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  1. Sense I am a loyal Touhou Fan I won't give my vote, but I will say that a fight like this should have at most a good setup. For that matter any fight should have a good set up. In this case more so. Nightmare is an excellent warrior. Wielder of the Soul Edge and above all one of the Lords of Kickassia. Utsuho is a Hell Raven from the bowls of Gensokyo's Deepest Inner Hells. She controls the amount of nuclear energy required to power the various inventions and electrical based equipment that the kappa produce. If we were to pit the powers of Nuclear Fusion against the might of the Soul Edge, wh
  2. Yakko looked over at Johnny before looking at the audience with a hand to his right cheek to obstruct his voice from the other. "Seems they will let anyone act these days." Turning back to Johnny Yakko spoke. "Aaaahhhh do I know you?" "Of course you do I'm your brother." "No no no I was talking to him?" "Who's him?" "The guy over there with the really weird hair." "Oh. I don't know who he is why don't you ask him." Yakko looked at the audience again before shrugging. Just then dot came in with a buzzer and raised her hand. "Ohh ohhhhh oh oh oh mee pick meee!!" Yakko spo
  3. Ophelia chided. "Nonsense.....If there is a force out there that can challenge me...I would like to see it. I am not the gate of the Black Abyss for nothing." Her smile showed her confidence in her abilities and so she headed off to destroy her foes with her new allies in toe.
  4. With that Ophelia exited the house and left Zwena and Reina there to watch over things as she went off towards the town to pull "pranks" on the local heroes there. And by pranks she meant horribly disfigure. Though she figured the heroes would put up a pretty decent fight. "Time to have some fun..." She smiled and giggled a bit as she vanished into the shadows, using them to move faster towards the city.
  5. Sarah Sally looked towards the group with a wandering eye. It wasn't like she had much in way of great mind boggling material, but her idea was a good one in her mind. "You boys remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoons where he was always trying to beat the turtle in a race? How the turtle always messed with him using slap stick humor among other things? I was thinking of possibly having the same thing happen here, only with the Warners. I can just see it happening. The possibilities of all of this could be amazingly large. That fact that the Warners are considered one of the most annoying thing
  6. Character 1 Code name/Name After Experimentation: Luna Volt Alter ego/Original Name: Kelly Teverin Origin: Kelly Teverin was your average girl of 19. She had just graduated from High School and was planning on attending college. She had been waiting a long time for this moment, the moment she would get to join the world at large in the profession of computers. Though, the way she joined it wasn't completely how she pictured it. Her entire world turned upside down when she entered her first day of college. It turned out that the college she applied to was known for testing on rando
  7. Zwena smiled with curiosity as her sisters came out to greet the wayward allies they had managed to accumulate. "These are my sisters, Ophelia Demetori and Reina In'Sane. Lets all get along quite well in our little horde of chaos now shall we?" Reina stepped forth in her maid's outfit and bowed her head without so much as relishing a smile. Ophelia walked outside and dragged all 3 in by the hands before introducing herself. "My name's Ophelia, come eat with me." "And I am Zwena Yandere. Pleased to meet your acquaintances." With that the group went inside and made their plans for the
  8. Tsubasa remained in the ship's quarters trying to plot their next course. Once she was done, she would join the others.
  9. Zwena looked at Edward with a seductive smile. "Well, we were just about to go cause some trouble for the local Goren in the city not too far from here. You are welcome to join in if you wish."
  10. Ellisra


    Flandre, coming off of her killing spree high, would float to the ground, covered in blood as her eyes were completely red, her vampire nature showing. Her clones vanished and she simply walked towards the rest of the group, her height being that of a 10 year old child about 4'10". Al she did was stare at the others for a while before her eyes returned to their usual red color but to that of a normal human shape. "That was fun. Though, I think I missed one. Hey what are you guys doing with the toy? I seem to have broken all the other toys, is that one still working properly? Is it?" She wo
  11. Tsubasa stayed on the ship to guard it as well as plot their next course. It wasn't going to be easy finding their way without a properly plotted course all ready to go. Thus she did just that. She thought about finding her mother and what she would say when she did.
  12. "This isn't the time nor place for that." She developed a vein on her forehead and bopped him on the head slightly to get him to knock it off but would blush afterwards and smile slightly as she turned around so no one could see it. "Right, *ahem* so we are going to fight Vertigo but in the mean time we should probably stock up on provisions and probably get some good intel on our next destination too."
  13. Tsubasa looked over all the people they had met so far. "Well, I suppose they will have to do. Not that they are no good, but I wasn't really hoping to find a crew right off the bat like this." She smiled a bit and then turned to Jacob for his final approval of the crew thus far.
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