuga "You are the best teacher I could ask for, sensei Hinata!" says Val as he kisses Hinata on the cheek "And you are my best student!" says Hinata as she too kisses Val in the cheek Thus, 9 year old Val Amorr leaves the Hyuga School of Martial Arts and starts walking home. However, unbeknownst to him, he's been followed. Val stops at a bus stop, ready to take the bus home. He knows the bus takes a while to arrive, so he pulls out his ipod and his headphones and starts listening to Limp Bizkit. As Allie moves closer and closer to Val (without Val noticing), Carrie suddenly stands in her away. "Carrie, what are you doing here?" says Allie "What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here, in Megatopia?" says Carrie "Carrie, you are in my way." says Allie "Damn right I am! I mean, look at what you are doing, what are about to do! Val Amorr...he's just a little kid! And what are you gonna do to him?" says Carrie "As I said before, I must do what needs to be done." says Allie "What, kill him? You are gonna kill a little kid? Are you insane? We are the Alpha Team, we don't work like that!" says Carrie "As long as Val Amorr lives, this world is doomed." says Allie "Have you forgotten everything the Professor taught us?" says Carrie "Sacrifices need to be made for the greater good." says Allie "You...you don't really think like that, do you?" says Carrie "Carrie, MOVE!" says Allie "I won't! I won't stand aside and let you murder a defenseless little kid!" says Carrie "Carrie, if you don't move, I'm gonna make you move!" says Allie in anger "Allie, I don't wanna fight you, but you are leaving me with no choice!" says Carrie Thus, with the attempts at reasoning having failed, Carrie finds herself forced to fight Allie in order to protect Val... So, who wins?
  11. Scott Pilgrim, who is a nerd and a gamer with no real fourth wall, makes a CBUB account and votes for himself.
  12. Somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle, flying over a nearby forest , Launchpad flies Scrooge McDuck over to a location, where Scrooge plans an idea for a way to make money. Launchpad: We're almost there, Mr. McD!! Scrooge: Very good Launchpad, still have time left to think of a idea. He thinks hard and writes down the solutions in the papers....while thing were flying smoothly... until we heard a tiny sound somewhere around the plane. Scrooge McDuckb is bothered when he hears this and when the plane shifts around a little. Scrooge: Launchpad...watch where you're flying!! Launchpad: I'm on it, Mr. Mc D!! Then from out of nowhere a gremlin is there standing on the plane's wing borrowing holes on it. Scrooge McDuck is getting bothered by the turbulence created by this. Scrooge: Launchpad!! What's going on out there!? Launchpad ses the gremlin and makes his plane spin on itself, the gremlin dissapearing as soon as Launchpad spots him. Launchpad: Sorry, Mr. McD, but we have a little company!! Scrooge: How it can be? We're miles up in the air! Launchpad is trying to keep control of the plane. then another gremlin comes and burrows holes on the other wing. Scrooge McDuck's things get shifted around the plane, papers faling and flying around, and him falling over couple a times. Launchpad: I don't have any solution but to crash! Scrooge: Oh my dollars! The plane falls down to the forest below, then the plane crashes throught the trees til it comes to a stop in the hard ground. Scrooge McDuck falls back with a pile of his work in the back of the plane. Launchpad feels dizzy during the crash, then knocks on his head. Launchpad: We're safe, Mr. McD. Scrooge McDuck gets up. Scrooge McDuck: Safe indeed, we crashed into a forest where I plan for a tourist attractionhere, and not just any attraction, a theme park. They walk out the doorway and climb down off the plane. They check the for damage, Scrooge McDuck sees the wings, surprised to see what's the damage. Scrooge : We've been shot Launchpad, there are bullet holes on the wings! Launchpad: These are bullet holes, Mr. McD. These are claw marks. Mr. McD, a gremlin did this. Scrooge McDuck looks at him with a puzzled look on his face. Scrooge: A what? Launchpad: Well, you know, those tiny creatures who are known for sabotaging planes. Scrooge McDuck:...oh Launchpad, those are only stories, there's no such thing as gremlins, and you're seeing things again. I told you many times not to eat the tuna casserolle that Mrs. Beakley makes... While he explains to Launchpad, a gremlin appears up in a tree over them and looks down on them. Scrooge:...like the time you thought you saw the Easter Bunny, and the time you saw the Tooth Fairy, and the other time you saw Santa Claus, but now you saw gremlins....those are just... And then the gremlin throws a coconut on Scrooge's head. Scrooge McDuck: Ouch!! Scrooge rubs his head and looks up at the tree. Surprised to see a gremlin in the branches over them. The gremlin laughs sinisterly at Scrooge. Scrooge McDuck: What the...? The gremlin dissapears into the dense forest before Scrooge can do anything else. Scrooge McDuck is in shock and just stands there Launchpad: I told you so. Scrooge McDuck shakes his head Scrooge McDuck:....now ahem...Launchpad, let's just patch the plane and get out of here. Launchpad: Okie dokie, Mr. McD. It takes a while to patch the holes, later they take it back to DuckBurg.....to his Manor aka his home, where he explains to his grand nephews about what happened and what he saw. Huey: you really saw it? Dewey: You saw a Gremlin? Louie: Really, Uncle Scrooge? Launchpad: We sure did! Huey: Wow! Louie: So, the stories are true! Dewey: Unbelievable. Scrooge McDuck: Now boys, I know you're amazed by it, but it gives me for an idea that can make me even richer. Launchpad: What? Scrooge McDuck: I'm gonna create a park where tourists can come and see gremlins! Webby: Gremlins, Uncle Scrooge? They look to see Webby by the door, holding the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook. Scrooge McDuck: