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  1. Yusef, though he ran as fast as he could, barely missed the explosion, as he was able to perceive the frantic messages. "Um...we still have a problem. Do you know of a sniper that's clad in black?" He shifts his eyes and keeps low. "I think I'll need a bigger boom."
  2. Yusef attempted grappling with his team mates. Fighting off the Chinese was to be a chore, Fortunately, he had some time to brush up on melee and unarmed.
  3. The seemingly human Mr. Arctos still had his sense of smell even in human form. He smelled the air, noting that the thickets have a bigger threat. He was in no position for the hunt. After cleaning himself up, he sensed that the safer path is where his would-be allies would be waiting. The Fallen soon may have a hunter by their side. One with both man and beast in him. Choice A.
  4. Willow was mad by being called a hussy. "First off, I only see the damage I have caused to the man. Second, I don't like being called a hussy." Alec realized that things are getting serious. "Worse than I thought." He gets out of his way to diffuse the situation. "You have caused more than a bit of trouble here, young lady. What say you in your defense?" "Oh, it's you again. Stay out of---" Alec interrupted her with, "I'm not the only one irritated by your antics. And they're can and will be at their boiling points. So what say you about your actions? And don't give us implausible excuses." "This is between me and her, not you, bugman. Let us resolve this problem." Alec still was watching, telling the woman, "Drive her to the ground if she is not willing to reasonably apologize."
  5. Alec tells Samson of Willow flying across the room and the chaos happening. "The one that was bothering me, she was sent FLYING. Now pandemonium is happening as she's emitting pheromones! And take a look. I suspect catfight." Willow glared back at the woman, not noticing her until the vulgar comments. "And what you looking at?" She had not noticed her at all. An escalated argument or catfight may or may not break out. She was getting confrontational, being demonic in nature. Alec was strangely serene despite the chaos. He was getting a laugh out of the commotion.
  6. Yusef's ears picked up something. A sniper was imminent. Unless others caught on, he would warn his compatriots and avoid the sniper. Yusef was a demolitions expert, not a sniper.
  7. Stats: Strength- 3 Perception- 10 Endurance- 3 Charisma- 1 Intelligence- 4 Agility- 4 Luck- 5 Skills: Barter (Charisma)- 10 Energy Weapons (Perception)- 55 Explosives (Perception)- 60 Guns (Agility)- 25 Lockpick (Perception)- 55 Medicine (Intelligence)- 25 Melee Weapons (Strength)- 25 Repair (Intelligence)- 25 Science (Intelligence)- 25 Sneak (Agility)- 25 Speech (Charisma)- 10 Survival (Endurance)- 23 Unarmed (Endurance)- 23
  8. Here's what the weresaur can do: Regenerate wounds Is six times faster than a human Six times stronger, not to mention with disemboweling claws Superhuman senses In short, what a lycanthrope and raptor can do. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team has: M4A1 carbine .30 caliber machine pistol Combat knife
  9. When I awoke, I was in the alleys. Despite the darkness of the night, I recognized this place almost immediately. It was not too far from the neighborhood of which I lived. I did not come here too often, other than days when I feel unsettled, or possibly just when I need to take some time to relax. I must have been kidnapped or have sleepwalked my way here. I had a groggy state-of-mind, but I was in the alley, and I was warm. This much I knew. But there was also another distinct detail of my then current state; I was unimaginably, almost inhumanly hungry. I figured I must have been here for a while. I was confused. How did I get here? Whatever the case, I knew my way around this area pretty well, so I could easily get home. Getting up slowly, and brushing the few leaves, dirt, and anything else off of me, I stood up. I took in a deep breath of the air. The scent stunk, but also I felt in my gut this was some sort of second home to me. I began to walk in the direction I believed was my home. After about five minutes, though, I got a pain in every part of my body that was so intense, all my muscles locked up and I immediately fell to the ground. All I remember about this is pain. Every detail. My skin tingled with a strange sense, though the inside of my body felt like every organ was about to explode, bulging. My nails and teeth even changed and became sharper. Both the big toes felt pain as the nails became longer, thicker, and curved. However, I did not feel that the changes and bulges were not going to kill me. It was a painful and strange feeling. I hope I can get used to it. I also felt strangely hungry. My sense of smell became…almost supernatural. My stomach growled inhumanly. It strangely desired human flesh. I looked to my hands and feet to realize that they have become clawed. This was at least enough to turn humans into bloody ribbons. I sniffed the air several times. My eyes, what would be for hearing, and my nostrils focused on a target. Though my body has thoroughly changed, my senses have fully enhanced. I focused on my target even more. I felt, faster than a human being. I was going at least ninety miles per hour when I was on the hunt. I suddenly pounced on my target and savagely tore him apart. However, my messiness joined with my noisy eating has alerted authorities. The authorities might have been calling the right people to defeat a being of my caliber. I smelled the air and I realized that men with firearms were coming for me. I had to be elusive for the night. I couldn’t let them catch me. Despite my evasion, some men cornered me. There were ten men to be totally exact when it comes to numbers. My other side told me to kill them all and not surrender.
