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  1. @Merc: The methods I listed are the last resort methods. He primarily uses silenced firearms and blade work for the assassination jobs. Unarmed is when push comes to shove.
  2. "This has got to have a reason. I regret coming here..." Alec was attempting to adjust to the light as the flash happened. This would further add ammunition to the complaints. Willow remained quiet. She hoped that the lizard would not scare off customers.
  3. Dossier: Anders Steel-Fist Sources: Recovered documents from Spears intel and journals/anecdotes Pseudonym(s): Assassin\ Biography: Anders Steel-Fist was born in modest, but not in squalor, conditions under “clan†Steel-Fist. By the time he reached puberty, the then youngster thought about doing something about his community. He discovered, but not revealed, a small association of assassins called the Spears. Steel-Fist eventually became an elite member of the Spears as he climbed the ranks with his skills and proficiencies. He also took the opportunity to romantically invest in a fellow member, Helen “Hellhound†Valeria. Though her whereabouts are currently unknown, Anders doubts that she is still alive, despite her being skilled as well. The Spears were established on Earth, though they had eyes in the colonies for surveillance purposes. The group of assassins had a flawless record until the armed forces discovered them. Though the guild attempted to evade the forces, they found out that they had no choice but to fight. The group had the advantage in the first half of the combat; they eventually tired out when they ran low on resources, giving the armed forces the upper hand in the second half of the conflict. Combat and practical styles: Anders Steel-Fist is adept at street fighting and urban combat; this warrior also developed skill in freerunning and parkour, making him able to overcome obstacles in his path while either fleeing or chasing a target. Though he is normally averse to non-silent weaponry, Steel-Fist can and will use whatever weapons that will give the upper hand when it comes to full-fledged battle. He is also not above underhanded techniques when it comes to full combat. Skills: During his time-off and breaks, Steel-Fist attempted to learn multiple languages that his human anatomy will allow to learn. His reasons for learning a multitude of languages are for secrecy and so that he can eavesdrop with skill when they are speaking in a different language. Steel-Fist has also a peak human physique due to the physically demanding abilities. Other than physical stealth, he learned “social stealth†to help blend in the crowd. Personality: Before becoming a Spear, he was an optimist who hoped for the best. His time with the Spears shaped him into a calculating assassin who thinks nothing short of his duty. No fear, remorse, or guilt did stray him from doing his duty. His loyalty became his strongest personality trait, especially to the codes of conduct and honor the Spears have taught him. One outstanding tenet was to avoid attacking or killing innocents of any kind. Another is not to become an aggressor—the target must have done a great deal of malevolent acts before becoming a candidate of assassination. After the break-up of the Spears after their disastrous defeat, he became much more reserved and secretive, not wanting anyone to find out, lest he becomes discovered. He was able to get by undetected, as few, if any people, know who he is, other than family and fellow former members. Preferred Kill Methods: His methods of assassination, other than using a silenced sniper rifle or hidden blade, involve the element of surprise and quick martial arts. His unarmed executions depend on the species of the opponent, observations, and circumstances. Hypothetical methods: Human and Rhysellens: Rear approach, check shoulder to prevent turning, hands to chin and base of skull, neck-snap. Alternate: Check and grab shoulder, arm around throat, grip jaw, single-arm neck-snap. Pantheurian and Daedalian: Side approach, throat-punch to stun, arm control lock to neutralize claws, advanced hip throw, grip chin and scalp, neck-snap or smash jaws. Alternate: Rear approach, step past, kick to back of leg to collapse knee, step in with yank to tail, grip chin and scalp, neck-snap. Xyl: Using side approach, low kick to knee, grab wings and pull into broken-leg lock as leg stiffens in pain response, finger-stab below the beak (if unarmored) or eye, grab head fringe, slam face into the ground to shatter the beak. Alternate: Rear approach, paired punches to vulnerable areas in the back, drop-elbow to nape, front-leg sweep while vaulting over target, head crunch. Selurian: Using a rear approach, disable tail, and strike to the back multiple times, takedown with blow to base of neck. Alternate: Side approach, avoid tail, quick jab to eyes to blind, strike to chest to knock off feet, finish with a strong stomp to chest to compress lungs. GE (Genetically Engineered soldier) : Top approach, double-strike to eye areas, slide down between blinded target's rising arms, precision nerve strike to throat, secondary nerve strike to counter retaliation and rage, groin-kick to bend target, grip each side of skull, running leaping spinning neck-snap, using the momentum against the enemy. Alternate: Bombs, preferably with radioactive material. Sh’ra: Using a rear approach, yank tail to disorient, strike to clawed appendages, wrestle down and snap the jaws. Alternate: Top approach, pounce down with all weight, repeated jabs to nape. (OOC NOTE: Dossier should bear familiarity to some)
  4. Willow giggled, "I'm on an appointment basis for now. Once I become more established, business hours will be the method." She then decided to sit herself down and wait for orientation. Alec then stated his intentions to Samson. "Once the crowd disperses, I'm gonna find the manager and complain about the ruffians and hooligans in this orientation. This is supposed to be an orientation, not a goddamn bar brawl! I expected better from this time. It seems my days will go from bad to worse."
