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  1. Sense I am a loyal Touhou Fan I won't give my vote, but I will say that a fight like this should have at most a good setup. For that matter any fight should have a good set up. In this case more so. Nightmare is an excellent warrior. Wielder of the Soul Edge and above all one of the Lords of Kickassia. Utsuho is a Hell Raven from the bowls of Gensokyo's Deepest Inner Hells. She controls the amount of nuclear energy required to power the various inventions and electrical based equipment that the kappa produce. If we were to pit the powers of Nuclear Fusion against the might of the Soul Edge, what would come of it? A disaster? An epic disaster? An epic disaster of proportions immeasurable by the human concept? Who knows, but it seems like a decent idea.
  2. Yakko looked over at Johnny before looking at the audience with a hand to his right cheek to obstruct his voice from the other. "Seems they will let anyone act these days." Turning back to Johnny Yakko spoke. "Aaaahhhh do I know you?" "Of course you do I'm your brother." "No no no I was talking to him?" "Who's him?" "The guy over there with the really weird hair." "Oh. I don't know who he is why don't you ask him." Yakko looked at the audience again before shrugging. Just then dot came in with a buzzer and raised her hand. "Ohh ohhhhh oh oh oh mee pick meee!!" Yakko spoke again. "Alright Dot your turn." "Is the answer Elvis Presley?" "Aaaahhhh no." "Oh excuse me I meant, Who is Elvis Presley?" "And we have a winner. So welcome to Burbank Elvis, nice to have you." Dot suddenly jumped onto Johnny's face and kissed him right on the lips. "Aren't I just the cutest thing?"
  3. Ophelia chided. "Nonsense.....If there is a force out there that can challenge me...I would like to see it. I am not the gate of the Black Abyss for nothing." Her smile showed her confidence in her abilities and so she headed off to destroy her foes with her new allies in toe.
  4. With that Ophelia exited the house and left Zwena and Reina there to watch over things as she went off towards the town to pull "pranks" on the local heroes there. And by pranks she meant horribly disfigure. Though she figured the heroes would put up a pretty decent fight. "Time to have some fun..." She smiled and giggled a bit as she vanished into the shadows, using them to move faster towards the city.
  5. Sarah Sally looked towards the group with a wandering eye. It wasn't like she had much in way of great mind boggling material, but her idea was a good one in her mind. "You boys remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoons where he was always trying to beat the turtle in a race? How the turtle always messed with him using slap stick humor among other things? I was thinking of possibly having the same thing happen here, only with the Warners. I can just see it happening. The possibilities of all of this could be amazingly large. That fact that the Warners are considered one of the most annoying things in existence would give the audience a flashback to their past and remind them that funny doesn't always have to be one sided. That Bugs Bunny isn't the king of laughter like he is portrayed to be so many times." She looked at the group before speaking once again. "The idea of the Warners bugging Bugs just because he is their favorite loony toon would be a really good idea. The jokes would be innumerable. So, what do you guys think?" She waited for a hopefully positive answer.
