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  1. Suppose Aragorn and Boromir had come to blows on the top of the Misty Mountains when Frodo dropped the ring in the snow. Who do you think would have come out on top?
  2. I'd be willing to migrate to another location, as well.
  3. wow. I'm surprised somebody remembered that. I barely remember writing it.
  4. This is a good start. When you finish the last few powrs, post it in the Character Analysis boards.
  5. So what's going on with season 3 now? Is it cancelled?
  6. I think there should be some more themed slots, like the detective and machine slots. Some examples: Holy Warrior: Some kind of dedicated soldier that's part of a large cause. Like Jedi Knights, Knights Templar, etc. Tactician: A leader that often approaches challenges by directing underlings. Tommy Oliver, Captain Picard, Doctor Doom, etc. Some challenges could be navigation through a dangerous environment, or defeating overwhelming odds by good coordination. The characters would come with their usual gear and team mates or henchmen. Driver: Vehicle races, different slots based on the environment. Obviously, we can't have Speed Racer and the Mach-5 up against Luke Skywalker's X-Wing, but they could each be in different slots. As has been said, a giant robot slot would be cool. Another intelligence based slot would be good, this time something for the scientists like Tony Stark or Geordi LaForge. A street level slot-less than peak human mercenaries or police officers. At some point there should also be returning slots, so that people aren't trying to come up with brand new slots every time. Maybe one per season, or more if creativity is running low.
  7. I'm in. *cue gearing up montage*
  8. Besides limited ranged capabilities, there are no limits for this slot.
  9. I'm a fan of King and Armor King. It's just the name. KING! Who doesn't want to fight using a guy named King.
  10. I had to rewatch Jumper. Okay movie. Anyway, you're right on the teleporting aspect. Scorpion can't really keep up with that level of teleportation. It will certainly keep him on the defensive. However, he has far more battle experience. I think the hellfire attacks are going to be what helps him out the most. If he sees David before David sees him, Scorpion will fry David on the spot. If he can surround himself with fire before David is about to touch him, David will fry. His other techniques are pretty moot here though. The problem David is going to have is that he can't just teleport Scorpion into a dangerous location. If he tries to drop Scorpion from the sky, Scorpion ports back to the ground. If he teleports Scorpion in front of an animal, he would have to spook the animal first, a dangerous plan. Finally, you can't forget David's biggest weakness. He has no jump points on Pandora. Everything he does will have to be line of sight based. I'm still going to give this one to Scorpion.
  11. I might have to go with Old Man Yama this time. I think his Bankai is too much for the King of Atlantis to handle.
  12. It'll be hard for David to track Scorpion in this environment. He's completely unfamiliar with the terrain, and the glowing vegetation will make the ninja even harder to track. Sure he can teleport Scorpion places, but Scorpion can just follow suit. If David transports Scorpion to a dangerous location then leaves, Scorpion can just leave too. And that's about all David can do. He can't take a ninjja in hand to hand combat. He doesn't carry weapons that would put a Mortal Kombat character down. He can't survive his body being lit on fire. Scorpion on the other hand can shatter David's skull with a single punch, or impale him through the heart with a spear. He can light his body on fire if David tries to touch him. If Scorpion even spots David before the Jumper finds him, fire will spring out of the ground at David's feet. I don't think David has the reflexes to get out of the way. Even if he survives, David's breathing device will probably be destroyed. He can't survive without it. Scorpion can.
  13. A baby or a dog....well the baby is definitely more qualified.
  14. Well yeah, but that's not a very cinematic way to view the fight.
  15. I suppose using a suit is a little out of character, but regardless of how he fights Bruce at the start, the suit will come out when the animals do.
  16. Those are impressive feats for a normal human, but when Bruce Lee is fighting someone equipped with powerful alien technology, he's just outclassed. How is he going to handle the viscious animals on Pandora. Tommy has the ranged capabilities to put them down, but the creatures would eat Bruce for lunch. Bruce is also vulnerable to his mask being removed. The rangers have been shown to be immune to airborne effects while morphed.
  17. Strength: The power rangers can lift cars above their heads. Bruce can take that kind of punishment? What about the energized punch that destroyed King Mondo? I think that would kill Bruce on impact. Speed: The strength of the Power Rangers haven't as clearly been described. The Time Force rangers were able to dodge bullet like projectiles. I'm not saying the power rangers are bullet timers, but they are clearly faster than Bruce Lee. Durability: The power rangers absorb explosive energy attacks on a weekly basis, and physical attacks even from strong monsters don't do much to the rangers. Bruce Lee won't be able to hurt the Red Zeo Ranger. That pretty much cuts out any hope Bruce Lee has of winning this match. He's outmatched in every category, but he's also at a disadvantage at range. Tommy has a blaster to keep Bruce Lee back if he wants. He has a sword that could kill with an energy slash. He even has a giant hamster wheel to crush Bruce with. This is assuming he uses the Red Zeo Ranger suit. I think it's the strongest he's worn, (and maybe one of the strongest out of all the ranger teams given that the crystal that powers the suit increase in power of time), but I could be persuaded that the Black Dino Suit is stronger. If he wears the Green Ranger suit, his dagger shoots lightning. The White Ranger suit has a floating sword that shoots lasers. The Black Dino suit has invisibility. Let's also consider the environment, a massive, global forest. Tommy's teleportation and ranged attacks (and Invisibility if he uses that suit) will make him untouchable to Bruce Lee. But that is out of character for Tommy. He can and will dominate Bruce in hand to hand combatant.
  18. If anything that would pump him up even more.
  19. Oh wow. Sorry Wolverine. Akuma definitely has the speed and power here. Indestructible bones and a healing factor can't protect the X-Man's soul, and if need be Akuma could always so Super Sai....I mean Shin Form.
  20. Sorry Bruce Lee. Tommy Oliver is going to win.
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