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  1. There was a quote in V-Jump as well I think.
  2. I'm not disagreeing with you that he isn't a Galaxy buster since I don't think he is either but I have issue with some of your arguments against it. The ones I didn't respond to I agree with and find nothing wrong with. Since the original translation does say it's being attacked not busted Personally I think that the statement coupled with the scene of the galaxy disappearing indicates that he does have the power to do small damage to a galaxy sized object.
  3. Thanks you two Yeah sorry I forget to add extra spaces sometimes. You should of seen my old setups where I didn't even space it when the characters were talking
  4. See bunch of people I either don't know or forget about or found insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Alright conceded.
  5. Mimic is able to copy the knowledge, skills, and powers (if any) of every individual within a certain range of him. He has shown the capacity to manifest numerous powers at the same time, and since he also absorbs knowledge, he can immediately use copied powers with the same skill level as the original owner. So then it's Vegetto vs Vegetto with regen? Though Vegetto would probably figure out the range of said powers and leave it. And this is just one person. Blue Marvel Hyperion Wonder Man Count Nefaria Hercules Hulk Rulk His strength would be ridiculous. And? Vegetto's strength is unknown so it's hardly able to be compared. Though Bootenks who is infinitely weaker than Vegetto could punch things through planet's don't know how that stacks up only know so many characters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luM52zq7OfE 3:25 Bootenks hits Gohan's blast down and it travels through the planet. (Note: It isn't filler the scene is the same in both versions just had the video up sooner.) Wolverine Deadpool X-23 Daken Sabretooth His healing would be ridiculous. Most of those character's don't bring anymore healing then Boo already had the biggest + is the adamantium skeleton which would be a big issue. Reed Richards Tony Stark Hank Pym T'Challa Amadeus Cho His intelligence would be ridiculous. It would be but you gotta wonder if he will even use it Once he absorbed Piccolo he bragged about having his brain but didn't use any real strategy except once for the Super Ghost Kamikaze attack which failed. In other words he may have the knowledge but it's still Boo not any of the people you listed, Boo it's up to him if he even uses those strategies and his preference doesn't seem to be strategy. And so would tactics and strategy and durability and energy projection and so on. Vegito and Gladiator literally have no chance I don't know if they win or not I don't know even half the heros even on just Marvels earth but I haven't seen anything that suggest they have no chance. Though I am almost 100% sure there is a bunch of characters I don't know about that would give him the edge I just don't know them.
  6. Wouldn't the fact that Boo has so many powers cause Mimics powers to overload or something and even then thats just to match Vegetto which hardly gives him the win also would that give Boo the Super Saiyajin transformations?
  7. Name someone that would push Boo past at the very least Star System+ fire power given Goku and Vegeta creating multiple supernova in there final battle against each other. And that's only SSJ1 Vegetto given he has there combined knowledge he can turn SSJ2 and SSJ3 which are 100X base and 400X base respectively.
  8. The OP said heros & villians only "based on Earth" not the universe I naturally thought that excluded certain people who would give him the win.
  9. Absorption adds power to Boo its nothing but A(Boo)+B(Heros)=C(Boo w/heros) then Vegetto may be able to win due to how superior the Potara Fusion is compared to the Metamorese Fusion and absorption due to how it works The Super Exciting Guide explains that instead of adding there total battle power together the total battle power is Goku's multiplied by Vegeta's so fusion via potara final battle power would look like Being A 2,000,000 x Being B 1,500,000 so Being C's power is 3,000,000,000,000 that in addition to the SSJ forms is an insane amount of power. While absorbtion is just A (2,000,000) + B (5,000,000) + C (4,000,000) + D (7,000,000)= E (18,000,000) so even though the character who used absorption absorbed more people with more power then either person who used the potara's he was still nowhere near the strength of the person who used the potara. Though Boo probably has more hax and it's still impossible to determine Vegetto's true power since he never went all out ever his only fight was against someone so far below him so I honestly don't know but potara kills absorption in total power output that coupled with Goku & Vegeta's supernova feat they may be able to win.
