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  1. Nicholi: A flash of pain went through Nicholi's Shoulder as he took the Shuriken. Though it did not show on his face. He willingly dropped the arm and looked at the Shuriken. He looked up towards Blue flame with a quick glare. Basically saying never do that again. Then he was surprised by being lifted and looked down at the bot. Perhaps it thought that the wound would slow Nicholi down? It would be wrong. Fresh wound or not Nicholi would attempt a neck rip by putting one hand under its chin and on the on the back of it and twisting hard. If it worked he would for once THINK ABOUT A PLAN. And
  2. Even if she regenerates he can ct her in to literally thousands of pieces before she can do anything.
  3. Yes but whatever happens to courage and even if it gets him... He'll survive.
  4. Did you just say ninpo is useless in the rain? That is true in no sense.
  5. It has killed reality altering gods. Lets see him survive without a head.
  6. Hellboy can't even touch Ryu. The Dragon sword could tear him down easily.
  7. Solus put his hands down and catch it by the blade with one hand and the handle by the other. His vibroblade treated gauntlets giving him the option. His raised his ears as he was cut by the toe claw. It hurt but scars were a mark of honor to him. If it worked he would try to use his superior grip on the weapon and his strength to turn it around and stab the Shraa in the heart. If it worked as well he would grab it and throw it at its friend who cut him. And if that worked he would grab it by the legs and start swinging trying to stop as many as he could from getting to his partners.
  8. Nicholi: He kept walking forward towards the bots. As the first swiped at him he ducked and brought an arm up and around for an under the shoulder Headlock. As he pulled down he'd knee up and tear off its arm. Then wrenching up to separate head from shoulders. Then dropping it and stepping forward towards the next. Picking up the severed arm as he passed he would hold the wrist an swing forward wrapping the next bots neck with the arm. Then squeezing and stepping forward towards the next bot causing the neck of the second to rip and sever. Ducking any attack he would then grab the leg of the t
  9. Solus only had two shots left in his revolver so he went by insinct. He began running forwards while holding the body in front of him. Firing his last two bullets. Probably not the best plan but it would provide a cover for everyone else and he couldn't hide himself. Once up there he would swing the body like a large bat trying to take down anyone he could. Then attacking and trying to get behind and used his enemies bodies as shields.
  10. Its about time for us to have fun I'd say! Muhahahaha
  11. Solus would hop forward and attempt to grab LArkin's shraa by the back of the neck and snap it. Speaking to Vincent as he did so. "Cover! You got the right gun!" He would use the Shraa body if his snap succeeded and hold it in front of them. His great size and strength being able to pick it up easily and use it as a shield against the attacking fire.
  12. Nicholi: He had his ears go deaf for a minute as this all happened. Seeing the flamethrower he set down the casket on his back and tossed it to the side of the room. He stood in front of trout and took off his Coat and threw it on Trout. For the first time Trout would see just how much Nicholi had gone through. So much of his body covered in scars. Burns, cuts, bullets, and tears. And it looked like he might get more. "Keep that on. It'll protect you from the heat at least a little bit. If things get bad get in the casket." He said with even tone. He began to make his way through the rivets in
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