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  1. Yusef laughed maniacally as he took advantage of the creature being knee-capped. The madman moved to dodge like a matador. The super mutant was like a bull to him. "I am the predator. You are my prey." Knowing there is one shot left, the rifle must be good at close quarters. He hit the enemy about 75% of the time. He sported a wide grin as he attempted to finish off the super mutant. One shot should be one kill. If Yusef fails the task, at least Pizza is competent enough to help or if Pizza gets killed, he can just loot his rifle. A shot to the shoulder, a shot to the face, and a shot to a kneecap at least injured the beast. The shot better count.
  2. Once she heard a gravelly voice call to her, something inside the succubus decided to play it calmly. Her eyes and body turned to see the man. If the man or being was of a demonic nature, she would reveal herself as a succubus whilst acknowledging the fellow demon. Perhaps a refuel can set an alliance for villainy. But who is to say that villains have the honor to do so? Alec replied, "Sadly I'm not natural. I was artificially made. And we all know how that goes." Alec proceeded along with everyone else. All hopes were set as the fish now takes to the water.
  3. Yusef thought fast and attempted to dodge the blow by hopping back. Though when the mutant was charging like a bull, Yusef attempted to shoot the knee-caps to cripple. "Pizza you aren't helping!" He interpreted the situation as like a bullfight. It was a chaotic and insane situation somewhat suited for Yusef.
  4. Willow stayed silent, not wanting to stir things up. She was learning her lesson. She took a spot that was unassuming. The succubus decided that she'd be a sight for sore eyes rather than trouble maker. "Oh I was part of a university experiment. It was...off color to say the least." Alec replied to clarify.
  5. Garret knew attacks to the back were more dangerous. A back hand strike to the second beast was his response to a pounce. As for the beast at his limb, he would strike with the cestus once the other has been taken care of. He needed to get to the goal.
  6. "*vulgarity*! If that pretty boy didn't get in the way, I would get a new loin cloth!" Arctos was sure as hell soured. The cannibal brute wanted food. If he wasn't weakened, he would have torn all apart.
  7. Arctos decided to take as much of others with him. "YOU'LL MAKE A FINE RUG CAT!" He charges and goes berserk while attempting to dodge the attacks and pounce right upon the Sprinkles who decided to shoot him.
  8. Willow decided to let some of the men ogle her. They need a sight for sore eyes. If she did notice a threatening stare or two, she would be confrontational. Can't they let a pretty face join them? Alec replied, "I cannot say I have.". He was still a fish out of water.
  9. Sorry lads for the delay, but now that I am back, I will make sure it is done.
  10. Yusef ducked for cover. Keeping quiet, he waited for a good opportunity to shoot down the being. It was uglier than what he fought before, but he must eliminate it. A double tap would help against the being.
  11. Willow felt that heroism was too boring. She decided to go on the path of villainy. Even though she may not get her knives back, she decided to go to the villain path regardless. Alec was warmly welcomed by the heroes. He decided to go on the path of heroism. "This orientation better be good."
  12. Alec waited in line. He was looking forward to this. Willow followed the procedure. She was trying to make it quick. Sooner begun, sooner done. OOC: Sorry I'm a little delayed. I was out in the boonies.
  13. Yusef whispered back, "I'm no coward. Besides, we'll have to get to our squad-mates soon. I'm sure they'll be around sooner or later." The mad Arab was looking around for any useful weapons or objects.
  14. Garrett took out his stiletto to stab an attacker. His cestus was hard enough to smash the jaws of one of the beasts. Mainly the thief was going for the weak points of the beasts. Killing monsters was no hassle for him mentally, it was that the thief needed to get to the objective.
  15. Alec nodded in affirmation. He was ready for this day. The bugman followed the directions given. This time, he'd wait for the orientation. Willow was still waiting around. She would follow the procedures necessary to get out of the place. The succubus wanted to roam freely after.
  16. Garrett took out a throwing knife. His right hand had his cestus and he was ready to defend himself. The thief was ready to counter the first beast that lunges to him. The thief was ready to take life, though he attempted to be pragmatic. Somebody blew his cover.
  17. "That seems simple. I look forward to that." Alec replied with relaxation. He loved a warm welcome. The fish out of water may take Reach City like a fish taking to water. Willow followed the protocol when it came to her knives. The only time she'd flip out if somebody gropes her.
  18. Just as the lights went out, Garrett had to rely on his other senses plus usage of the magic eye for his goals. The path must be visible. The shadows must to be Garrett's advantage. He relied on sound and touch for the sensory tracking. Knowing the booby traps, he noted that he must be careful.
  19. I wanted Arctos to feel as if he was pissed drunk in regards to the poison. Once he sobers up so to say, I do plan him to get back on his feet.
  20. As Alec was listening, he responded, "I can live with that." He looked over the contract one more time. As he then became sure, Alec then signed up for the Guardians of the Earth. "That ought to finish it." Willow was in the line, behaving as much as she could. Learning from her mistakes, she knows not to make more trouble.
  21. "Dammit. I hope my beast blood helps me heal through this one. I don't feel so good---so hungover." Arctos felt as if he was pissed drunk. "I need to sober up soon. I shouldn't touch the brandy tonight." He attempted to position himself so his beast blood can counter the poison. And transformation may help, but once he sobers up, he will transform for sure! It was sooner or later though. "A little assistance would be much appreciated. Please get me the herb. It'll help me sober up."
  22. "What's the catch? Sorry, I actually bother to read the fine print. I don't want more than I bargained for." Alec was careful even though Moses seemed to be benign. He was attempting to read the fine print, if any. Common sense was not too common and he did want to apply as much as he can. Willow decided to behave. Going down the line would help, as she wants to get out of the place as soon as she can. The succubus also wondered what would be in store for her.
  23. As Yusef was in his cell, he was smiling. The insane Arab, though he was shot before, found the sensation tickling. If Pizza didn't ruin it for him, Yusef would have smiled and told them to take pity on a lone, wandering, madman. He acknowledges his insanity, but enjoys every single bit. At least he wasn't in a loony bin.
  24. Garrett merely continued to stroll towards the goal. No traps for now, no interlopers, and no other obstacles were in the way. It was a perfect and quiet moment for the master thief. He continued sneaking until the goal is reached.
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