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  1. This is out of proportions. Darth Vader's style is very deadly, coupled by the force. Makashi is meant to fight opponents with lightsabers, which are generally stronger than swords. Elegant and precise, he would take the fight. He can also use Soresu and Shien. Makashi, Soresu, and Shien.
  2. This current CBUB seems promising. Whatever doesn't kill the site, will only make it stronger. The old will wither away, with it bearing a successor. The forums seem to be powered by Invisionfree, which is a good forum of choice. By daybreak, the site will bear a new Golden Age of Electricferret. That is all for now.
  3. And said, "Gosh dang it, pancakes!"
  4. Soul Edge is stronger than Ichigo's sword. The only thing that can counter it is Soul Calibur.
  5. Embarrassing the heck outta him...
  6. The Zodiac Killer is never matched for the granddaddy of all serial killers! If my memory serves well at the old CBUB, Jack won.
  7. Voldo is FREAKY. He can contort himself like crazy, adding finesse to his attacks.
  8. If this is Doom 3, the only way to harm the Cyberdemon is to use the Soul Cube.
  9. Electricity can cause easy fire. Carnage's weakness is fire and sound. Electro for the win!
  10. William Wallace and Shaka were one of the best fighters in the history of the world. Wallaces claymore can cut them like a hot knife through butter. A huge steel sword beats bronze armor any day of the week.
  11. It's gonna be hard to look at Leeroy and laugh. He just charges, and they slay him in seconds.
  12. Fool. You do realize something about the old CBUB. It already has sister sites. Also, you would try to extract more members for your site. Finally, you aren't that big. Hell, you don't even have the balls to even MAINTAIN the old CBUB, because it takes three. Will the head people give you the power? The answer is no.
  13. Godzilla all the way. He's the most experienced, and nothing can compare to his atomic fire breath! He can also regenerate like crazy, utilize nuclear pulses, etc. In fact, I'll list them!
  14. Guns defeat blades any day of the weak. Freddy and Jason become showy with their blades, but become blasted to bits!
  15. If my memory serves well of that game, legendary is the nastiest of the difficulties. The hunters would be the biggest threat. Big lasers, big shield, how would they counter that?
  16. I believe that the Red Xenomorphs would actually hide, track the avengers down, and kill them in their sleep. IF they are impossible of such, the Avengers win. A team like that would be great in tactics and power.
  17. Yautjas physically, tactically, and technologically defeat puny humans. The reason in the movies they lose is they got too cocky.
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