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About Me

I may bug some of you regarding PM's. Bear with me. Other than that, I'm some Nietzsche wannabe who notably is responsible for making the Specimen Six arc.

Since I developed an interest in creepypastas, here's some hints and tips about them. All courtesy to the creepypasta survival guide:

Mirrors are to be avoided especially with darkness. In fact, they are a big NO in the creepypasta world.

Avoid going to places where everyone else who went there never came back or died inexplicably.

If someone stops your vehicle at night and asks to come with you, it would probably be in your best interests to politely decline.

Killing is the last method of survival, use it sparingly but without fear.

Get a simple .38 revolver. Load it with 2 silver bullets. If you really feel there is no chance to come alive out of a situation, take one shot at whatever that is threatening you. If this doesn't work, you still have the last shot to kill yourself with.

Area 51 is simply too well guarded to let you get in. Or to let any alien out.

When going to a hotel, try to steer clear of unauthorized areas. If you couldn't resist but you saw a red thing, take some time to consider the price range and hotel standard on your next visit.

When booking your hotel stay, Trip Advisor can be an invaluable tool in deeming whether your choice is the scene of a multiple murder/full of dead people/built at the mouth of hell. Local newspapers can also be helpful.

Invoking demons, speaking weird languages and performing rituals of any kind is considered dangerous. Refrain from doing that, especially around abandoned warehouses, churches, psychiatric institutions, woods and your house in front of a mirror at night.

When going to a new area, environmental understanding is a key to survival. Do not fear to ask about it with the locals.

Legends can offer valuable insight of where not to go camping with friends.

Even if you are certain running won't save you, it doesn't hurt to try.

Avoid strange sites (internet or not) and strange videos.

If you find yourself unable to escape, dancing may ward off the entity.

If you see a guy with both an incredibly large smile and black and white eyes, run.

If you see a tall man with tentacles, run.

Even on Christmas paranormal activity can happen.

Get a cat. The little balls of fur can sense supernatural entities better than we can and when desperate enough, throw them at the threat.

Safety in numbers. Three isn't good enough. Get as much friends with as much weapons as possible. Avoid frightening areas like the plague.

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