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  1. Anders thought in his head that his cover was potentially blown! Damage control is needed! He quickly turned to the woman, called Esperanza, and replied, "Nothing's wrong. Still on guard." Even if Esperanza looked familiar to him, the chrome-eyed assassin still needs to keep his cover. Now his cover could be in jeopardy. His voice also appeared in a monotone. If she did look familiar, she was likely to be a fellow ex-Spear member. Anyway, it was back to work. The enemy can board the ship anytime soon. It was best for Anders to stay alert and ready. Without the mindset, results could mean trouble.
  2. Anders used his skill in parkour and freerunning to regain his balance. He was not a clumsy human at all. He was well coordinated and skilled. Though he did find a fellow marine, Larkin, fall as well, he also realized that many marines did not practice the style of acrobatics Anders used. To maintain cover, the chrome-eyed warrior helped up Larkin if he needed help. Strangely, Anders stayed silent. The chaos may not be enough to maintain cover. He took everything happening to note.
  3. Willow was already hidden before the incident.. Knowing that the group meant trouble, she was down on the floor. The succubus was in no position to combat. Energy weaponry, as in from her energy manipulation, may be useless judging from the armor. Her array of knives would also become completely useless. Alec was still sleeping rather soundly. Hopefully, if he snores, he does not give himself away. Perhaps if his friend Samson sensed that he was asleep, he might wake up the bug man. Anyway, he's getting another nap. Hopefully, he won't become prodded like last time. However, with the noise, he did wake up. He was rather grumpy as a result, shifting his eyes and ready for a real fight. Something was wrong and he sensed it.
  4. Anders received the sleek and precise weaponry. It was all about stealth and surprise. He hopes to amalgamate the techniques he knows. To him, it was not all about sheer brute force. It was about skill if anything else. Practically, the silver-eyed and stone heart warrior was ready to strike with precision and speed, coupled with stealth. However, he remembers not to blow his cover as an ex-member of the Spears assassin guild. Compromise will not be tolerated and he would be in the brig as soon as he is discovered. He also darted his eyes to scan the environment. The female marine's loudness may have gotten his attention, but he attempted to be stealthy with it. He darted one eye towards the direction of the female marine and Larkin. Due to their large weapons, they would be crucial in suppressing fire and distractions. Mr. Steel-Fist can flank and kill stealthily as needed. He would also dart his other eye towards the other marines. Anders the Assassin needed to know if there would be any trouble from reckless marines. He had hopes that ex-Spear members would too be part of the marines, but Anders had to dismiss that fantasy. He was on his own.
  5. The chromed and sharp warrior stayed silent and stoic. He should be utilized for special techniques. Anders braced himself and knew there would be blood. As a matter of fact, the assassin always had his guard up.
  6. Willow simply smirked at the scenario. She would feel somewhat mischievous when she saw Fido. If the lizard man was hungry enough, she would lace her popcorn with pheromones and slide it across. She moved seats so she won't be tracked by the girl or the lizard man. The mischief should be enough. Meanwhile, Alec still payed attention. Nothing to ask at the moment. Alec though was starting to fall asleep. The exposition is something he didn't care about too much. It was about time that he was about to fall asleep in peace. It didn't help how tired he was and he'd be bored or at least mildly annoyed from the inane situations.
  7. Alec was rather satisfied. He had no need to squawk over. Willow would try to scan for the most entertaining aspects. She put her popcorn away. Shame nobody went for Kool-Aid. Willow was not thinking straight, bored out of her skull.
  8. Anders was already there by the time the alarm sounded. He just knew something would happen. His training always told him that attacks can happen anytime. The Steel-Fist clan member just knew that he would have trouble. This means that he was mentally preparing for combat. Though he grew up in the post-war era, he always have heard about the Sh'ra and read what he could on them. He also played his techniques in his head and how to use them properly. If in an urban area, he would be ready to demonstrate a style he has been practicing for years: Evolved Urban Combat. This martial art involved street fighting, urban combat, speed, precision, and the element of surprise. He also took lessons of boot camp into mind. With a blend of styles, he becomes a deadly force to become reckoned with. Four strategies were ready to be played: Swift like the wind, quiet like the forest, fierce like fire, and immovable like a mountain.
  9. Anders merely continued, ignoring the exchange between pilots. He had more important tasks to do. The mess hall reminded him of boot camp. He was able to pass undetected without cover blown. Results would have been disastrous if he did not do as was expected in boot camp. With his order's training, he was also to be an effective sleeper agent. Whether or not he would be activated was up to circumstances. His sweetheart, Helen, has a possibility of being alive. He kept this in mind and was attempting to stay within cover during his time. After he quickly ate, he dismissed himself to check at his battle stations. This should test his mettle since the toppling of the Spears. He recalled his joining, training, and years worth of experience with the Spears. The steel-eyed warrior and urban ninja was preparing himself for a battle. Anders was hardened enough, so this should not be any different from his time with the Spears. He also thought about who they would fight. If it was the Sh'ra, he would ready assassination methods, gun play, and blade work. Anders remembered his signature melee weapon: a hidden blade. The design was disguise as a phone or PDA, making it a weapon that the enemy doesn't expect to be a weapon. He considered making another one if Helen is alive. After all, Anders thought once he meets again, he might make another one for her. But the urban ninja was digressing. Whatever unravels will wait for him.