  10. Dante kicked open the door at the back of his office as he usually did after he showered ruffling his hair as usual, he sat down at his desk and looked at his phone and sighed. "Oh man, I'm gonna loose my electricity at this rate." He said to himself. He had not had a job in weeks, he didn't know if the Demons where just keeping a low profile or if someone else was taking care of them but it was pissing him off. "Well guess I shouldn't sit here and mop about it, gotta scrounge up enough to eat." He mumbled. Walking over to his coat hanging on the hanger. He pulled out a few coins and hung his head after seeing his little amount of money. "Damn this sucks, I was really hoping to get a pizza, but they won't let me put anymore on my tab." He walked back over to his desk and put his feet on his desk in his regular sitting position, he picked up a magazine to read until anything happened, unfortunately he was forced to wait for an hour before finally...... *Ding* The bell at the top of the door wrung, Dante looked up from his magazine and saw Lady walking in. "Eh Lady what do you want?" Dante asked in a bored tone, though he was somewhat relieved, since it most likely meant he finally got a new job. "You already know why I'm hear." She said walking up to the desk. "I need help with a job." "Heh well that's good to hear, things were getting boring around here." He said with a smirk."So what's the gig?" "A small town up north called Ashwick Valley is having problems there have been disappearances..." "Disappearances?" "Yes particularly the towns children have been vanishing, they have been taking from there beds in the middle of the night." She explained "How do you know this is something Demonic?" Dante asked, Lady threw a small paper bag onto his desk. "In one of the children's rooms I found this..." Dante opened the bag and pulled out what was inside it.and pulled out a piece of black cloth but when his fingers grazed he learned that it wasn't cloth. "This feels like skin." Dante said looking at it he rolled it slightly between his fingers it felt course like sandstone. "This isn't human skin though." "Exactly, it's the hide of a demon." Dante put the demon skin back into the bag. "Alright I'll take the case, can't let the kids get hurt can I?" He said with a smirk. "Good I knew you would, but I gotta warn you the people in the town are....strange, some are acting like none of this is happening so don't ruffle to many feathers okay?" Lady said as Dante put on his red trench coat and picked up his guitar case containing Rebellion. "You think it's the Demon?" "Potentially so be careful, if he is possessing them he could us them." She said as Dante walked out. "I'll keep that in mind." Dante said as he left the office. -Ashwick Valley- Dante entered the small town and he was surprised at how empty it was, he began to search for clues and decided to enter a small diner he saw in search for information.Walking into the diner he sat down in the booth and put his guitar case next to him. The waitress came to take his order moments later. She was middle aged probably in her 40's and looked tired as she approached "Whatcha want?" She asked him. "Strawberry Sundae would be good." He said "Strawberry Sundae!" She shouted at the small opening where the cook was "So you from outta town or somthin?" She asked Yeah I'm just passing through." He said, the waitress nodded walking over and grabbed his sundae when the cook put it on the window. "Here you go." Dante took the sundae and took a bite. "So I heard there have been a string of disappearances around here." he said to the waitress who had begun to walk off, she looked at him confused, "Who told ya that?" She asked sounding genuinely confused. 'No one in particular just a rumor I picked up on the road." "Well you better not go 'round talkin about that stuff can make some people nervous." She said going back to the kitchen. After finishing his sundae he grabbed his case and left however he noticed someone had followed him as he left the diner, and continued to follow him until he turned into an alley way hoping to force them out. When they didn't appear to him he decided to call them out. "Oi you stalker, you can come out now!" He said to the air loudly but not so loud that people would hear him beside his pursuer, a short scared looking man jogged into the alley way in fright. He made a shushing gesture in an attempt to quite Dante. "Be quite it'll here you." The man had a black shirt and a dark green hoodie and a short dark hair cut, he looked disorganized tired and sick. "What will hear me, the demon?" He asked. "NO! Don't talk about it here it's following me." He said in a shushed voice "Tch fine where can we talk about it?" "Ok follow me, and act normal." He said and he lead Dante to a old hotel near the edge of town.They entered the room Dante was somewhat surprised at what he saw. There were dozens of pictures and newspaper articles connected by pieces of yarn,maps with locations marked. "I'm so glad you came, everyone here are proxies of this THING!" He said as he locked the door with 5 store bought locks. "Proxies?" Dante asked, it was a term he had never heard associated with demons. "Yes! Proxies of the Tallman!, the Slenderman!" He said franticly shuffling through his notes. "So it's called Slenderman huh?" He asked sitting down in a nearby chair and propping his feet up "Yes! It came into town 3 weeks ago and people started disappearing, but the town!, the town just didn't care they pretended it never happened!" He tried to explain to Dante "The Proxies are people that he controls, they wouldn't believe ME!" "A demon that controls people, were is it?" He asked wanting to wrap up the job quickly. "It's following me!" The man shouted "I'm it's new target! It stalks it's prey until they go insane before he kills them! He is gonna kill ME!"" He screamed pointing at himself over and over again/ "If getting this guy to go insane was this Slenderman's plan it sure is working." Dante though. 