Webbigail! They all hug her, Webby looks up to Scrooge with a smile on her face. Wabby: Is it true? Gremlins are real? Scrooge McDuck: Yes, me and Launchpad saw one. Launchpad: Yes they are true, like Bigfoot. Scrooge McDuck: *shrug* Yes....but we may have to go back so i can finish the plans for my gremlin-based theme park. Launchpad worries for his plane when he says that. Launchpad: R..R....Really...but you saw what happened to the plane...i don't think we should take another trip there for a second time.....you sure we have to? Scrooge McDuck: Yes, we do! Louie: Can we come, Uncle Scrooge? Huey: Yeah, we want to see one! Dewey: Can we? Webby: Please, can we? All: Please? Launchpad: Pleeeeaase? Scrooge looks at there faces and smiles. Scrooge: Why not....but we have to keep very quite or anyone else would get before me, OK? Kids: OK, Uncle Scrooge! The next morning, they pack up the plane, Launchpad repairs the plane, Dewey checks his list so see if they have everything they need for the trip. Dewey: Let's see, nets, cameras, water bottles... Scrooge McDuck: Come on boys, we're going! Webby: Wait up! She brings her box of toys and carries the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook. Launchpad: OK Mr. McD, it's all ready and repaired, and ready for take off! Scrooge: Good, but I hope that Gyro fixed up the plane's skin so it will keep the gremlins off. Gyro: Don't worry Mr. McD , with this Slick Paste, it will keep everything off! Gyro puts down the brush in the bucket and climbs down the ladder. Scrooge: Excellent... you ready, lads? Dewey: All set, Uncle Scrooge! Webby: Me too, Uncle Scrooge! Scrooage: alright...all aboard! They get in the plane, sit and strap in, till then take off back to the forest near the Bermuda Triangle. It takes them awhile to get back and this time without getting holes again. Launchpad then crash-lands as usual, but still better than last time…..They come out of the plane and set up camp, but unknown to them, some gremlins are hiding in the leaves of the trees and spy on them. While Scrooge works the plan and while the boys go searching for the gremlins, Webby goes alone to find them too.....she looks in the forest and she pulls out a butterfly net. Webby: Yooo hooo...gremlins...where are you?.....I won't hurt you... She looks around some more, but finds no sign of them. Webby sighs but waits, she sets up the place for a tea party, she sets up the blanket, and her toys and her tea set. She plays tea with her toys for a second until she sees rumbling in the trees, which gets her attention for a minute and goes back playing. Then, a gremlin falls in her tea cup. At the sound of it, Webb looks in the cup. The gremlin, wanting to toy with Webby, pretends to be scared and harmless. Webby sees it and surprised. Webby: Aawww, hello there...don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. Webby puts her cup down, and she digs out of her backpack for a small lunchbox with a bag of jellybeans inside. Webby: Here….have a jellybean. She leaves it in front of the gremlin The gremlin bites her finger. Webby: Ow!! Webby holds her finger in pain. Webby: That hurt! The gremlin then gulps down all of the jellybeans and, dropping his facade, gives Webby his most sinster look possible. Webby:...oh dear....this is getting really spooky now... Webby hears more creepy sounds around her, and then she can't stand it any longer, so she grabs her doll and her lunchbox and the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and tres get away from the sounds , running as fast as she can. Webby runs and tries to find a place to hide from the creepy noises, she hears a monkey screeching so she keeps running, and she get her dress caught by a branch and look up to the scary looking tree, she breaks free, and she hides under the root of the tree. Wabby:*breathes* That sure was scary.....maybe I better leave....only i don't know where I am.......uh oh......I'm lost.....what am i gonna do? She sits down Webby: Every time something dangerous like this happens, it makes me hate being little sometimes........I'm so stupid to come here, I want to go home! After running away from a while, Webby stop hearing those scary noises, so she sits down to sleep, too tired to continue running (and with no real idea of where to go). Meanwhile, the others are looking for Webby, they know she ran off on her own. Launchpad: Webby!!* searching* Scrooge: Webby...Webbigail! Huey: Webby!! Dewey: Webby, where are you? Louie: Webby!! They keep looking for her, but still no signs of her. Then Louie sees something. Launchpad: What is it? Louie: I saw something! Huey: Louie, we have no time for that, we need to find Webby! Louie keeps up with the search, and then they heard a noise. Dewey: What's that? Huey: It came from over there! Louie: I told you! The noise comes closer. The triplets embrace and shake in fear. Louie: What is it, an animal? Dewey: I don't know. But it's not one noise, it's many noises, and they see tiny shadows passing fast through the branches. Louie:I see something! Huey: Now what? Scrooge: What's going on here? We're suppose to find Webby! Then are surprised by a group of gremlins who swing down from the trees with ropes and then tie them up together. All: Quackaroonie!! They struggle as they are tied up. Everybody but Scrooge shakes in fear. Scrooage: Now, see here!! Who are you? And what's the meaning of this!? The gremlins merely laugh at our heroes, thinking of all the horrible things they can do to them now that they have them at their mercy They're surrounded by gremlins, coming out of their hiding places around them. Dewey: That's a lot of them! Scrooge: Now see here, release us or there will be consequences! Scrooge frowns in anger at the gremlins, but the gremlins pay no attention to him, too busy figuring out in which horrible way they can dispatch our heroes... So, can Scrooge, Launchpad, Huey, Dewey and Louie escape the nasty Gremlins, find Webby, and fly back home?