  10. The missiles shook Yusef up. It was a miracle that he survived. He readied the grenade launcher to blow up the enemies coming for his squad.
  11. "I havent." Yusef the insane bomber was alright, despite fatigue. Instead, he was chuckling like a loon. By then, the team should realize that Yusef is insane.
  12. Skills: Barter (Charisma)- 10 Energy Weapons (Perception)- 55 Explosives (Perception)- 55 + 5 = 60 Guns (Agility)- 25 Lockpick (Perception)- 55 Medicine (Intelligence)- 25 Melee Weapons (Strength)- 20 + 5 = 25 Repair (Intelligence)- 25 Science (Intelligence)- 25 Sneak (Agility)- 25 Speech (Charisma)- 10 Survival (Endurance)- 20 + 3 = 23 Unarmed (Endurance)- 20 + 3 = 23 As of July 5th.
  13. "He's advancing towards you!" Yusef readied the pistol. This time, he'd stick with plasma weapons. Warning Maxwell will help.
  14. Yusef took advantage of the moment when it came to the mines. He rendered them offline as suppressing fire was applied. Yusef's expertise in demolitions helped. He analyzed his environment and assuming he finishes them all, hopped from choke point to choke point to regroup with his allies and assist them. "Getting it done."
  15. Yusef, using his expertise and perception, attempted to disarm the mines as quickly as possible. However, if the Chinese gave him trouble, he'd use his plasma pistol against the attackers. The mad bomber was surprisingly good at plasma weapons, though it did not match his style. He did as commanded.
  16. The grenade was a distraction when he fetched the plasma pistol and attempted to shoot at the assault rifle dragoon. In spite of Yusef and his raving insanity, he knew preserving his own life. He saw choke points to take cover in from the fire. Yusef had more explosives and explosives were his preferred weapon.
  17. Yusef attempts to find a way to flush out the enemies. Maxwell called him out using explosives, so incendiaries would have to do. He threw an incendiary grenade to light the enemies on fire.
  18. Just as his gun was shout out of his hand, he sees the assault trooper coming and attempts to take cover. Using his perception, he anticipates the shots and takes cover. His perception was his main advantage and he saw every attack coming enough to take cover.
  19. Willow landed breast first on the man. She immediately attempted to get back up and apologize for the incident. He helped the man up and assessed for injuries, embarrassed by the event further. If the man caught her, she would be grateful enough to give him her number. After she got back up, she dusted herself off. It was a good thing her large funbags made quality airbags. As she was flying, her pheromones were activated. " Alec responded, "My back is a natural exoskeleton. I'm strong and tough on my own. Sorry about that." The insect man saw Willow flying and cracked up. Though initially resisting the urge to break out laughter, he was then pointing and laughing at Willow subtly. If Samson was a witness to Willow flying, the two would share the laugh.
  20. Yusef fired shots at all the weaker enemies. "I plan to flush them out before cooking them alive!" He was chuckling maniacally while shooting the rounds at the spec ops man after Rose and then some more. "Alright, once we leave, allow me to blow this place up."
  21. Yusef countered by rolling a grenade to the enemies and blasting them using his plasma pistol. He realized a weakness in the group, hurling another frag grenade right upon the weak spot. His plasma shots were aimed at the spec ops man. He had many explosives at his disposal, including the incendiaries.
  22. Though Yusef got slammed, he had the energy to retaliate by throwing a stick of dynamite directly at the mass of enemies. He realized that he needed to go down or at least take cover so he'd survive for the day. Yusef's light armor only mitigated some of the damage. However, it did make a difference. "Blow them all up!" Explosives were hurled at the enemy. His armor to be exact was Vault 34 security armor.
  23. As Yusef calculated the explosive, he threw a grenade on the far end of the wall. The boom was predicted to shake up the enemy. The grenade in question was a frag grenade to shake up the enemy and to have kinetic forces at work. If that wasn't enough, he would throw a stick of dynamite. His plasma pistol acted as backup.
  24. Yusef prepped his bombs to be used and distributed. Once he reunites with his squad-mates, he'd show up with bombs. The Arabic garb allowed him to conceal bombs and Yusef was ready to blow things up. "Incapacitate? I have bombs for the job." He handed a molotov cocktail to his nearest squad-mate. "In case they come." He also decided to take some light armor and craft some bombs. Other stuff he was searching for was extra gear to assist him in bomb-making. An emergency weapon would help as he sifted for an energy weapon with some ammunition. A plasma pistol did suit his needs and he took a bit of ammo with him. "This ought to help in narrow corners."
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