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  1. Garrett sensed the crossbow bolt and jumped back to dodge the bolt. After he used his agility to dodge the bolt, he would sneak to the door and to his path. The item must be there somewhere. Nobody will be in his way and the target for larceny will be for the taking.
  2. Alec Entemos approached the table of the Guardians of the Earth. "You guys seem promising. Where do I sign up?" Willow took time not to get into fights or annoy others. She also thought of ways how to get out of the place without causing a row. She did realize that her knives may cause a panic if detected.
  3. Garrett opened the door slowly to keep an eye out for traps and he tried being as quiet as possible. The master thief was familiar with traps. He consciously looked for trip wires and other potential mess-ups. He was sent to take something for his client. Now must be the time before anyone intervenes.
  4. "Guardians of the Earth seem promising. And yes, I'm a hippy." Alec said to Samson. Willow decided to shift her eyes around. Whether he would follow the bug man and his buddy would be up to her. Because of her less than lawful disposition, she decided not to apply anywhere. She was still looking for a direct way into the city.
  5. Yusef thought was very sudden. Taking advantage of the distraction Pizza made, he assaulted an occupied knife wielder by a blow to the head and an attempt to steal a knife. Yusef was sudden in the assail, while also ready to use a knife wielder as a human shield.
  6. "And it seems that I have tempted providence." He responded to Samson. Once the force field was completely down, he would be walking to his destination. Willow also would go to her destination, assuming the force field was completely down.
  7. Garrett mused to himself. Suspicious the door was. Normally people don't leave their doors open. This on the other hand seemed like a trap. He scanned the area for any traps possible and tapped into his magical eye to check if it is really the path he must go. The sneak-thief must not bungle his job up. The client would be more than just unhappy.
  8. Garrett silently checked to see if the door was locked. If the door was indeed locked, he'd attempt to fashion lockpicks in an attempt to pick the locked door. A thief's best bet was in lockpicking. Garrett picked locks with even the most innocuous of materials. This should be no different.
  9. Alec mused. "The force field is too tough. We aren't getting out any time soon." Willow stayed silent. She had nothing to say at the moment.
  10. Edited further. Sorry for misinterpreting the posts.
  11. Oh. I was mistaken. Edited that.
  12. Yusef stayed silent. No need for him to talk. After all, he radiated insanity. If Yusef opened his lips, trouble would come.
  13. The thief, Garret, was sneaking across. He was attempting to steal what can be valuable in the temple. His methods as a sneak-thief was tried and true. Garret was confident in making money from thievery. He was smiling as he was ready to steal for the client.
  14. I'm not surprised that Mr. Arctos would eat the food. Hopefully his beast blood can help against the poison.
  15. Yusef was waiting silently. He was waiting for the best speaker of the group to speak up. Mr. Bitterman was not the most charismatic of the group and one false move can fill everyone with lead.
  16. Fine, I'll get things started again.
  17. "Sure." Yusef though took the new changes well. The sheer insanity can be an advantage in the right moments. All he needs was to use it to his advantage.
  18. Alec then realizes a force field. "There's a force field? Are you *vulgarity*ing kidding me? What's next?" Willow was cautious around the force field. It was rather similar to the force fields of energy that she could produce. Or so she believes. This time, she'd have to behave and not cause any more trouble.
  19. "Hello there. Welcome back." Yusef curtly greeted Lance. "Let's make this quick. We shouldn't stand around in the desert."
  20. "Whoever has a silver tongue has a better chance of convincing them." Yusef was not a people person and decided to stay out of it. His insanity hampered his charisma and way he talks to others.
  21. Also, I'm guessing that ol' treacherous loaded for bear.
  22. When Yusef heard that they were in 2283, he turn his face away from everyone else and curled into a smile. The Chinese attack on his village slaughtered his family. He had an internal monologue. The internal monologue was: "Has the United States and China forgotten so easily? I am them. I am the madness that lurks within, begging to be free at every moment in their deepest collective minds. I am what they hide from in the front lines for every battle. I am what they sedate into silence and paralysis when they go to the homely haven where I cannot tread." Yusef then lowered his head and creepily whispered to himself, "So...completely...free."
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