  10. "Thank you." Alec sighed in relief. He went back to the Orientation Room in hopes that things will get better. The beetle man also got satisfaction that his complaints were addressed. "Time to relax, I presume." Willow was still watching the scenario, though she tried to turn her head out of curiosity. Her popcorn was running out, so she got herself some more. This time, it was with salt and butter. The container she had was also bigger, from bag to bucket. Willow, the well-endowed succubus was enjoying the moment and frankly was entertained.
  11. Just as Talon left to eat his soup, he nonchalantly ordered his desire. "Soup and tea if possible." Anders just wanted basic food and drink. Nothing too complicated or exotic. His palate was relatively easy to please. If the cook suggested the special chicken fingers, he would not oppose and would try them out. IT has been so long since he had a proper meal. Back with his time at the Spears, Anders would just settle with bread, water, and the occasional jerky or tea. Once he retrieves the meal, he'd just sit somewhere, preferably in the spot where there is scant amount of people. It wasn't that he was antisocial, it was just that the cold, steel-eyed Assassin was in no position to socialize whatsoever. He would interact when spoken to, despite the fact that he had little to say. Once he sits down, he will eat his soup and drink his tea/hot water with nothing but grim determination as his expressions. He was strangely quiet. He just also ate rather slowly and quietly. Nothing much to ask anyhow. The quiet man only hopes that he would not seem to pique curiosity from others. He also managed to try to focus on his own. The shooting range almost blew his cover. Anders this time plans to keep a lower profile.
  12. Anders remained silent during the time at the mess hall. He was near the Xyl, Talon. He looks away from the exchange, not wanting to draw too much attention. He did hear the exchange going on. Anders plans to just get soup and tea if possible, or at the very least heated water. He only would consume his soup and drink with a sense of grim determination, once he gets his food. He was not much of a social person anyway. After he gets the food, he'd sit around the general area of the mess hall.
  13. *drums his fingers* Sorry to be impatient, but I'm still waiting for stuff to happen.
  14. Anders decided to conclude his shooting, satisfied that he was not hindered by the" training" at academy. His past was sufficient enough training for shooting, CQB, and blade work. He decides to return the weapon, clear himself out, and then use his time to head to the mess hall. Perhaps a cup of tea; or soup can stabilize his digestive system. His trek was to be relaxing, but not exactly a walk in the park. Though he attempted stealth in a social manner, he assumed that people are watching him. This wouod keep him on the straight and narrow outwardly. Once he arrives, he would ask for tea and/or soup once it is his turn.
  15. Alec was ready. "The orientation is a mess! A big brawl is happening as if somebody spiked the punch. I tried taking naps and I keep being rudely interrupted. Can you get security to tranquilize the situation?" Willow was finding the Lilliputian portioned girl cute. Big men settled down by a little girl. She merely grinned as she sat down.
  16. I do hope you had a happy birthday.

  17. The faux pas has...passed. Now was the time to get back to shooting. He consistently aimed for the head. Chest shots wasted ammo on armored targets. His past as an assassin may be visible in the way he shoots. Marines may not be known for brainpower, but looks can be deceiving. He still has to maintain cover. As soon as one notices his prowess, he would attempt to stop what he is doing and politely exit to the mess hall. Social stealth was important, more so than physical stealth.
  18. Alec was ready to complain. He perennially sought out any and all authority to complain to. Whether his complaints would fall upon deaf ears Alec still would complain. Willow still was cutely eating popcorn. It was a time to enjoy.
  19. Realizing the error, Anders had the tact to stop and prevent his mods. He did not add things to the gun after all. "A thousand apologies." Anders was trying his best to reduce this to a faux pas. He was undoing what he would have done as he now knew the rules. Cover must not be broken.
  20. The silhouette would suffice as he would first attempt to attach a homemade suppressor. It did not silence the gun, but it did make the gun invisible. He also attempted to attach a homemade reflex sight onto the gun. This would test out the improvised attachments and show off marksmanship. His history as an assassin made sure his shooting skills are tip top. His previous training stressed head shot only kills. It was more efficient. Ammo was to be conserved. Consistently he made head shots to the silhouette.
  21. "Sluggers please." Anders spoke in monotone. He was a man of few words. After Anders received a weapon, he would examine the weapon to see if his memories came to play. Time in the underworld made him familiar to weaponry. Anders made attachments for weaponry before. Suppressor or scope, he made them out of appropriate materials. The stoic man arrived to the range for targets. Silhouettes in ahape of humanoids and sentients were prefered. It would remind of the early days. After all, Anders Steel-Fist was an assassin.
  22. Anders decided to add himself to the line. He did not utter as single word when doing so. He sought to choose a weapon that eas sleek and not very clunky. He decided to scan the area for a weapon he was familiar with. He was most familiar with sniper rifles, CQB, and just about any gun or other that is suited to his skills. He was a person of few words. Actions speak louder than words.
  23. Alec was waiting for an opening as he helped his friend up. "Now to search for the host or manager to complain." He was just ready to be colorful with complaints. The bugman set off to find the manager or host. The complaints were going to let them have it. Willow decided to get popcorn for herself. It was an appropriate time for popcorn.
  24. Anders was still oddly stoic. He was as weapon in the form of a human. Whatever was the order, he would take it. Anders was just waiting for orders. Still, there was grim determination.
  25. With nothing but a grim sense of determination and stoicism, Anders Steel-Fist calmly was listening. He did not bother looking around. His behavior may atrike as odd. Unlike moat recriuts, he has more than just a little experience with combat. He was a dealer of damage and death since his early teens. At age 19, he was no different. The style he was taught during his time, EUC (Evolved Urban Combat) encompassed street fighting styles and martial arts from various places. He was lucky that his skills did not falter.
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