  6. Character 1 Code name/Name After Experimentation: Luna Volt Alter ego/Original Name: Kelly Teverin Origin: Kelly Teverin was your average girl of 19. She had just graduated from High School and was planning on attending college. She had been waiting a long time for this moment, the moment she would get to join the world at large in the profession of computers. Though, the way she joined it wasn't completely how she pictured it. Her entire world turned upside down when she entered her first day of college. It turned out that the college she applied to was known for testing on random students with their newest technology. This program was done quietly and in secret as to preserve their projects from the eyes of the government. In the early stages of the program they chose four students at random, one of which just happened to be Kelly Teverin. She had no idea what awaited her was a series of extremely painful experiments of removing human body parts and replacing them with cybernetic ones. Kelly would be traumatized by the experience and would find herself being completely transformed from the girl she once was, into a weapon for their pleasure. The day Luna Volt was born was the day Kelly Teverin died inside. She would end up destroying the entire complex out of rage and despair at what she had become. Her new abilities as a cyborg would prove useful in that endeavor. She would eventually find herself cursing her existence and ended up in Reach City. Affiliation: Villian. Public status: Mass murderer and considered a dangerous weapon. Villian: *Psychopath: Insane or otherwise a complete monster. Often no remorse or reason for actions. Public enemy No. 1 to many. Appearance: Costume: Her outfit is literally grafted to her body, it can't be taken off. It is made of several materials. Titanium alloy, carbon steel, nano tech high resistance to EMP armor, and a cape extending from the waist to her feet. Primary power: Magnetism - Can use her powers over magnetism to create items from random metal objects. Items such as weapons, defensive structures, and even small buildings. (Starting ability) Carbon Canon - Her left arm can change form to that of a rather large gun barrel which exudes a small wave of Carbon Disruption. It basically kills any Carbon based life form(depending on the size of the life form, may take more then one shot.) (Starting ability) Lunar Eyes - At night, her eyes gain a special ability. This ability allows her to cause anyone who looks directly into her eyes to go slightly insane or become confused. She puts them in a small illusion basically. It doesn't do any damage but it could cause temporary damage to one's mental health depending on what she makes them see or hear. (Will carry over for when I gain more abilities.) Secondary power: Energy Conversion - Between her bunny ears, which are grafted to her skull, is a very low intensity electric current. When she makes her ears vibrate the current gets stronger. When it reaches its highest intensity, it creates an energy converter for her power cell. This gives her the ability to run fast, jump high, or even have higher then normal reflexes that any normal cyborg would be incapable of doing. (Starting ability) Super Hearing - Her ears have a very large amount of sensitivity. This makes it very easy for her to pick up conversations from very far away through her antenna/bunny ears. (Will carry over for when I gain more abilities.) Equipment: Armor: Her armor, which is grafted to her body, has millions of nanonites in it which constantly repair any damaged parts she might have over a period of time(depending on amount of damage determines how long it will take to fix.) Her armor is also resistant to EMP attacks. Weapons: Any weapon she can forge from using her Magnetism ability. Associates: Polly is her only associate, though they would both love company. Stats: --Strength: 1 --Dexterity: 2 --Vitality: 1 --Intelligence: 3 --Speed: 3 --Stamina: 2 (Weapon part of it) - (She creates her own weapons so they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes therefore this part of the stats will vary depending on what kind she makes whether it be melee or mid range weaponry.) --Strike(Short): 2 --Projection(Mid): 1 --Launch(Long): - 1 --Accuracy: 1 Powers: Magnetism: 10 Level 1 Energy Conversion: 4 Level 1 Carbon Canon: 6 Level 1 Character 2 Name: Polly Tilen Origin: In the same facility that housed the same horrid projects that Luna Volt had succumb to, there was another project under development. The project of creating a fully functional robot. Though they had created several models of her, Polly Tilen was supposed to be a line of robots meant for carrying out the orders of their masters without objection. They were to be used as tools and thought of as items. One model of the line model no. 2231 would grow emotions however. Due to this, the scientists would conduct inhumane experiments on her to find out how she gained a sentient mind. She was actually able to laugh, smile, get angry, feel jealous.....and even cry. Though even though she cried and expressed how sad she was to live in such conditions, the scientists didn't stop doing the inhumane experiments. She eventually came to resent humans, and thought of them as beings of pure evil that only sought to hurt her. This would cause her to make her escape the day that Luna Volt made hers. Thinking that Luna was the only human she could trust, both Polly would stick together with Luna through their journey hoping she