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  1. One thing that dissapoints me about the comments is that everyone pretty much assumes that all three of them are human. The match is written in a way that makes it ambigous wether either of them are the Thing in disguise, so this match is supposed to make you wonder if any of them is the Thing in disguise. Assuming that all three of them are human is the wrong way to go. Remember, The Thing is out there, and is preying on the characters, so I really hope to see more comments that wonder if any of them is infected by the Thing.
  2. In the original short story "Who Goes There?", the one that "The Thing" is heavily based on, The Thing tries to use an axe on the scientists as soon as it infects one of the people there. And in the Dark Horse Comics continuation of the movie (called "The Thing From Another World"), as soon as the Thing infects one of the Navy SEALS, it uses an assault rifle against both the SEALS and MacReady (and blows up an helicopter with said assault rifle). So yes, the Thing does use weapons.
  3. So, according to the OP, I'm still in time for the challenge, so here's my submission: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28963 And here is the pic that is related to the match: So, as you can guess, it's a match centered around John Carpenter's "The Thing", so if you liked that movie, you'll probably like the match.
  4. (So, here's my submission to the October Challenge. I know it's late, and I know it's shorter than I wanted it to be, but it's still my best effort. First of all, this takes place in the Scarlet Knightverse, a splinter universe from Universe Beta and Touhou Reviews. So, it's best if you look back at my other Universe Beta fights in the archives. Second, I want this match judged fairly. No pretty, vindictive stuff like "you want bad grades, you got them" or "one F, coming up". Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I want good grades.) --------------------------------- http://www.youtub
  5. There's no short word for "I'm convinced that I'm smarter than this guy so I'm gonna humiliate, belittle and bully him at every turn because I think he's beneath me". Hate is a word that, to me, sums it up. Also, for someone who talks about real life and its importance, you seem to give enornous importance on the things I say on an internet forum. Whatever reasons you have for thinking I'm an idiot, I'm pretty sure they are really petty in the grand scale of things.
  6. Passive-agressive hate is still hate. You don't exactly call the people you love idiots and losers. And again, I have to ask: why the people who feel free to call me "mentally retarded" keep giving me good grades and praising me for my writing? If I was truly as stupid as you think I am, don't you think it would have reflected on my matches? Barring Hit Girl VS Big Daddy, I've never seen sirmethos talk trash to me in any of my actual, non-Rumbles matches.
  7. I also hate how two-faced and hypocritical people are, in that they say things like that, but then they turn right around and call me an idiot and a loser. Look, if you are gonna hate me, hate me. If you are gonna love me, love me. Don't sweet talk me in a fight and then talk trash in another thread. If you think I'm so stupid, why do you keep supporting my fights and giving me good grades? Look at all I wrote there, would an idiot really put that much effort into a setup? If I truly was an idiot, the setup would be nothing more than "Fight location: New York City. Nobody has any prep ti
  8. The real dichotomy of this site is that the people here quite obviously hate me (and I hate them back), yet they make no effort to ban me. Every time I made a new account on the TGWTG forum, it eventually got to the point when they ended up banning me, to the point that they banned me so many times that I can't possibly use that forum anymore. Here...they keep calling me stupid, they keep saying that I'm an idiot and I'm not funny and that they hate me. Yet, they don't ban me. I just don't get it. By the way, legato could intellectually kick sirmetho's ass. lergato may be a pretentious
  9. If there is one person who would win an award for Most Time Taking This Site Far More Seriously Than It Deserves, it would be sirmethos. I wonder if the dude lightens up, if he ever makes a joke or says something like "this character wins because he kicks ass!" or "this characters loses because he's really lame!" or "Chuck Norris could beat both!" or "this fight needs more strippers and booze".
  10. (This was the match I originally wanted to make for the June Challenge. Unfortunately, the restrictive rules of that challenge, the whole "it must be a fight between two CANON friends!", prevented me from making this match. After two months, I'm finally getting around to making this match. Also, be warned: this is an Universe Beta match. It's a prequel to my "End of Universe Beta" match. I suggest you look up my Universe Beta matches in the archive. I don't want anyone complaning about me "making stuff up" in the comments.) ---------------------------------------- Allie Keys advanced tow
  11. Scott Pilgrim, who is a nerd and a gamer with no real fourth wall, makes a CBUB account and votes for himself.
  12. Somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle, flying over a nearby forest , Launchpad flies Scrooge McDuck over to a location, where Scrooge plans an idea for a way to make money. Launchpad: We're almost there, Mr. McD!! Scrooge: Very good Launchpad, still have time left to think of a idea. He thinks hard and writes down the solutions in the papers....while thing were flying smoothly... until we heard a tiny sound somewhere around the plane. Scrooge McDuckb is bothered when he hears this and when the plane shifts around a little. Scrooge: Launchpad...watch where you're flying!! Laun
  13. Potato, potatoe... Peter Parker is also a "changed human", and nobody questions the fact that he's superhuman...
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HRqLg801zQ Kang the Conqueror invades the Land of Eeee and kidnaps Prince Gumdrop, intent of mastering the secret behind the magic of the Land of Eee and use it to rule the universe! Can Cake and Fionna rescue Prince Gumdrop and defeat Kang?
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