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    Lol! Don't blame you because that 2018 movie was pure garbage. Such a shame that Hollywood doesn't take a good IP like Predator seriously. I still have faith in the Alien franchise.
  2. The Void


    @RakaiThwei Do you have faith in the upcoming Predator movie? lol.
  3. It was the Apocalypse Twins who were responsible for his return.
  4. You guys already know how I feel about that guy. God has answered my prayers. Thank you.
  5. For some of you that are not so informed about getting into PC. I offer you this!!! ^^^Click to enlarge.
  6. I have PS3 too. I sold my 360.
  7. What did I tell ya. @ Shockwave I disagree bro. ^^^That guy build a $500 gaming PC and he can play Battlefield 3 and most games on ultra settings. It just depends on your budget.
  8. Nope those feats are considered canon, because in order to progress in the game you must complete those task given to you by the mission giver during the cutscenes. Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez tells Tommy during the cutscene to steal a tank, when the mission is completed and you report back to Cortez for another mission, it is evident that Tommy did take in the military and steal the tank. I get what you mean with player controlled. But still those feats are considered canon because in order to progress in the game you must complete those task the mission boss gives you. Like the Truth telling CJ to steal a $billion jetpack. If you don't do that mission then the storyline does not progres.
  9. Luis doesn't have military training. He was never in the military. And Niko's military training just revolved around Yugoslavia which just revolved around genocide, NIko even mentioned that a dozen time. He was not trained like some US marine person. Team one actually has over the top feats especially CJ, who actually defeated the military on three occasion. Lets not also forget Tommy. Tommy not only took on the military, but actually stole a tank from them.
  10. Yeah. The only thing I liked about Reach was the sprint. I really disliked the overshield in Reach.
  11. One of you guys didn't have it so we had to play Halo 3. But for some reason I like Halo 3 multiplayer better so it didn't bother me.
  12. Yeah we use to play Halo 3 a lot. Infected....I had Halo Reach at the time but I don't think Nova had it.
  13. What about me...? I miss playing with you two.
  14. You can use your Xbox or Playstation controller for PC gaming. I do it all the time. And if you want a console like experience just connect your PC to your TV via HDMi and theres your console like experience...
  15. LOL...I know people are going to call me a noob. But I found the clickers quite hard.
  16. So far I'm loving Last Of Us. Story is incredible and well put together and gameplay is realistic and smooth. This game definitely deserves the amazing reviews it got. This game is one of the reasons why you should own a Playstation console...
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