  13. Potato, potatoe... Peter Parker is also a "changed human", and nobody questions the fact that he's superhuman...
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HRqLg801zQ Kang the Conqueror invades the Land of Eeee and kidnaps Prince Gumdrop, intent of mastering the secret behind the magic of the Land of Eee and use it to rule the universe! Can Cake and Fionna rescue Prince Gumdrop and defeat Kang?
  15. Straight up physical fight. First one to KO the other wins. So, who wins this?
  16. I wanted to make this match because their powers work in opposite ways: Gladiator's powers work on confidence. The more confidence he has, the more sure of himself he feels, the less embarassed he is, the more powerful he gets. The powers of the Ultimate Girls work on lack of confidence. The less confident they feel, the less sure of themselves they feel, the more embarassed they are, the more powerful they get. So, who wins this fight: Kallark, or Silk Korahuno and Vivenne Otori and Tsubomi Morobishi?
  17. You know, the reason I picked a Prawn Battle Suit to be the instrument of Universe Beta's destruction is because I distinctly remembered you talking about how powerful and destructive it was. Subsequently, in "End of Universe Beta", armed with nothing but a Prawn Battle Suit, Karate Kid killed every single major hero in Earth Beta. This includes the likes of Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Allie Keys, Carrie White, Static, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, and Charlie McGee (TV tropes described Charlie as god-like in power). I'm not saying what I wrote is canon or not, all I'm saying is that I myself consider the Prawn Battle Suit to be one of the most powerful weapons in the omniverse. Thus, the Xenomorphs are screwed.
  18. Except this is the Achilles from the more realistic movie "Troy", who ISN'T a demigod. That movie didn't show any evidence of the Greco-Roman gods existing. Therefore, River Tam wins, since Achilless is a mere human (albeit a very skilled and deadly one) and Rover Tam is superhuman.
  19. Just added to the database: -Fionna the Human -Cake the Cat -Ann O'Brien (from "Monkeyman and O'Brien") -American Maid -The Ultimate Girls (from the anime of the same name) -Kayla Williams (from the movie "Sky High") -Catherine Willows (from "CSI") -Calleigh Duquesne (from "CSI Miami")
  20. Come on! An "escape from a prison planet" match...and no Snake Plissken? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTxBc_-XxmI Snake escapes in record time, with a long pile of corpses along the way.
  21. Before he got his spider powers, he never really knew how to fight. He never took any self-defense classes, he was a high school student who was more interested in science and biology than boxing or martial arts. Sure, he became a wrestler afterwards, but fighting drunken douchebags in tights is one thing. Shortly after Uncle Ben was killed, you see him taking the likes of the Scorpion, Electro or Doctor Doom with no real fighting skills to speak of (especially since we all know wrestling is fake), relying purely on his spider strength. Sure, he got better over time, but how come he didn't got killed on those first years as a superhero? A mugger with a gun could have beaten him! Any thoughts on this?
  22. Batman (from the DC One Million universe) VS Iron Man (from the regular Marvel universe) Tony has access to his MK V, Bleeding Edge, Silver Centurion and Extremis armors (and yes, this mean he has the Extremis powers in this fight). They are fighting in an abandoned replica of New York City. Who wins?
  23. I haven't read "DC One Million", but from what I'm reading in this thread, Batman One Million seems to be DC's equivalent of Iron Man. Which gives me an idea...
  24. Which is why it's more even. Hush's brain is his true strength, his ability to strategize and come up with ingenuious plans to defeat Batman. Which is why this fight is actually more even that it seems.
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