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  1. Yeah, John Wick wins, big surprise 🙄🙄🙄
  2. Cool bro that will fly kites with you on the weekends ? Or Marble Head with tiddies? Bros all the way.
  3. John Wick wins, the Sun rises in the East, what's new 🙄🙄🙄
  4. Scooby would do it for a Scooby snack.
  5. Yesses, gimme votes. McClain barely beat up 1 german guy, Indy beat up the whole nazis.
  6. I think Indy's got this one in the bag boys, mysteries are whole deal.
  7. OOC: Sorry for my hiatus, was just too caught up with the Fantasy Draft! IC: Try as they might, they were not able to overcome the great force that is mother nature. Not even The Angel Steve's magic infused sails were able to keep the ship upright enough to prevent the inevitable. Capsizing. With a great howl, the wind rocked the ship back and forth, and wave after wave crashed into the side of the ship. Eventually, the ship was overtaken by the sea, flipping head over tails, it's contents spilling out in to the ocean. Slowly, the storm passed, and the passengers of the ship managed to hold on to whatever they could for dear life, floating through the seas in a semi conscious state. Those who could swim, were able to assist the others, those who were less than adequate at swimming, floated. Time passed, nights turned to day, and eventually they found themselves washed up on the shores of some sort of island. White, sparkling sand surrounded by tall Palm trees that poked the heavens. This island appeared to be uninhabited, showing no signs of previous life.
  8. He shrugged, "I uh, don't need people seeing my face. Keeping secret identities is kinda of an important thing. I'd better wait outside with speed boy over here."
  9. Wait, it's not supposed to be dark? I've had dark theme since forever.
  10. Uh...Q-Rex is pretty strong since he's powered by dinosaurs and can travel through time... Please vote for him?
  11. Haha, I'm going Orca too. Isn't one of the entrances to the Batcave underwater?
  12. I think so, but Onaga is one of the strongest. He tanked a combined attack by Raiden, Tsang Sung, and Quan Chi all once.
  13. Is the cat intelligent/does the cat know the two? If not, I can just picture the cat running away lmao
  14. POV: You're PeyPeyPeyPey and you ruin everyone's fun
  15. I don't know anything about any of these characters, but Rodan looks like someone stretched a used condom over a skinless turkey, and Voltron always looked badass. I'm goin Voltron.
  16. Its a tie. Eric's natural dumbassery gets Donna to break up with him anyways. Hmm, for this match I say Hawkeye looks at Donna's general direction, Foreman tries to do some wacky stunt, and they break up for an episode.
  17. I'll have you know, I got into many a tussles back in kindergarten, and my mommy says I won all of them. Therefore, your argument is invalid.
  18. Hamburglar is about to read a little book Red's foot wrote, it's called "On the Road to In Your Ass".
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