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  1. A few days ago marked the retirement of FoxFingers. This means it is the beginning of the end. I remember on the site various cycles, good and bad. Now it is time to say my goodbyes. Goodbye and good luck to whatever friends I have on this site. Goodbye and good riddance to those who hate me. I will not join the next Electric Ferret cycle. The internet is very big. I will not be missed. It has been decided that I'm leaving the place and related entries for good. Why am I leaving? History repeated for me. I get a few moments of popularity, then I fall from grace. I'll choose to be free from this repetition. As a matter of fact, I choose to be free. To be free from mindless "me too" sentiments. To be free from the indoctrinating influence. To be free from cliques and herd mentality.
  2. Let us bring an end to this cycle.

    1. Mercenaryblade


      You're not leaving without a proper goodbye are you?

    2. Peypeypeypey


      ...Are you the Starchild?

  3. "Thanks for the assist." Anders got back up, dusting himself. Fortunately, he was ambidextrous and it didn't hamper too well. He attempted to mend his wounds as he thought the medics would blow his cover with records. He could not trust anyone, not even his "unconventional" allies.
  4. Willow realized that evading won't help. She won't go gentle today. Her silly antics would not save her this time. She attempted to fire at the enemies closes to her with energy blasts. As soon as they concentrate fire upon her, she would attempt either a human shield or use her pheromones to make them drop their guard. Alec would spot the evacuation area and attempt to get Samson there. Fortunately for the two, a bullet train would be perfect for evacuation. The bug man also ran as fast as possible without harming or dropping Samson. "I went through the mess just for you, Samson."
  5. Anders counters with a swift strike to the throat. If that wasn't enough, a swift strike to the ribs. He utilizes the pressure points in order for his enemy to get off. He also makes sure not to get skewered by the claws. The steel assassin knew how to fight well. He grapples with the reptilian in order to get him off. The adrenaline kicks in as he attempts to kick off the Sh'ra This time, he did not have his cell phone zip blade with him. Unarmed was with he had to do. Still, he took advantage of every pressure point possible on the Sh'ra enemy.
  6. Willow decided to evade. She was irritated with the masses in the way. That attack failed. She must find another way. A walking pair of breasts could only fight so hard. Alec on the other hand had so much more to handle. Naot just he had to save his potentially foolish friend. He will also chide him for the less than rational actions. "You were a skin cell away from becoming a pair of boots. Please don't get yourself killed!" Common sense wasn't really itself. Alec's tolerance for the dense didn't exist. Overall he'd grade the experience as a failure.
  7. "Run! It might eat us!". Yusef told his allies as he ran for the shack. It was another life or death scenario for Yusef. No position for insane thoughts. Just extraction from the premises.
  8. The enemy attempted a top approach which Anders was very familiar with. He also knew the mechanics of the techniques involved. The Sh'ra was doing it incorrectly. Now what he had to do is to shoot at the running Sh'ra to cripple if no kill. The approach was similar to the rear approach method. After the crippling shots, he planned to finish with a burst shot to the mouth. However in melee range he would instead use his weaponry in tandem with the Evolved Urban Combat style he was trained in. The martial art was best suited for an urban and low space environment. It will have some use in the contexts. If he had the cell phone zip blade with him, he'd use it. It was a weapon he usually used for assassinations up close.
  9. "It seems like we are the only ones who made it. To hell with this anyways. We need to compose ourselves. All of us were just one pubic hair away from becoming sand." Yusef said one sane moment. The situation was so drastic that he was out of character.
  10. I think it is a Mexican standoff. Have kills he'd doom us all. This may be a lose-lose scenario.
  11. Anders had a feeling that the ship was just going to blow. He decided that the time turned from the marines having a cunning plan to a desperate mission to hold the line. Anders thought it was best to hold the line. He goes to hold the line with fellow marines.
  12. Willow thought quickly and erected an energy shield. She plans to use an energy warp against the enemy. The warp is a weaponized version of the shield in that she shoots it at the enemy. An energy shield bash is the application. "Well there, another fine mess.". Alec made a resolve to rescue Samson. He rushed himself out to carry Samson across. He exploited every distraction available. Samson must be rescued so he will certainly live and learn.
  13. Willow resorted to hit and run. She blended right back into the crowd. She was to use her energy wisely. The Succubus noted that some of them had strong minds. That was not helpful whatsoever. Alec told Samson in an annoyed manner, "Samson you'll get yourself killed! Are you nuts?" If he was in a position to go after him, he would. Otherwise he doesn't want to hold up the evacuation line.
  14. "Some sort of...hulk. They were also green.". Yusef had little coherent ideas. Not that he cares. Back to business. Some may have perished. Not that he cares though.
  15. Anders shifted his eyes again. The honor-bound sociopath sensed something was amiss. Normally there would be a bulk to fight in an attrition manner. It was a common strategy for the Spears to take themselves with the enemy. That was essentially one of the Spears doctrines: Never compromise the brotherhood. The Sh'ra was making sure they were not to be compromised. However, this was all based on gut feeling. The doctrines he grew up with guided Anders' every move.
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