  5. If the sparring match goes too far, somebody will break up the fight.
  6. Alec was further mortified. The moment the Atlantean came around spelled hijinks. "What an orientation..." Alec was just ready to leave to complain to whoever is managing the event. The complaint would be a very colorful one., Wilow giggled further. She even handed Fido her number. "In case you are bored, we'll meet up." She'd also do this with other would-be patron if the opportunities allowed.
  7. Name: Anders Steele Age: 19 Species: Human Gender: Male Appearance: Rank: Private Job class: Marine Callsign: Assassin Bio: The quiet and stoic Assassin grew up in a rougher part of one of the Earth’s many cities. He was a loner in his own right, but he has often cooperated in acts that were not illegal, but questionable given the context. Anders was with a small and secretive group of vigilantes, known as the Spears, who silenced all threats to the community in a silent and discreet manner. Fortunately, he did these silently and generally avoided the public. As long as he was not seen in the act, he was content with the job done. Some time passed and later, one month after a kill against a criminal, a task force from the Armed Forces eventually discovered the Spears. The Spears attempted to evade them even though they only targeted criminals. Unfortunately, the Armed Forces did not discriminate. The Spears were eventually forced to combat all threats directly attacking them, but the Spears were all seemingly decimated and the members had to part ways or become imprisoned. Anders, now going by Assassin, used his talents and eventually became a marine, hoping to leave behind his questionable past. Weapon preference: Sawn-off carbines and shotguns for primary. He does not fancy clunky weapons and typically considers the lengthiness to be annoyance if anything. For melee and his emergency weapon, he typically has a switch-blade that is disguised as a harmless phone. A weapon he himself created and modified before becoming a marine. He made it to be a weapon nobody expects to become a weapon. Occasionally he would use other weaponry, granted the weapon is stealthy or sleek enough. Home planet: Earth.
  8. Willow merely nodded. "Some people have it tough and I understand that. Life goes on though and I intend to help alleviate things." Alec, even more embarrassed, tried to see if the man he squashed can be helped. He even attempted to see if any medical personnel or anyone with healing powers were around. If anyone would eye Alec, he'd say the following: "Blame the people fighting. I was actually sleeping." Alec also hoped that he wasn't surrounded by nitwits and loons for the attempt.
  9. "Oh...not this again...Ah well, I'll just move to another seat." Alex attempts to sit somewhere else, preferably rows away from the action. He's trying to do everything he can to get better sleep. Willow smiled. "Oh I love the job. Not just it gives good pay, it also recharges when I need to." Nobody can best a succubus when it comes to being a hooker. She was just made for the job.
  10. After Alec forgave Samson, he replied to the woman, "Count me out. I don't trifle trivially." He then tried to go back to sleep uninterrupted. He didn't want to be too cranky. Willow smiled. "I've tried to seduce a furred one, but he was no fun at all. Refused my advances. Anyway, plenty of time to make an appointment, my sweet." She wanted to advertise herself. Succubi are the hookers of the demonic world after all.
  11. Willow chuckled. "I'm something for everyone. Besides, I'm a natural sexpot. After all, if it exists, there's a turn on for it. No exceptions." Willow decided to seat herself and behave if orgiastic measures were not going to happen. She felt that a recharge would be good. Alec was helped up and said to Samson, "That's fine. I'm thinking of going back to sleep though. But wait, I forgot my manners." Alec noticed the woman and attempted to apologize for the moment. "Our apologies for this crazy moment." Now it'll be time to go back to sleep, unless anyone stops him. His motivation? Alec won't be falling for last time. Not going through that little incident with that whorey succubus.
