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  1. I think there was an error. Wolverine and Man of Steel got switched.
  2. Damn that would be an annoying video game level.
  3. I don't have a personal stake in this match, but I think Thanos.
  4. I don't know what horrible country you live in, but taking criminals to jail is not accessory to murder. That is the biggest load of BS I've ever been asked to swallow.
  5. I'd say most statement like that in the handbook should be taken with a grain of salt.
  6. This is going on on Comicvine, and I'm frankly shocked that anyone thinks Sentry wins. What do you think?
  7. Yes, because he is fighting with his healing factor. As you should know, Wolverine is an excellent martial artist, and should easily handle Yakuza goons.
  8. I suppose in his fight with Shingen he wasn't really trying, but he was getting sliced up constantly. In his fights with the Yakuza, he fought okay I guess, but it is a lie to say that he relied more on his skill. He was getting shot and stabbed constantly. Basically as soon as he last his healing factor everyone knew they had a chance. It would have made for a cool scene if someone was like ," Your nothing without your powers." And then Wolverine owned them all without taking a hit. But no, he just kept getting shot and stabbed.
  9. Spoilers Except that wasn't the only flaw. The entire movie as a whole was incoherent. It had no clear villain or plotline till the very end. One of the most annoying parts was Yashida's "character arc." I say that in quotations because in the beginning he seemed like a pretty good guy. They made a point of showing that he saved the prisoners, and let Wolverine go. He also took in that girl (her name is slipping my mind) Then in the end he is an evil sociopath who tries to kill his daughter and his friend. I guess he was corrupted by his life of luxury. My second point is no clear villain, and even more so no clear motivations. So in the beginning the Yakuza are kind of the villain. Because they want Moriko for some reason. Where they hired by the attorney guy? DId they just want her cause she's powerful now? What? And then I guess Yashida or Viper wanted her. And also Shingen because I guess he was jealous? Then in the end she was of no importance at all and did nothing. I guess she killed the bad guy. What were Vipers motivations in all this? I guess she worked for Yashida. But in the beginning he had little drones in his lungs. Where they healing him? Was Viper betraying him? How did he not see those? But then there were some in jars. And.......what......what's going on? It's Shingen! No wait, Viper is behind it all! Crap, it's Yashida! This movie was kind of okay I guess. I wouldn't call it a character drama though. These are more nitpicks, but why did the directors/writers not read a single Wolverine comic? They obviously didn't. Wolverine spent a bunch of time in Japan and is actually fluent in the language. But in the movie he was a stupid uncivilized foreign asshole. As I stated earlier, why was he a terrible fighter? Why is a martial artist with a hundred or so years of experience and military training getting handled by nameless fodder? My final point is about the names. This is how I imagine the producers. "Hey, I read on the wiki that there is this guy named Harada. Let's cram some guy in the movie named Harada! Comic fans will love it! I also heard that there was this evil guy names Shingen. Let's cram him in there too!" Except then their roles in the movie made no sense. I don't know. I would give the movie 2.5 out of 5 stars.
  10. My biggest complaint with the Wolverine was the fact that Wolverine was a pathetic brawler in combat.
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