would find a place that wouldn't try to stick a needle in her for data. She would find herself in Reach City not long after their escape. Affiliation: Villian. Public status: Seen as a tool, a thing with no soul, this makes her sad. Villian: *Psychopath: Insane or otherwise a complete monster. Often no remorse or reason for actions. Public enemy No. 1 to many. Appearance: Costume: Her entire body is made of synthetic tissue, metal, and plastic. Her brain is a computorized program that constantly learns how humans act and mimics their actions. However, she has her own personality, and tends to love to wear dresses and prefers the maid dress above all others. Primary power: Corruption Nanonites - Inside her body are millions of nanobots that continuously upgrade and enhance her skills over a long term period of time, these nanobots can also infect other machines and corrupt them for her control via computer up-link in her brain. (Starting Ability) Plasma Beam Cannon - Transforms her right arm into a gun barrel and emits a particle beam of plasma generated from her reactor core, though this gun should be lethal, it had a malfunction during her escape from the facility which caused her cannon to become less effective. Over time it will repair itself however. (Starting ability) Secondary power: Reactor Core Acceleration - Can speed up her reactor core causing her to be able to run at high speeds, this skill is only used in bursts and can last for up to 5 minutes before having to cool down, this does not affect her normal running speeds however which are still superior to humans. (Starting ability) Equipment: Armor: Her body is heavy and durable, able to withstand the pressure of more then 100 tons of weight, but is very light weight and easy to throw her off balance. Even if she can withstand lots of pressure, she can still feel it. Her body can repair itself over time should it get damaged.(time it takes to repair depends on the amount of damage.) Weapons: Can create weapons from scratch if she needs to, weapons available to her now would only be small and human made however. Over time she can create weapons of her own. Associates: Luna is her only Associate at the moment, but both of them would love company. Stats: --Strength: 0 --Dexterity: 1 --Vitality: 2 --Intelligence: 3 --Speed: 1 --Stamina: 1 (Weapon part of it) - (Same as Luna's weaponry stat description. She will have varying stat usage depending on the type of weapon she uses. Only this time it only includes ranged weaponry.) --Strike(Short): 0 --Projection(Mid): 2 --Launch(Long): 2 --Accuracy: 3 Powers: Corruption Nanonites: 10 Level 1 Plasma Beam Canon: 5 Level 1 Reactor Core Acceleration: 5 Level 1 Character 3 Name: Vivi Coznes Origin: Vivi is a demon from a realm exceeding that of Earth and the farthest reaches of this realm exists only for the torture of those who fall prey to the temptations that the spirits of this realm place upon people. Vivi was once a normal person. She had a normal life, normal family, normal job. Except, something in her life wasn't normal. She was confused about it as well. She didn't know what was missing, what could possibly not be right with her life that she couldn't figure it out? The answer would come in the form of a man who wore a dark hood and brown clothing. He would talk with Vivi, tell her that she was not yet complete. Though, being complete was a matter of opinion, this man paraded around like it was a fact. Thus, she took his advice, not even caring where this man might have come from or what his true purpose was. No, those questions would come later, when everything was far too late. She would follow his every direction do everything he told her to do, and after a week, she finally felt different. She felt as if she was truly complete and that her life was back to normal. Though it would be apparent that she was committing adultery. She slept with every man she could find because of what the hooded man told her. Then, after she had been caught, she asked the hooded man if he wanted to. The hooded man grinned and as the act was being committed he sucked out her soul and took it down to the Pit of Hellfire where she was subjected to torture and horrible hellish nightmares. Eventually she broke and killed him, the demons torturing her, and managed to get out of the Pit of Hellfire, all this through her new powers. When she emerged from the Pit her appearance had changed quite a bit. She realized she had devil wings on her back and head, her hair was blue, her eyes were blueish-gray, and her outfit was a frilled dress covered in the blood stains of the demons she killed. Not to mention that the chains that now circulated around her throbbing with electrical currents would also prove to be a horrendous sight. Vivi Coznes had turned into a Succubus. But not just any Succubus, no, she had become a very unstable Succubus. Her mind was frothing with glimpses of her being tortured and such and thus, she went completely insane. She killed anyone that dared to approach her. Her methods were very....unclean. She would always play with her corpses as if they were play toys. Thus the Nightmare known as the Night-Cuubus was born. Affiliation: Villian. Public status: Monster, living nightmare, unstable and very dangerous. Villian: *Psychopath: Insane or otherwise a complete monster. Often no remorse or reason for actions. Public enemy No. 1 to many. Appearance: Costume: Her outfit is consisted of a single blue frilled dress covered in blood of her