  12. "That makes plenty of sense. I also have heard that your kind have...prowess in the bedroom. My true form is essentially an energy form of my body." The fact stems and is justified by her energy manipulation. She shows it off by revealing the true form. Alec then suddenly growled, "DON'T BOTHER ME!" He sees the random guy who landed on him and Samson. "Sorry I...get rather cranky when my sleep is interrupted. I need my sleep after the nutty noon."
  13. Willow replied to Fido. "Oh no I have not. We normally keep our true species secret until the right moments." She implied that her appearances were indeed the right moments. Alec just fell asleep, bored by the unprofessional and rowdy antics of the combatants. It held that he wanted some rest. The bug person was rather exhausted to boot.
  14. "To each one's own. I will not judge. But don't drag me into the jumble-fest.". Alec simply replied. He was getting tired of entropy and mania. Willow chuckled further. "The simplest methods are often the best. I hooked many using my methods. It was only a matter of time until I find others of my nature. Oh how much I love competition." The sultry and lusty succubus smirked.
  15. "Right...now let me sit down and relax. I had my share of nutty behavior." Yet another sarcastic jab came from Alec. If Samson finds the sarcasm amusing, he could find ways to make Alec spew further sarcasm. "I hope you don't just like me for my face. I am MORE than just a pretty face.". Willow purred in a seductive and alluring manner. If others catch on, perhaps she would invite others. Parties are also called orgies.
  16. "I'm merely encouraging. It seals the deal for anyone who answers the call." Willow was confident about this situation. She was handsome enough and she was pretty enough, plus her pheromones are to consummate the "alliance" they may have. "This must be some sort of joke..." Alec then follows with a caustically sarcastic spiel at the situation. "This is supposed to be the heroic orientation? This is more like a bar brawl! Please don't tell me that somebody has smuggled alcohol into the orientation room. Honestly, I expected a sane and orderly procedure, judging from what we were going though, not some mess." The bug man found the situation completely moronic. If anyone attempted to attack him, he'd snark further with: "You asked for it." Alec now felt that Reach City deserves every ounce of sarcasm he has to offer.
  17. "Not a problem. I moved on and found ways to adapt to the world." Alec replied to Samson nonchalantly. It was fortunate the insect man shared his story. It was also fortunate that he found sanity too. Willow chuckled. "Oh not yet. Once we get through this, perhaps we can meet up. I don't want my cover to be blown. And yes, I do have a name: It's Willow." She was subtly using her pheromones. This way, she could persuade Fido smoothly.
  18. Willow responded, "I'm not a pure person myself. I delve in decadence and debauchery. Heroes don't stand for that." Alec made sure he was cleared as he was shown to be unarmed. As Samson was cleared as well, Alec would then continue the story. "It gets better. I was also subjected to a prison of a lab chamber as part of the experiments. They didn't think I was intelligent or sapient. What a surprise the hack had as I escaped. I never returned to that lab after my escape."
  19. Yusef shot the man, aiming with the same strategy for the super mutant. This time, a fleshy human should go down easier. Pizza became a distraction as Yusef now fired on the man. He was going for the chest and head. Yusef laughed maniacally and Pizza should realize that insanity is contagious. Pizza didn't help him with the mutant and this is the chance. Yusef was shooting to kill the man quickly.
  20. Yusef told Pizza of the problem. "I need your gun." The man shooting at the pair needs to be put down. Unless Pizza has stew for brains, it was obvious that the problem lies in the man shooting at them. Once a head shot was achieved, the two can steal the weapons.
  21. Alec saw he and Samson were next. "Long story.". If the time allowed after the two entered the orientation, Alec would be ready to continue. "I was created as an experiment in a university for...pharmaceutical purposes. The professor, Dr. Maltheus, who was a crazy hack, led the experiment. He took his students along to merely assist him. Maltheus if you ask me, should have retired years earlier." Willow smiled further. "You don't have to show yourself. We aren't very different." She found the male demon promising as a patron. Naughty girls can be nice. It just takes the other to play the right cards. If her act was not enough, pheromones might come to the situation.
  22. Yusef laughed maniacally even further as he attempted to roll out of the way. The man was high, but Yusef was insane on his own. If it were not for the beast eating his weapon, the firefight would have been cut short.
  23. "Much appreciated!" Yusef thanked the man who saved his back. Yusef found the mutant who ate the gun as amusing. Perhaps the creature lacked iron in its diet. Finally Yusef gestured to Pizza to back him up. If he did not respond, Yusef would roll his eyes and consider Pizza useless.
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