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  1. If there truly were an omnipotent being, he would never allow threads like this to exist.
  2. Soberguy


    Well obviouslty we can all agree that dicso Spidey was terrible. I'm just saying that the reboot added absolutely nothing to the character. It wasn't a re-imagining, it was a re-hashing. The only reason the movie was even made was because Tobey wasn't going to do any more but the producers knew they could squeeze more blood from that stone.
  3. Soberguy


    They are the same movie. They just made the same movie with new actors and less mutant wrist-shooting.
  4. There is no hockey, and I don't even care anymore. Someone wake me up when the NHL fires Bettman and the Leafs stop sucking.
  5. Goku wins because of SUPERMAGICKUNGFUMAGICLIGHTNINGTRANSFORMATIONKICKINGKAWAII!!!! There, can we all drop it now? Jesus H. Christ. You people and feats....
  6. Soberguy


    I just got back from seeing this and thought the overall ending was quite good. It's almost as though the first three movies were like a long origin story showing how the characters went full circle from the older films to the book and back again. I didn't mind the Home Alone segment. Not every Bond action scene has to involve blindfolded machete fights on the wing of a moving fighter jet.
  7. Soberguy


    I loved it too, back when it starred Tobey Maguire. The new one was the exact same film, only with an anorexic Spider-Man and hotter love interest.
  8. I just wanted to reminder everyone that Bronies are blight on humanity and should be an immediate red flag to any member of the female gender.
  9. T-Dog had to die because they were bringing in another black guy. What, they were going to have TWO black guys in the group? Not likely. Why do you think Jacqui blew herself up? Once Michone joins the main group, the new black guy will be killed. Glenn is killing every asian survivor off-screen because he's SMART.
  10. If it were possible for Pokemon to drive someone to suicide, don't you think I would have been hanging from a rafter somewhere by now?
  11. So this is it. The end. I first found the FPL in 2001. Actually, it may have been 2000. The details are sketchy. I don’t even remember how I came to find it. The point is, it was a long time ago. The FPL was, to me, a revelation. The people were comic book geeks – just like me – but they came from all walks of life, all ages and even spanned a few continents. Almost everyone was friendly and accepting, and even those few who weren’t were at least entertainingly mean. The conversations were lively, the laughs were consistent and the headaches were few. Sure, I butted heads with ma
  12. "Knock Knock" "Who's there?" "Galactus." "Galactus who?" "Galactus, Devourer of Worlds" "OhShitOhShitOhShitOhShitOhShitOhShitOhShit!"
  13. I'll create myself: Sarcasm (lethal within earshot) Resist Cold Knowledge: 80's cartoon theme songs Knowledge: Hockey Shaggin' Wagon
  14. Yes because that's my problem: an inability to see the funny side.
  15. I just wanted to point out that Juggernaut is not a DC villain. That being said, this is pretty lean - even by CBUB standards. I would try to put way more story into future setups. Instead of "Juggernaut finds Cell", describe him looking for Cell. Even something as simple as "Juggernaut scoured the city, searching for his target. After several hours he spotted Cell, ordering a hotdog from a vendor on the corner of 5th and Main" is better than what you've given. Also learn how to use proper sentence structure and punctuation. Quoting character speech, for example, should look something
  16. You're either suffering from remote paraphasia or are not funny. Possibly both.
  17. I'm starting to wonder if Anu is suffering from some sort of aphasia.
  18. What about a bajillion tons? Or a bajillion kajillion tons?
  19. Socialism isn't so bad. Sincerely, Canada
  20. I keep a taser by the apartment door just in case any of you manage to track me down. Also, despite my experience and Irish heritage, Nova could probably drink me under the table at this point. I just don't drink often enough to build up a tolerance. I'll go 6 months without touching a drop and then get loaded after 4 Jack and cokes. Binge drinking is a young man's game.
  21. Who would get drunk faster - me or Nova?
  22. I only come on the CBUB forums to remind you all that these "debates" are a waste of time - usually in a condescending yet humourous manner. I think I've been fairly consistant on this position for many years. See what I mean? I guess the problem with the debates on CBUB is that they are usually not really debates. They start with a broad, ill-defined premise or question and end with nerds threatening to beat each other up with all that martial arts training they pretend to have. In between, we have people cherry-picking equally valid yet contradictory evidence from the comic book
  23. Neither can get drunk, but I might if I read one more thread like this.
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