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  1. He who fights monsters
    It seems that I'm coming out into the scene more often. By expressing myself more, partaking in projects, and acting as an interested third party, I've gained some renown. I may actually participate in the CBUB. Still, I do retain hope. Hope for a new beginning.
  2. He who fights monsters
    A few days ago marked the retirement of FoxFingers. This means it is the beginning of the end. I remember on the site various cycles, good and bad. Now it is time to say my goodbyes.
    Goodbye and good luck to whatever friends I have on this site. Goodbye and good riddance to those who hate me. I will not join the next Electric Ferret cycle. The internet is very big. I will not be missed.
    It has been decided that I'm leaving the place and related entries for good. Why am I leaving? History repeated for me. I get a few moments of popularity, then I fall from grace. I'll choose to be free from this repetition.
    As a matter of fact, I choose to be free. To be free from mindless "me too" sentiments. To be free from the indoctrinating influence. To be free from cliques and herd mentality.
  3. He who fights monsters
    8/10/10 (Damn the 2010 option missing in entry dates...)
    I'm going to revive this blog. Not just I'll ramble here, but discuss in another section. For now everything is alright, while I check other matters out, especially in real life.
  4. He who fights monsters
    1/1/10 had spoken. If the admins may now update the dating system of the forum, it is more than just helpful. *vulgarity* that, I'll be on the true topic.
    Here in this blog among my ramblings, I hope a new year would just abolish all the past failures and miseries of the old year. The times change, seasons change, but do people change? Rarely. Seriously, personalities can be stagnant and are mostly stagnant anyway. 2010 seems swell and all, so I won't pooh-pooh about much.
    If anyone cannot handle this blog, avoid it like the plague. Avoid me as well.
  5. He who fights monsters
    Real life has kept me from a while. Holidays are coming and I look forward to them. It seems that less interest is less cultivated than expected due to lack of free time from them. Still, if the new beginnings can put our past hatreds behind, we can have more fun on the site, and spread words and a few RP's of celebration. I hope the very website of Electricferret would be as united as a family. A site divided shall not fall, bringing it to complete desolation. We have no need to incite indignities or malice, but when 2010 arrives, we may leave our troubles behind the previous decade.
  6. He who fights monsters
    This current CBUB seems promising. Whatever doesn't kill the site, will only make it stronger. The old will wither away, with it bearing a successor. The forums seem to be powered by Invisionfree, which is a good forum of choice. By daybreak, the site will bear a new Golden Age of Electricferret. That is all for now.
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