kills, she occasionally will clean it but well it's only because the rain is handy. The chains floating around her body are also considered a part of her outfit. Primary power: Electric Whip - Her chains can be used as a whip that cause searing pain to course through the body of the victim. The chains themselves, if touched by an individual other then Vivi for too long, will experience electrocution equivalent to that of the electric chair. The electrical discharges from her chains can produce small electrical storms around her when she flies. This allows her to crack her whip at an opponent below and send a small, non lethal lightning strike down towards them. (Starting ability) Insanity Shield - Her insanity acts as a sort of pain killer and will repress any non fatal pain that might be inflicted upon her. This also serves as another ability of intimidation. Her ability to not be mentally affected by attacks make her a very dangerous enemy. (Starting ability) Secondary power: Ecstasy of the Soul - Vivi can suck the souls out of her victims after killing them or while killing them. She then plays with their bodies for a bit but this is optional. Her favorite kind of souls are usually those of men but she will take what she can get be it men, women, or children. (Starting ability) Contortion of Pain - She can contort the pain that she feels constantly inside her mind from the images of being tortured into a physical reality for her opponent. If they manage to find themselves fighting her in the dark she can project her feelings upon her opponent and attack them with thoughts of torture and pain that no living thing could comprehend. The thoughts of her mind literally go out into the world during the night time, so sounds of screaming and death can be heard all around her without her even lifting a finger. (Will carry this over for when I gain more abilities.) Flight - Vivi can fly using the wings on her back. (Starting ability) Equipment: Armor: Her only armor is her chains and her frilled dress. Her body is also made up of stronger material then normal skin and can be compared to the structure of flexible steel. Though it only serves as a protective layer and isn't really an armor per say. Weapons: Her only weapons are her electric chains. Associates: Vivi Coznes would only associate with other insane people. Find someone insane and she will mingle with them. Stats: --Strength: 3 --Dexterity: 2 --Vitality: 1 --Intelligence: 0 - (Being that she is insane she has no need to be intelligent to the point of super smart she just needs to be able to think on the level of any average person.) --Speed: 3 --Stamina: 2 (Weapon part of it) - (Melee and Mid range only) --Strike(Short): 2 --Projection(Mid): 3 --Launch(Long): -3 --Accuracy: 2 Powers: Electric Whip: 7 Level 1 Insanity Shield: 5 Level 1 Ecstasy of the Soul: 4 Level 1 Flight: 4 Level 1
  7. Zwena smiled with curiosity as her sisters came out to greet the wayward allies they had managed to accumulate. "These are my sisters, Ophelia Demetori and Reina In'Sane. Lets all get along quite well in our little horde of chaos now shall we?" Reina stepped forth in her maid's outfit and bowed her head without so much as relishing a smile. Ophelia walked outside and dragged all 3 in by the hands before introducing herself. "My name's Ophelia, come eat with me." "And I am Zwena Yandere. Pleased to meet your acquaintances." With that the group went inside and made their plans for the city off in the distance for later that night.
  8. Tsubasa remained in the ship's quarters trying to plot their next course. Once she was done, she would join the others.
  9. Zwena looked at Edward with a seductive smile. "Well, we were just about to go cause some trouble for the local Goren in the city not too far from here. You are welcome to join in if you wish."
  10. Ellisra


    Flandre, coming off of her killing spree high, would float to the ground, covered in blood as her eyes were completely red, her vampire nature showing. Her clones vanished and she simply walked towards the rest of the group, her height being that of a 10 year old child about 4'10". Al she did was stare at the others for a while before her eyes returned to their usual red color but to that of a normal human shape. "That was fun. Though, I think I missed one. Hey what are you guys doing with the toy? I seem to have broken all the other toys, is that one still working properly? Is it?" She would be referring to the captured wolfrider.
  11. Tsubasa stayed on the ship to guard it as well as plot their next course. It wasn't going to be easy finding their way without a properly plotted course all ready to go. Thus she did just that. She thought about finding her mother and what she would say when she did.
  12. "This isn't the time nor place for that." She developed a vein on her forehead and bopped him on the head slightly to get him to knock it off but would blush afterwards and smile slightly as she turned around so no one could see it. "Right, *ahem* so we are going to fight Vertigo but in the mean time we should probably stock up on provisions and probably get some good intel on our next destination too."
  13. Tsubasa looked over all the people they had met so far. "Well, I suppose they will have to do. Not that they are no good, but I wasn't really hoping to find a crew right off the bat like this." She smiled a bit and then turned to Jacob for his final approval of the crew thus far.
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