'Don't worry I'll stay here tonight so you wont have to worry." Dante said not leaving his position "If it's really hunting you then it will come to use then we can kill it." The man looked worried and shook his head. "NO! You can't kill it! Its immortal!" He said "Don't worry, I'm over qualified in killing the immortal." He said confidently With that the man sat in his seat and began to fidget till night fall. -11:45 pm- Dante was in the same position he had been in hours ago only with his eyes closed, he wasn't asleep and was still aware of his surroundings which his why he expected... "He's here!" The man was looking out the window an expression of utter terror on his face, Dante walked over to the window his Guitar Case now over his shoulder, he saw the Slenderman. He lived up to his name, he was at least 8 foot 5 and wore a black suit, which Dante guessed the Demonic material came from and his face had no features it was only a blank pallet. "So that's him huh?" Dante began to walk towards the "Doesn't look to tough." The man attempted to grab him and try and pull him back. "No don't go out he will kill us!" However he wasn't strong enough to pull Dante back and the door was opened. Dante looked at Slenderman who didn't appear to be moving, he quickly pulled out Ivory and pointed it at Slenderman letting a round off however his shot met air. He looked to his left to see him in the same position a few yards away and slightly closer. '"Teleporting? That's gonna be a pain." He said pulling out Ebony and charged forward shooting at Slenderman who seemed to be teleporting to various areas until Dante realized.... "He is after that guy." He shot at Slenderman missing again and flipped closer to the man with the hoodie. "Tch it's like he isn't even here." Dante said growing somewhat annoyed. Slenderman then teleported behind Dante grabbing the screaming man and vanishing in short burst towards the edge of town near the forest. "Tch." Dante chased after him easily able to keep up thanks to his speed . Once he got to the edge of the forest he slammed the guitar case down and opened it slinging Rebellion over his shoulder he walked into the Forest looking for the Slenderman. "I doubt it will let me off that easily." He said looking to his sides, A thick fog fell over the forest as he looked for the Demon after he got to the middle of the woods he saw the tall silhouette of the Slenderman. "So you wanted to lure me all the way out here? That's really kind of you. Helps me keep any more people from getting hurt, now where is the man you took?" Dante said, however the demon didn't reply. "Not much of a talker huh? Well I guess I'll give you a mouth to talk with." He said swinging Rebellion into a battle position. In response Slenderman began to grown multiple limbs as he prepared to fight the demon hunter. _____________________________________________________________________________________ (Slender Mans ability to teleport was me trying to show him moving in the 4th dimension since I based most of his powers off http://theslenderman...iki/Slender_Man ) It's Anime Dante and he has Rebellion and Ebony & Ivory only no SMT3 feats. (For anyone beside me who actually played SMT3 LoL) This is my first match in a long, long time. Also I tried adding images like I saw Bigballerju and some others do since it does help break up the large amount of text.
  11. No of course but I didn't mean to suggesting he tanked the whole supernova (I meant it more like he managed to survive the blast) here is the scenario the planet is exploding as the Supernova lands on it and the planet explodes but before it does to Broly panics and his power shoots up to lets say 10,000-20,000 and Broly flies as far as he can right before it explodes (Unless Broly was massively Hypersonic out of the womb he probably couldn't escape the full blast) and tanks a percentage of the blast (Probably enough to murk the earth considering how much more mass Vegeta has) but not the whole thing (This is what the video shows since they are still on the planet as the Supernova hits ground zero) this is perfectly within a being of the power range to do Saiyajin arc Vegeta tanked the Kaioken Kamehameha (While weak due to KK3 Goku knocking him around) which had enough power to destroy the planet considered it overcame his own Gyarikku Ho and Raditz took blast from 23rd Piccolo who showed us he has enough power to destroy the moon in a single casual blast.
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