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  1. The unedited posts still apply to me though. It makes sense if you consider character.
  2. Willow discreetly went into the line to exit. She made sure not to take her weapons out. The succubus was in no position to do something at the moment. "Glad that one's over. Should have taken the plane." Alec was mentally tired.
  3. Yusef's endurance skills has improved, fortunately. "We'll have to act nomadic in the desert." Yusef realizes that he should stop talking. He was starting to be reminded of home.
  4. Yusef stopped laughing and decided to go with the flow. A mere icebreaker would help. He remained silent.
  5. Though Willow would have socked her, the fight died down before reactions. Embarrassed, she realized that things would have turned messy if Jan was knifed. Alec responded. "Saw that one coming, but I had a feeling somebody was going to be stabbed." The insect man thought Willow might have stabbed Jan if it were not for the breaking up. "Thankfully, I'm getting out."
  6. He was not terribly affected by the desert, as he lived in a desert for a good portion of his life. "The blistering heat, the lack of water, the glowing sun, it is just like HOME!" He referred to the old village to be home. He looked around to see where an oasis can be.
  7. Mr. Arctos loves to fight. I hope he gets another one. By the way, I made sure he fully regenerated before entering.
  8. Stats: Strength- 3 + 1 = 4 Perception- 10 Endurance- 3 Charisma- 1 Intelligence- 4 Agility- 4 Luck- 5 Skills: Barter (Charisma)- 10 Energy Weapons (Perception)- 55 Explosives (Perception)- 60 Guns (Agility)- 25 + 5 = 30 Lockpick (Perception)- 55 Medicine (Intelligence)- 25 Melee Weapons (Strength)- 25 + 10 = 35 Repair (Intelligence)- 25 Science (Intelligence)- 25 Sneak (Agility)- 25 Speech (Charisma)- 10 Survival (Endurance)- 23 + 2 = 25 Unarmed (Endurance)- 23 + 2 = 25 Perks: Light Touch--+5% crit chance, enemies suffer -25% crit chance. (Only while wearing light armor). Swift Learner--"You are indeed a Swift Learner with this Perk, as each level will give you an additional +5% bonus whenever you earn experience points. Best purchased at an early level." Intense Training--With the Intense Training perk, you can put a single point into any of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes. This appropriate?
  9. Yusef's maniacal laugh was heard. He was out of his power armor. "I'm over here!" With an insane smile, he merely was laughing like a madman. His teammates were able to hear this.
  10. Yusef was laughing maniacally as he was hit. Despite his power armor, he took an immense amount of damage. As he landed onto the ground, his maniacal laughter was starting to die down, with his maniacal laugher lasting a noticeable amount of time. Though he attempted to hold onto something, he was still in a predicament. He collapsed and grumbled, "Sanity...is a one trick pony." Whether his power armor would give up on him, he does try to get back up before everyone else recovers. Yusef still scans for enemies, trying to ready himself. He was holding on, yet scanning.
  11. "Quiet human, for I am not even one bit human, not like YOU. And sorceress, you have quite the nerve in denying a demon of my caliber a meal." He thinks about the plain hut. Then Mr. Arctos realizes that the scent could be bait. The hut with heavy breathing potentially has prey. After he fully regenerated, he decided that the military hut seemed to be the base, from the smell of it. Thomas Arctos also wanted a fight to test his true mettle. It seemed like a good idea, but he realized that everyone else would try B. Some plant monster may be around, but prey seems nice to eat. OOC: Choice B.
  12. "Sorcerer, allow me to eat this guy." Mr. Arctos was referring to Pagan. The werebear wanted to eat human flesh. He was hungry and nobody gets between him and a meal.
  13. "The fight I had was fun, human." He was referring to the Blood King. He also saw the dying Matthew Rothschild. "The dying one is appetizing." Anyone trying to object to him would receive taunts of, "Piss off, lamb shank!" Mr. Arctos' grin resembled that of a bear's. As the time passed, the werebear took a breather and regenerated for less than a minute, making what wounds he received more bearable. Before going into one of the huts, deliberation ensued over which one to enter. The plain one was too boring, and the one with the pleasant smells started to be an appetizer to him. Thomas Arctos went to the dying man in order to finish him off and eat him. Mr. Arctos would regenerate during eating the man, as he transformed to consume the flesh. If nobody would stop Mr. Arctos, Matthew Rothschild is dinner. OOC: I'll make a decision once everyone starts to do so.
  14. Yusef was up in the air. He throws yet another pulse grenade at Liberty Prime. "YAHAHAHAHAHAH!" He was laughing maniacally as he was falling. The only hope is if he lands safely. He attempted to land safely, if not have someone catch him.
  15. Yusef attempted to avoid the eye beams from Liberty Prime. The frantic madman attempted to use a pulse grenade against the bot to slow it down. "Pizza, you got this?" He was halfway done with his grenades.
  16. Willow smirked as she saw the irate woman ready to strike her, but turned to Kari with, "There's no fun in that." The succubus had a surprise for her. Her skirt concealed her weaponry. A set of throwing knifes strapped around her left thigh and an Interceptor push dagger on her right thigh. Her hands were on her hips, bravado masking malice. Her sunny veneer hid a dark side. But she realized internally it would be no fun with a knife. Her smirk even read, "I was itching for a fight." Casually disrespecting Kari with, "Stay back, because I want to have a bit of fun." Alec was still near the would be cat-fight. He decided to leave, while responding to Samson's suggestions. "I'll call authorities on this."
  17. Really then? Because your unoriginality will be your downfall.
  18. Yusef taunted the robot as he evaded and threw whatever explosives he could muster as he ran from the hand. "Grab my grenades." He threw one for the robot as a distraction as he regrouped with Pizza. "Medic, with me!" He attempted to muster two more men to blow up the bot.
  19. Just as Yusef frantically attempted to evade, he had an idea. "I'm going to need big booms," Yusef thought in his head. He thought of blowing the robot and Hei Gui to bits. "My explosives won't do alone. I'm gonna need to jury-rig all this." Yusef attempted to stay low to avoid Hei Gui and not blow cover. Something was needed to take down both Hei Gui, who he tried to warn Max and others, and the giant robot, which Yusef would have attempted to blow up in the first place, had it not belonged to the Americans. He attempted to come up with a solution (IE a method) to blow up Hei Gui AND Liberty Prime.
  20. Wait, what if I have light armor?
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