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  1. Wow really nothing on this? Not even from whoever picked Kaidan? This pretty much proves Kaidan's the lamest ME character, along with Jacob.
  2. You could even say you'd be done... *Puts on sunglasses* In a Flash. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz5j5UDLC98
  3. Insane Snake Eyes is insane. To quote Snake Eyes... "..."
  4. Actually Harley has some super strength thanks to a concoction she got injected with by Ivy. Snake Eyes still takes it though.
  5. But the Celestial Madonna will forgive you.
  6. This one thinks Mantis takes this rather handily.
  7. Actually, if it's characters at their strongest, Buffy got Superman like powers in season 8. She takes it then.
  8. Skeletor should take this I think. Also this...
  9. And considering the fact that he has Charizard again. Crispy Creeper anyone?
  10. Tomorrow Woman in a fantastic stomp. Kaidan's biotics are nothing compared to what Tomorrow Woman can dish out.
  11. AvP pls. I really had to work for the Monark win. And Prince of Orphans barely managed to win through the votes.
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